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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. NOTE: As I have said before, I reread my stories many times, since I write the kind of stories that I like to read. It came to my attention lately that there were some glaring holes in the story, so I set about it to fill in the blanks of Joe's and Adda's life. And I hope that my deep respect for the farming community shines through. They probably do more good for mankind in general by feeding them (in many times their own numbers) than any other profession than I know of.

Other closest would be the health community. Two of the noblest callings in our human family. COUNTRY GIRL (Augmented): HISTORY: Somewhere in the years between 1760 and 1770, a farming family named Gilson moved to the new colony of Pennsylvania in the New World.

They had been very successful and appreciated in England, but with few opportunities to move up to a sizable place in England, they decided to bring their expertises to the colonies and work their way up through frugality and very hard work. They figured that it would take about three generations for their plan to work, the first as they worked with other families already established over there.

There was much to learn to utilize the soil of this land, which was somewhat different than the ones they left behind. There were new crops to learn about and new pests, too. And this new land was a hotbed of development of new equipment for farming, too. They had no trouble at all in getting situated and went to work for a rather large landowner. Among the skills in the family was blacksmithing and with all that other skills that they were called upon to use, there was always a shortage of skilled workers in this field.

Most of the sons of the family were trained in this ability along with others. During the next two generations, they worked very hard and saved every penny that they could towards the family's future. They gradually worked their way west over the years and in 1843 found themselves in position to advance their situation with an official 'land rush' homesteading opportunity in the territory of Iowa. It became obvious that some of the settlers were biting off more than they could care for well, unless they were wealthy.

So, the Gilsons were determined to try and settle on a plot of land of about one hundred and sixty acres. Plenty to get them established. And the first solemn promise that they made as a family was that it would never be borrowed against. The land nor the buildings. They would go hungry sometimes, but never get into the position for the banks or speculators to latch on to their hard work during challenging times. One of the adult sons was sent out and found a very nice plot of land about the ideal size.

A family of natives was residing on it, but all of the tribes had been ordered out of Iowa at the time, and the son told that family that if the time ever came that they could help them they would. The tribal leaders sadly nodded at the presumed empty promise. Since the son knew exactly where to go and were hardy and well-armed, four of them lit out at the beginning of the rush and established their corner boundaries before anyone else came into their immediate area.

The native family that had left had been farming a small plot of their larger settlement and so the Gilsons had a leg up in their starting their efforts. Also, since timber was scarce in this area, they used some of their funds to have a couple of loads transported to their spot so that they could build the needed home to firm up their stake on this claim. Everyone around them was amazed at the rapid progress that this family made on their new land.

Their farm grew rapidly as other settlers found out how hard of work this really was and so in just a few years the hundred and sixty acres grew to over five hundred, and not a penny of debt on any of it. After a few years, with the white settlers that remained firmly established, the U.S. Government decided to let some of the peaceful tribes return to Iowa and buy back some of their lands.

The tribe that Gilsons displaced came back into the area and the Gilsons immediately hired them on and helped them to save up enough to have their own lands again.

It took two generations, but the tribal family was finally able to buy one of the neighboring farms very cheaply during a particularly hard economic time. And they remained firm friends of the Gilsons over the years and generations.

Provided a number of wives to the Gilson's boys through the generations, too. Mary, wife of Fred was one fourth native herself and grew up on the native family plot. The farm continued to grow over the years with the gaining of other connected parcels until it topped out at over a thousand acres. From then on the only additions were plots that were leased out for additional crops during generations of especially fruitful and financially successful crops.

The plot that they acquired with the oil wells especially helped, though they didn't own the mineral rights. Eventually Fred was the next son chosen to lead the family and hold the farm under his personal ownership. He married late in life for a farmer and selected Mary a young one quarter native from the tribe. She was a real beauty and turned out to be a hard worker, too. The rest of the siblings moved out to other opportunities with them comfortable with Fred managing the family's heritage.

Unfortunately, Fred and Mary only had two natural born children, Joe and Lilas. Later Adda came into their family group as a foundling adoptee. Though Joe loved his family and secretly loved living on the farm, he had severe personal issues with his father and so at a young age ran away to California.

He later entered the Navy and as this story now begins, he is on the way back home to see what his future will be. ONE FINE MORNING: "When is Uncle Joe going to get here, Mama?" asked Adda to her exasperated mother.

Mary shook her head in frustration and answered her niece (being raised as a daughter,) "You know, Adda. I have told you three times in the last hour!" "I know, Mama.

I am just so excited to see him." "Yes, I know, honey. You just have to be patient. All things come in their time. Adda wrinkled her nose and shrugged her shoulders at having to listen to another of her Mama's sorry platitudes. Or that is what she thought it was. After all her book-learning had ceased at 12, and even the lessons that Mama gave her to do hadn't allowed her to keep up with the other 16 year old students in her school.

