Zäpfchen rektale Temperatur und Einlauf

Zäpfchen  rektale Temperatur und Einlauf
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Sunday morning, it's 3 am I hate staying till the lights come on. I'm turning 35 in just a few short months. This does start to get old after a while. But the prospect of picking up some young thing who's friend left behind because she's was drinking too much to remember she was driving more than herself.

Or a group of friends who's thought was that the straggler found a date is just too tempting. Jerry is standing at the doorway.

What's up J? Dude, you've got to do me a solid. Rachael is home. And I just cant bring myself to be late again. She and I aren't getting along so well now that I'm working here four nights a week instead of two. I hate splitting my time like this, but I get more daylight with the baby Yes, I'm rolling my eyes at him.

Last thing I want to do is drive one of the regular drunks back to whatever shit stained slum they drag themselves out of so they can get drunk, and ogle the club kids in their short skirts and loose spaghetti strap tops dance around and fondle each other in hopes of getting free drinks. But never get too close to the poor bastard that will obviously comply if there's the right amount of skin showing; always just out of reach.

It works. I see it all too often. Men can be so clueless. It's not Gary again is it? He smiles and winks. Dude, your going to be almost happy enough to kiss me!

Stacy? Marious has got you covered! He'll make sure you get home safe.? With that, Jerry's gone back inside to the pile of dirty glasses and ashtrays. I'd seen here in here before. We've bumped and exchanged nods more than once. Hi! is all I get. At 22 this stunning red head is dressed very conservative for a Saturday night but she fills out her white blouse.

Wispy and almost transparent at the waist. Her cup size is obviously larger at least one. She's got to be a full C cup now. The A-B depending on time of month was attractive then, but Now? Totally edible. She looks even better than when last we had eye contact a few months ago. She's put on a pound or two. But that's not a bad thing. When your 5-1 and barely done shopping GAP KIDS. We all know she's under age.

But her Fake ID is almost perfect. I've guessed at just over 20. She's got an upper classman parking pass hanging in her car registered to her At the local university.(I've checked) Who's going to say NO?

This girl and her friends bring in the money. It's free advertising. I'm guessing she's not quite topping 100 lbs. her ribs no longer show through her taught torso. But her gold belly ring and chain aren't quite invisible either. (are they connected?) Yes. I'm sure she has added some buoyancy. And she looks fantastic! No makeup. But then she doesn't need it.

And her jean skirt fits oh so well. Hemmed just below the knee 3 1/2 inch heal pixy boots. The white ones that show in bright contrast to her tan skin. Marious huh? (Not my real name of course. It's code between friends. A signal of sorts. If things go badly. She won't know where to point fingers.


Thanks to you, Ann Rice. I like the cover name ) What an unusual name. I like it! Can we stop for a bite? I'm a little tipsy but I don't feel like being alone.? (things are looking better by the minute.) ?this is your Jeep? I've seen it around. I thought you drove a little white Capri thing. What make is the pitchfork thing on the front?? Ha. (no I'm not exactly insulted by the lack of motor sport knowledge not many people know my exotics trident.) ?That's Lotus.

It's an Élan! Yes I own this too. And a Ducati 650 Motorcycle. Has she been watching me? Careful of the step it's loose She slips on the rung climbing in. Ooo, I think hurt my foot? (all part of the setup, dear. Nothing to concern yourself with. Just let me into your bedroom gorgeous.) Here, let me help you?

My hand at the small of her back slips lower as she climbs in and squeezes. No sign of protest as I caress and feel her taught right cheek. Huh, she's hiding a simple and elegant tramp stamp. This is going to be fun. Thank you, for the ride I appreciate this. I'll be damned if I'm going to drive Britt's car while she cheats on her boyfriend with some greasy thug in the back seat while I drive. And then have to listen to her slobber all over his lap while he berates her? Then maybe? maybe hell finger her off.

I hate when she does that. She gets a kick out of playing whore about town. And like she'd ever actually tell her guy. Fighting or not. He'd throw her ass into the street. I just think it's gross. And one of these days one of her ebony toys isn't going to settle for just some head and some sticky fingers. She'll get raped. I'm not going to watch it happen.? We slip into the drive through. And order a cheese burger, some fries and a diet coke.

