Alice is getting railed with a big man meat smalltits pornstars

Alice is getting railed with a big man meat smalltits pornstars
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Sixteen year old Gloria was in trouble again. Daddy said to be home by 4, and it was way after 6. He would definitely be spanked. She made it home and sneaked into the door. Daddy wasn't around; maybe she could get away this time. As soon as she reached the stairs, his voice boomed from a corner. "Little Girl, what time is it?" "Daddy, please let me explain." She sobbed.

"Explain what? Why you're late? Tell me. I want to know. Now we won't have time to play. Your mother is home." He whispered clearly upset. "Daddy, I'm sorry. Please don't spank me this time." She begged. She already knew it was pointless. "What's going on here?" Mom, walked in.

She knew her boyfriend was upset, and she realized it was with their daughter. "Well. Honey, our little girl acted up in class and I put her on punishment. He was supposed to come straight home from school, but she decided to play with her friends. She gets a spanking." He explained.

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"Oh, Gloria, you know the rules. Honey, make it quick." Then she kissed Jim on the cheek and went to shower. "In the man cave, now" he demanded. His cock hard and ready for action. He loved fucking his daughter. He fucked her every day before his girlfriend came home.

He couldn't fuck her this time because they might get caught. If she had come home, they both would be happy. Gloria entered his man cave reluctantly. She hated spankings. Jim walked in behind her, and grabbed her breast, managing them thorough her thin white blouse.

Reaching down and lifting her short skirt, he rubbed her fat cunt and whispered, "Have you let another man touch my cunt. It's mine. Only I can say who touches it." Gloria whimpered. "Um, daddy, no one else has touched it." As she rubbed against his searching fingers. Then he ripped her panties off, sitting in his chair, he had her lay across his lap. She rubbed her big breast against his thick cock, wishing she could ride it.

Smack, smack, smack-went his licks and with each swipe Gloria pussy flooded. He rubbed her wet cunt and said, "Damn girl your pussy is flooded. Want me to-" Then he stuck his fingers inside her hot hole.

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Gloria fucked his finger, as he withdrew his hand, she whispered. He smacked her one more and cum shot out of her hole. "Don't be late tomorrow, OK" he hissed, his thick cock throbbing. Soon he heard his girlfriend approaching so he had her to stand and pull her skirt down, He wiped his hands and continued to admonish her as her mother walked in. Tomorrow, he said home right after school or the next time you won't be able to sit. Now get out of here.

Gloria ran from the room crying as he hid his erection behind his desk. Rick's cock throbbed. His step daughter drove him insane.

She took every chance to tease him with her firm tight ass. Then he got a call from the school. She was caught giving head to a boy in the bathroom. He didn't call the wife, but went to the school himself. He told them he'd deal with his daughter. He told her to come straight home and she defied him. Rick moaned, the sight of her rounded ass turned him on.

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He needed to fuck. As he sat in his office thinking, his wife came home. "Baby, come here." He called. As soon as she entered his he grabbed her. Off came her skirt, he ripped her panties, exposing her fat pussy to his hungry view. Her daughter pussy looked just like her mother.

"I can't wait girl." He said "I need to fuck." His wife complied. He loved this woman. She was a pure slut. Anytime, anyplace, anyway he wanted, he owned her pussy.

But tonight it wasn't her pussy he was thinking of. Gloria's young fresh pussy was right down the hall.

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Soon his sac clenched and he was ready to cum. He blasted his hot spunk deep inside his hot, wet, willing wife. "Baby you were wild tonight,: she gasped, "Baby I missed you, missed that fat pussy." He added cupping her between her thighs.

"Boy, let me make dinner. Is Gloria home?" she asked. "Yea, she is doing homework." Rick explained. "I'll check on her." His wife headed to the kitchen and he headed to his step daughter's room.

Rick didn't knock, just walked in. Gloria was laying across her bed, and he wondered if she put panties back on. "Gloria, you OK?" he asked.

She glared at him and asked. "What do you think?" Rick sat on her bed and stroked her legs. "Mom is home. Look, she doesn't need to know about earlier, OK." Gloria stared at him, as he continued to caress her limbs. She noticed that his caresses were moving higher and higher. Soon he stroked her right above her knees. "Baby, are you wearing panties?" he sked. Gloria moved away. "None of your business, perv." She hissed. Rick froze. His cock was hard and he needed to see her pussy once more.

"Gloria, let me see you pussy baby. I just want to look at it. Let me touch it again" He [leaded. "Momma could walk in here and catch you. You're sick." She replied, but her pussy was throbbing and she wanted nothing more than to allow her step father to play with her pussy.


Rick moved closer to her on her bed, his fingers almost at the apex of her thighs. "Gloria, just a peak, please." Gloria smiled, "I want you to lick it.


Don't you want to lick it Daddy?" she asked. His cock was as hard as steel. "Fuck, yes Baby.

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I'll lick it for you. I'll fuck your tight hole with my tongue and make you cum in my mouth." he promised. Gloria was about to give in and spread her legs for her Daddy when Momma called out, "Rick, phone." "Fuck!," he groaned.

"I'll be back when she goes to sleep. Wait for me." He whispered. Gloria sighed and said ok. Rick stood, adjusted his cock and went into the kitchen to answer the phone.