Winzigen Schlitz in fancy Schlauch

Winzigen Schlitz in fancy Schlauch
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I was getting ready for my vacation to Las Vegas Nevada. Little did I know that not only would I be seeing the famous Strip; but someone else was going to strip for me or else they will suffer pain. Why the hell I did this I am not sure, I am probably considerably a total perv. Oh well I don't give a damn. As a boarded the plane I wasnt looking at where in the hell I was going and my cock erect from hot girls back at the boarding dock, I bumped into one of them hot girls, who my cock wounded up going straight in her ass.

=WHAP= I didn't know what happened but the next thing I knew security was already on the plane. "Whats goin on here" the officer asked She pointed at me and said "That perv is trying to rape me take him away".

I denied the situation of course; one thing I've learned about jail; it isn't fun. Unfortunately the next thing I discovered was that my boarding pass nearly matched hers; we sat sidebyside. Great work, Sherlock.

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The first part of the ride was a bit uncomftorable with her staring at me like she was cursing me to die. But then I dont know what the hell she was doing I think she was trying to do something to make me feel guilty or playing me on and then was going to stab me in the back in Vegas or somethin but she was running her hand up and down my leg until she reached my still rockhard cock.


"Damn" I thought. Then she said "Meet me in the left bathroom in one minute." I was spinning now, I was thinkin I need to catch a ship back to Planet Earth. Oh damn we already left the atmosphere for Vegas. Ah Damn ozone layer! Sure enough I went back a minute later in to the left bathroom which was unlocked with the green letters "VACANT" and I realized she was holding it shut until she saw me coming in.

I walked in, "OH MY GOD!!!!" I wanted to scream out loud but resisted. The slut was naked! After all the shit about bringing in security!


She slowly walked up to me and unzipped my jeans and pulled down my boxershorts and my cock plopped out like a sore thumb. She began slowly going up and down my shaft and i was just lost in la-la-land with my head in the clouds. Then she sat down on the toilet seat with her legs propped up so I could see her pussy, dripping wet, and whispered, "listen carefully.

I want you to fuck me like theres no tomorrow." I didn't know where the hell I was!

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I got down and begin to slowly fuck her in her wet vagina and she said harder. Soon enough I was going so hard I thought I would cum any second and yet she was still telling me to go harder! What the fuck!? After some rough sex, with the left bathroom being locked for 5 hours, I heard the =ping= and the captain announcing "All sluts on deck get to your fuckin seat we're landing." no not really, the standard landing thing and shit.

After we landed and she was dressed and I was zipped up, we boarded off together, and we parted from eachother with out a goodbye and I headed to hertz to rent a car.

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I noticed out of the corner of my eye her bright yellow shirt was moving around and I was thinking "Oh God she is following me around"! I got my car and boarded the bus to Hertz. she wasnt on that bus. I got to the parking lot, found my car, and paid.

As I waited for the valet to get the car ready, check for scratches and all the second bus arrived, and three guesses: : : who was the first to get off? Right. Oprah Winfre. No, the slut from the plane (WHO I STILL DIDNT KNOW HER NAME!). I pulled out, and she was running behind the car, but she seemed to disappear when I stopped at the security booth. I then went to my suite at the Stardust.

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I open the trunk to get my bags and guess who is in there? Oprah, right again. No, it was her again! Shit! She must of crawled in there when I had stopped at the Security booth. She followed me to my room and locked the door behind us I asked her, "You were about to kill me back when we were boarding at the airport. Why all the sudden have you been a whore?" She responded, "you'll figure it out" Something snapped in me.

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I waited until she was asleep in bed. then slowly (she must have been a strong heavy sleeper!) I heaved her up and chained her to the ceiling. The Stardust would kill me for that but o well.


She woke up and said "Oh my God what the hell is going on" and i responded "For the next 10 hours, your my bitch" "huh" she asked "You are my bitch my slave and I can beat you for my pleasure as long as I please" "what?" the slut didnt get it. "Let me show you an example. I grabbed a belt out of my suitcase and rapidly brought it up against her pussy and she was screaming like hell saying No No No and I said, look you resist the pain got it bitch?

we dont need the hotel busting in here and ruining are little. party do we?" I got out a gun (which was filled with blanks little did she know) and pointed at her threatiningly. She got the message then. I peeked out the door and there was only one person saying everything OK and I told him that my "wife" was having a "nightmare".

Then I returned to torture this women. "Why are you doing this?" "Because" I responded, "You thought you could bring security on me eh?" "But I made it up to you! I sucked your dick for half the plane flight!" "So?

The police grabbed me. Now I'm gonna beat you. Kafeesh?" She nodded reluctantly.

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I smirked. "Please dont do this. I havent before" "oh well bitch" i said Throughout the night I beat her repeatedly. She swallowed my cum, and I also nearly punched her eye out, she just got a black one. Oh Well. The rest is to gory.

ah it wasnt true anyways. THE END