I get a milkshake. Where to, Stacey? My place is left. Can I sip on the shake? I love the vanilla cream. Down three miles turn onto homestead. I'll let you know after I eat some. She chews quietly, sips from both cups. Swishing the shake and coke together in her mouth more alluring sounds are emitted as she swallows. ?want to share?? She takes another sip of each, swirls it around pulls me close, leans in and passes me the mixture she's created. This is a surprise. Not the way I was expecting thing to go.

She presents herself as more conservative. Who is seducing who here? I need music. I hate it when people can hear me eat. Reaching for the radio and going for the CD case she chooses whatever.(honestly I don't remember what.

In too busy watching the road. And her skirt as it has climbed over her knee and is now bunching a third the way higher than that. If only the hem were looser. Her legs are smooth and silky. Dancer or athlete? I bet she's still active.

I know from bar gossip that she was a cheerleader and did some cross country in high school. I remember hearing once something about her and the balance beam. But that could have been Britt trying to play her up as flexible to score her a date. Stacy has never left the bar with any guy. Obviously she doesn't buy the lines that the early crowd red necks and the late night Playas dole out looking to get laid.

So I make the appropriate turn. And she lets me know when to turn again.

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No street names are given out now I notice. She is trying to confuse me. Smart Girl. She's not as drunk as she let on. Her directions they cut back across each other and after a few minuets of this Matt? she says? Uh-oh. !! Real names now. If you would turn right on onyx and another right to glade my place is second on the left.? OK. That done I give her a coy sideways glance.

What? You really think I bought the Marious bit? I know who you are. Britt and I have both been watching you for a few months. You come in later in the evening. Occasionally talking to this girl; or that girl.

And the bar staff. I personally have never seen you leave with anyone but that doesn't mean that women don't talk in the bathroom. I saw you come in and sent Britt away. You and I are going to have a good fuck and I might let you stay for a morning lay. Speechless momentarily; I make the turn and park. Who am I to argue with a beautiful woman who knows what she wants. So how long have you planned on taking me home?

I was talking to Amber. You remember Amber don't you? The royal dyke bitch that thinks she's gods gift to, well, everyone? She told me; actually, anyone that will listen.

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And with a chuckle, she quotes. That Marcose- Marmaduke-Morton asshole raped me. I won't deny it. That was six weeks ago.

And the accusation was not that far off. Sighing, I looked her in the pool of ice like blue eyes and plainly said my side of it. We did get it on.

Right there out in front of her apartment building Off Winchester. We sexed it up on the hood of my Élan?. I came out for the bar and saw that she was leaning on it. She said she wanted to know what it was like to ride in. When I told her Ass or gas; No one rides for free. She accepted the challenge. Hence why I'm in the jeep. I scratched the shit out of it with my belt buckle. And it did get rough after 45 minutes and her fourth orgasm. She was like fucking a wide mouth vase with a pencil.

So I finished in her pucker. I'm sure she wasn't expecting the invasion. But when I dumped her on her doorstep and she crawled, (no exaggeration!) inside.

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Turned over onto her back. Thanked me for the ride, and said it was a pleasure doing business. She told me to call her. Then passed out on the floor with her door wide open. Her skirt at her waist and even at 15 feet away, both her holes were visibly leaking goo onto the tile. It was a rather disturbing sight. I haven't called so I guess she's a little bitter.

I never asked for it. I was cleaning the blood and cum off the next day when I noticed the evidence of the buckle. And somehow she also left her number etched in there. Not my best escapade I assure you.

And it was definitely not worth the 600 dollar bill from the body shop. Stacy surprised me with what came out of her mouth next. You don't have to explain it to me. And I don't care either way. To be honest; if you did she deserved it.

Always grabbing my tits. And asking if I like to suck clits. She says I give off that vibe. And she'd do me whenever I want. I'm straight. So no, thank you. What I do want; is what refers to with a far away look in her eyes; as for the Bat you have in your pants?

She says tore up both her pussy and ass. I haven't had a good fuck in months. The facts are; you don't sleep around. You've always treated me with the utmost respect. You have never set on to me with some trashy line just to get in my panties. Every time you walk in the bar I want to drop down and fuck you right there on the rug. Yes, your appeal is that raw. So you're guy for the job. Lastly, I'm sure that because she's telling anyone she can aside from the cops, what ever happened you did her right.

So lets cut the bullshit and go inside so we don't have to ruin your paint. Maybe we'll wake some one up that will either cheer us on, or dime us out for disturbing the peace.

