Colored cheerleader fucks with her boyfriend

Colored cheerleader fucks with her boyfriend
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The Sex Pit A Topless Bar My name is Jenna and I am a dancer at the Sex Pitt! Most all young women in puberty have a number of sexual feelings, and I was no different? Mine started out innocently because I was so small and cute! It seemed that older boys and even many grown men looked at me in ways that were much more than just admiring a precocious young girl like me?

In my senior year at high school my mom and dad split, and my mom an I were forced to move! I loved my dad and he was not around much after this as his job made it difficult to spend much time with me! My mom and I did not get along very well and my grades slipped, but in the poor area where we had to move, and the new school, it made little difference as there was no interest by the teachers or the students to do any better? It was mixed race part of the city, with mostly blacks and Puerto Ricans, with very few whites, mostly girls!

This had put me into one of my first encounters as a member of the girls drill team and the only white girl! With me wearing a very short skirt and thin panty like briefs. And having all of the black hi school boys focus on only me heightened my sexual feelings to be half naked and in front of black men! I loved the attention something I had never gotten from the white boys at my other school? So if I wanted to date a boy it was only going to be a black one!

So on one of my first dates it did not take long for some innocent petting and stinky fingers to escalate into sex as they, the boys and me the girl were more than ready to explore all of the wonders one can do in the back seat of a car at 1:00 in the morning, or out in the bushes of several lovers lanes!

Once the first boy had me blow him it was not long until I had more asking for dates. Most of the boys just liked to play with my little tits and have me to suck them, but some of the older ones wanted more?

I was worried that I might get knocked up, so resisted and had at first just let them ass fuck me, I did not really like it at first! But the more I did it the, the better I liked it! Then one time just me and this much older black guy were parked at one of my favorite spots with me almost naked and kissing really deep, he gave me a bottle of what I thought was wine to drink saying that I would like it?

The stuff turned out to have some kind of date rape drug mixed in, or something that took away my muscle control leaving me almost helpless, and although I could still see and feel everything could offer almost no resistance what so ever? Then another car pulled up and about six even older black men got out, and the next thing I know I am stark ass naked on my knees giving one blow job after another!

That was quickly followed by being ass fucked and finally having my sweet young virgin pussy well used buy all of them! The first one had taken my innocence and the five others made dam sure I was no longer a virgin!

It hurt some at first but not all that bad, as I by now really wanted it to happen as bad as they wanted to do me, I just did not want to get knocked up, that's all? Lucky for me I was not ripe and ready to conceive at the time, after which I became more careful who I dated then, and after graduation?

Everyone graduated no mater how bad your grades were! I continued to date several of these young black men I had gone to school with. I loved sexand they knew that I was easy and would put no demands on any of them! This had gone on for a while as my mom and I started arguing a lot, mostly about all of the black guys I dated, telling me I was looking for trouble!

So when I turned 21 had almost no choice but to move out and get a job? With no real skills and my interest in sex, that of being naked in front of a bunch of black men! It was only natural that that I started looking for a job as a dancer!

I loved to dance, and had mentioned to my mom about applying for a job at one of the topless bars, she was not happy about my new job prospects as you could imagine. I first looked at some of the nicer places down town where the money and concern for the girls was much better, but none would hire me? I told them I was 21 and had a drivers license to prove it!

But, I looked barely 18 at best, and they just would not believe me, and assumed it was fake! I had even found my birth certificate, but even with this the more reputable clubs were still leery of hiring me, and keep telling me to come back when I got older! This forced me to seek employment at one of the few places that would hire a young girl like me with no questions asked, it was a raunchy dirty place that catered to an older tougher clientele, that were mostly black!

For me that was fine as I wanted to dance naked in front of black men, and the fact that the place had a reputation as a wild place was even more appealing and one that kept my privates wet with just the thought! Being young and naive about many of the things that could happen to a horny young white girl dancing naked in a questionable all black topless bar, was something I had given little thought to?

