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Mz redd suck mr redd dick
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Price of dishonesty -Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T MANY ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING MAKING OF THIS STORY. Not because of this story though. I mean, I did not hurt any animals. Fish were fished and deer were shot, but that all happened elsewhere around the world. I'd never hurt animals. I love animals. Davis and Kari were together sitting on sofa, holding hands. They were watching a funny movie, when suddenly Davis leaned forward and kissed Kari. He moved his hand down her curves, when suddenly Kari stopped him.

"What?" Davis said, looking amazed. "I want to stay as a virgin till marriage." Kari replied. Davis tried again, this time by slowly moving his hand behind the back of her hair, but she again rejected. "Damn Davis, a no is a no!" Kari said, angrily. "Okay, okay! Sheesh, calm down." Davis said as he got up. "Davis…Do you hate me now?" Kari asked, looking down. "Of course not.

I just need some fresh air to breath." Davis said as he walked off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Davis was walking down the road. He groaned.

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He had been all ready, but he didn't want to force Kari into sex either. He was so lost into his dream land of Karis nude body rubbing against him that… CRASH!!! Davis had walked straight against the un suspecting girl infront of him. "Ow, what's the big idea?" she barked. "I'm sorry, I&hellip." Davis started. He then realized the girl was infact Sora. "Hey, I know you. You are Sora Takenouchi, right?" he said.

"That's right. So why you did that? It seemed like you were not in this world." Sora said. "It's just that me and Kari…" Davis gaggled and looked down. Sora smiled and placed her hand down on chin of Davis. "What?" he asked. "Let me guess, she backed down on you?" Sora said, with a grin. "Ummm…Yes, how did you guess?" Davis said, blushing gently.

"Oh, she has told me and most of girls that she wants to be one of the few women who'll remain un penetrated by a man before marriage." Sora replied, blowing her hair away from her face. "Oh really…" he said, not daring to look at Sora. Suddenly, without a warning, Sora placed her hand over Davis crotch and gently took hold of it.

"Sora!!" Davis said, shocked as he looked directly at her eyes. "So big so soon? You really wanted her, didn't you?" she smirked. "B-but…What about Tai? I thought you two were…" Davis said, trying to avoid her eye contact. "Me and Tai are swingers.

I know he has his fun with Mimi ever now and then." Sora said, beginning to rub on the erection of Davis a little. Davis began to breath harder.

He felt ready to burst.

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"There is a hotel nearby. Wanna join me there?" Sora said, smiling gently. All Davis could do was to nod. IN THE HOTEL ROOM… Sora pulled Davis from the collar of his shirt towards the bed on top of herself. She grinned and slowly began to undo the buttons of his shirt.

Sora took of her top and Davis pulled his pants down. She slowly slided her bra down and turned Davis around, now being on top of him. She moved around as in dancing on top of him. Davis suddenly pulled her down a little, making her rub against his penis as he gave her boobies a kiss. "I am getting aroused." Sora said.

"I'm getting horny too." Davis replied. She moved her hand on the night desk and pulled a remote and turned stereos on, making some sex music come out. "How do you like to do it?" Davis asked. He was getting hang of this.

"Slow." Sora said. He kissed her and ran his hand along her back. She undid herself's trousers. Davis began to pull down her panties, when… SLAP!! "Hey!" Sora said, looking kinda angry. "Too fast?" Davis said, looking a little embarassed. "Un huh." Sora said, giving a nod. "Sorry, I'll take it slower then." he replied, rubbing his cheek.


It didn't really hurt, Sora had only wanted him to stop. "It takes a while for my juices to get really going." Sora said, giving a grin.

He moved to kiss her chest, her solar plexus, her belly button and lower as she shivered in pleasure. He moved to kiss her inner thigh as he massaged her lower back. "Ohhh! Lower." she murmurred. Davis moved head lower to give a kiss to Soras pussy, through her panties. "You can take them off now." she said.

