Hart ficken und spritzen

Hart ficken und spritzen
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Part 1 Rape of the Party Girls Amy and April walked briskly down the quiet street, the clack-clack-clack of their heels on the pavement the only thing breaking the silence of the quiet December evening. It was cold, and they wanted to reach the Christmas party quickly; neither was dressed for these temperatures.

Both girls were 17, and worked part time as waitresses at a local restaurant while studying for their A levels. They were looking forward to the party, and had dressed to impress; close friends, their outfits were chosen to complement each other. They had both selected short, colourful, loose skirts; cut well above the knee, they were higher on the left, revealing a tantalising glimpse of the wearer's thigh. Their tops were tight, and ended some inches above their waist, showing their navels.

The girls were quite different in appearance. April was the slimmer of the two; tall, pretty, with long dark hair and a wistful look about her eyes. Slightly built and long-legged, her small breasts stayed pert and high beneath her top; the garment's thin shoulder straps revealed that she had felt no need of a bra.

Amy was shorter than her friend, but more curvaceous; there was the risk that she might run to fat by her late twenties, but for now could fairly be described as luscious.

Her blonde hair was cut short; the swell of her shapely hips and rear moved pleasingly under the skirt as she hurried to keep pace with her taller friend.

"How far is this place?" Amy asked. "It's freezing out here." "It's close, I think," April replied. She looked round as they reached a junction, checking the street names. A white van drove slowly by; the young South Asian man driving grinned at the two girls as he passed, blatantly admiring them. They ignored him, naturally. "This way," April said decisively, indicating the left turn. "It's a couple of turnings down here." The girls set off once more, down a street with fewer houses that ran alongside a park; it was locked now, dusk having fallen a couple of hours previously.

Reaching a further junction a couple of minutes later, neither took much note of another white van or was it the same one? parked at the roadside. It was a costly mistake.

As they moved to cross the road, Amy and April felt themselves seized from behind. Each girl felt a man's hand clamp over her mouth and an arm wrapped about her waist, pinning her arms to her sides. The girls screamed in instinctively in alarm, and kicked out desperately. They saw the side door of the van thrown open and two men, both Indian or Pakistani, reached for them.

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Panicking, April kicked at them, but one of the two simply took hold of her ankles, his big hands encircling them completely. The other grasped Amy similarly, and the teenagers were bundled into the van. As one of the young men slammed the door shut, the girls heard the engine start and the van leaped forwards. The whole abduction had taken only seconds. * "Drive! Drive!" someone was shouting. April felt the floor beneath her vibrate as the vehicle moved forward.


She struggled, arching her back; her head was held against the torso of one of her attackers, his hand tight over her mouth. His arm was wrapped about her body, his fingers sinking into the bare flesh of her arm. Glancing up, she saw he was looking to one side, to the front of the van where a fifth man was at the wheel. April could not tell where they were going, only able to see the street lights passing above. Panicked, she looked forward, to see a grinning, gap-toothed boy of about her own age looming over her, his hands about her calves, holding her down.

He licked his lips as his eyes roamed up and down her body. April's eyes widened in horror at what he was obviously contemplating, and she let out a muffled but truly terrified scream. She threw her head from side to side, consumed by mortal terror, only to see Amy held similarly to her right.

If anything, Amy was suffering rougher treatment. She, too, was held on her back, but one lad had his hand clamped tightly over her nose and mouth, while his other bent her right arm up her back. Her other hand was free only to claw at his fingers; he would allow her to loosen them enough to breathe through her nose, but closed his grip again the moment she let go.

This meant Amy had no chance of defending herself from the lad the youngest of the group, looking to be no more than fourteen who was kneeling across her legs, his hands rudely caressing her thighs. April could see the muscles in Amy's legs flex and tense under his molestations. Her skirt had ridden up above her hips. April could see she was crying, and felt frightened tears welling up in her own eyes.

The boy holding her legs grinned at her distress. "I'm going to fuck you," he told her, leaning menacingly close. "Like it hard, do you, white bitch? Like a slab of dark meat in you? I'm going to give it to you harder and deeper than you've ever had it in your life." He smacked his lips in a perversion of a kiss, sliding his hands up April's bare legs. She squealed hysterically in protest as she felt him squeeze, just above her knees. "What's wrong, baby?" he laughed.

"If you didn't want me feeling you up, you shouldn't have put the goods on display. I'm just getting a sample of what's on offer, that's all." April heard his friend laugh at this, and cursed herself for not wearing trousers. Why hadn't she dressed more modestly? Why did she have to draw such attention to her charms? "Bloody hold on back there!" yelled the driver, in an aggrieved tone.

"You'd better not start without me!" "Alright, alright," one of the youths grumbled. The one leaning over April scowled. "Soon, bitch," he said. "You're gonna get raped real soon." They drove for almost an hour, the girls held tight and helpless all the time, trembling and weeping as they were taken to their rape, always conscious of their abductors' intrusive hands on their bodies.

