Missy Martinez Enjoys Cock in Office

Missy Martinez Enjoys Cock in Office
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Kyle stood quietly in the corridor outside of one of his classes, tapping his feet as he waited patiently. Max had told him that he'd meet him here, but he should've been here five minutes ago, and Kyle wondered if his friend had changed his mind.

"Kyle!" Turning around, Kyle found Max jogging toward him at a light pace. "Sorry," He said as he stopped in front of Kyle. "Colonel Mackath held our class back today because Aiden and Dylan were talking during lecture." Kyle chuckled. "That's okay, Colonel Mackath holds everyone back for stupid things. Are you ready?" Max nodded, determined. "Yes. Let's go." It had been a few weeks since classes started, and the appeal for Max to join Alpha Squadron even though he never tried out for it had been considered.

Today, the headmaster was supposed to tell Max his final decision, and Kyle was going to be there to support him. "Haley's not coming huh?" Max asked suddenly as they walked. "No, she's with James." Kyle replied. "She's helping him and the rest of the Squadron get ready for the new members' first training exercise after this." The thing about why it was so difficult to get Max accepted into Alpha Squadron was because the decisions after the tryouts had already been made.

Kyle and Haley both found out that they were gonna be a part of Alpha Squadron, and they'd meet the other new members of Alpha Squadron after this for their first official training as a Squad. "That's alright," Max laughed. "I bet you guys are excited to be in a Squadron." "Yeah," Kyle admitted. "But it'd be better if you were with me." The two continued to walk until finally they arrived at the headmaster's office.

Knocking on the door twice, they waited until given permission to enter, and opened the doors to find the headmaster inside with two other student. "Ah, there you are." General Zantar said with a warm smile.

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"Come in, come in." Kyle looked to the other two students, and became nervous when he saw that one of them was Logan. He had been trying to avoid Logan and Natalie since he had found out that Natalie was Logan's girlfriend, and had mostly been successful at it. Just being in the same room as him now, even with the headmaster here, made him feel uncomfortable.

"I'm sure you both know Logan already," The headmaster said. "And this other student here is Jade, a first year like yourselves who had tried out for the Squadrons." Kyle stopped a half a step behind Max, remembering that this was about him, and not Kyle.

Plus, that gave Kyle the added bonus of also hiding behind his friend from Logan's unfaltering gaze. "We have considered your request to join Alpha Squadron, you see." The headmaster continued.

"But Alpha Squadron is full. Jade here, in fact, is one of those who have been accepted into Alpha. Zeta Squadron meanwhile, remains two students short, the result of a very rigorous selection process from its leader." Kyle noticed a sideways glance from the headmaster at Logan Meier, and thought that the older man almost seemed to be irritated when he said that.

"I told you," Max said, exasperated. "I would love to be in Alpha Squadron, but if it means to take the place of someone who has rightly deserved it, I will not take it.

And under no circumstances will I ever join Zeta, never." "Logan has made sure that offer remains extended to you for these past few weeks," The headmaster began to say. "Not just because of the unfortunate events in the aftermath of your tryouts, but also because of your impressive performance during the tryouts. But that is not what I have called all of you here for today." Kyle watched silently as all three students cocked their heads and looked to the General questioningly.

"Jade," The headmaster sighed. "Since being accepted into Alpha Squadron, we have heard reports of you clashing with other older members of the Squadron, is that right?" Kyle raised a brow. He hadn't heard anything from either Haley nor James about a new member causing trouble. "So, to remedy our precarious situation," General Zantar said. "I've been thinking that, since Max doesn't want to join Zeta, and Jade is having trouble assimilating with her Squadron, we should come to a compromise.

Jade will transfer to Zeta, and Max can join Alpha." "People can't just join Zeta on the whim." Logan interjected, crossing his arms. "Max did try out for Zeta Squadron so we were able to assess him, but Jade did not." "Ah, don't be like that, Logan." The headmaster laughed.