He slowly slided them down and licked her pussy as it came to sight. He moves his hands to rub her butt, while he gave a quick lick to entrance of her cunt. Sora shivered in pleasure as she started to get really aroused.


He probed his tongue into her pussy and licked it inside. "Hey can we stop for a minute?" Sora suddenly said. "Hm? What's wrong?" Davis said, lifting his head up.

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"Bathroom." Sora said blushing. "Oh, okay." Davis said, looking down for a moment. "Where is the bathroom? Show me." Sora said teasingly. He took hold of her hand and walked with her infront of a door. "Theres the toilet." he said. "You may come in with me." she murmurred, rubbing herself against Davis. "Sure." Davis replied with a grin. The two walked into bathroom. And Sora acted dumb on purpose. "So where do I go?" she said, smiling. "You sit down that seat when it's lowered." he said, giving a small sigh.

She walked near the bath. "Here?" Sora asked.

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"No." Davis said as he pointed at the porcelaine toilet. Suddenly Sora "accidentally" slipped and pulled Davis with her into the bath. "May I pee on you?" she asked. Silence. "Where to?" he finally replied. "Eh?" Sora said, tilting her head. "Where to on my body?" Davis replied. "Where you like it." she replied with a giggle.

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"Never done it like this before. So you can choose." Davis said, giving a shrug. She bended over his head and peed into his mouth.

He drank the pee and licked her pussy clean from every drop. "Do you still have pee left?" he said, licking his lips. It had tasted better than he had hoped. "A bit. But thats for later." she said teasingly. "Oh, okay." Davis said. He was all erect. She got on top of his erect penis and crammed it inside herself.

Davis moaned as he probed into Soras tight pussy. She got under him. He inserted his penis into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure, as he began to move up and down slowly.

Slowly inserting in, sloooowly pulling back off. "Now its time for that piss" Sora said as she removed his penis and pissed all over him. "Did you like that? " Davis asked. "Hell yeah! Now make me orgasm!" she screamed. He began to ram into her pussy faster and deeper. He kept ramming non stop, making Sora bit on her lip a little. Davis soon changed the pumps into deep thrusts.

He moved down to kiss her, while he penetrated her non stop. He moved down to lick her throat as he continued to pump into her. "AHH! I am soo close" Sora screamed, shivering with intence pleasure.

He began to ram into her deep and shallow as fast as he could. He felt Soras pussy tighten as she came, trickering his own orgasm as the two came together, making Davis hot cum fill her pussy. "Thanks that was awesome." Davis said, giving a kiss to Sora and beginning to dress himself.

Sora rolled under the sheet. "Aren't you coming too?" Davis asked. "Naah, I'm too tired. I'll stay here." Sora said, giving a yawn. "You want me to join you?" he asked, stopping dressing. "Naah, you go back to your home, your parents may get worried." she answered.

Davis gave a gulb. She was right in that, he had completely forgot what time it was. Hurryingly, he got dressed and left. Sora suddenly got up after he had left and dialed in number of Kari. "Kari? You don't believe what just happened…" Sora said to phone grinning evily. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TWO DAYS LATER… Davis came back from lunch break and opened his locker.

Much to his suprise, there was a letter writen in it. "Hey, it's me Sora. Sorry it took me so long to get hold of you, but I've been busy with stuff. Anyway, if you'd like us to have 2nd round, meet me today at my place after school." Davis read from the letter to himself.

Davis ripped the letter. He had a smile on his face. Sora must have liked what he had given to her.

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After the school had ended, he went to Soras home and rang the doorbell. "It's open!" a voice told him. Davis got in. Suddenly, Sora slammed him against the wall. "What are you doing?" he asked, not able to hide his amazement. "You'll see." she replied.

She grabbed a rubber ducky from one of the shelves and shoved it into his pants. It let out a small quack. "Is this going to be scary?" Davis asked. "Only if you don't like women." Sora replied, with a grin. Suddenly Sora dragged him infront of Kari. As Davis looked at her direction, not knowing what to say, Sora suddenly pulled his pants down.