She lived so far from town and the school. And her parents had told the school authorities that they badly needed her help on the farm. It had over 1000 acres and her parents, Mary and Fred were getting older and worn out. Farming could do that to a person trying to run a border-line operation with a minimum crew of three. So, with her parents, Adda and the 3 hands, it made six people to do all of the work. True they hired seasonal help when needed, but there was a lot of work at the other times that needed to be done.

The truth was that Mary and Fred wanted to protect Adda from the influences that they were aware of in today's world. They had no connected T.V. Only a VCR to play very carefully selected movies from a mail order firm.

But Adda, did take care of the close to house chores, while William the mechanic took care of the machinery and other upkeep around the place. The two other men, Barney and Greg took care of the field work and whatever other work was assigned them. Fred used William as a kind of foreman, writing out assignments out on a tablet posted in his workshop and allowing him to assign the jobs out. Fred did not interfere, but did hold William responsible for being fair about this and getting the work done.

If there was a problem it was to be taken back to Fred. Adda took care of the three milk cows that they kept for milk, cream and cheese. She also took care of the pig and beef that they raised for meat, yearly. And the chickens, both those 40 layers and the ones raised for fryers for cash money and to eat. Everyone ate very well on this farm.

Mary was a great cook. It was one of the reasons that the guys stayed here despite the minimal pay. They had other reasons, too. But Mary and Fred didn't bother them about that as long as they raised no fuss on the farm. Adda worked hard, but with the automation on the farm, it was mostly not grudge work. She still had time for play, study and daydreaming. The farm was virtually self-sufficient. It all ran on natural gas and a natural gas fueled large generator. When they had bought a parcel, several years ago, they had gotten a good deal with the drilling company that ran the gas wells on it.

The farming couple had bought two propane trailers and alternated them each couple of weeks at the drill site, filling one and then leaving the empty one behind.

It was a very minimal loss to the company and a god-send to the farm. Since they raised almost everything they needed on the farm, and canned and froze it for year around use, they only needed a few things from town. Actually they could get away without even going to town, but toilet paper is not something you can make at home and there was the weekly mail to pick up. On these in town excursions, Fred let William drive, since he could use his strong back to load up the truck.

Even the truck ran on natural gas. And on this day they had another load to pick up, a guy that they had waited for years to come home. He was Uncle Joe. Mama had explained to Adda over and over that Joe had been born on the farm many years ago.

He was Mary's 45 year old son. He had left the farm many years ago and spent 25 years in the navy. He had only been home once. Joe had written many letters home, to his grandparents as long as they lived and then to Mary. Along with them had come many pictures of where he had visited and cute little gifts at some of the appropriate times of the year.

No pictures of any of his friends, though. He said that he never married because he was at sea so much of the time. He worked on submarines in some job that he never mentioned.

When he was about to get out, he sent a letter to Mary letting her know. Mary had written a letter back very quickly after and invited him to come and spend some time at the farm and rest and think about his future. He readily agreed and set a date to arrive. Today was that date, and he would arrive by Greyhound bus, that being the only public transportation to the small village of Burgundy in this part of middle America.

Fred waited for the bus to arrive, while William gathered the mail and the few purchases that had been made at the country general store. The farm had a very generous charge account at the store, since the family had shopped there for several generations and always paid its monthly bill on time. The family also brought in excess milk, eggs and other items for the store to sell.

For this the store gave them generous discounts on almost anything they wanted to buy. The farm family was very highly thought of in this country that admired self-sufficiency and privacy held and given. No one knew what went on, on the farm, and no one was in the least bothered by that.

As he gazed down the road, Fred pondered on his son returning after all of these years. They had not gotten along in Joe's youth, one of the prime reasons for his leaving as a teenager. But, the boy had a generous dose of the wanderlust, so it wasn't all of his or Joe's fault. When he had visited home all those years ago, there seemed to be no obvious grudges held.

But, that could have been because he was there for only a short time. Perhaps, a longer visit might regenerate some of the old feelings. But, probably not he convinced himself. Just as William finished loading the last of the purchases on the truck, Fred could see the flashing light bouncing off of the bus in the distance. How this was possible with all of the dust that would cover it, he couldn't fathom.

But, he couldn't argue with the evidence right before his face. Farm folk have a very deserved reputation for practical thinking that would be a model that others might adopt to their benefit.

WELCOME HOME, SON: Soon, the bus arrived and stopped right in front of the store. The door opened up and Joe stepped out into the bright sunshine and warmth. When his suitcase and trunk were unloaded, William added them to the pile already on the truck.

Joe nodded politely to his dad and they all three piled into the truck for the lengthy ride home. "I am sorry for the crowding," his father said. William smiled and replied, "I just spent 25 years on submarines, Dad.

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This is no problem at all." Fred nodded and was very comforted by such a civil reply from his son, it contrasted greatly with the surly approach that young Joe had used. When they got home, there were the requisite hugs and kisses for his mother and Adda, whom he had never seen but had heard about.

The daughter of a distant cousin who because of her falling on hard times had consigned her young baby to Mary to raise. It had all been done up legally.