"Jade still did try out for Alpha Squadron, and she was even accepted. Surely the standards of Zeta Squadron couldn't be so much different from Alpha's?" Kyle looked to Jade. She was a girl their age, wearing shorter neck length hair compared to the other girls in their year, and her skin was pale, almost sickly pale.

At the same time, however, there was an air of superiority and confidence about her. "It doesn't matter to me," Jade shrugged, uncaring. "Whichever Squadron I join, I'll be a greater addition to it than anyone in my year." She glanced to Max. "Especially the boy who isn't able to suck it up and accept an offer from Zeta Squadron." "How could you say that?" Kyle found himself suddenly speaking up for his friend. "Max was attacked, beaten, and-" "-I don't care what you have to say for your friend." Jade rolled her eyes.

"I'd take the both of you on in an training exercise and embarrass you right now if I that'll prove anything." Kyle felt his fists tightening by his sides but before he could say anything else, the headmaster spoke up. "Now, now," General Zantar cut in. "Let's all just calm down. I've heard from James that you both did very good during your tryouts, and I have received references from your past headmasters that you are both very formidable Battle Scouts." He looked to Jade, then to Logan.

"The question here is not who is better than the other, but are you willing to transfer to Zeta Squadron. I am sure it will not be a problem for Zeta Squadron's Leader, right?" "Sure!" Jade smirked. "If Zeta would take me, then Alpha Squadron would be missing the best Battle Scout in the entire first year.

It doesn't make a difference to me." "Yeah, well why not." Logan shrugged. "We could do with someone with Jade's confidence anyways." "Perfect!" General Zantar exclaimed. "So it's settled then. Jade will transfer to Zeta, and Max will join Alpha Squadron." Kyle smiled happily for his friend and put a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it tightly. After weeks of back and forth, the headmaster had finally managed to work out a way for Max to be on the same Squadron as Kyle and their friends.


It was gonna be great, and Kyle was excited. "Thank you, General." Max managed an exasperated but relieved slight bow of the head. Kyle didn't think Max thought this would actually be possible, but here they were now. "Come on then, Max." Kyle said. "We've got a team to meet." •••••••••••••••• "Hey, you guys made it!" Both Kyle and Max entered the practice grounds, joining the rest of the already assembled Alpha Squadron.

"And I received word from the headmaster too!" James was grinning enthusiastically, running up to both Kyle and Max. "Congratulations Max, we're all glad that you're a part of Alpha now, and I'm especially glad because you're an awesome friend!" Kyle watched as James clasped Max's hands and shook it firmly.

Over the past few weeks, Kyle had learnt many things about James, the most shocking surprising thing being that he was one of the few former Little Eagles in the Academy who had fought in the Great Wars.

In hindsight, it wasn't really that big of a revelation given that James was formidable enough to be chosen to lead his own Squadron, very similar to Logan's situation. But the thing that surprised Kyle the most was how genuinely nice James was. He had really seemed to be trying his hardest to help them get Max into his Squadron, and Kyle appreciated that.

At first Kyle had simply thought that this was just an attempt by James to impress Haley, but as time went by, Kyle could really see that James was doing his very best and really going the extra mile for Max. And for that, he could never hate him, even if it felt like Kyle was losing his crush to him. "You deserve it," James said. "After not giving up for so long." "I'm happy for you, Max!" Haley spoke up, and jumped forward to give Max a big hug. "Ah, thanks a lot guys." Max scratched his head.

"I'm just happy to be here, honestly.

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I never really did think it would have worked." "But now here you are." James smiled, and then looked to Kyle. "Come on then, the both of you, the entire Squadron is waiting." Kyle followed behind Max and Haley as James led them toward the rest of the Squadron. There had been six openings in Alpha Squadron this year, and besides Kyle and his friends, only one of the other three new recruits were first years. "Our new arrivals have arrived." James announced to the Squadron as they approached.