The two girls pulled him down on a chair and tied him up. "Now we are going to play a little game." Sora purred. "Whatkind of a game?" Davis asked.

"Fuck the monkey. You get to be the monkey." Sora said, with a grin. Suddenly, the two girls began to giggle at the size of Davis penis. Without giving Davis a time to even say anything towards this action, they shut down the lights. There came a small giggling voice. "Sora, I know you are there." Davis said, looking at direction of the voice.

"Damn! You don't even know your gf!" Kari growled. "Oh God sorry!" Davis said. He now felt really bad. "Sora are you there?" Kari asked. "Yeah." Sora replied.

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"Let's teach this guy a lesson." Kari smirked. "Kari I'm sorry. I really am." Davis said. "You will be." Sora said. Suddenly, there came a chainsaw starting sound. "What are you going to do??" Davis screamed.

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He nearly wet his pants in fear. "I just was going to destroy my old stool that I've gotten tired at." Sora said, cutting the stool in half. Kari took a ruler and brought it over Davis penis. "Only one inch. Tut." Kari said, teasingly. "Oh, it's wrong. It's actually one centimetres." Sora giggled. Davis bowed his head in shame. Suddenly, Kari kicked the chair over with Davis sitting on it. "Kari you take the back of him, I'll take the front." Sora said.

"W…What are you going to do?" Davis said. He was getting scared. The two girls carried Davis to bedroom. "Do you have any strap ons lying around?" Kari asked. "Yes, I do. Okay, Kari do what it says on the tin." Sora replied. Kari began to strap on the plastic dildo. "Are you gonna…Fuck me?" Davis asked, amazed. "Could mean we are lesbians." Sora said. "Then why you said earlier that it wouldn't be good if I'd not like women?" Davis said.

"You have to watch the two of us fuck without you. It will be a real torture." Sora said, grinning. Suddenly Kari got on top of Sora and formed a 69.

Sora took hold of Karis buttocks and spreaded them a little. She then began to rub her ass. Suddenly, without a warning, Sora brought her face closer and began to tongue Karis ass. Kari moaned. She reached down and began to circle around Soras dildo with her tongue. "Can you even untie my hands?" Davis whimpered. He was all erect. "No, then you could touch yourself." Kari said, giving an another moan. Sora suddenly slipped from under Kari, but did not stop licking Karis ass.

She began to rub on Karis pussy aswell and suddenly probed her tongue into Karis butt hole. Kari gasbed as she had never felt anything like this before. Suddenly, Kari screamed a little as Sora pushed some of the dildo into her virgin butt.

"Mmm, that's so tight." Sora moaned, as she moved her hand to rub on boobies, while pinching her nipples. Kari moaned and moved to rub her own pussy. She was really turned on. This was finally too much for Davis. "Okay girls.


I'll do anything you want. Anything at all, please let me join you two." he said. Sora suddenly got near Davis and tightened the rope. Davis groaned in pain, but suddenly, she licked his face gently. Without warning, she shoved on of her breasts in his face. Davis began to lick them, circeling them with his tongue. Suddenly Sora backed away and teased him. "First piss in this bottle." Sora said as Kari passed a bottle to Davis. Davis got kinda pale, but peed neverthless, filling the bottle as much as he could.

Both of the girls took hold of it and took sip from it. Suddenly, Sora jumped on Davis, making him fall on the bed. Without a warning, Sora got behind himand crammed the dildo up his ass. The two then moved Davis to sit on the chair again and tied him to it. Then, Kari put a penis guard over Davis penis. "What are you going to do?" he asked.

The girls replied by leaving the room, shutting the door and exiting the house, leaving Davis to yell after them. Epilogue: Shortly after this, Kari got together with her childhood friend TK.

Also don't feel sorry for Davis, he and Sora soon after got on together.