But finally, the van came to a halt. The engine cut out, leaving only a silence that seemed unearthly after so long. It was then that April and Amy's nightmare really began. * "Alright," said the driver, "there's no one around." He turned and clambered into the back of the van.

The others relaxed, and Amy and April felt their grip on them slacken a little. "Scream all you like," one of them said, "there's no one to hear you." Amy decided to put this to the test. "Help!" she screamed, "Help us! We've been kidnapped! Help!" April felt as though she should scream too, but she seemed frozen by fear, her vocal chords no longer under her control.

One of the youths slapped Amy hard across the face, sending the girl's head fling to one side. "Shut the fuck up, bitch," he said. "We didn't bring you out here to listen to your shit!" With a choking cry, she fell silent. Now, the youths closed in on their prey. The lad who had mauled April on the journey loomed over her, taking her top and working it up, over her breasts, baring them to his view. April whimpered, "No," as the rolled up top passed over her face; she felt her hair being pulled as the two boys forced it up her arms, then dropped it to the floor beside them.

The youth put his hands on April's breasts, fondling them roughly, rolling the girl's nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

"Stop it!" she wailed, plaintively. "Sssh," he remonstrated. "Don't piss me off, or you'll get a beating." April pulled frantically at her captors' hands, but they were much stronger than she, and they held her down easily. Eagerly, the youth pulled her skirt and panties down, leaving the sixth former stripped before him.

He hauled his baggy jeans open, his erect prick protruding, to April's horror. "No!" the girl wept.

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"Please don't! I'm a virgin!" "Not for long!" the boy laughed. April stared at his cock in a dreadful fascination; she could hardly believe that this revolting thing was about to be forced inside her reluctant body! She clenched her slim legs together, protectively, terribly conscious of her nudity and helplessness, how her pubic bush, like all the private areas of her virginal body, was on view to them.

"Spread your legs," he said. April shook her head, her eyes wide. The youth reached into his back pocket and took something out. It gleamed in the light, and April recognised it as a knife.

He held the blade down to her intimacies.


"Spread," he growled, "or I start shaving." Miserable, but terrified at the sensation of cold steel against her loins, April opened her legs for her rapist. She had no doubt that he meant his threat, that he would use the knife on her. He grinned, and there were whoops of triumph from his mates at her submission to the inevitable.

The youth was about to fall on April, but paused. He put the knife down, and took out his mobile, opening it to turn on the camera. "Smile, baby," he grinned, and took a photo of April, nude and pinned down, spread-eagled for him. "Nice!" commended one of the others.

Inspired, the boys were pulling out phones as the youth lay down on April. He turned her head to face him and pressed his mouth to hers as she squirmed beneath him.

She wriggled desperately as she felt his erect cock press into her upper thigh, and his tongue forced its way into her mouth. She tried to twist her head away, disgusted by the alcohol on his breath, but he followed her movements, his mouth exploring her face. Her hips were flinching back as she struggled to delay the moment of penetration. He thrust to her, but she slipped away from him. Annoyed by her resistance, the young rapist lifted himself slightly and slipped one hand below him, between April's legs.

His thumb pressed down hard on her clit, making the girl cry out in alarm. She had only ever explored down there gently, tentatively: now, his cruel fingers probed her ruthlessly, his two fingers delving roughly into her vagina. He spread her sex lips and positioned himself to enter her. "Please, don't," April begged softly. "Please, please, don't." She couldn't think of anything else to say.

She looked pleadingly into his eyes, seeking any sign of compassion or mercy. He only grinned evilly, then forced his way inside her. April winced as she felt him push into her.

He settled, and pressed up against her hymen, that last frail defence of her body. Then with one brutal thrust, he tore through it, and was deep inside her. April's face was twisted in pain; he kissed her sweet, contorted lips, tasting the salt of her tears.

She turned her head to the side; she could see Amy in similar straights, stripped and pinned down, while one of the gang kissed, licked and suckled on her breasts. He was between her splayed legs, Amy's knees raised. As April watched through her tears, she saw him lift himself up to rape her friend. "Look at me," the young man on top of her snarled. He took her chin and forced her head round to look at him, his face inches from hers as he pounded her body, thrusting in and out of her sore, ravaged pussy.

His hands were tight on her. He banged against her, again and again, bruising her hips. Then she felt him swell even more inside her, and knew instinctively what was about to happen. He gasped and moaned as he spent his seed inside her, flooding her, filling her to the womb. April closed her eyes in misery, but opened them again; through her tears she saw the boy with his head arched back, his eyes rolling back into his head, his mouth hanging open in his ecstasy.

