You know you want to jerk off to your hot neighbor JOI

You know you want to jerk off to your hot neighbor JOI
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My Japanese Love Part 4: A Surprise for AJ I couldn't stop thinking about it. Had Akira just watch me fuck her sister to the point she passed out and stood there fingering herself? I felt really embarrassed by that fact. Not because she watched us, but because silly horny me forgot to shut the door. I mean sure she knows her sisters is sexually active, after all the day Akira met me Amya admitted to her and their parents that we have had sex.

However know and seeing are two different things. I had to apologies to Akira. There was no if ands or buts about it. She's a guest in my home and she just saw me naked.

I got up out of bed, put on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and walked down the hall to Akira's room. I knocked on the door and said "Akira can I come in?" "Of course it's your house" she said. I opened the door and walked in. "It maybe my house, but for now it's your house as well, plus this is your room I wouldn't entire it without your permission" Akira was sitting on her bed with a blanket covering her lower body.

Her room was a bit cool, but I didn't think anything about it. I figured she just didn't want me to see that her pants were wet in the middle. I walked up next to the bed and dropped down to my knees so that I was more or less eye level with her. "I want to apologies for what you may or may not have saw a few moments ago. I should have shut the door." "No Alfred, I should apologies. I heard you two having sex and I walked down there. It was wrong of me but I was just curious.

Amya says you're the best thing to happen to her. I wanted to see what she meant and now I know. I shouldn't have watched something so private and intimate between you too." "Please Akira call me AJ. I really don't like Alfred.

I know you have your traditions about how to talk to people, but please I call me AJ. You have my permission to do so. As for being curious, I've learned that there is nothing wrong with it. Granted curiosity killed the cat, but you're a smart girl and I know you know your limits, as well as what's right and what's wrong." "Your right, it's just that… oh this is so embarrassing." "You have nothing to be embarrassed about, I want you to feel comfortable with me and be able to tell me anything.

How else can I protect you and help you adjust to living here in the States.

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After all you're going to be starting college in a few months. You're going to have questions, especially since this is a different culture than you're used to. It's best to get embarrassed in front of me or Amya then it would be in front of strangers. At lease we won't make fun of you if you embarrass yourself or experience any culture shock." I said as moved to sit next to her.

I couldn't get over how much similar to Amya she was. If I didn't know better I would swear she was Amya's younger twin sister. "But I am not used to talking about& know&" "I know Akira but trust me when I say college guy always talk about sex.


Hell I can remember this one time I was standing in line at the bookstore and I can remember two fraternity guys talking about how much fun it was having sex with this one girl and they were not being quiet about it. Not only that I also remember this one girl who was walking out of her class complaining to her friends that her boyfriend hadn't had sex with her for 2 weeks.

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Trust me it doesn't bother me, and it probably is something you should get used to. Any questions about sex you can come ask me or your sister. We are here to help you." "Thanks AJ. I do have a question about sex though" "See that's what I mean. Let's hear it" "Well you see I'm a virgin so I was wonder.

What does sex feel like?" Akira asked as she turned her face away from me. I could tell she was turning red in the face from embarrassment. I found it cute. Where Amya is this sex starved little minx, Akira was this innocent angel who by all in counts just wanted to know the answer to a question that anyone would have a hard time answering.

I sat there thinking for a few moments. I know not every ones answer to this question would be the same. Some would say it feels like heaven, others would say if hurts. Then there was the fact that she was a virgin. I didn't want to tell her it's the greatest experience in the world. What if she still had her hymen intact? The wrong guy could make her think sex is nothing but pain and not pleasure.

"Akira the answer to your question is one that you will have to find out on your own. Everyone's view on what if feels like is different.


I can tell you that as a virgin girl, your first time is probably going to hurt. Your hymen would get torn, your vagina would have to get used to having a penis inside you for the first time.

For most girl their first time wasn't really enjoyable because most college guys only care about one thing. Getting their jollies off, they don't care about pleasuring a girl let alone a beautiful intelligent young woman such as yourself. If you want an idea of what sex feels like. Try masturbating once and having an orgasm.

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That should give you an idea of what sex should be like." Akira looked at me and blushed "Ummmmm, I do masturbate." She then removed the blanket and showed me her blue yoga pants. "You see this wet spot. I was so turned on watching you and my sister I rubbed myself for the first time. When you stopped I was sad that it was over cause I never got myself off." I looked at her and thought.

I was right she was playing with herself, and silly me came down here before she could finish. She probably was about to finish when I knocked. "Oh well then I probably should go. If your pants are any indication, and from what you said, you probably want to finish yourself off." I said as I got up to leave.