Mary was the only mother that Adda had known. Mary took him by the hand and led him into the house. He avoided Fred's favorite chair and sat on the couch.

Mary and Adda went to the kitchen to prepare a fancy dinner in celebration of her son's return.


Fred and Joe studiously ignored each other as they went about their resting for dinner. When dinner was ready, Fred and Joe went to the connected bathroom and washed up first with Boraxo and then with Lava hand soap, and then after drying off were led into the dining room by Adda. They then settled down to enjoy Mary's fine cooking. Fred took the moment to offer a prayer over the meal. It was brief and to the point, a farm prayer, fervently felt and honestly given.

As the fine repast was shared in, the conversations mostly centered on Joe's experiences in the navy. There were some things that he couldn't talk about he admonished them, but the things that he did relate captured their attention for the full meal. Adda focused on everything that came from Joe's mouth. So much so, that Mary was getting exasperated again. Joe noticed and to save the girl any embarrassment, just ignored it and winked at his Mom, who calmed down then.

After the meal when Mary and Adda cleaned up the dinner remains, Fred and Joe excused themselves to the library to enjoy a smoke and drink to fill out the evening. Joe didn't smoke, but wasn't offended that his Dad did. Most of the guys he served with did. Also, Joe was a very light drinker. This was a result of a couple of very unpleasant experiences in his youth.

So, Fred enjoyed his cigar and cordial, Joe settled on a very light wine cocktail. Fred wisely kept his own counsel about that. Then they watched an hour of T.V. and prepared for an early bed as farm folk do all around the Earth. Mary kissed his cheek as he passed by, and Adda looked shyly at him as he passed to take up residence in his old bedroom. As is often said in stories of such, it looked just like it had when he had left so many years ago.

He was not an early sleeper, yet. So he opened up his trunk and got his copy of the latest Sue Grafton novel with a letter somewhere on the back end of the alphabet. He had brought up another cocktail and prepared himself for an extended read by piling up the pillows so he could lay back and enjoy himself.

HOW THINGS ARE: After about a half an hour, his mother came in and pulled up a chair to talk to him. He was a bit surprised at this, but she said that she had some important things to share with him. So, he promised to listen, except to answer questions that she asked till she was done.

"I am sorry to lay this on you on your first night home, but I have some things to tell you. They should collectively help you to understand the situation here and to eventually make up your mind as to what you will chose to do when the proper time comes. Fred and I are getting old, he is 80 and I am 61, but I have health problems that make me older than my calendar age. Oh, there is nothing that we could afford to do about it.

And though I am not in a hurry to go, I am not afraid of it, either. Life has been good for me. Fred will probably go on forever, but he already sees the need of someone to take over active management of the farm. You are not being coerced into anything. But, it is something to consider with all of you own concerns. Lilas, your sister is living in St. Louis and has a very important and high paying job there.

She has stated and agreed to sign an agreement that if you decide to take over managing the farm, she will expect no return from it. She has enough money of her own. And if it stays with you and our descendants, she will claim no inheritance from it.

But, if you ever sell it, or your descendants do, then she will have papers drawn up for you to sign that will consign an equal portion of the proceeds to her or her descendants. She asks very little in return. Mainly that she and her descendants have reasonable rights of visitation to the farm to enjoy staying here. They will share in the chores when they do. This should keep the creepy members of the growing family at bay.

She has another request that she wants to talk to you about in private. She didn't share that with me. About Adda, she is 16 and a fine girl. She is a big help around here and a dear heart. We have kept her home here for a number of reasons. While she is very capable in carrying her load around her and is farm healthy, she has limited mental ability. Oh, she is 'woman smart' and knows her way around a house and farm.

But, we knew that she wasn't going to get much more useful learning from school and so brought her home to stay at age twelve. She hasn't left the farm property since then, and we expect that she might never do so.

After all, everything that she needs is here, along with all those who love her. So, I guess what I am saying is that she goes with the place if it becomes yours. It is up to you how you manage that, but you should know that she is a woman grown and we see the signs that she is desirous of a mate and babies to go with that. A couple of the guys that work and reside here appear to be up to and anxious to fill out that task.

But, I think that she can do better. (A long pregnant pause accompanies this statement.) And she is country handsome and is built to stay so indefinitely despite any babies that she might have. She is also a damn fine worker!! Sorry for my French." After an extended pause, Joe realized that it was his turn to talk. "Well Mom, that all was very interesting and marvelously informing. It adds to my already full menu of considerations. I really do appreciate your honesty and openness in these issues.

As you probably know, with my Navy retirement, I am not hurting for money. With my skills I can get a job most anywhere. I didn't come home to take over the farm, but to visit and think about my future. But, I also have nothing against it, either.

Let me look around and poke my nose into all of the corners here and I will let you know what I think about things when I am satisfied that I know all of what I should know, and get a chance to evaluate it and compare it to what I might want to do.

