Man boy anal stories and hard core gay porn older men fucks younger

Man boy anal stories and hard core gay porn older men fucks younger
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This morning I was having a rotten morning. Nothing no matter what would go the way I wanted! Its pissing rain and I really don't want to do any work at all, felling this way cause the wife and I were having some issues due to money and what not cause of the Christmas holidays.


When out of the blue I get a text from a young lady by the name of Julietta, asking me how my day was and after I explained what's been happening and all that, she texted that she knew how to cheer me up. The text stated very bluntly "she would drop to her knees and suck me dry" and what fool wouldn't take up an offer like that!

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So, I texted her back a few things and the following text from me is the results of our conversation. Now keep in mind the one thing I didn't tell you was that she lives in a different Province then I, but we do manage to connect a few times a year to live out these text fantasies, so I know for a fact that in the near future we will be doing exactly what the story tells.

We have lots of these fantasies that we have lived out in person as its not everyday you find the perfect pussy that was made for your cock and you feel everything and I mean everything.

Every ridge, vein, twitch and throb. I know my cock has brought her to tears before and she worships my cock and no one else's! If you don't believe me just ask her as she reads everyone of my stories as she is the inspiration as well as the perfectly fitted pussy for my cock that I right about in almost every story.

The text is as follow and its all me texting her and she just gives a quick reply at the end cause she's at work right now.

Me texting to her as each line is a different text msg. "To hold you once more in my arms as I kiss those sweet lips to have my hands run across that sexy ass. To have you hold me tight as our tongues wrestle with each other and our hands caress our backs. To have you drop to your knees and look up at me as I take your head in my heads and guide that pretty mouth to my hard-aching cock To push my cock across those lips and tongue till you start to gag and then pull you back only to do it again and again Forcing a little more each time until the boiling in my balls erupts and shots up my cock and down your throat You swallow all and keep sucking to keep me hard and then you climb up and over me and kiss me deep as I can taste myself on your lips You take my cock and rub it against your dripping pussy and then slowly lower yourself until my pubic hair is grinding against your clit You start to rub back and forth rubbing your clit and pussy lips against me bringing you higher and higher You can feel the heat building in your pussy radiating outward at the same time I can feel you squeezing my cock Your movements become more unstable and jerky and then you throw your head back and moan loud as your pussy grabs me tighter than ever and I thrust up hard and you soak me from you orgasm I keep pushing up deeper still till I've gone deeper than anyone else.

You scream out as you feel the hot cum from my cock flood your insides and you collapse besides me and snuggle and fall asleep. I lay there next to you caressing you watching you sleep contemplating how I'm going to fuck you next"! This is her reply sent in three small texts; First text from her: "Oh wow" Second text: "That's hot lol" And third text: "I like that" Once again, she reads all my stories so leave comments as I will make sure she gets them.

And guys before you even think of asking her lol she will not be interested in anyone of you guys as she is addicted to mine and mine alone! And I am just trying to save you some embarrassment. Now writing this out brought to my mind the very first time we fucked. We met on a site, doesn't matter which one as that's not important, we decided to meet in person and see if we clicked. I arrived just before she did, and she pulls up besides me and we get out of or vans and walk between them to hug each other first.

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We then kissed, not a small peck either as when I kissed her I kissed her! Our tongues were playing with each other as our kiss got hotter and hotter. When the kiss ended she stated, "wow that was awesome, I was basing this whole meeting on the first kiss and damn did you blow me away"! We sat in her van and chatted some and decided to go for a drive as we were parked in a busy parking lot.

We found this little drive off the road that went into an empty field, so we parked and chatted some more.

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I leaned over and started kissing her again and trying to get my hands on those awesome tits she had. I finally got to them and was trying my best to get the nipples hard when she reached down to my cock and found it hard as a rock.


We both moaned out when she squeezed it and we agreed to move to the back of the van. Once back there we started kissing and caressing more till we had each other to the boiling point. I had her top of sucking on her nipples and my hand rubbing her pussy through her pants feeling the heat and moisture.

I couldn't take it any longer and told her I needed her lips on my cock and the next thing I know she was undoing my jeans and fishing out my cock. Let me describe myself here as I am by no means a jock type fitness person, I have a few extra pounds and bald headed and in my 50's.

My cock is not great but I think its only average, but she assures me it is NOT average. It's about 7 ½ inches but when really excited it measures out to almost 8 inches but I am somewhat thick around and I am circumcised.

She swears I know how to use it but the only thing I strive for is to make sure she always cums first. Back to the story, as she pulls my cock out she just stares at it and says it's beautiful and perfect, she holds and strokes it a few times before slowly taking it into her mouth.

She licks sucks and the swallow's whole which I've never felt before. She continues till I'm going crazy and I tell her I'm about to cum and all she does is pull me deeper down her throat till I empty my load.

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She keeps sucking it keeping it hard and she pulls off it and turns around offering me her pussy from behind. I can't resist it and rub my cock up and down her dripping pussy and push it in slowly.

She moans out the entire time I'm pushing in till I'm bottomed out and I grab her hips and grind against her hard then I pull out and slam it back a few times alternating between shallow thrust and then a few hard deep ones.

She turns to look at me as I grab her hair for leverage so that I can really pound hard and fast and I noticed tears, so I stop and ask her if she is OK? Am I hurting you? She just says no and that she has never felt a perfect fit in her pussy before and it was just an amazing thing and she never wants to stop fucking me.

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I bring her to multiple orgasms before I even cum. She is crying and twitching and then I thrust hard and deep and I cum and she tells me she can feel everything. After we clean up and before I head home she tells me she will worship my cock forever and that no other cock will ever do. And to this day she has stayed true to my cock and like I said leave her a message in the comments as she reads all my stories and ladies if you don't believe there is a perfect cock for you out there ask her cause she found hers.