I'm a screamer Waiting for me to open her door she practically floats out. Grabs me tight and gives me a soul sucking French kiss that would make Jenna Jamison blush. I ask; How is your foot? Part of the plan darling. Call it a test. The feel up was your passing grade. For a moment there I was thinking that maybe you were not interested; ever the gentleman my ass. You opened this door. Do you have the balls to walk in? And Jerry? He's a nice guy.

I knew he'd ask you to step in. Because he's been telling me to ask you out for weeks. I planted the Rachael idea that maybe she wouldn't like it so well even as I was asking.

But I knew he'd tell me that I'd get home safe. I did and you're here. Shall we?? After you, Stacy Smart girl. To this point my entire plan was to take her and coerce her into doing whatever I wanted. Apparently that wasn't an issue. Tugging at my hand as she started up the walk. I'm standing there processing what just went on.

I asked her to wait just a moment as I had to secure the soft top on the wrangler. Her response: Honey I'm not going to stand out here where the everyone can see; as I can't bare to be in these cloths any longer I'll leave the door open Just follow the trail to my room. Take off your shoes when you get inside. The door locks on it's own. Be a dear, and pick everything up as you go.

If my mother finds them I'll be in deep shit. Please be quiet With the top. OH! and hurry. Because If I have to start without you; You'll find my door locked and your out of luck.? Well with just a few snaps and a tug the top popped into place. Just under a three minutes later I'm following her. Leaving the Velcro off, I did use the couplers to secure it from the wind. I'll be damned if I have to sit on a wet seat and burn out the radio and amps for a piece of ass. Hot as she is.

She isn't worth over a grand in cleaning bills and replaced electronics due to the rain that will be here in a few hours. Wait?!?! Did she say mother? This is her parents house?

And what was she saying about making a lot of noise if her parents are home? In the open doorway, a boot. Huh? That came off easier than I thought. Guess keeping them on for a while is out of the question. A few feet further down the hall her skirt. A dropped blouse turning the corner; and at the top of the stair the other boot.

At the bottom of the stair. A camisole? Was she wearing this? Guess that's why her bra wasn't showing, lies a few feet later.

The bra, pink lace. Size? Yes 32C of course I checked. I just had to know. Also pointing through a door. The light inside is a soft glow in red. As she's just bending over and reaching for what? Her head turned, and with it so does her body. Her flirty smile is melting and I sagged against the door frame. Now this is a vision!! That was fast. Did you ignore the top? Stacy is straight legging. Bending at the waist. Absolutely, she has an all over tan. Her breast are caught in just the right angle so I can see both of them perfectly no sag at all.

Just there, suspended. Her nipples are a rose like color with darker areola spanning into silver dollar circumference. Her hair now down and free, a tangle of loose curls. (Oh to have had a camera ready) she's flat foot on the left but her right leg bent and I can see the prominent arch of her foot. It leaves a small gap at her knee.

She has on a pink lace trim garter and stockings. Tan colored, seamed and reinforced. Why didn't I see the pink rose pattern earlier?

This vision will be forever burned into my brain. Enjoying the view? If you are looking for my panties you won't find any. Mother has always said that they restrictive and can cause a lady certain problems. Pausing and holding the pose just a short moment longer. She found what she is looking for; a pink satin kimono that she slips over her shoulders, and stands. Hiding something wrapped in terrycloth behind her she began moving toward me That was fast. I didn't have time to prepare.

Make yourself comfortable. But leave your cloths on. That's my job. I'll be right back. As she brushes past she kisses me again. Lightly, at first.

But a second is with far greater passion. Her teeth grab and pull at my lower lip as she turns to leave. Oh My GOD. I have just stepped into a real waking fantasy! Her room is large. The decor is soft reds and pinks aside from the gold trimmed white bedroom set. A dresser, arm ware, bed stand, dressing table and four post queen bed. This room is straight out of turn of the century south. Only the picture collages showing faces and places she knows, a few trophies (dance and cheer) and a few 1st place ribbons from equine events.

Her high school diploma is dated may 2005. And a plaque beside it placing her as Skeet shooting, 2nd place 16yo division dated Aug, 2003. These are only tells of her true age. Out of place for the room is a floor to ceiling mirror spanning almost a full third of a wall. The bed is centered against it indicating it's head.

And a picket style footboard at the bottom. I sink into its soft pillows and come to a rest. My head stops almost inch from the heavy seamless lead-glass.