It was located in one of the few unincorporated areas between the city and the county, and had no rules nor were their few authorities to enforce the existing ones, so they or I could do pretty much whatever we wanted! My mother had told me I would never go through with applying for a job like this let alone actually dance, topless in front of a bunch of strange men, especially black men.

This comment only seemed to make me want to prove her wrong and that I could do it. Now you have to understand that even though I was 21, I had only looked at this like many of the other things I had done, and that it would be just an enjoyable and pleasurable experience, ending much like all of my other sexual adventures, and that I could make enough money to pay my way and a lot more?.

When I went to audition, I had bought some very sexy purple see through underwear, the kind I knew tuned on black men. My mom had given me a lot of crap about this, and my interest in dancing topless, and was one of the reasons I had left! It seemed the more she tried to talk me out of it the more determined I was to go through with it. What I didn't know was, that in the unincorporated area where this dance club was located there were no laws or ordinances prohibiting not only topless dancing but also bottomless as well.

It was in the early afternoon when I arrived at the club. I will admit I was a little worried, but took my little bag with this skimpy outfit and walked right in! The thought of me doing this was always quite a turn on, and the key word for me, was the thought?.

Their were three guys, I think two were bouncer's and the third a bartender all black. One of which told me where I needed to go. Three other girls were already there for the audition, being insecure like most young girls thought all of them were better looking, but several actually looked younger than me?

They also appeared to have more shapely bodies and bigger tits than I. Their was an older black woman that was doing the interviews and supposedly deciding who was going to get the job and who was not? I think she might have been the owner's woman? All three of the girls did their dance, they got to pick their music and danced the way they thought would help get them the job, all had been in a small dressing room just off the dance floor, and I was the last to enter.

This older gal, was talking with the other girls about their costumes and what was expected of them, while dancing, and was encouraging them to do table, and lap dance as this was where they could make the most money!. She also said that in the dark back corners of the Sex Pitt. did not care what we did and that the more perverted and nasty we could be around these men the better, going on to say it helped the reputation of the place and brought more customers in, all looking for naked young white women that weren't afraid to to rub their tits and ass all over the customers, and do more than just show their stuff to the clientele!

Now you have to remember this was my first job and all of the dos and don't s had not yet been explained to me.

In the dressing room I was told to get undressed and put my costume on right there in front of the other girls. These girls had already done so and were just setting there waiting and watching me disrobe.

Normally this would not have been a problem, to get undressed in front of other young women, but the setting and circumstances of auditioning for a job and competing against them as a dancer made me quite uncomfortable? Especially when this older black gal leaned over and started fooling around with my purple see through top, squeezing my small breasts and then my pert little nipples! Then stuck her hands in my panty like briefs as her fingers easily touched then lingered on my most intimate place?

And did so in front of the other girls, as if this was a normal everyday thing! Then said oh, I am just checking the fit? As I can see by the price tags you have just bought them, and pulling on one said you know you ought to remove these before you dance.?.

I had never applied for any job before, and especially one as a topless dancer, and still a bit naive, and only thought, that this was just a normal thing that went with applying for a job like this? One that allowed this woman to boldly feel me up right in front of the three other girls.

The music started and the first girl danced but towards the end of the dance she turned around wiggled her bottom to the music and stepped out of her bottoms leaving it bare !.

At first I was really surprised as I thought this place was only a topless bar!. Quickly the next girl did almost the exact same thing, the same was followed by the last girl.

Until it was my turn. By this time both of the bouncers along with the bartender were crowding around the stage. They had been watching the girls dance and were giving each of the girls a big hands as they finished.

The older gal had been first standing next to the dressing room, and then was down on her knees, with her nose at the perfect height even with their pussy's?

On the stage and had been watching them very close as they danced.

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She had also been giving tips and suggestions on how to be more seductive perverted and sexually erotic in order to improve their dancing. Finally it was my turn to dance. I loved to dance especially the fast and wild stuff that was popular at the time, and with most of the young black men I danced with could easily keep up with them! So this was my chance to really let it hang out. After seeing the bottoms come off the first girl, had really excited me, along with the music and excitement of the men clapping and whistling to me dancing nude in front of these men was was quite overpowering!