He sagged forward, lying on top of her. The lad holding her arms slapped him on the shoulder. "Dude, move over," he said. "Someone else's turn." "Hold on," the rapist gasped, as he got to his knees. He wrapped his arms about April's thighs and lifted them, raising her hips from the ground. "Let's give my boys a chance to do their thing," he chuckled. "I'm gonna give you a baby, bitch!" April moaned as he shook her, and she heard the click of a camera again.

Couldn't they just rape her and be done with it?, she thought wildly. Did they have to subject her to this extra humiliation? There was blood between April's legs, from her torn hymen. It mixed with the sex juices of their bodies, a last trickle of cum running through it.

The boy rubbed some of it off onto his fingers and smeared it about April's lips, thrusting them into her mouth, making her taste her own virgin blood. She lay back, weeping. The boys released her, but she didn't even try to get up; all the fight was gone from her.

She lay, spread out, naked, as the boys grinned down at her. "That is one fucked bitch," said one, approvingly. * April and Amy lay side by side. They weren't looking at each other. April was on her back, rubbing her thighs together slowly in a bid to ease the soreness. Amy was on her side, hugging herself, her legs drawn up almost to a foetal position. The five youths were moving about their captives. The two who had already raped the girls were grinning and swaggering about.

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The driver, the eldest of the gang, was showing the photos he had taken of the girls' abuse. The others were eagerly jostling for their turn. "Was yours a virgin?" asked the boy who had taken April of his friend. "Nah," grinned Amy's rapist, "she's spread her legs plenty of times, I reckon." Amy curled up harder at this, pressing her hands over her ears.

"I'm gonna fuck her now," announced the youngest boy, a lad barely more than thirteen, reaching for Amy. The driver thrust him out of the way. "Wait your turn, sonny," he snarled.

The kid looked mutinous, but deferred. The driver crouched down by Amy and took her roughly by the ankles. He turned the girl to her back and hauled her to him, her knees on either side of his legs. "Let's see if she's a virgin the other way," he muttered, as Amy stared up at him through eyes glazed with tears. He reached into a bag and drew out a bottle of vegetable oil. One handed, he splashed a generous helping onto his fingers, still holding Amy's left ankle. Then he reached between the teenager's splayed thighs and rubbed it about her anus.

"No!" Amy shrieked, belatedly realising what he had planned for her. She reared up, striking at him, kicking as he seized her legs. "Hold her down!" the driver snarled at the youngest boy. The lad grabbed Amy's wrists, a little clumsily, and pulled her down again to her back.

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She continued to resist, writhing and wriggling, unaware that her futile efforts were only exciting her abusers further. The driver shifted forward, so that Amy's plump arse nestled in his lap. He wrapped one arm about the girl's thighs and used his free hand to position her feet over his shoulders. He looked down at the girl from between her knees, grinning at her tears. "You'd better not fight too much, or this will hurt more," he warned her. "Just relax and enjoy yourself." "Let me go!" she whimpered, her defiance temporarily draining away before his arrogance.

"Please, just let us both go. We won't tell anyone." "Like hell," he laughed. Gripping her thighs all the more tightly, he adjusted his stiffening cock to her tight rear entrance. He leaned forward, forcing the tight bud to open a little. Amy closed her eyes and bit her lip to stifle her cries, not daring to move. The man adjusted his grip so that he held one of Amy's shapely legs in each hand, his strong fingers sinking deeply, cruelly into the girl's flesh.

His hips drove forward, the bone hard weapon sinking deeper into Amy's body. The girl felt the walls of her back passage being stretched painfully apart by the rude invader. She struggled to fight back against the rising tide of panic, knowing she was wholly unable to escape.

Glancing to one side, she saw April on her back, being raped for a second time, and sobbed at what was being done to them both. The driver forced his way another half inch into the teenager's backside, making her shriek in pain.

He laughed. "Oh yeah, baby," he roared.

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"This is how you like it, isn't it?" "No! No!" the girl sobbed. But he only began to move inside her, withdrawing a little only to drive further inside her, in and out, repeatedly. He leaned forward, pressing Amy's legs closer to her body. He put his big, rough hands on the girl's firm, hot breasts, rolling them in his palms, squeezing them hard.

Amy closed her eyes and clenched her lips tight shut, turning her head away so that she would not have to look at the man who was forcing himself on her in the most humiliating and painful way. She heard April gasp as a second youth came inside her, and was replaced by a third.

This boy rolled the slim lass onto her belly, shoving apart her legs, and as he held her in place by the hair entered her already much-abused love sheaf. The man sodomising Amy redoubled his in-and-out movements within her agonisingly stretched rectum as he approached his triumphant climax.

She felt his grip on her tighten even more, his pubic hair rubbing against her buttocks, his balls slapping against her. Then as she screamed in despair, he flooded her back passage with a torrent of his sperm.

