I liebe es den Menschen ihre eigene cum CEI essen

I liebe es  den Menschen ihre eigene cum CEI essen
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I turned the faucet on in the locker room shower to hot. I pulled off my shirt,shorts than boxers. As I stepped under it felt like I was in heaven. It was rainy,cold, and miserable outside. And after an extended soccer practice, this was like heaven. So I'm 5'6 Darkish brown hair, and the most important to the story, I have a 5 inch flaccid dick. So around 9 inches when I'm getting it from my girlfriend, or jerking off.

Only reason I'm alone in the shower is because I'm the fastest. Always am. Not to brag, but we were doing suicide runs and whoever got back first didn't have to do the last three. Since I was alone.I moved my hand down to my dick and started stroking it. I've been busy with school work, and driving my mom to the airport, to jerk off. As I continued I got harder. I started groaning, I kept jerking off, until I came, cumming onto the wall and my chest.

The water washed away the semen. I became flaccid again, and luckily at that point someone walked in. But I got lucky again, it was my best friend, Eric. He was probably the second fastest. " Hey." "Hey, how was the next two?" I asked.

"Sucktacular, douche bag." he replied in mock anger. He got in the shower too. He was taller than me, with glasses.


But he didn't wear them despite his need. " Hey your still here. Isn't Jenny waiting for you outside?" " Shit!" I got out and looked at my watch.

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5:25. Jenny, my girlfriend for 4 years should be outside the locker room. She is so hot. Brown hair, a little shorter than me but only by an inch. And a 34C. She lives with me now because her father died in Iraq. Same as me. Which only made us closer. " you're right' I gotta go." I said. Pulling my boxers on, then my jeans. "I'll go with." he said. Getting out With our clothes back on, we walked out. Jenny and her friend Lisa were waiting there. She saw me and Eric, jogged down the hall and kissed me passionately and I kissed her back.

"For gods sake, will you two get a room?" Eric said looking away. Since my mom was out of town it was just us. We've both lost our virginity, too each other of course. As we walk out of the athletic building, we got on the bus, and found a seat. " So how much homework do we have tonight?" I asked again.

" Well we have a history test tomorrow, and you know how Mr.

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Wheeler gets when nobody studies." She said " So there's that. We both have algebra, I have biology, you have advanced geometry" She finished. When we got home we put our stuff down. Jenny was looking through our mail. Though I was tired I was also, VERY horny. " Jenny?" I asked? As she turned around I surprise grabbed her boobs. " Jake!" she said indignantly, though I could tell she was the same way I was.

" We shouldn't do this now!" She protested "We have work to do." "We can do it after we're finished, cmon.

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We haven't done it since Saturday." I said, still caressing her tits. "Alright." She said defeated. She made out, scrambling over to the leather couch and I sat down as she kneeled down and unzipped ,my jeans and pulled my dick out. As she put it in her mouth, it felt GREAT. As I became harder, and I pulled her shirt and bra off. She paused the bj, letting me stare her down. Her tits were great. As she continued I stroked her silk-like hair. She increased the speed, I started groaning much louder now, " aaah.aaaah.Jenny.Im gonna cum.

" I managed to groan out. "mm-mmmm-mmmm-mmm" she said through my dick. "Jenny!" I said, almost ready to cum,she stopped and briefly said" In my mouth!" "Gladly! AAHHH!" I groaned as the semen squirted into her mouth. I watched her swallow it all. "God, I never get tired of your taste." she said in glee. " Can we do it?" I said, my boner still raging. I pulled off my shirt, and she took of her pants and panties.

She was gorgeous naked. Not too much hair, and huge tits combined, made me even more turned on. She laid down, and I leaned over her. "I'm gonna but it in." I said. I put my cock in, it felt better than jerking off, the shower, and her bj combined.

She let out a moan of pleasure when I first put it in, and I started moving. " Ooh yes Jake, fuck me!! Cmon fuck me harder! Ooh yeah!" she said moaning and gasping. "Jenny, I love you." and I kissed her.

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As I continued our groans continued got louder and more pleasure sounding. " Jake, I'm going to cum,cum with me Jake, AAAHH!" she said As we cummed simultaneously. We broke apart, she layed at one end of the couch, me at the other. "aaah.aah." we both were out of breath. I was barley conscious. With school, soccer, and sex, I didn't think I could stand.

" Your tired as hell aren't you?"she asked.

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"Yeah. I am." I said, still panting. " You still have a boner though." She said. "How 'bout I do all the work. You can lie there and cum when you want. " "that sounds awesome." She slowly climbed up mount Jake.

And reached my dick she climbed up and lowered herself down. " ooooohh!" I groaned. As she bounced up and down on my cock, I grabbed her tits.


I rolled she bounced. "Jenny.I'm gonna.cum." I groaned. "me too, Jake." we both groaned loud as we both came. * * * I woke up still naked, but alone on the couch. I looked at the clock on the wall. It read 7:00 pm. I sighed. I got up and looked around for my clothes, and only found my shirt. I heard a sizzle from the kitchen. I walked in. She was wearing her shirt. And her panties. " Hey sleepyhead. How'd you sleep?" "Uh.good I guess. Jenny? Where are my clothes?" I asked.


Because I was still only wearing my shirt. "Oh yeah, well when you came when I was blowing you, it didn't all go down my throat. Its kinda got on your pants and my bra. They're in the wash besides, I like seeing you naked." I thought that was okay. I looked at the pan. She was making pancakes.ok sure.

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After we ate. We sat there for a second." We should probably do our school stuff." so for 2 hours I sat there studying half naked with my girlfriend.

Afterwards we made our way up to my room. "Hey Jake cam we not do it tonight? " she asked. I could tell she was really tired. " Yeah ok." I said a little disappointed, which she picked up on. " Ok how about I jerk you off for a little?" She suggested." Deal!" As we undressed what little we had on, we laid down next to each other as she placed her hand on my dick, and it sent a tongue through my entire body. As she moved her hand up and down I sighed in pleasure, I put my hand on her pussy, and rubbed it, which must have felt good because she increased her pace.

We kept like this until I came, it fired up like a rocket and landed on me and her. I went to the closet and got a towel. We wiped down each other. "that good?"she asked ? " Hell yes! You do the best hand jobs." "Why thank you." Now turn off the lights, we should get some sleep.

She kissed me and we both fell asleep quickly. Even though I was tired all I could think about was tomorrow. Friday nights are the best. -- end part 1--