"This is Kyle and Max, two of our new Battle Scouts. And this here is Haley, our new Medic." James turned to Kyle and his friends. "Oh, and this is Tucker, a third year student." He pointed at a bigger and older student who had his head shaved completely bald.

"He's gonna be our new Assaulter." He pointed at another girl, who wore her pretty blonde hair in a ponytail.

"And this here is Emilia, our new sapper. She's a second year student, and a classmate of mine." Tucker waved and Emilia beamed. "I told you I'd get in this year." Emilia smirked at James, who chuckled.

"Persistence is key to victory, that's what my Captains used to tell me." James smiled, then turned to the last new recruit of Alpha Squadron.

"And of course we also have Colin, the only other first year besides you three. He will be our new sniper." Colin smiled shyly and waved at everyone. He was tall for his age, standing maybe an inch or two taller than Kyle, and had a lanky frame with a thin build. His skin was pale, particularly his cheeks, and his brown eyes had a strange sort of sadness behind them. "Alright everyone," James continued. "We're all gonna have to get to know each other if we want to be able to work well as a team.

And what better way to learn about each other besides a good old training exercise? Come on, let's start the year's first Squad training!" ••••••••••••••• "Alright, Jade." Logan Meier put the tablet display down on the table. "I've reviewed the results from your training exercise with Alpha Squadron." Logan watched as Jade stood there, with an expectant grin on her face. He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes.

If it was praise she wanted from him, she would find he gives praise to his peers rather sparingly. "Even given Alpha Squadron's reputation for taking it easy on first years, I would have to say that your scores are acceptable. This combined with our given circumstances, I will allow for you to join Zeta Squadron." Jade jumped up to her feet, grinning excitedly.

"Thank you, Logan." She said seriously. "I promise you, you won't regret this." He merely shrugged as he got to his feet. "We'll see. Now quickly, go and meet the other members of Zeta Squadron in the field. We have our first Squadron training exercise of the year there, and you're already late." Logan turned and began to leave, but Jade remained standing there.

"You're not going to be there?" She questioned, cocking her head to a side. Her unique purple eyes sparkled with curiosity and question. "Isn't the first training of the year mandatory?" "It is," Logan said without breaking his stride. "But it wont matter, not for me. I have somewhere else to be." ••••••••••••••••••••• "There you are." Natalie said as Logan stepped into his own dorm room.

"I've been waiting forever for you to get here." She watched as the younger boy smirked at the comment and closed the door behind him. Because of his special status, Logan had been granted a private room that he did not have to share with a roommate, which allowed Natalie a great deal of freedom to come and go when she liked. He even gave her a copy of his room key, and since his room wasn't located in the boys' housing block, she was free to come and go as she liked.

"I came as fast as I could." Logan said, as teenaged lust flashing in his eyes as he saw the older girl still dressed in the Academy's uniform. On others, it looked just like a regular military uniform, but on Natalie, it looked like so much more and was tight in all the right places. "I've skipped my Squadron training, AND calculus just to see you." Laying sprawled our on Logan's bed, Natalie turned over so that she was one her back and spread her slender legs open invitingly. "Well," She asked suggestively.

"Don't you think you've kept me waiting long enough?" Logan needed no more invitation than that. He practically pounced on Natalie, diving into a deep and passionate kiss.

She moaned as she felt his hands grab her waist, pressing their still clothed bodies tightly together.

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Natalie let her arms go around his neck, clinging onto him as she kissed back with the same lustful passion. A sensual buzz tingled between her legs as Logan's hands began to roam her body, sliding up and down from her waist to her hips and back. Instinctively, Natalie felt her own hands reach for Logan's chest as she began to caress his body.

Eventually, after a few minutes of passionately making out, the two teenagers' light petting had evolved into more intense groping, and Natalie gasped into Logan's mouth as she felt one hand anchor against her, and the other unbutton her uniform shirt, toying with her braless breasts as he did so.