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Pink and red sashes are tied in streamers on all four posts. I barely hear water running through the wall. Stacy is back. She's in pink 6 inch heels. The straps crisscross themselves and are tied just below the knee. She is holding a champagne bucket with a chilled bottle in the one hand and two flutes in the other. ?I'm filling the hot tub. It won't take long. It'll shut off automatically. Care for a little wine?? Umm Stacy?

Who else lives here?? I stand to greet her as I ask. By this point I am feeling a little unnerved. This is my parents home.

I occupy the basement with a roommate across the hall. We pay rent. So it's not a charity situation. The two floors in between us are completely sound proofed.

So don't worry about mother hearing. My father is in Europe for the next month on business. With her compliments! she hands me a full glass. Pours her own. Then we silently toast and touch glasses. After a healthy sip I then asked. With HER compliments?? Yes! of course; how do you think I got into this? I just finished with the hose and garter when I heard you in the hall. She disrobes and strikes pose reminiscent of Rita Hayworth or Betty Paige.

She reveals a herring bone corset; matching to the garter belt. In this light she is magnificent!! If I'm to undress you. Why should I do all the work?.? Our next kiss is heated and went on for a timeless moment. Even at twenty this woman bleeds sexuality You are full of surprises Stacy!

How long have you really been planning this? Isn't your mother upset?? I've been watching you for a long time now. When you come into the bar. Who you talk to. More importantly, who you don't talk to. Britt, and a few others had a bet going for about two months as to when; but I finally worked up the courage. it's about time I guess. I told mother when I first saw you last year this was going to happen. And like I said. We have her blessing. I don't take random men home.

As for what makes her angry? This place is like a museum. Anything out of place up on the main floor and she goes berserk. Another long and passionate kiss. Her hands to unbutton my shirt, as mine start to work blindly at the ties at the small of her back. Our kiss brakes and she pulls away.

Maybe I should have gone with a bra instead. Please be careful this is generations old. Feel, real silk hose. Instead of reaching down for only a feel, I picked her up. I carried her to the bed and placed her near the edge, I go for a shoe. Lifting her leg high. The tie came loose and it slipped from her foot. I started massaging and kneading slowly up her leg.

After close to five minutes I'm at the crest of her thigh. Her clean shaven pussy was visibly moist and I brush it gently as I reach for the strap that holds the hose in place. Audibly she moans and her juice started to seep out as it spread showing her engorged inner folds.

Sitting up and plead with me to hurry. I unhinge the other legging and brush against her labia again. She moaned again louder. So I dipped a finger through the folds. I can feel it pulsating and pulling me in. I pump my hand a few times and she started to wiggle.

Somehow, she's managed to get her tits out of their cups and was pulling and pinching her nipples. I brought my finger out and up to her face where I spread the wetness along her lower lip, and leaned over her to kiss and lick it off.

We share her liquid as our kiss intertwined and became more heated. My fingers now tickling again at her cant. I more ravenously teas her as the moaning becoming louder into my kiss. I broke away No, not yet little one. I'm not done unwrapping my present. She sighed with disappointment mixed with excitement of more to come.

I then rolled down the other stalking to the shoe strap and massaged the bare skin with one hand. The other untied the shoe and slipped it off. Followed by more kneading.

When both her smooth I myself am more excited so this leg may have taken little more than half the time of the first. Lifting her leg high in front of me I tickled her toes with my goatee. Then with only a tad more force than was needed I twisted her at the ankle forcing her to flip over. Her response was not expected. I like spankings from time to time. She said But so far you've been soft so lets keep in that way for a while ok??

Unbuttoning the garter and then I reached for the strings on the corset. I am amazed at just how quickly a woman can get into these vintage garments. No zippers. Her ties are undone with a pull. Then she rolled back over and begged me to stop.

My turn! She licks her lips with lust in her eyes. Stood, reached for her glass, and finished it. She pushed be back to make room. The corset is loose and now sags. Thus allowing her pert breasts to become fully visible over the fabric. Another image that will forever be etched into my memory. As she finished with my shirt buttons and pushed my shirt down, she went to the floor. Her tits bounced as she hit her knees.

Looking up at me she blushed slightly and had look of puzzlement in her eye. Realizing what I saw as I was looking down she smiled and then said. They are real. I gained a little weight lately. But I guess you like them.? With that she went for my belt buckle. My pants boxer briefs and shirt hit the floor all at once. As if in a trance induced by a looking into the eye of an asp she asks me how big I thought I was. When I'm hard it's just over 9 inches long and 2 to 3 around as I was finishing she took my semi erect cock onto her mouth.

