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Sweet Young Brunette Bathroom Sex
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Chapter 2 With a kiss on the cheek to the still sleeping redhead,Harry Potter walked out of the bedroom and the apartment before apparating to the leaky cauldron.It was exactly six o'clock and he needed to be at Hogwarts by 7:30.

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He didn't know what had made him take a teaching position at the school.Most of his time there had been filled with keeping his nose out of trouble from the pueblood students(mostly Slytherins)who held great power after voldemort's rise.He also spent most of his time protecting his younger brothers and sisters who were in years lower than his.He smiled faintly at the thought of his siblings and mother,his father having died in an asasination a few years after the war.They were a joy in this bleak life since the dark lord's victory.

All in all he had 4 siblings.Two brothers,two sisters and one.half sister.

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Alex potter was the second born after harry and the twin of his other sister,Cassandra.He was the arrogant one of the family,always thinking that he was entitled much as one of the members of an Ancient and Noble house such as the House of Potter was.Indeed seeing as the potters were direct decendants of the children of the union of Merlin and Morgana Le fay was one of the major reasons that Voldemort hadn't killed them off.They were practically wizarding royalty.This inflated alex's head somewhat and Harry was still trying to knock him out of it.He was currently in seventh year and a Gryffindor.

His twin Cassandra,was a seventh year as well and a great beauty.She had inherited her mothers flaming hair and beauty as well as her more.physical assets.Her bust was the envy of the envy of many a girl in the school and her as she was to die for.Her face was that of an angel and sent many boys lusting,just wanting to feel those lips and mouth service them and make them scream their name in pleasure.At least they could dream.Harry had made short work of any perverts trying anything.The last pueblood Slytherin who had tried to "give her a pureblood child to be proud of " had tasted the end of harry's wand and been beaten into submission so much that no report was ever made.Cassndra had loved her brother for it.She was also strong in using light magic and had a powerful magical core which harry trained her in using well making them draw closer.She was in Ravenclaw.


Next was his younger sister Morgana,named after her ancestor.She was every bit the regal beauty and a sixth year Slytherin.Nobody hated her for being in the house.Not even her mother who still loved and supported her.Her raven hair and dark eyes made many a boy swoon and many a girl jealous,excepting her sisters who were just as beautiful.Many a pureblood had come knocking on the doors of potter manor for a marriage contract to be drawn between their sons and Morgana.Many a pureblood had been turned down.Just as blessed in physical assets as her sister, Morgana seemed to be a great magic user, able to perform powerful spell and charms without a hint of tiring from magical exhaustion.She also loved harry and was always around him when he was a student and more now as a teacher.

Then came.Selina.Their half sister.The product of a drunken(and most likely confundus spell induced)union between their mother and,of all people,Lucius Malfoy.It happened at a social event when their father James was out of the country for a business event and their mother was feeling lonely without her children around.Her beauty and body had not gone unnoticed by the pureblood males,some old Hogwarts of her time even thinking of making her a mistress as they wouldn't stoop so low to make her a wife as she was a muggleborn.A few many drinks and the right words from a cunning Lucius and he was soon in her and James marital bed having(he would admit to himself later)the best sex of his life.Lily was an animal in bed and she had worked him all night.It was the seen that met her husband when he came home early from his trip as well as the scene Harry and his siblings had met when they wanted to surprise their mother with a visit.

The whole week was a storm after that.Lily had woken and been horrified at her actions with Lucius beating a hasty apparating retreat home.James had been furious,wanting to follow and duel malfoy to the death and so had harry.Lily had begged and pleaded forgiveness and Cassandra and Morgana had helped,asking their father to see reason.It had taken intervention from Remus lupin and Harry for James to not get a divorce.Their trust was broken though and they slept in separate bedrooms,the damage done.Lucius had bragged up and down the social circles of his night with "the potter whore"and when harry's mother had a first bout of morning sickness and the information was leaked it was truly on.


James had wanted a quick magical abortion.This time her daughters were all for it as well.Alex had also supported this.Lily had turned to her firstborn and once more harry had appealed to his family.The baby was born.A blonde baby girl with emerald eyes.Malfoy had been smug,wanting to claim the baby and lily herself as his.Having tasted the pleasure from her,he wanted her as a convenient mistress and breeding mare as having 5 children proved her fertility.He had escaped potter manner by a second and with his life delicately as a furious lily potter had unleashed a fury of life taking spells and curses at him.

The baby was named Selina.Not willing to kill through abortion nor give it away to it's father, lily had kept the baby but refused to raise it.She left it's care to the house elves and only feeding her and living her in the nursery.Cassandra,Morgana, Alex and James were the same,seeing selina's birth as a reminder of bad memories in their family.Only harry had taken care of her,holding her close at night and comforting her when she cried.It wasn't a surprise when her first word was "Harry".He had loved her through childhood and into her teenage years,and though her siblings had somewhat warmed towards her and considered her family now,it was always harry she loved.She was possessive of him, taking offence to any who tried to claim him.He was hers.Merlin helped the female who tried to marry him.Harry had noticed the ways of his blonde beauty of a sibling but had chalked it up as protectiveness.If only he knew.His little sister was powerful in magic.Just to what scale and degree he did not know.Selina and her noble like beauty were deceptive.Many a boy had been drawn toward her pale,soft skin,long blonde hair,creamy thighs,curvy ass and huge bust only to be used and discarded.