His hands eventually slid under her uniform, and Natalie broke away from the kiss as Logan's hands cupped the bare skin of her firm young figure, sliding up from her belly until he reached her breasts. Logan's thumb flicked across her exposed nipple, and Natalie grabbed at him even tighter, kissing him even deeper as he rolled the nub of her nipple between two fingers.

Heat was building between Natalie's legs now as their kiss intensified, and she began to push her hips up into Logan, grinding into his crotch. More, she wanted more, and Logan knew it. His lips left hers, their tongues untangling, as he kissed down her jaw to her neck, sucking and lapping at the soft flesh of her slender neck.

"Oh, Logan!" She cried out as her hands grasped at the back of his head, grabbing a fistful of his wavy brown hairs as she did so. Natalie was getting rougher with Logan; she knew that grasping at his head like that probably hurt him, but that also only made him make love to her harder. Logan's lips continued attacking Natalie's throat and collarbones viciously, savagely sucking and kissing her, while his hands began to cup both of her ample breasts. Pulling his head down by his hairs, Natalie urged Logan to go lower and lower, until finally he moved his mouth past her chest and over her breasts.

He was grabbing the mounds of sensitive flesh, and after a pause to tease her, Logan dove right in, his lips closing in around Natalie's erect nipples. Letting out a loud moan of pleasure, with no care for whether anyone would hear them, Natalie pressed Logan's face even harder into her breasts while begging him under her breath for more.

His lips and tongue were like magic on her sensitive nipples, and already Natalie could feel that her cunt was dripping wet. Indeed, Natalie was what most would call a slut. She had lost her virginity early on, and found the joys of sleeping around with different boys often, having more sex than even most adults. It even got to a point where she would only date older guys, MUCH older guys, and by her second year, Natalie had a reputation as the foxiest and most lusted after girl in school.

And when THE Logan Meier arrived here at the Academy, there was no doubt who she would go after, even if he was younger than her. She came onto him strongly on his very first day here, and by the second day she had already acquainted herself with his private dorms. "Yes, Logan, please." She moaned in a naughty voice as she felt Logan taking off her pants, while still sucking on her breasts. Heeding her request, Logan pulled of her right uniform pants, and then slid her soaking wet panties off.

Natalie felt his hands lift her hips up so that her legs were over his shoulders, and a flicker of pleasure raced through her body as Logan's hot wet tongue licked along her wet slit. Natalie gasped and arched her back in pleasure, grinding her hips against Logan's face, who grabbed at her slender thighs and held on tight as he drove her to an insane orgasm. Grabbing at the bedsheets, Natalie felt her eyes roll back in her head as a wave of convulsive pleasure washed over her.

Her legs shook and her hips trembled as the orgasm came, but Logan held her down firmly and continued to lick, driving her over the edge as she began to scream out in pleasure. As the first wave of her orgasm died down and Natalie began to stop bucking her hips, Logan renewed the attack on her pussy, this time inserting a finger insider her as he licked.

With her pussy still sensitive and sore from the first orgasm, the friction of Logan's fingers rubbing against her pussy lips as they slid in and out of her was more than enough to send her close to the edge again. Logan had what Natalie would joke to her friends as "magic fingers", and every time she felt his fingers curl up inside her pussy, a shudder of electric pleasure jolted through her body. Natalie felt herself cum again as her entire body shook in orgasmic bliss, but Logan still did not stop.

She felt his tongue press against the swollen nob of her clitoris, gliding smoothly up and down against it, and in not time, Natalie felt another orgasm come over her. "I'm cumming," Natalie gasped, her hands around Logan's head as he continued his relentless assault between her legs. "I'm cumming!" Logan pulled his fingers out as Natalie's sex juices spilled out of her, squirting all over the sheets of Logan's bed for the third time in the past hour.