Amy sobbed involuntarily, weeping freely now, no longer concerned about putting on a show of defiance. She was too scared now, and ashamed of the way her body had been misused. As he slowly withdrew, she heard a ghastly sucking sound as air rushed back into her freshly-stretched rear; instinctively, she clenched her buttocks together, afraid of embarrassing herself before them. Dimly, she heard the click of a phone's camera, and felt a fresh surge of misery at the idea that her rape would be used as masturbatory material for these bastards and their friends.

Then she felt small hands slapping at her, and opened her eyes to see the youngest boy positioning himself over her. Miserably, all resistance driven from her, Amy opened her legs for him. At least, she thought wretchedly, he probably wouldn't take too long. * There was more abuse to come for April and Amy, more humiliation.

The gang rape continued as the eager youths took turns with them. April was too traumatised at the violent loss of her virginity to put up any kind of resistance, and Amy was all too aware that it was futile. They were placed in various positions Amy found herself on all fours while boy's stiffness shafted her between the legs from behind; April was turned on her stomach, a boy on top of her, his hands tight on her breasts used like bitches, while the others watched and laughed at their tears.

There were more photos taken, the girls forced to pose. The teens were knelt, up on their knees, their thighs apart, hands clasped behind their necks, raising their breasts while mobile cameras clicked.

Amy was made to kneel with her head to the ground, reaching behind her to pull her arse cheeks apart, while the young man who had buggered her took close ups of her backside, to record his conquest. Then, the boys having recovered their energies somewhat, and still lusty for their young captives, they unzipped their trousers and presented their cocks for the girls to suck.

Listless, defeated, Amy offered no protest she had sucked her boyfriend off in the past and knew how to make a man happy. April had never had a penis between her lips and was revolted by the idea; but though she tried to turn her head away, two of the boys held her head and forced her jaw open for the driver to push his way into her warm, moist mouth.

April spluttered as her mouth was filled with his sword, feeling it push her cheek outward. "Watch the teeth, bitch," he snapped, taking her head firmly in his hands, moving it up and down the shaft.

To her right, Amy was sucking one of the youngest boys; he was grinning in delight at the sight of a girl several years his senior obediently wrapping her lips and tongue about him, totally under his control. He was the first to come, unleashing a salvo of sperm into Amy's mouth. She pulled away, preparing to spit, but one of the others clamped his hand over her mouth.

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"Swallow," he ordered in a low, threatening voice. Amy struggled briefly in his grip, repulsed at the thought of the thick, slimy substance sliding down her throat; but there was no avoiding it. When the boy she had just pleasured pinched her nostrils shut, Amy was left with no option but to swallow it down. April was held in place, one arm twisted up her back, her head held firmly as her mouth was raped.

One boy was adding to her discomfort by fiddling with her bottom, pressing his fingers into her crack. As the driver approached his climax, grunting and sweaty, he rammed his loins harder into the youngster's face, the head of his manhood reaching the back of her throat, making April gag and retch.

Then he came, flooding her mouth and firing straight down her throat. April swallowed reflexively, her pretty face twisting in revulsion at the sensation.

Then he slipped from her mouth, allowing another to take his place.

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All the boys had one or another of the girls suck them. Again and again, the friends were forced to swallow the evidence of the passion their lovely bodies had aroused.

And then, finally, their long ordeal came to a close. "We'll ditch them where we picked them up," the driver said, as he returned to the front seat. "That way they won't know where they've been. Tell them what will happen if they talk." As they drove, the boys knelt April and Amy down and surrounding the closely. The girls were still nude, their faces red and puffy from crying. Silent tears were still trickling down April's cheeks, and her inner thighs were stained with dried blood.

"Here's what's going to happen," one of the older boys told them. "We're going to put these pictures of you up on the net, and share them round.

You can't stop that. But what we might not do is put your names and addresses on those photos. And in return, you'll keep quiet about this, at least until you've had a long, hot shower to wash away all that DNA evidence. And if you're shown any pictures, or asked to look at a line up, you'll forget what we look like.

Because if any one of us is arrested, everyone is going to know where you can be found, and how hard you've been fucked. And what you've had tonight will seem like nothing compared to what you'll get then. Understand?" Miserably, the girls nodded. They understood, only too well. Amy and April were thrown out of the van at almost the exact point where they had been snatched from the street. They had been allowed to put their skirts and tops on, but the rape gang had kept their underwear as a souvenir.

Wretchedly, barely able to stand on their trembling legs, the girls stumbled away from the van, not looking back.

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Sore, bruised, not speaking to each other for what was there to say? they made their way toward home. But before they got there, they saw some familiar faces a group of the friends they had been due to meet. "April! Amy!" they cried. "Where have you been? You missed a great party you'd never forget it!" Amy and April looked at each other, seeing the despair in each other's eyes.

It had, indeed, been a party they would never forget!