Gay shaman king porn Sean is a porn starlet that took a puny break

Gay shaman king porn Sean is a porn starlet that took a puny break
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I laid there on my back, on the bed I shared with Noah, my husband of ten years. I was looking down at him between my legs, kissing me along the fold between my thigh and vagina; clean-shaven except for a cropped patch of hair on my pubic mound. He pecked along and then ran his tongue along my inner thigh towards my knee, switched over to my left knee and back towards my crotch. With his tongue now flattened, he began to lick my outer lips both vertically and then horizontally, passing over my inner lips and getting a sample of my juices.

I could tell my taste aroused him even more. He shifted, stretching out on his stomach, and reached up, under my legs to pinch my nipples and squeeze my breasts with the rest of his hands. My breasts were a large B cup, a good handful. I considered augmentation, but my tits are still perky in my mid-thirties after having a child nine years ago.

I am 5'8", have an athletic build with a very squeezable bubble butt and am quite comfortable with my body. I have straight, strawberry blonde hair just past my shoulders. Noah's tongue brought me back from my wandering thoughts by probing my hole in and out, then around in a circle, alternating direction after a couple passes.

I adjusted my hips so that my pussy lips were firmly against his mouth but stayed propped up on the pillow so I could watch. I find it more erotic that way.

His acrobatic tongue was now doing gymnastics as he used it to write the alphabet. Reaching the end of the alphabet, he started working his tongue further upwards, in a rainbow over the hood of my clit and then back to my hole, again and again.

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I gently moaned to show my appreciation. I reached down and pulled back a little on the skin of my pubic mound with the flat of my hand so my hood was retracted. "Flick your tongue below my clit." Like a good boy, he focused on that area then moved back outward sucking in turn each of my outer lips into his mouth and flicking them too.

My pussy was relaxed and juicy now. "I'm ready for the glass," I informed him.


He let go of my left tit and reached over on the bed for the 7 inch, knobbed dildo with several ridges along the shaft. He licked the dildo so it would slide right in, probably not thinking anything of it.

It made me wonder for a moment though. This dildo is not shaped like a penis but it is pretty much the same thing and he didn't hesitate to lick it up and down. My attention was drawn back to my pussy though as the shaft slid in my tight hole smoothly, bumping past my g-spot.

Noah left the glass buried in me and wiggled it back and forth a bit. His mouth went back to licking around my clit. I reached my other hand down and now used both to pull back my hood even more exposing my clit to his lashing tongue.

As Noah worked the glass in and out of my wet, noisy hole rhythmically, he sucked my clit into his mouth, clamped his lips down around it and continued to flick it with his seemingly tireless tongue. I ran my fingers through his hair and grabbed a handful, pulling his face even closer into my pussy, if that were even possible. I succeeded in disrupting the rhythm. I had to slow him down. He was going to make me cum soon and I wanted to enjoy this longer.

"How's that pussy look, baby?" "Beautiful. Your skin is flushed. Your wetness is glistening. Your lips flap back and forth like little butterfly wings as the dildo goes in and out." It was true; my inner lips were petite and perfectly symmetrical. They weren't at all like the beef curtains I'd seen on some girls in pornos or in the locker rooms at the gym. I could tell he was mesmerized as he watched.

"You like how it sounds?" My pussy was making a wet, squelching sound as my hungry hole sucked at the smooth glass sliding in and out, in and out, the ridges bumping past my g-spot with each pass.

A grunt of approval was his only response. "How's that pussy taste, baby?" I asked him. "Mmmm, so good," he said. "I love to eat it up." He kept working the glass piece in and out steadily. I tightened my vaginal wall muscles to increase the resistance. He went back to licking my hardened clit. I was close to exploding with an orgasm. "You're doing such a good job. I'd like to reward you." His eyebrows perked up.

I had his interest. "Get my vibrator." He looked a little reluctant, so I took over moving the dildo in and out. His dick was rock hard and leaking precum. I could tell by the way he glanced down at my pussy that he wanted to bury it in my velvety, sloppy-wet folds.