Letting her head fall back onto the bed, Natalie laid there naked, trying to catch her breath. Beside her, Logan let himself fall on his back, still clothed fully. Turning her head to look at him, Natalie allowed a hint of naughtiness to flash in her eyes as she looked into his, taking her hand and placing it gently over his crotch.

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Even though Natalie had just came hard three times in quick succession, there was still something that was missing. Natalie was insatiable in her craving for a cock to shove into her pussy, to stretch her wide open and fuck her until she was screaming. But then, Logan had never ever actually fucked her before. He may have had magic fingers and incredible skill with his tongue, which may have been enough to satisfy and please most other girls, but Logan was seriously lacking in other aspects.

"I want you to fuck me, Logan." Natalie cooed, fondling his only semi hard penis in his pants. Now, Logan seemed uncomfortable. "Natalie, you know I-" "-I want you to fuck me right now, Logan." Natalie interrupted, unzipping his pants with one hand and playing with her pussy with the other. "I need to feel your cock inside of me. I want you to fuck me with your big cock." Natalie could see that Logan didn't want to do it, but she didn't care.

She needed a cock inside of her, ASAP, and he was her boyfriend. Not wanting to disappoint the insanely hot girl lying naked on his bed, Logan obliged and pulled off his pants as he straddled her. With a hands on the bed to support him, Logan used his free hand to pull out his semi erect cock. Natalie smiled at Logan and put her hands around his neck, laying on her back with legs spread wide open as she waited for him to penetrate her.

But seconds, and then minutes went by, and the penetration never happens. Natalie rolled her eyes as she watched Logan, hovering over her, struggling to stimulate his penis into becoming hard enough to enter her. It had been this way from the very first moment she had known Logan. At the end of their first week together, after days of teasing him and leaving him longing for more, Natalie had stripped herself naked and blindfolded herself, allowing Logan to do anything he wanted to her.

But he could never get himself hard enough. Even Natalie had tried too, stroking it, playing with his balls, and using her mouth to excite him enough to gain a proper erection, but it was never enough. She didn't know what was wrong with him, but Natalie just couldn't seem to excite him enough. After several more minutes of awkward silence as Logan quietly cursed and swore at himself while playing with his cock, Natalie sighed.

"This is hopeless." She said, irritated, then rolled out from under Logan. "We've been together for an entire year, Logan, and it's still the same.

I've tried going slowly with you, taking things easy and being patient with you, but it's not getting better. In fact, I think it's getting worse, much worse." Logan remained silent, looking crestfallen as he was unable to look Natalie in the eyes. "What's wrong? Are you not attracted to me?" Natalie asked, grabbing one of his hands and pressing it against her naked body. "Don't you think I'm beautiful?" She slid his hand over her breasts. "Of course, Natalie," Logan said quietly.

"You're probably one of the most beautiful girls in school. B-But it's not about that. I-I just have this thing." Logan seemed hesitant to continue, but Natalie pressed on. "What, Logan? What's wrong?" Opening and closing his mouth a few times, it seemed as if Logan was struggling trying to find the words to express himself. Eventually, his mouth just shut and he continued to remain silent. "Really?" Natalie huffed, and got to her feet. "After an entire year of this, and you won't even try to give me an excuse as to what's wrong with you?

You can't even offer me an explanation, an apology, nothing?" She turned away from Logan and began to put her clothes on. "There's something wrong with you, Logan. Something extremely wrong, and I'm not sticking around any longer to waste my time for you.

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I'm gonna go and find me someone else, a real man who'll be able to satisfy my needs since you can't even get that useless cock of yours up." And with that, Natalie stormed out of the room, leaving Logan alone. ••••••••••••••••• "Alright, good work today guys!" James called out to the rest of the team.

Kyle smiled and turned to wave a goodbye at him. The first day of training exercises had gone well, and the new members were just learning about each other and how they could work better as a team.

And even though they had made some stupid mistakes here and there, James never once scolded them about it, and had managed to keep up an environment of positivity conducive to learning.