I loved to dance and the lights seemed to be much brighter when I took to the dance floor.

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I tried to do my best as I really needed the job and had been over exuberant when it came time to remove my panty bottoms almost tripped by catching my heel on the skimpy bottoms. I thought, I had done okay especially when the men had given me some very loud applause, were whistling and had been giving me more than some approving looks?

At the very end of my dance I clamped my thighs and swung around the poll totally nude like I was having sex with the thing, and these bright lights on just me, the feeling was incredible and something I had never experienced, and quickly hooked me as a dancer doing so in front of a bunch of black men.

The thought and now actually doing it had left my bare well shave pussy so wet and turned on I could hardly stand it! I thought the other girls did better, and after this older gal said, well your dance was okay but you need more practice on the stage and that she would give me a call when they decided which of the girls they would hire.

My heart sank and I figured that this meant my chances had fallen a little short in getting the job, and at first had not planned on dancing bottomless anyway. until all of these black men really encouraged me, like they did, and now wanted the job even more!.

Like I said even as a young girl I had sexual fantasy's and liked the thought of being naked and in front of a bunch of men, and especially black men so having as job a topless dancer especially at the Pitt was just another way to satisfy this fantasy.

But like my mom said fantasy was one thing, but dancing in front of a bunch of older men who had been drinking could lead to situations that might not end in the pleasure of sexual fantasy. I should not have worried at all about getting the job, as the four us girls were hired and given as many hrs of work we wanted!

I was now a professional stripper that felt so grown up and worldly, and loved it from the start! At first I was careful to venture off the stage and into the darker corners of the Pitt? Although it did not take long before I did, and was quickly sought after and rewarded as the little white slut that had a reputation, one that seemed to bring even more nasty and perverted black men looking for a pretty young girl like me!

I had been working at the Pit for almost three months and the bartender who seemed like a nice guy had befriended me. Then one day out of the blue asked if I would be interested in dancing at a private party telling me most of the other girls did it?

And that the money could be more than twice what I made in one night, than a weeks work at the Pitt? I was already making more money than I had ever imagined and with the thought of even more, and for just one night was most appealing? I never even gave it a thought, that this might turn into something bad, or that I could get hurt?

I had taken a cab to the address the bartender had given and was so stupid to go by myself, not taking one of the Pitts bouncers for protection, but it all seemed so easy, and besides I wanted to really piss of my mom by making in one night what she made in a whole month! Once there I was greeted by three black men, I found out later that they wanted a young white innocent looking thing like me so they and there black friends could use and abuse me sexually all night long at their whim!

They had given me several drinks that tasted really good, and I thought were only fruit juice? I had paid little attention as to where the cab had taken me, and no idea where I was? The bartender had insisted on me going to this private party that evening wearing only a short coat and heels. The thought for me, of wearing nothing under my coat with a lot of my bare bottom showing and being in the presence of big black men, ones that all wanted to see me dance, was quite a stimulating turn on!.

Two of them were very hansom, but the third man was very mean and sinister looking! Just his looks and the way he looked at me would make any young white girl terrified or at least scared to death of being alone with him!

This along with all the other black men that started to showed up that night was not only sinfully perverse, but this man had left me hesitant, and with more than some real concern?. Although the thought of me alone dancing naked in front of so many men was still quite deliciously exciting, and this look from him, had me more than concerned!

But it also left me so hot wet and so turned on that any of the black men in the place that night could have easily had there way with me, and as I found out later most did!

There were no other women at the party that night only me, The drinks they had given me, I also found out later were a combination of muscle relaxer and a stimulant to increase my sex drive.

I can assure you that night my sex drive needed little stimulation! All I can remember before the lights went out. was the big ugly nasty looking man unbuttoning my coat in front of his two hansom black friends, and showing them my naked young body and what a willing slutty little whore I was, by not wearing anything at all underneath it, in the cab ride over!