"Go on. You'll get yours." He bounced off the bed and over to the top drawer of the dresser. He returned with the blue-green, multi-speed vibrator and waited for instruction.

He was curious to see what I had in mind. I took it from him with the hand that wasn't on the dildo. "Climb up here on the bed and keep this dildo going. Get your cock up here where I can suck it." I didn't have to ask twice. Before I turned my head though and parted my lips, I had something else for him to accomplish.

I had a test for him. "I need you to get this wet. Open up please, Noah." He looked me in the eyes momentarily. He must have been calculating if there was an ulterior motive on my part or if I was judging him in some way. I kept my expression neutral. Now I turned my head and started to swirl my tongue around his dick head and along the underside of his shaft.

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"Mmmm, I love your cock. Come on baby, get it wet. I want to cum really bad while your cock is in my throat." Noah's moment of hesitation was over.

He leaned forward and pushed his tongue out. "Uh-uh, the whole thing…I can't wait." I sucked his cock deep into my mouth and let the head hit the back of my throat. He followed my instructions and sucked on the vibrator for a good ten seconds until he decided it was sufficiently wetted. I moved the vibrator down to my clit and began to slide it back and forth across it like a windshield wiper while I pulled back my hood again.

I groaned on his cock and began sucking harder and moving my tongue as much as possible. He reached down with his free hand and began to squeeze my nipples and tits again.

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He knows so well what I like. I thought I pretty much knew what he liked too, but perhaps there were some blanks that needed filling-in. Another test was needed, I decided. I watched him, devising what to do next. I started to buck my hips and really fuck the dildo with enthusiasm. He watched it work in and out intently. I moved my mouth to his balls and talked to him between licks. "You like watching my pussy getting fucked?" He nodded and groaned as I moved his balls around on my lips.

"It feels so good tonight, but I want more. I'm going to cum so hard but I'm not quite there yet." I sucked one of his nuts into my mouth and ran my tongue over it.

His leg muscles quivered a little. He liked it a lot, understandably. His nut popped out of my mouth and I sucked his dick deeply for a few more minutes. Close to cumming again, I removed the vibrator from my clit and stopped wiggling on the glass.

"Go get my bigger dildo," I instructed him. "I'm really horny tonight." He was back soon enough with a clear, glass, penis-shaped dildo with a slight upward bend behind the head and a base at the end.

It measured 8 insertable inches and 1 ¾ inch diameter along the whole length, a half inch more than the previous one. I didn't use it too often. I was typically content with my Noah's 6 ½ inches, his 1 ½ inch girth and the pronounced ridge on the head. When we had first started dating, he had laughed and shook his head when I told him I wanted to measure it. He hardly cared when I started giving him a really good blow job after dropping the measuring tape.

I set the vibrator aside. "Get down there and put your mouth on my clit while you fuck me with that glass. I want you to get a good look. I know you like to see my pussy getting worked over." He was on his hands and knees on the bed, perpendicular to my body, his head leaning over my pubic area. I propped myself up on my elbows and took each one of my tits in hand and started to knead them and twist my hardened, eraser-tip nipples.

I watched Noah and how he was going to go about this. He didn't hesitate this time to take the dildo in his mouth and get it wet. 'Interesting,' I thought. 'That's what I figured you would do.

Good boy.' He slid the thick dildo in. My pussy tightened at first and he stopped pushing. He started to lap at my clit slowly until my muscles relaxed more, then he pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in, going a little deeper each time until most of it had disappeared.

He'd been between my legs so many times over the years, he knew my pussy so well. I realized that I took it for granted. Most men probably care only as long as their bone is buried. I reached over to the nightstand and squirted some lube into my left hand, reached down and wrapped my hand around his manhood. His cock was hot and hard. The veins were popping out. To say he was really turned on would be an understatement.

His ball sack had tightened and was full of cum. I stroked him with a firm grip and rubbed the hole with my thumb occasionally.