"Thanks James!" "Oh, Kyle," James called out and waved him over. "Come here for a second." Pausing to turn back to his new friends to tell them that he'd catch up with them, Kyle ran over to where James was.

"Yeah?" He asked. "I think someone's been waiting for you." James motioned to the back of the practice grounds. "She was asking around for you while we were training, and she's still waiting somewhere back there.

You should probably go see who it is." "Oh, alright. Thanks!" Wondering who it could be, Kyle headed over to the unlit area of the practice grounds.

In the back was where they kept most of the equipment, both new and old. There was nothing much to see here, and this area was mostly kept dark to save on electricity. As Kyle wondered through through the darkness, a hand suddenly grabbed him and pulled him behind a pile of old equipment.

"What the." "Shh!" Natalie pressed a finger against Kyle's lips, urging him to stay silent. "I just wanted to talk." "Natalie?" Kyle asked, squinting in the darkness. "Is that you? What are you-" "-I've been looking for you," She said sullenly. "For a couple of weeks now. We haven't had the chance to talk after what happened before classes started." Kyle felt Natalie's soft, feminine hands grasp his, clasping her fingers between his fingers.

"Talk about what?" Kyle said, trying not to get distracted by Natalie's charms. "There's nothing to talk about.


You made all those moves against me but never told me you had a boyfriend. You lied to me." "I would never lie to you," Natalie sounded genuinely hurt, but Kyle knew that she could have just been pretending. "There were things going on between us, issues that we had." "How is that an excuse for what you did?" Kyle pulled his hand away from hers. "If you didn't want him, you should have broken up with him rather than lying to both him, AND me." "But that's what I'm here for!" Natalie replied quickly.

"I've broken up with Logan!" Kyle was stunned for several seconds. "You what?" Why would any girl in the entire Academy not want to date THE Logan Meier? He was smart, famous, handsome, and skilled. Why would any girl, especially one like Natalie, choose Kyle over the older Logan? "Yes, I broke up with him." Natalie said, and stepped forward so that her face was close to his. "You know, it's usually not that hard for me when I want to talk to a boy, but you're different." Kyle could feel her hot breath against his neck as she spoke.

"For you, I've had to really try, and that's driven me even crazier about you than you could imagine." Natalie's hands began reach for his hands again, her fingertips barely brushing against Kyle's palms, but then she slid her hand away, allowing it to hover above his hardening crotch, her fingertips grazing the zipper of his pants.

Kyle knew what she wanted, and he felt his heart began to race in anxiety. Unsurprisingly, he was a virgin, and Kyle wasn't so sure he wanted to lose his virginity to an older student he barely knew, especially one that had lied to him and made out with him even when she had a boyfriend.

"You want this, don't you?" Natalie asked, leaning in closer so that her lips were just centimeters away from his. "I can see it. Don't worry, no one comes around back here, we'll have all the time in the world to do anything you want." Her finger pressed gently against the bulge in Kyle's pants.

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"Anything at all." Closing her eyes, Natalie leaned in and kissed Kyle, and almost immediately, he let out a groan of pleasure and satisfaction as their lips met. Natalie was an extremely good kisser, there was no doubt about that, and for someone as inexperienced as Kyle, it was like heaven whenever she nibbles on his bottom lip or poked her tongue inside his mouth. While Kyle did not want to give in to this girl's advances, he was also very tempted to give in to the allure of pleasure.

It was difficult for the young and inexperienced boy to choose, and so Kyle did the only thing his overwhelmed mind could think of doing. "S-Stop!" Kyle said, pushing Natalie away as he pulled away from the kiss. Natalie seemed shocked by the fact that Kyle had pushed her away and rejected her advances, and could only stand there in stunned silence as Kyle looked at her, conflicted. "No." Kyle bit his lip and clenched his fist, confused at all these new emotions running through his adolescent body.

"Just, no." And with that, Kyle turned and ran off.