I have put off marrying and having a family because I was out to sea so much. I want to consider that now, when I can enjoy the process (Mom smiled at that.) and be around to help raise the babies that I make. It would probably have to be a younger woman, since I want to have several children. And you should be told Mom, I liked it here when I was a boy. I enjoyed farm life. But, I wanted to see some of the world beyond this farm.

Also, Dad and I didn't get along very well. A lot of that was my fault and brought on by my very surly manner in dealing with him. You never saw much of that, but I guess you got an earful from Dad about it.

(She nodded.) I have wandered enough for a lifetime, Mom. I want to settle down somewhere and live a life something like what I grew up with. By the way, would Dad accept me taking over the management of this farm if it comes to that, If I take over, I take over and wouldn't accept any interference by him or anyone else.

I was a Warrant officer in the navy and I am used to command. I am fair about things, but don't welcome interference to my plans or laziness. He would be accepted as my counselor and informant, though. He knows so much more about farming than I do. But, I do know how to lead. Would he accept that? And there would be no 'breaking in' time.

It would be definitive right from the start." "Well Son, I will discuss this with your Dad and put it right to him like you have put it to me. But, it might be premature at this time. Let's wait until you make a decision about what you might want to do about this all.

Getting to know Adda might help. Prepare yourself for some jealousy from the help, though. They have waited for her to grow up enough for them to pursue for some time." "OK, mom. I will bear that in mind. Now, I need to get some sleep. I feel like I might have a very long day tomorrow." "Fine, son. See you in the morning." As she moved to leave the room and return to her own bed, she thought that she heard footsteps in the hall.

But she saw nothing and so walked to her own room and what was left of the night to get her sleep. RELEARNING FARMING: Joe woke up earlier the next morning than he had in weeks. Nobody disturbed him, so it must have been the country air.

Everyone else had been up for some time, but when he came downstairs they were all gathered for breakfast.

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Each greeted him, but for once since his arrival he wasn't the center of attraction. There were chores to do, and breakfast was just that, a break in the morning's activities. It was Mom's typical breakfast, a nutritionist's nightmare.

But, the hard work around the farm took care of the extra calories for sure. Everyone was pretty quiet. Joe asked if he could accompany Adda around on the rest of her chores in the morning to start getting a general view of the state of things on the farm. No one objected, so he hitched up his pants and walked with her. She was a dynamo of activity as she took care of the farm animals close to the house.

She had already milked and cared for the cows. She also answered any question that he had about it all, very intelligently. She wasn't intelligent enough to finish school? Hmmmmm. After the morning, he asked if he could hang around William for the early afternoon. Again no denial. So he did so, and William was very forthcoming about the state of the farm and what suggestions he had about possible improvements.

Joe found him to be very bright and industrious. He also met the field hands, they were polite and William said that they did their work well. Late that afternoon, he asked his father permission to look over the books for the farm. Fred said, "Of course." So Joe spent several hours pouring over them with all of the expertise that he had acquired by a correspondence Business course with Accounting.

It had given him an Associate's Degree (and eventually a Bachelor's degree,) which had qualified him to move up in the officer's ranks. But, he had a very pleasing job as a Warrant officer and was happy to stay there. As he perused the books, he found that the farm was on a very sound financial basis.

There was no debt against it. There was a two million dollar savings account for emergencies. It had made a minor profit for 5 out of 7 of the previous years. All taxes were paid up to date.

The farm was virtually self-sufficient just like he had been told. With this initial overview of the farm's status, he went down to enjoy Mom's cooking again. As they partook, they all waited expectantly on his comments. He made them wait until he had his fill of dinner and then smiled and told them: 'After taking a one day overview of the state and status of the farm, I pronounce it fit and stable. You folks have done a wonderful job of working and managing it.

It would be hard for anyone to ever do better. I will think about the offer over the next few days as I acclimate myself again to a farm kind of life. I will be working with each of the people in turn to familiarize myself with their jobs and gain further insight into the running of this place. It is far more complicated than I remember in my youth. I would like to start with Adda, tomorrow. "What time should I get up to work with you, Adda?" "Four-thirty will do, she replied." He nodded and proceeded to sample a generous portion of pie that was before him.

'There just must be something about farm life that stimulates the appetite,' he mused. Over the next few days, he worked all day with each of the personnel on the farm. The hands were nervous at first, but when they got into it, the found him to be courteous, hardworking and respectful to their contributions to the success of the farm.

The last day he spent with Fred, talking about all of the issues inherent in running a farm. He also picked his brain to find out what suggestions Fred might have about the future of the farm.

The main suggestions were: Always keep it in the family. And NEVER borrow any money against the farm. Joe acknowledged the wisdom of that. JOE AND ADDA: The next day was a Sunday, so Mary took over Adda's chores for the morning as she usually did, and Adda and Joe went for a picnic while giving Joe a view of the extent of the property.

Adda packed a picnic lunch and other necessities for their foray and they left in a four-wheeler. It was a bright day, the way would be dusty, but four-wheeling would be fun and a great way to get the feel of the land.