"Wait AJ please stay, I was wondering if I… If you&hellip. If it was possibly you could show me your penis. I know I'm asking something private from you, but from what I say it looked so good. I want to look at it as I rub myself." Oh something tells me Akira is more like Amya than I thought. I think this is a girl who is normally quiet and somewhat shy, but get her turned on and she's a wild woman.

I know I probably shouldn't but she has already seen me naked. Besides I know Amya and I doubt she would care. "Ok Akira I will let you see it just this once" and I dropped my pants to my knees. I wasn't hard and my cock was still covered in a mixture of mine and Amya's cum. "Oh it looks so good" as Akira laid down on the bed and put her hand down her pants.

I couldn't see what she was really doing. I just know that she was doing something right. She arched her back and I could see the wet spot getting bigger.

Akira was biting her lower lip, but I could see the lust in her eyes. Whatever she was thinking about she refused to be loud. Watching her and knowing what she was doing got me thinking about what she looks like naked. I couldn't help myself. Here is an 18 year old, very sexy, very attractive female laying not 2 feet from me masturbating. I can't think of a guy who wouldn't get turned on. Hell there are some women that would. I could hear her rub her wet pussy though.

That sound alone was sending me to stiffyville quicker than any porno ever could. Squish Squish filled the air. I could tell Akira was about to cum. She arched her back, rolled her eyes in the back of her head, and clamped her legs shut so tight I thought she broke her hand off.

When she came down from her orgasmic high see looked at me and smiled. She then brought her hand out of her pants and I could see her cum and juices all over her index and middle fingers. She then brought them to her mouth, traced them round her lips and licked one clean in such a way that I could have blown my load right then and there.

That was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Since she was done I pulled my pants back up. God it hurt having my hard on back in my pants. Akira got up and walked over to me. "Thank you AJ.

I never got off so hard before. Here is a thank you gift" she then traced my lips with her remaining cum coated finger and offered it to me to lick clean. I stood there dumb founded for a moment, but I sucked on her finger for her. My brain was not working, but she did taste good. Almost as good as her sister, but the fact that this was the cum from a virgin pussy made this wrong seem right.

I love Amya but damn. "Your welcome Akira. I should go get some sleep." "Night AJ pleasant dreams I know I will have them." I was already back in my room when it occurred to me.

Was Akira flirting with me and was she going to dream about me? I just knew one thing. I was so hard right now I probably could cut diamonds. Amya was awake and saw me with my hard on and she giggled. "So my little minx of a sister asked you about sex?" she asked. "How did you know?" "Who do you think told her to ask you?

I love you so much and I love her. She and I try not to keep secrets from each other. Yes I kept Hiro's abuse a secret, but I was ashamed of that.

Ever since she moved in we share everything thing. I told her how special you make me and how when we make love it is the best feeling I can ever imagine. I figured she would try to watch sometime and I knew she was there tonight. I didn't say anything to her.

I thought it was hot being watched. She is a very curious sex kitten underneath her shyness." "You thought it was hot she saw us?" "Yeah, and don't worry I'm not made that you had your pants down while she played with her pussy.

Like she said, 'I never got off so hard' and just so you know I took a page from the Akira play book" Amya then removed the cover and showed me playing with her pussy. It was really wet and shiny. Clearly she has been fingering herself. "You know AJ that I have been cheated on and I do not want to be cheated on again. Akira is my sister and I want her to know what love and sex should be like.

I wish I was a virgin so I could give you my virginity. Truth is all I can give you is my willingness and something else. Akira and I have spoken at great length about this. We both agree that you should be her first. If its ok with you that is? I don't want her first time to be with an asshole like Hiro.

So please my love. Show my sister how a gentleman makes love to a woman. Show her what sex should be like and how good it should feel with the right man." For the second time tonight I was dumbfounded. Amya was giving me permission to fuck her sister. I must not be getting enough blood to my brain.

I'm dreaming, no wait I'm not dreaming. "Are you sure Amya? I don't want to cheat on you." "I don't consider it cheating if I'm giving your permission. Akira deserves some of the things I have. Besides She's told me that she sees why I fell in love with you. She also told me that should I ever decide to leave you to tell her so she can take you off my hands as it were." "Ok I will do it, but not tonight.

If I am going to make love to her I want to do it on my terms. Right now I am so horny that I could just let loose and fuck the shit out of her not caring if she got off." "I know baby.