Just the head at first but she hurried till her nose was resting against my skin. Her technique was amazing. Not fully hard I was still over 8 inches long and it took her no time at all to fit the rest of me inside. I then felt her swallow once.

Then again as I expanded inside her. She bobbed a few times more then slid off of me till just my head was in her mouth. She started breathing heavily on my wet dick; tongued it around some and then tried to plunge it back in again.

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She didn't quite make it before she coughed and had to spit me out. She looked beautiful even as she flushed again, looked up at me sadly and said. "It's too big now. I'll either gag or pass out if I try that again." But she went back to fitting in what she could. Sucking, swirling and moving her mouth in time with her hand on what she couldn't fit for more than 5 minutes. Her other hand she delicately used to coax my feet apart till they wouldn't move any longer because of my cloths.

Then started caressing my balls, and asshole using only her fingertips. It was the most amazing blowjob I'd ever had in my life. Her talent was making my legs shake and I told her I was getting ready to cum.

That's when she abruptly stopped and stood again. Your sack is heavy. I bet you have a lot in there. I had better stop. These things are over 100 years old. It I get cum on them my mother will murder me!? She started to turn; but I stopped her. Flat footed. she is a full head shorter than I am. So I picked her up by her waist.

And went to kiss her. She stopped me with her fingertips. Grabbed my flute off her hope chest, and drained it.


Swishing a bit before swallowing again. To clean my pallet! She smiled shyly. Then said "I didn't want to kiss you with cock breath.? My cock pressing against her satin covered tummy. I raised her up a bit more and my cock comes to rest in her long ways in her slit.

The wet heat of her pussy lips surrounded it in a perfect fit. It felt amazing as I held her in my arms. I then took over and kissed her. Our lips locked and her hips started to move. She became more entwined with me. Wrapping her legs around mine; she pulled so that we were closer than I thought possible. I could even feel her clit as hard as the end of a finger grinding and pulsating on the base of my cock.

Strong as I am; I could not hold this position for much longer. She then went absolutely ridged. I pulled my head away from hers and watcher her face as she had her first orgasm of the evening. Her face looked as if she may be in pain. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. That being the only sign of pure bliss. She calmed down and started to move.

Her breath was starting to push out. She looked at me and moaned again. "Oh WOW! that was awesome. I've never cum like that without a cock in me?" She slipped into a very soft girlish voice that didn't match with to the woman's frame I was holding.

Put me down. I need to get this off and, you inside me.? She pulled on the stitch work at her back. With a little coaxing, the corset slid down over her hips and hit the floor. She stepped out and stood before me completely naked for the first time.

I pulled my tee over my head and stepped out of what was left of my cloths I went to her then.

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And lifting her in my arms as if she was the equivalent of a child I cradled her in my arms and I kissed her. Lightly at first but with more passion as our tongues intertwined.

I moved her to the bed with and lay her out. As I climbed onto the bed I hesitated to move over her. I could not resist any longer. I just had to know how she tasted. My head moving between her legs before she understood what was happening. I touched her sex mound with my mouth and I lost control. Tongue and teeth ravaging in her pussy as if I was just now getting my first ever taste. It took me a moment to regain control. As I slowed and worked myself into rhythm; I then added one finger to the for play.

Then another and yet another after a few moments. I had her undulating and gasping for breath by the time my other hand got into position and started on her ass. I was using the fingers from one had to kneed and open her cant while the other I was using to catch some of the dripping fluids and massaging it into her crevasse and all around her beautifully shaped rose bud. This was causing her to squeal and moan even more loudly. This was when she bounced so roughly against my nose that I could have sworn I felt it break again ( My nose has been broken a few times) as the stars began to surface from the back of my vision.

I had to pull back some to re-catch my bearings. I shook it off and tested the cartilage. Nope! Not broken. Ok that was no good. So I leaned back in as she had not even noticed the sensations had left her. I found her clit and sucked hard on it till I could feel it pulsate with her heart rate and I bit her.

I took that engorged bundle of nerve and mashed it in my molars. She screamed in both pleasure and horror. She tried to kick me off of her but that only brought more of each. I then started to hump and move it around with my tongue again. This both soothed and brought her arousal back. I sucked deeply again. Then as I held on I told her to lay still.

She understood exactly what I was saying because her next thought was perfect. Bind her so she can't move? "Tie me up so I can't move if you want to" Who am I to disagree? (Remember the sashes I said were tied to the bed posts? Now how's that for planning) After getting her hands secure and showing how to pull the loops so she could set herself free.