After seeing all that he desired to see of the fields and the level of maintenance of the fences and distant outbuildings (Which were in fine shape.) they drove to the pond to enjoy their lunch.

The all-the-year-around pond was pretty good sized, but shallow. It was no more than thirty feet deep at its deepest. He and his sister had swam in it when kids, sometimes without swimming suits when they could get away with it.

They had grown up with a very natural view of their bodies and sex. You had to when it was all around you with the animals, and lusty parents. As far as he could remember, it had never led to anything beyond some good-natured play. Nothing intimate that he remembered. There was a deep seated respect fostered on the farm amongst the people. There were no prudes there, but no misuse of females that he had ever been aware of.

He did remember that it used to have good fishing. He couldn't remember what kind of fish lived in it. Probably some kind of perch or bass. The family had built a little camp ground near the pond and had planted a grove of cottonwood near it.

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It provided mushrooms in season, shade for the picnic table, protection when relatives or friends camped out here and heat relief in the middle of the day. Also, it provided cover for more intimate games, when called for. While women were not abused here, they weren't ignored, either. AHEM!!! While Adda unloaded the four-wheeler, Joe swept the dust off of the picnic table and washed its service from a hand pump that dipped into a well.

The surface dried very quickly, so Adda threw on the table cloth which was anchored by holddowns underneath the corners to prevent it from blowing away in the constant wind near the pond. She then placed the food on the table with the plates and silverware for her and Joe. While this was going on, Joe was gazing over the pond. He noticed fish jumping out in the deeper water. Perch and Bass don't jump, do they? He wondered if another kind of fish was inhabiting the pond.

And he noticed rushes growing off of the shore by the grove. He thought that that was new too. Before he could come to a decision about these anomalies, Adda called him to lunch. He saw the potato salad and was real eager to jump in. But, Adda awaited his part, and he got it and offered up another of the simple but honest country prayers. Then they dug in and enjoyed the fried chicken, fruit salad, potato salad and white wine. When they finished she put the food away and cleaned up their leavings.

They together then laid out the comforter that they had brought and cuddled up together under the sun shade. They just sat there together and surveyed their kingdom for a while. Then Adda sought Joe's attention. "What are you thinking Joe?" "This is a beautiful land here, Adda. And a lot to be responsible for. But, we have wonderful help, don't we? You are wonderful help, Adda!" "Thank you for that, Joe. I am not the brightest person around, but I love the farm and am determined to do as much as I can to help care for it." "Everyone here respects you, young lady.

Me, too." He turned to kiss her. But, she held out her hand and said, "Wait a minute Joe. I know where this can lead. And I want it, but in its proper time, when it will really mean something." "A good plan, Adda." And he reached over and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. He then got up and started to load everything back on the four-wheeler to return to the house. As they drove back she looked over to him a little fearfully and wondered if she had ruined things between them.

He looked over at her for a second and winked at her. She then knew that things were going to be fine. SMOOTHING OVER HURT FEELINGS: The next day he got notice over the phone that his monthly military retirement check had been deposited.

He decided to have a little fun with that and hired a limousine from the nearest city to come and take them all out for a night on the town at the nearest grange. It was going to cost a lot, but he could afford it. At dinner she gave his invitation to everyone, and it was relayed to the workers too, who were his primary target for this foray. He instructed everyone to dress with their best, or he wouldn't let them into the car.

When the night came they were all cleaned up and ready to go in obviously the best that they had to wear. When they got to the grange it caused quite a stir, since none of them had been seen socially in town since anyone could remember. Mom and Dad truly enjoyed themselves. Joe completely dominated Adda's time on the dance floor, a message to the guys. And the guys found themselves surrounded by a number of likely available women, to their relief and delight.

Joe thought that the night was going just fine. Despite some serious drinking by all, except Joe, they made it home just fine. This was all preparatory of a family meeting to be held the next afternoon. Joe had made his decision. That night he proposed to ADDA and she accepted very happily. She made it a point to hold him at bay, though. Joe was very heartened by that. For a country girl that meant that he would probably be the only one to ever be in her pussy and HEART.

SETTING THINGS STRAIGHT: The next day he asked everyone to come to the living room, he had some announcements to make. When they were all settled in, wondering what this was all about, Joe began to speak, "Can I have your attention, please?" And then when their attention was completely on him, "Thank you." "First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the very generous welcome that I have received since I got home.

I wasn't sure what would happen, since I left so many years and it was under a somewhat dark cloud at that. But, time and my years maturing at sea seemed to have settled that out. Things are fine, now. As you know, Dad and Mom are getting along in years. So, they have suggested that I take over management of the farm.

I have thought this over, and have agreed to but with the provision that I am completely in charge. That also means that I am now the sole owner of the farm, with agreements to my sister and my folks of their rights to be here whenever they want, and in the case of my parents, the right for them to live here for the rest of their lives.