When I finally woke up, naked bound and blindfolded. I had no idea where I was or how long I had been there. My coat was gone. I had no money clothes or cell phone and was unable, nor did I want to do anything to stop what was about to happen!. This was one of my darkest fantasy's and now it was going to happen in spades, so to speak whether I wanted it to or not! I was lying on the cement floor panting and sweating like a bitch in heat one minute, and trembling in fear with chills running up and down my spine the next.

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Then felt hands, rough hands all over me. I remember hearing their voices, talking amongst themselves about what they were going to do to me, the thought of what they said left me scared to death . but wetter than I could ever remember. I heard something a chain rattle in the room and I was lifted up on to my feet, but was barely able to stand.

With my legs sagging my hands still bound behind my back were undone and raised over my head and hooked to a chain hoist that rattled as it pulled me up on the tip of my toes, then they removed my blindfold? I was bleary eyed and still half drunk from the alcohol and drug, I could vaguely remember seeing these same three black men! And was in someones, theirs?

Makeshift basement dungeon? They had put a rope around my neck and pulled it tight that left me trying to breathe and gasping for air, because while it wasn't totally choking me it was tight enough to make it hard to breath. The harder I tried to breathe the harder it was to breathe, but this was only one of my naked helpless predicaments. As the drug wore off my ass hole began to burn and my tender well shaven pussy seemed to be stretched wide open and my little clit was no longer little it was really swollen!

The sadist who scared me earlier had a vibrator. That had a long wand, and at the bottom, had a small metal spoon like thing attached to it. He then griped my clit pulling it firmly forward and placed the thing under my clit, and with his other had mashed the tender fleshy clitoral membrane hard against it and pulled the trigger!. OMG! I yelped at first!

Then when I tried to lean back to ease the hurtful sensations, it became harder to breathe and I choked me even more!. My clit being abused like this had produced a most unusual female noise I had wondered where it was coming from and then realized it was from me!

The noise barely escaped from my constricted throat as I tried with much difficulty to breathe and beg for him to stop!. The vibrator definitely had an effect, and me with little choice, the thing was easily stimulating and hurting this so delicate place.I was, gasping, moaning, and trying to ease the painful sensation that was becoming more erotic and perverted.

I could see the sadistic look in his cruel eyes, as the vibrator increased in speed and pressure. He then forced it even harder against my clit! As I heard the chain rattle and me lowered down that choked me even more as it was played out, my legs were like rubber as I felt myself go all the way down to where my knees were bent and my warm sopping wet pussy was against the floor! OMG!

This was making my blood pump and my heart pound, the muscles in my pubic area contracted and contracted as the nerve endings in my clit acted as though they were if electric shocks were zapping me, and I was totally helpless to do anything about it!

My head was then turned to one side by a large black hand, and I found the most beautifully proportioned enormous hard black cock that I had ever seen, directly in my face!

OMG I thought, as he tells me to open my mouth wide and then slowly forces this incredible piece of black manliness into my mouth and on down into my sweet young throat!.


It was already hard to breath because of the rope around my neck. But with his cock in my mouth, that he continued to push into my throat, made it almost impossible. No, it was impossible to breathe and I started to panic. But the way he did it allowed me to get at least some air.

The other guy was hard and waiting his turn as first guy forced himself down my throat to his balls, and jamming my nose into his groin as his big black balls swung back and forth hitting me under the chin! His kinky pubic hair was tickling my nose as I struggled to breathe.

Then he pulled back and gave me a couple of short, deep hard thrusting pumps, and pulled out. The other one immediately turned my head the other way as he pushed his cock in my mouth, and down my throat, again jamming my nose into his groin!

I got to breath, in between when one pulled out, and the others cock went in. This had left me more glassy-eyed, dazed and lightheaded than I had ever been!. They alternated like this as my soft tender pussy sank down into the floor, and the flat little vibrator manned by this sadist continued to play forcefully over on and around my clit that was against the cold concrete floor.