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She had eyes for one man and one man only. Harry. Using the floor he arrived at Hogwarts in his office and went to the great Hall for breakfast.It was going to be another long day. #################################### When his last lesson had finished harry sat down and began grading essays.Being a DADA teacher was hard work.Having Bellatrix Black as a Headmistress when she was a known death eater and concentrating on not trying to blast her head off was another.Voldemort had placed his most faithful follower at the school to ensure pureblood supremacy in ALL houses and not just Slytherin.It was a daily occurrence for a pretty muggleborn girl to be raped, impregnated and taken forcefully as a breeding slave/mistress by her rapist not matter what house.Bellatrix did nothing while harry earned the affection of many females from different houses for rescuing them from a would be rapist.Taking these cases to Bellatrix was like talking to air though.


"Eileen dodge was almost raped yesterday by six Slytherins.They have to be punished." Bellatrix had laughed her pants off.

"Punished? The girl should be grateful to service them and carry their pureblood seed.Its an honour that they even noticed the little mudblood filth." He had left her office in defeat.With Voldemort in control,nothing could be done.

Finishing his grading harry stood up and use the floo to an apartment in the countryside.Its occupant was expecting him tonight.

#################################### Harry watched as Fleur delacour sucked on his hard cock while he ran his hand through her soft platinum blonde hair and guided her head onto his dick.She sucked on it's head briefly before going down to suckle and kiss on his aching balls with her warm,soft,lips and tongue.She could actually taste the thick,hot load in his nuts just boiling for release into her hungry mouth.

Harry had found fleur and her sister Gabrielle as well as 4 other french half veela girls up for auction in a tour of magical France.He had bought them all on the spot,having remembered her from a quidditch tournament he had been to.She had represented France and he England.They had become good friends afterwards and fleur had expressed an interest in knowing him better,his not being affected by her allure not hurting his value in her eyes.

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His limit reached from her attention,harry came as fleur's warm mouth decended on his spurting dick,his seed filling up her mouth at a fast rate as his balls produced more and more of his protein rich sperm.Sucking the final spurts from his cock,the french slut made a show of showing harry his thick seed in her mouth before swallowing it all down and licking her lips in satisfaction.

"My dear arry,I think I should hide you away,no? Should Gabrielle or ze ozer veela get a taste of your seed,zey would hide you away.So rich and thick.Delicious." Harry's cock rose as fleur sucked some leftover Cum from her finger,looking at him with her blue eyes.Just thinking of gabrielle,who had undergone veela maturity and looked like an angel,sucking his cock and swallowing his spunk sent his mind reeling.He rose as fleur walked to the bed and lay on the silk sheets.

"I am very lonely here arry.You must give me a baby to take care of and fill ze lonely days before I ze you again,no? Would you not like to zee me carry your child?

Watch my belly grow big wiz your seed in my womb?

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Watch as my breasts fill wiz ze milk for our baby?" Imagining fleur pregnant with HIS baby was too good a reality to not make come true.He knew she,like Susan and all the other women he had bought from the auctions,needed to know they had his love and protection and thus wanted his child growing in their womb.He expected this reality soon from all his mistresses.And he would have to find a wife soon.He intended to move his women and any children he would have to Paradise island in the Pacific,which he owned and which had a massive castle,food,servants and guards as well as powerful protective ward.Leaving Europe would get him away from Voldemort's influence and better protect his women and large family to come.

For now he would focus on giving the blonde veela beauty the baby she longed for and make her say his name properly as she shouted it in pleasure.Placing his cock against her pussy lips leading to her waiting fertile womb and eggs,he began his assault on her cunt.

#################################### "Enjoy while you can,French bitch.He will soon be mine." The cloaked figure had followed him and watched him fuck the veela whore.Soon it would be her received that pleasure from harry.Only those she deemed worthy would have a taste of him.But for now her plans had to begin.

With a crack,she apparated and appeared before malfoy manor.Her blue eyes seemed to blaze with fire and power as she looked at it.She slowly raised a hand and performed a pulling motion,ripping the powerful magical wards and Alarms away in an awesome show of magic.Her hand reached into her black robes and removed her wand of pure white Oak and basilisk fang.Tonight the end of Voldemort's reign began and the rise of Lady Talon began.

"Soon the world will bow before me.And I will have you as my king,Harry.Europe is only the beginning and soon the world will be at our feet." She entered into the manor and began her assault.

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To be continued. Comment who you think lady Talon truly is:-)

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