The dildo was filling me up, stretching out the walls of my cunt. He was lapping at my clit with the flat of his tongue. "Oh, Noah. That's sooo good." I started letting out little moans as the dildo churned my insides.

"Get it wet again." The glass dick was extracted and Noah put his mouth on it, slobbering on it. "How's that taste?" He grunted.

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"Mmm, lick my hole too. So good, baby." The shaft slid back in, slippery with the added spit. Noah used his free hand to pull back my hood again. He clamped his lips down on my love button, sucking and swirling his tongue across it all at the same time.

He has a very talented mouth. After a minute or so of that my vagina exploded: a simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm that lasted for some twenty seconds. My pussy squeezed on the glass piece so hard that Noah had stopped pushing and pulling; he just wiggled it to the sides a little. Cunt juices flooded out around the glass that plugged my hole. My body was wracked with tremors and twitches. The whole time, my hand, like it had a mind of its own, kept jerking him off. He emitted a long, deep groan and pushed forward.

His cock erupted with a fountain of ejaculate. Stringy ropes of semen pumped from the head of his cock and splashed across my pubic area and the bed underneath him. I kept milking his shaft and he finally shuddered to a stop, totally spent. I reached down and slowly slid the glass from my pussy, then patted the bed next to me. He laid down on his side, facing me and placed his hand on the tit furthest from him. We basked in the afterglow for a few minutes.

Laying there, my head swimming, I ran my hand up my leg to my belly, smearing a puddle of jizz. Another test occurred to me. I leaned my head nearer and kissed him deeply while I feathered my hand through the hair on the side of his head and caressed the outer edge of his ear.

After the kiss, I noticed he had a smirk on his face. "What's up, Noah?" I asked innocently. "When I eat your pussy, you usually ask me to wash off my face before you want to kiss me." I rested my head on the pillow again and gave my shoulders a little shrug. "Yeah, I don't know. I guess it's not a big deal." I paused, like I was really turning it over in my mind.


"I actually don't mind the way I taste." "Well yeah, it's sweet," agreed Noah. "What's not to like?" I leaned over and licked at his chin to get more even though it had mostly dried in the meantime.

I then propped myself on the pillow a bit more and surveyed the Jackson Pollock painting on my pubic mound. I wiped some cum up on two of my fingers and brought it to my lips. I had eaten and swallowed it many times and already knew what Noah's was like, but it was all part of a show now. I licked it off my fingers as it ran down towards the second knuckles, then rolled it around my mouth with my tongue.

I went back for a second helping, Noah watching closely all the while. "You like that, do you?" he inquired. "What's not to like?" I smiled and raised an eyebrow suggestively. "I wouldn't know. Never tried it." He rolled onto his back, seemingly disinterested now.

"Well here's your big chance." I swiped up a rather big glob and brought it towards his lips. He cringed away, eyes focusing on my fingers. "Come on, I licked my cum off your face!

Have a taste," I cajoled him.

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He hesitantly ran his tongue up my fingers and then retracted it to consider the taste and texture. "Open up. A little more won't make a difference," I told him. He did as I said. "Well?" I inquired once I saw he had had enough time to form an opinion. He shrugged his shoulders non-commitally. "I guess it's not a big deal," I answered for him. He shrugged his shoulders again.

"No, I guess it's not." He looked down at the rest of his load that he had doused me with. I leaned forward and kissed him deeply again. "Noah," I said seductively when our mouths separated again, "I'd like you to clean me up with your mouth.


I'd really appreciate it. Can you do that for me, honey?" "Yes, I'll do that for you." He moved down and began to slurp and lick the puddles of jizz. I looked down and watched him work at it diligently. I cooed softly to let him know I was enjoying his mouth while I ran my hand through his hair. "You're such a good hubby. You take such good care of me." The whole time though, I was plotting the next few steps I would take to make him my cuckold bitch.

I didn't expect it would be too difficult. Hadn't he shown me tonight that he liked to watch me get fucked well, was willing to put a dick in his mouth and eat cum?

Some gentle prodding and he would cave to my will and to the hidden desires I suspected he secretly harbored.