Their hands occasionally rubbed and squeezed my breasts, severely twisting my soft pink little nipples. They said nasty things to me, "Suck my black cock, white bitch," and "You love a black cock,in your mouth don't you sweetheart !!. You, are nothing but a little white slutty whore?"as they savagely face fucked and slapped me! My ears were ringing, but all this did was feed my fantasy for abuse, as it took some of the pain away I could feel wetness around my slit making me want even more harsh and abusive treatment by these forceful black men.

They kept pulling my hair and yelling at me to suck their cocks even harder! It was so humiliating and horribly degrading and I was a slut and loved being one! Their words were making me hotter and hornier and I was able to breath easier as they switched these two big beautiful black cocks back and forth.

When the orgasm swept through me it came as a complete surprise!. I felt the surge of pleasure tension and incredible energy as my inner thighs and pubic muscles tightened! My insides squirmed and twisted, as a hot rush from this orgasm racked my tortured body. I gurgled and gasped with the rope around my neck and a cock in my throat. The pain was awful by then, but it didn't seem to matter much at all now! As the orgasm screamed along my nervous system and shook me like a hot wet dish rag.

It left me lifeless, drifting, dazed, as the last guy pulled his cock out of my swollen lips, he let loose a shower of warn cum directly in my face and then slapped it really hard several times, my bare breasts vulgarly jiggled as cum dribbled down on them with each hard slap!

He called me a dirty little whore, slapping me again and again as if they were trying to wake up my tortured senses! This was so they could continue to use and abuse me and wanted me to see and feel everything! OMG this orgasm was sooo incredibly gooood !. Eventually as the one briskly milked his cock the other stuck his fingers into my mouth, holding it helplessly open as the first one wanked off squirting his cum in my face, and mouth! Streams of warm cum from these two black cocks were all over me, in my hair and eyes, running down my back, dripping off my face and onto my bare breasts, then onto the floor.

I had never seen this much cum before, fantasy was one thing but gobs of this thick gooey cum had only heighten the reality!. The sadist had given the vibrator to one of the others and told him to keep working on my clit, the pain and pleasure was so intense as it rattled around on the concrete floor with my tortured clitoris in between! As I almost passed out! Just when I thought I could stand it no more he would stop, and the incredible pleasure would return to this most sensitive place.

With this vibrator playing me for all I was worth along with my other problems I had not noticed at first that the sadist had taken several sharp metal clamps, playing with my breasts, then he clamped them tightly on my nipples.

One at a time!. I screamed, and screamed as the sharp little teeth of the clamps bit tightly into the tender flesh of my nipples, followed by this black sadist pulling on them, as hard as he could to insure that they were indeed securely clamped!. I never thought my pink virgin little nipples could be stretched pulled and abused this way without ripping the flesh or being permanently disfigured. I watched them stretch as if I was a bystander, the pain and pleasure had worked me up to the edge of another climax.

Then the other, at the sadists command slowly pulled the rope that was around my neck up tighter, so that it began to take much of my weight! My nipples were no longer of any concern, as it again became difficult no almost impossible for me to breathe. I had heard about this kind of kinky breath play where ones lover would strangle and choke his female partner to the edge of unconsciousness and up to the point of climax ! For many this would enhance the sexual orgasm and create an incredible and very wonderful, but deadly sensation.

I had not realized it, but this was exactly what they were doing to me! As the rope around my neck took my weight the pain in my genitals began to ease. This feeling down there was wonderful as that discomfort slowly left me. It was an incredible rush through my body and mind. But as they pulled the rope tighter, I gasped as it tightened, then incredibly it actually lifted me just off the floor?

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I was physically hanging by my neck, with my knees and toes just barely touching the floor gurgling, breathless and starting to climax with another incredible orgasm. The relief from the buzzing and hard, deep, gnawing pain in my pussy was euphoric, and when combined with my already tense state of physical painful pleasure, and that the vibrator was no longer relentlessly buzzing against my clit, the relief had driven me over the edge.

And I mean completely over the fucking edge. The explosion of sexual pleasure was violent and intense. If I could have screamed I would have. I shook shuddered and twisted as the orgasm tore through me! I choked ,and choked, apparently they knew just how tight the rope around my neck needed to be.

in order to keep me on the edge and from actually strangling!. I swung around, gurgling, and jerking with orgasmic convulsions as if I was actually being hanged, this the longest orgasm of my life caught me like a leaf in a windstorm, blowing me this way and that, or at least in my perverted twisted mind!.