So, I am solely in charge of everything in regard to the farm. Since, my father knows more about farming than I will ever learn, he will be my ready counselor in farm matters. William will continue as the foreman. As to business matters, I have a four year degree in Business and Accounting, which I obtained during many long evenings under 100 feet of water in a submarine. And I was an Administration Officer in the Navy. Everyone here is still employed under the previous conditions.

I will review all of them as I have time, but Dad has expressed a great deal of trust in each of your efforts in behalf of the farm. (He noticed a sigh of relief from the guys with this statement.) I need to also announce to you now that Adda has granted her hand to me in marriage, which will be celebrated as soon as possible.

Farmers don't have time for showy or delayed necessities, you know! I know that this might be a disappointment to some of you here, but I couldn't help notice the attraction that each of you enjoyed at the Grange. I think that that problem will solve itself, don't you? To help you out, in conference with my Dad, we have proposed the following: when any of you guys get any of the local ladies to join her life to yours, your bachelor pads will each be replaced by a modular home located in the old dairy staging yard.

It will be completely cleaned up for this purpose. By locating them there, your homes will be protected by the winds that can howl through here and somewhat from the snows that fall, also.

We will dress up the surrounding premises and give each new wife a small plot to do her personal gardening. Looking ahead to the possibility of children joining us here, if we get enough of them, I will apply to the state for a charter school here and invite the families that are nearer than ten miles away to have their children join with ours at a very nominal cost.

We will remodel one of the abandoned buildings here for that purpose. And hire a series of newly minted teachers for the two year stints necessary for them to get their Master's teaching degree and their feet wet in the teaching field to boot.

They will stay with us during their tenure. I am going to concentrate on the business side of the farm, but will occasionally work at each of your sides as your assistant. You will be in charge during these times, and they are not to spy on you, but to enable me to get a firsthand look at all of the issues involved in working this place.

But at other times, I will be a strong leader. That is what I was trained for and in that capacity, I don't encourage any backtalk or balking in carrying out our responsibilities. I will have regular times for consultation with any of you, with your freedom of speech at those times when you feel that it is necessary.


There will also be a suggestion box located in a prominent private place for any anonymous or named suggestions you might want to make. By-the-way, I am very familiar with the point that not all good ideas come from the administration of any endeavor. So, I will welcome and encourage ideas that will help to advance the fortunes of the farm. And I will try to find some way to reward those workable ideas for the person who first offers it.

Just for your information, as my Dad has requested, no matter what we do in the future, we will never incur any debt against the farm. Any questions?

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When everyone present got their breath's back, they each thought for a moment and couldn't for their lives think of anything to add. Joe had seemingly covered it all. Even their disappointment with the future of Adda was covered.

And he was being so generous about their future wives. "William here. About the modular homes, what rent do you anticipate asking for us living in them?" "Thank you, William. I forgot to cover that. There will be no rent and you will keep all of your after tax wages. This in a small way shows the farm's gratitude to the work that each of you do to its benefit. All of the regular utilities will be covered, too. Anything beyond that, discuss it with me and I will decide. And the farm will get a reasonably fit sedan for all of our use.

You guys can use it on Saturday nights to 'spark' your gals. All I ask is that you return it in the same shape as you take it. One of you will need to stay sober, which means, 'NO DRINKING' each time. If there should be some confusion (Joe looked up at the ceiling with a slight smile on his face,) and you all imbibe, then sleep in the corner of the grange parking lot and get back as soon as you can in the morning.

The deputy-sheriff will not bother you there. He would rather have you sleep there than pick up the pieces if you try to make it home. Do you understand?" The guys all nodded assent. And were very excited about the car. As the family meeting broke up, Mom and Dad left for their room, hand-in-hand. Dad whispered to her on the way, "Our son surely has a commanding, but understanding manner, doesn't he?" Mom said, "The years away have done a lot of good for him, haven't they Honey?" Dad nodded assent.

He was very proud of Joe. Mom thought of the confidential talk she was going to have to have with her 16 year old prospective bride. Adda simply thought, "My Man!" And the guys wandered away to their respective apartments thinking, "Boy, that was sudden and complete." The transition was moving rapidly and smoothly. Joe and his Dad went into the town and filed all of the necessary paperwork.

They had Mom and Sis's proxies to legalize the transfer to Joe. The banker was somewhat disappointed, because he as a developer too had had very profitable things in mind for the property if it was sold. But, he would bide his time and see if this upstart son from the sea could keep it all together. He was even taking on a 16 year old wife to boot.

That should slow him down, he thought. Damn, 16 year old lover, but never a 16 year old wife he thought. But, he still smiled at the thought. MARY AND ADDA-THE TALK: That afternoon while the men were in town taking care of the business matters and the guys were out working their tails off, she decided to have the personal talk with Adda about her future with Joe.

As they settled-in in Mom's bedroom with the door firmly shut and the windows closed, Mom calmed her heart and began to address Adda.

"Honey, I didn't think that I would have this talk for several more years with you. Some of it I should have covered already.