And then I tied each of her legs up. By the time I was finished her shoulders head and ass were the only things touching the bed. It left her so beautifully displayed it was hard for me not to jump on and finish myself off. But I resumed my oral attack.

Her pussy was opened up now. Her clit plainly visible. The inner folds of her pussy were so wet with her own sex lube that it was dripping onto the mattress creating a wet spot.

This is when she told me that bondage play makes her so horny that she will squirt. Now this I had to see. I automatically resumed again with my finger and tongue play. I was using my tongue to scoop out her cant while I had a hold on her clit and I was pulling and rubbing it.

My other hand found it's own lube source and was assaulting her asshole with rubbing of it's own. It was not that easy to do it at first but I finally got my middle finger in there and started massaging her walls. She again went nuts. After several more moments her pucker ring opened up more and a second finger wormed it's way in beside the one. She was really starting to gush now. And kept telling me she was close Oh!!

Oh God More Go GO GoGo!!! Just like that. YES YES YES!!! My third finger slid in her ass as my tongue buried itself as far as It would go. That's when she contracted and I thought my head would be sucked in that cunt/vice.

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She howled and I pulled away. But not before Her first load hit me in the chin neck and upper chest. My fingers from my left hand still bunched up in her ass and she squeezed again. I thought they would break. Her membrane still being fondled she went for a second and then a third stream. It was definitely not pee because there were clumps of cum in the clear fluid that heaved out in geyser form I had never seen anything like it before.

I started to move above her. As I climbed up, I untied her legs. She moved to stop me from going further but I was already above her and moving to untie her hands. Her breath coming out in short gasps.

?I'm still Cumming. Don't. please, I cant take it. I'm not ready yet.? So I just lay on her. My cock resting at her entrance no more than the tip pushed inside. She was right. Her insides were clamped tightly. As they started to relax I started to sink slowly in.

just a bit. But she tensed up again and we both froze. It took some time before I was able to get all the way in. and with that I was still not there all the way before I hit her cervix. There was still maybe an inch or so that was left unsheathed. She looked up at me then and what I saw there was amazing. She smiled at me and in that girlish voice again, said; "I'm full.

This feels so perfect. Your dick so amazing." And then she started to move on her own. Her hips were grinding from side to side and she was pushing against me just enough so that we could both feel me shift and move around inside her.

It was at that point that she asked to be on top. We stayed connected and rolled over. At this point I gave in and let her have total control.

As she got upon her haunches she noticed that we weren't completely connected yet she was totally full of cock. She gave me this evil look and said to me; "Watch, I'll fit all of you in there!" She grabbed my wrists as I moved up to get my hands full of her tits. She started to move slowly. It was an amazing feeling, the way she moved up and down. I will never be able to describe the sensation. As she picked up speed so she did with the length of my cock.

The movement was a thing of absolute beauty. She started to sweat. Her hair becoming matted to her head, and the outside length seemed to ebb and flow like the waves made as tide on a beach.

More of me was moving in and out of her and at the same time she was angling so that the mushroom head was reaching different pressure points along her cannal. Intencefying both our sex drives. We were gaining speed and a sense of urgency as she moved along.

I was feeling her walls start to grip me differently. Her muscles were doing things that I've only felt once before. When I was in my mid teens I spent time with an Asian prostitute on my first trip to Korea.

It was then that she looked straight into my eyes and let out a guttural moan and started to cum.

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As she did this she screamed and forced herself down on me so that we were completely connected. She took it. I was all the way inside her waiflike frame. The opening in her cervix breached and I came!! STACY!!! I'm Cumminnnnngg.? "I know Baby! I feel you shhhhoooting in in in mu-mmeee. O oh ohgaaaawd! That's it. Me toooo I'm cumming again.?"?!?!?!? That's when she collapsed on top of me. She passed out. Was it pane or exhaustion I and Stacy for that matter never figured out.

What we do know is she was very much unconscious on my chest. And I was still very much inside of her. Her deep and shallow breathing told me she was resting completely. I woke up some time before noon. She was facing away from me but I felt her hand moving and caressing my for arm. It was a gentle touch stroking; more or less just feeling me holding her. Those movements the ones of a woman completely contented. I pulled her closer then. And snuggled my face into the nape of her neck.

Her offer of breakfast, and a bath in the whirlpool-tub long forgotten. Today is going to be a good day.