The orgasm went on and on, and then darkness took over me as I passed out!. Time had passed a lot or a little, I had no idea?. I woke up in a very large bed I could feel my clitoris as every time my heart would beat it pulsed and stung as if it had been bitten by a dozen angry bees! My nipples were blood red and reeked with the same dull pulsing pain. The sharp metal clips were still savagely biting into them, and apparently the black sadist had clamped a slightly larger one directly onto my over stimulated swollen and very ripe swollen clitoris at the exact peak as it heightened my incredible orgasm just as I passed out!.

A small chrome chain attached all three of them together! OMG the the pain on my nipples was overshadowed by the clamp on my clit it was maddening as I could do nothing to ease it!. The rope was still around my neck and my wrists were again tied tightly behind my back. I felt like a well used helpless piece of cunt meat, that had been horribly slapped around abused and gang banged by at least 20 well hung black men!

And, that I was only there for the sexual amusement and sadistic pleasure of now only these, three black men! I was in sexual agony as I laid between these two naked black men. They were big men quite muscular and much larger than I, both were on their sides facing me I could easily see one and feel the other against me! Their enormous hard cocks were again ready, as they pawed and fondled my nakedness! Sadistically pulling on the chains from time to time that were clamped to the roots and nerve endings of my sexual being.

That would enlist a painful squeal! My throat hurt, but I could now breathe much easier. The rope around my neck was not as tight. My legs were apart and one of them was fingering me, as he continued to play with the chain that was clamped to my my clit, his fingers were gentle as he inserted them into my folds.

I was sore, very bruised, but this painful torture of my clitoris had left it extremely. sensitive. He quit fingering my slit and slipped down to where his large wet warm tongue gently started licking my clit, right next to where the sharp metal clamp had bitten deeply into my soft fleshy tenderness! This gentle treatment after such sadistic abuse caused me to almost lose my mind! I was unable to control myself and had another forceful and uncontrolled shuddering orgasm! I was bucking and screaming for even more attention in this over stimulated place as he mounted me!

His big rock hard cock easily penetrated my wetness as he crushed my body to his.

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It only took several moments until, he was ramming his cock deep into me with unrestrained fury and in doing so gave me some relief, but only for a moment as it also crushed my clit painfully between my pelvic bone the nasty clamp and him!

He rode me roughly through this orgasm, then eased off, and rolled me and him over, holding me on top of him. The other one moved up and behind me. I felt his dripping cock being rubbed up and down the crack of my ass and then slowly working its way into my virgin little asshole!. I was so limp in the afterglow of the last orgasm and was concentrating on the sadistic painful torture of my clit that little else mattered!

He found it easy to enter, and soon the two of them were fucking me, front and back, their big black cocks moving faster as one went in the other pulled back, harder and harder inside my two almost virgin tunnels, as the sexual steam began to reignite.

It was so soon that I thought this would have been impossible only moments ago. The feel of the two of them thrusting away inside me was just so perversely incredible. Even in the midst of everything else I was transfixed, all my attention was on my abdomen, where those two hard, hot slick cum filled cocks were pumping wildly, churning up my belly,and ass with my juices, and fucking with my mind, until I had another orgasm!

The third man the sadist who had been watching reached in and viciously pulled the chain that was still clamped to my clit just at the perfect time! I screamed and screamed as this orgasm ripped through my tortured abused being!.This had now ruined me for any kind of normal sex, and was where I came to love being fucked in both my pussy and ass at once.


And having my clitoris abused at the same time only added to my warped sexual desire! I do not remember much, of that night but I am sure I was used again and again as my dreams were stimulating ,kinky, erotic and very sadistic!