After all most of the girls around here marry when they are about 19 years old. And typically they bear a lot of children. This is also very sudden, since Joe hasn't been here very long. Are you sure that Joe is the man for you?" A very simple, "Yes." confidently came from a serious faced Adda. "OK. Are you aware of the responsibilities that a wife owes to her husband, especially the personal and intimate ones?" Another,' Yes' was the response.

And Adda added, "Mom, I have anticipated this for years. I live on a farm, so I know about 'things.' You married at 17, so I am not that much younger than you were. And I know that despite you and Dad only having two children of the body, you wanted and tried to have more. I fully intend to have many and Joe concurs.

Maybe as many as ten in total, starting with birth near my 18th birthday and every two years after that. Joe and I fell into respect first. It came very quickly.

And I know from our time alone that he is very personally involved with me. He has very much respected my person. I am still a virgin, he has done nothing but give me very circumspect kisses so far.

But, yes, I know what is coming and I welcome it. I will reward him for his patience with all that he can handle for the rest of his life. As to the intimate matters, I have used my solitary time to good effect. I learned to overcome the block on the computer so that I could research these matters.

I would never have done so, if you had been forthcoming. But, Mom you have always be so loving of me, but also protective. I know that I am not the brightest bulb in the rack, but I am smart enough to be his devoted and productive wife, and I will work very hard to help this farm continue to prosper. I know that Joe has had a lot of experience with women. He doesn't have to say so. It shows in his ability to handle himself around them.

I have seen it on how he handles me. I not only love him, Mom, but I very much respect him. I assume that he has had experiences in all of the usual sexual activities and some that are not usual, too. I will not disappoint him in this. Now, I am going to describe some of the things that I have learned about.

On line in the computer I learned about a lot of things through sex teaching programs to help ignorant people learn about how to please their mates, women and men. I saw videos of women and men pleasing each other with their mouths on each other's privates.

It went into a lot of detail on how to make this pleasurable for each and together. Videos also showed and described how to get the most out of vaginal and anal intercourse.

I will do it all with Joe. Along with that, it showed some very fun games that can be played during sex. And something called, 'role play,' which involves acting out little sexy dramas with each other. Each playing a part just like in a play, but with serious intercourse involved. In the porn movies that I watched, I saw some things that I would never do with anyone. They involved sex with animals, battery of the mate and some things I won't even mention.

But, knowing Joe's heart already, I think that I have enough fodder to feed his sexy desires for a lifetime." "Well, Adda, I am very impressed. Maybe you should give me lessons. And I apologize for not discussing this with you before. Yes, I may have very much underestimated you. But, from your deions I think that Dad and I have tried out a lot of that. We certainly had a lot of fun in the bed over the years. And yes, we would have liked to have had more children, not that we are at all disappointed in the three that we have.

(Adda noticed her inclusion in the family and it warmed her heart.) I think that you and Joe will do very well." With that Mom smiled and they left the bedroom to take care of their responsibilities. THE WEDDING: Joe and Adda married only a month later. No time to waste and prevention from letting 'hot irons' from burning clear consciences. It was a small affair. Lilas couldn't make it, but a couple of her late teen children did to represent her.

They brought a beautiful handmade comforter, with thoughtful representative motifs for the new married couple. They would cherish it for all of their lives. The farm personnel were invited, plus Mary's family from the tribe and other close friends from the farming community.

Only hired photographers were allowed to take pictures, and Adda was gorgeous in every one of them in her beautiful wedding gown (handmade) and tasteful makeup. After the ceremony, all of the invitees enjoyed the 'pot luck' provided. And after a very brief stay among them, the couple retired for the night to initiate the rest of their lives together. Adda let Joe watch as she slowly doffed her wedding attire and then her undergarments.

She felt that he more than deserved a good show after his patience in waiting for this moment in their relationship. When she joined her waiting man under the covers, she and he naturally rolled up together and began the first real kissing since he came home. And then as they moved to having the first sensual and marital physical connection of their married life, they both were so moved by the experience that they only noticed each other's tear filled eyes, as he moved up her inner body and started the first of many plantings in this beloved womanly garden.

The celebrators outside heard a brief shout and shriek from upstairs and smiled among themselves. It was silent after that. As the busy years passed by, Adda and Joe had their 10 children. And a lively bunch they were. The farm was thriving under Joe's leadership and each of the workmen had found a mate and contributed young ones to the school on the property. They were a very tight-knit little community. Dad had passed away a few years ago, but long enough to see and identify the likely next owner/operator of the farm.

Mom had amazingly survived right down to the last baby. And the last one it would be, since Adda go her tubes tied.

She didn't tie up her privates, though. She still planned to share them with Joe every time they could. THE FAMILY SECRET: One day soon after the birth of the last child Mary asked Joe to talk with her in private. While Adda was in the garden working it and instructing the smaller children on the finer points of gardening, Joe and Mom retired to the bedroom that she had shared with Dad for so many years.