Between my fingers and your cock my pussy has had too much attention." Amya got on her hands and knees and moved so her ass was facing me. She looked over her shoulder and said "My ass on the other hand is healed and is dying to feel that hard cock of yours." I was dumbfounded again. What a night this has been. First I get great sex with Amya, then I watch Akira play with her covered pussy in front of me, then I get told I can fuck Akira, and now I am being told to fuck Amya's tight Japanese ass.

I must have died and gone to heaven. I walked up to Amya and stuck two fingers into her pussy. "MMMMM its nice and wet baby go ahead.

Use my pussy juices to lube up my ass." Amya moaned. With my fingers in her pussy I pushed them as deep as I could. Then I would remove them and I shoved my swollen cock into her pussy. "Oh shit baby. This pussy is so well lubed I'm just sliding in. God please try not to move it too much. I don't want to cum inside it. I want to cum in your ass." I pleaded with her. "Don't worry baby just get my ass nice and lubed.

So you can fuck the hell out of it." With my cock inside her pussy getting drenched with her juices I started to insert the two fingers I had into her pussy into her ass slowly at first. I saw Amya jump little causing her to have another orgasm. I felt her vice grip like pussy clamp down on my cock.

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Damn she's tighter now then she ever was. I worked her ass with my fingers getting it all lubed up. For about 2 minutes I finger fucked her ass. When I saw she could take them I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I heard her moan sadly when my cock head left her pussy. "Are you ready for this baby?" "Oh yes lover, but please you're so big be gentle going in" "Don't worry I will be" I said as I lined my mushroom cock head up with her ass.

I grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it in. It was tighter than I thought. With some effort I got its head in. Amya was moaning trying not to force it all into her ass at once. "Rub your clit baby.

It should help take the edge off" She started rubbing her clit as I slowly pushed all the way into her ass. Once I was balls deep I stopped so she could get used to it. Meanwhile Amya was rubbing her clit and pussy hard and fast. I could tell she was thinking about me because she was moaning my name. "AJ enough time has passed. Give it to me. Fuck my ass so hard I can't walk tomorrow." I slowly started sliding my cock in and out of her tight ass and boy was she tight.

"If it's hurting you tell me and I will stop." "Don't you dare fucking stop. Fuck me. Show me how you're going to fuck my tight virgin sister's pussy. I bet her pussy is as tight as my ass is. That's is baby fuck my ass give it to me. Oh god You're the first person I was willing to let fuck me ass. That bastard Cory didn't have my permission.

There you go baby. My ass was pure because I never willingly gave it away now it's yours. I'm giving you my pure ass to fuck anytime you want. Yes baby, Oh god yes I'm about to come oh gods you feel so good. Faster, Faster, Fuck me ass yes. Oh shit I'm CUMMMMMIIINNNNGGGGG" Amya through herself backwards when she came.

I reach out and put my hands around her body and held her up.

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She never stopped grinding her ass against my cock. I think she was trying to break it off. She lowered herself back down so that she was on all fours again.

I placed my hands on her thin waist and let loose. I did what she told me. I fucked her hard and fast. She stopped moan actual words and started moan incoherent sounds. It was like she couldn't decide to speak Japanese or English.

It didn't matter to me because I was getting close. I hammered my cock into her as fast as I could. I didn't know where I got the energy from, but I just had to come. I heard a sound behind me and I looked over my shoulder. Akira was standing there naked. I couldn't believe this. She was watching me fuck her sister's ass.

Her tits were definitely a C, she had a shaved pussy which she gladly displayed for me. She winked at me, put a finger to her lips to be quiet and she opened her legs a little more and fingered her pussy. That was enough for me. "Oh god I'm going to cum" I told nobody in particular.

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"UGH UMMM OOOO HHHH AAAA IIIIII" was all Amya said. I looked back at Akira, her eyes were clothes and she mouthed "that's AJ come in my tight virgin pussy" I couldn't take it anymore I shot rope after rope after rope deep into Amya's ass. I came so hard that both Amya and I lost our footing and we collapsed on the bed. I rolled off of her so I didn't crush her.

My cock making a loud pop sound as it came out of her ass. Amya was out cold. Akira had big smile on her face. I had no energy to move. Akira walked over to me smiling. I opened my mouth to say something but Akira placed a finger on my lips. I could taste her pussy juices on it. "SHHHH AJ rest. When you regain your straight you can fuck me. I do hope Amya watches. She might find it as hot as I did, but before I go, you now know why I'm going to have sweet dreams to night." She then bent over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, before turning and walking out of the room.

Her ass looked as cute as Amya's did. It finally dawned on me. Am I going to be able to please both of these sex crazed Japanese girls because if this isn't a onetime deal with Akira I'm going to get fucked to death. Oh well at least I know I will die with a smile on me face.