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At least what I could remember of them! When I woke up I was still totally nude My breathing had returned to normal. Both my face and my breasts were hideously black and blue, my nipples were still blood red, and very sore. My formerly sweet pink little clitoris was swollen to well over twice its original size and still was extremely sensitive. I could actually see the large and swollen end of it down between my legs!. It was longer and sticking out of my equally swollen mound and abused swollen labia/ cunt lips that were also quite grotesquely swollen and the end where the sharp sadistic steel clamp had been placed was quite puffy and had left hideous red needle like marks and dark brown bruise 's all over it!

The sensation it was still giving meonly seemed to make me crave for more abusive sexual attention! I was their submissive slave and had received the most sexually abusive and satisfying experience of my young life. I had been brutally pleasured more times in one evening than I could ever remember even in fantasy, and this was saying something. In the shower, that morning they did it to me again, with me standing between them, their hands were kind of holding me up off the floor as they impaled me, I could hardly breathe again as they tried to crushed my white helpless naked female breasts between their two hard, black bodies as they slammed me with their cocks!

The guy behind me was pulling my hair, and the one in front was squeezing my sore breasts, with one cock in my pussy and the other in my ass!

OMG I loved this! Later that morning they made me cook them breakfast ordering me around like helpless slutty naked slave girl! They pawed me and slapped my ass making crude remarks as to what they were going to do to me next?.

Before breakfast was over, I was easily dripping again with wanton slutty anticipation! The sadist then said that he had done this cruel and sadistic thing to me last night in order to find out if I could really take the kind of abuse he had in store for me! But he had one more test? The look in his eyes as he pushed me down on the floor in front of the others onto my knees, and then onto my back left me again trembling with fear and anticipation!

He then told me to put my hands behind my head, and spread my legs as wide as I couldand to keep them there no matter what, or I would be really sorry! He then removed his leather belt and with little warning started savagely whipping my tender sore and very stimulated pussy! Over a dozen severe lashes rained down on this so delicate, over abused and tender place! Tears ran down my face and I could not help but scream out, each time the belt fell, my mound cunt lips and clit were on fire with stinging pain!

OMG! I did not think I could take any more of this, it took every ounce of willpower and concentration to hold my legs apart, and then it was over! He then reached down and grabbed me by my hair with one hand!.and forcefully pulled me up fully onto my knees! At the same time he had unzipped his pants! I had not noticed at first that his cock was rock hard and sticking straight up! The size of it was one thing, but it was also nasty looking, it had some of the largest warts I had ever seen, the head was almost the size of a tennis ball and looked as if someone had taken a bite out of it.

The veins in his shaft added to its awesome power and ability! This cock was every thing his two black brothers were not! It had never dawned on me the night before that his cock would be so different than the others as theirs were perfect specimens and his was more like some abused animal that was half man and half sadistic beast!

He then told me to hold my hands behind my back and clinch them tightly together.


As I did, he grabbed my neck and head again only this time with both big black hands and pulled me up even higher and screamed at me to open my mouth as wide as I possibly could and that if I didn't I would regret it! This was followed by him thrusting my head mouth and his cock together, if I had not been face fucked and gagged so brutally the night before by the two big cocks I don't think I could have ever taken it!. As it was, I was choking and unable to breathe at all.

This thing was a monster well over 12" long. The other two had only been around 8"or so. OMG, OMG, OMG! I could feel the large head deeper in my throat than ever before, fortunately it only took several moments until a gigantic flood of warm cum squirted down my gullet and directly into my stomach! I was running out of air and my vision was starting to blur.

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When I was finally able to breathe after gasping I started to burp up cum from the amount that had been shot almost directly into my almost empty stomach. This episode left me light headed but the sensation in my genitals were again at their peak and it would have taken little else to get me off again! He then said in a subdued voice he had only done this so that in the future they or anyone of their black friends could abuse me even more sadistically, and that I had easily surpassed his future plans for me!

But this is another story as I was put into a taxi and sent home with more money than I would have believed! OMG, The thought that these three horny black men that wanted only me! And for kinky sex had more than made my fantasy come true, and that I had a lot more sadistic sexual abuse waiting now that I had chose to step into their world!!.