After sitting and relaxing for a few minutes, she began to tell him something that she considered very important. "Son, I have something to tell you that will be a little shocking. This was passed on to me by Lilas, your sister many years ago.

I kept it till now, to prevent it from needlessly influencing some very private decisions that you have made. I hope that you will forgive me for waiting this long." "When you visited the farm while you were in the Navy so many years ago, evidently you and Lilas became seriously involved and she became pregnant with Adda. Lilas was so distressed by this that she gave the baby to me and Dad to raise. Things moved so fast between you and Adda that I didn't have the time to let you know about it; since evidently Lilas never told you about it.

Before you worry about it, I had the detailed medical report on you, done just before your marriage and the one on Adda that I had done on her a few years before and forwarded them to a young doctor that I knew at the university. By-theway, I had each of you and Adda's work-ups done by different doctors to control the spread of the information. She fast-tracked it and let me know that you two were unusually closely related, but that there were no genetic red flags evident.

So I decided to let 'sleeping dogs lie' till now. The only thing that I suggest that was relayed by the doctor was for us to have each of the children genetically tested before they marry to ensure that they don't open up unnecessary chances for their children." "Thank you Mom for the information, and I will follow through quietly to have each of them tested in this manner.

But, I don't remember any such connection between Lilas and me. Not that we weren't tempted because we were very isolated on this farm and very attracted to each other. But, it just never actually developed into anything intimate. At least as far as I can remember. "It's alright Joe. No one wants to cause anyone trouble after all of these years, but she told me that she seduced you while you were asleep in a moment of her desire and loneliness. You might not even remember, she said.

But, it is OK, now. You and Adda have done well. These are mighty fine kids. And they all seem to be as healthy as a horse. Each one of them. You two should be very proud. I know that Dad and I always have been." "Alright Mom. I will store this up for future reference." With that they went back downstairs to resume their family responsibilities.

Which Mom still helped with despite her bad heart and limp gait. A couple of months later, Mom passed away to be with Dad. So, the secret was secure with him. He would never tell Adda, his love. And he found that he didn't even care, since there was no evident danger to the kids.

He loved Adda so dearly. They made very hardy love that night to Adda's delight. THE FAMILY SECRET REVISITED: Several years later, Lilas came to visit. She had only been to the farm a few times with her children, but they loved it here. And they got along just fine with Joe's children too. This time she came alone, to commune with the earth, we guessed.

Her husband had just passed away, her children had lives of their own and she was feeling just a little lonely. She came and settled in to relax with Joe and the family and fit right in soon after. She had retired from her profession, was very financially stable and so in no hurry to leave. Lilas assumed some of the kitchen duties that her Mom had fulfilled so well for years. Lilas was a true farm girl and knew her way around a kitchen. As such she lifted some of the burden from Adda, which was much appreciated.

She seemed happy in doing it, too. Joe was awaiting the confrontation over his and her daughter Adda. Evidently according to Mom, it was his daughter too.

Although, he remembered nothing of it. Finally, when the rest of the family was spread out over the acreage and Lilas and he were alone, she asked to speak with him in private. He was dreading this, but agreed to let the matter come out and be dealt with. After all this was his dear sister, whom he had had very strong desires for, even if he couldn't remember acting on them. "Joe," she began, "I have seen you to be somewhat reserved in my presence since I have been here. Some of it is no doubt in respect to your very heartwarming relationship with Adda and the outstanding respect that you show her.

I need to set your heart at rest over something that I told Mom so many years ago. I am sorry that I used you to cover over a much deeper secret that I have kept all of these years. Yes, Adda is my daughter, and closer related to you that would normally be acceptable. But, you are not the father. The father was someone else that I could never reveal, because everyone that we love would be shattered by the knowledge of what happened.

And it wasn't even his fault. Just like Lot's daughters with their father, I became desperate to have sex. So much I seduced my own father while he was mostly asleep and mother was busy elsewhere. After I had the baby, I was so ashamed of how I had used him that I fled to St.

Louis to make another life for myself, leaving Adda behind with a lame story to cover her appearance into the family. I made a very fine life for myself there and was very encouraged to see you take over the farm.

Especially since you married my own daughter, I had double reason to sign over my half of the estate to you. I am very well off anyway, and it eliminated another financial strain on the farm that I also love very much. I didn't come back often, because I didn't want to see the hurt in my father's eyes at the memory of what happened. Joe, I am so sorry for any burden of guilt that has been laid upon you.

And Mom told me about the tests, so that worry is greatly relieved also. Joe, my dear brother, I love you so much. And thank you for caring for my daughter so well." Joe was greatly shaken by all of this, but could see all of the clues click into place.

He looked up to Lilas and hugged her. "I love you sis," he said through teary eyes. "I could have been me, I was so in love with you. But, I truly cherish Adda. And she has made me so happy." "Thank you for telling me." They gazed into each other's eyes, hugged again and then left his office to resume the rest of their lives. In love with each other, with her daughter and the life that they all shared on the farm.