Carla cox gets plowed in various positions

Carla cox gets plowed in various positions
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Her online master had given her a few tasks. Her family would be in and out of the house all day, which made it even hotter for her. She had her own room and bathroom luckily, so she had some privacy. Her first rule as she woke up and went online to talk to her master was to lock her door and strip. She did so and sat down naked in front of her computer. This was the first time she was doing something like this so she was very excited.

Next, she was to acquire a few binder clips, some hair clips, string, markers, a cucumber, vaseline, hair brush, rubber bands and her used panties from the day before.

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Most of the things she had in her room already, except for the cucumber which was in the kitchen and her used panties which were in the laundry room in the basement. It was quite early and no one else had woken up in her house, but they would soon enough.


Her master made her get everything in her room first and place it on her bed. Then he told her to take a black sharpie and write "Fuckhole #1" on her pussy, "Fuckhole #2" on her ass, and "Slutty tit #1" and "Slutty tit #2" on each of her breasts. She did so and master admired her handiwork. Then it was time for her to sneak out of her room and into the kitchen and laundry room to gather the rest of her items.

Her heart raced as she stuck her head out of her bedroom door, hearing for anyone waking up. The house was quiet so she ran out and practically fell down the stairs in her hurry.

Her small but pert 34b tits bounced around as she ran into the kitchen and found the largest cucumber she could. Then she went down into the chilly basement which made her nipples hard and fished out her used panties, buried beneath dirty clothes. Her scent still fresh on her panties, she held both items in her hands and ran back upstairs, almost tripping into her room as she heard someone's door open. She practically slammed her door shut in fear, scared that someone would see her in her nude glory, and even worse, all that she had written on her.

Her master was quite pleased with her as she sat the remaining items down on her bed and placed her laptop by her pillow. It was time for her to begin her tasks. First she was to take the rubber band and snap it on her nipples 10 times each. She was whimpering by the end of it, her nipples so sore and painful.

But that was only the beginning. Then she had to place one binder clip on each nipple, racking up the pain ten times. Her tits were in agony as the binder clips pinched her already pained teats.

She had tears in her eyes but she left the clips on. Next she was ordered to get her pussy sopping wet by watching some porn chosen by her master while fingering herself. In no time at all there was a dark spot on her bed underneath her. Deciding she was ready, master ordered her to sit back, spread her legs and pussy open, and begin inserting the large cucumber. She pushed her laptop opposite the backboard she was leaning against and began inserting the vegetable.

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It was humongous and stretched her hole wide as it went in inch by inch. All the while her nipples pained her, even a slight shake bringing tears to her eyes. It took some time but eventually she had most of the cucumber in. Then the master told her to waddle to her door with the cucumber in, unlock it, and open it about an inch. He wanted her to feel a sense of fear and possible humiliation if she were to be caught.

She came back and sat down on the cucumber which was lodged into her tightly. Next she had to lube up the handle of the hairbrush with some vaseline. Her ass facing her laptop screen, she twisted and turned it till it slid in all the way. Then she had to stuff her used panties into her mouth, which she dutifully sucked dry of her old juices. Next came the string. She had to tie some to each clip on her tits, and the other end to each opposing thumb.

This was done while she was on all fours facing the door. So her thumbs string was each tied to the opposite sides nipple. She placed the laptop between the door and her. Her master told her to stay like this for one whole hour, not moving one muscle. So she stayed in that position for the next 60 minutes. The door ajar, she on all fours with her clipped tits painfully stretched by each thumb by string, a large cucumber in her pussy, and a hairbrush handle in her asshole.

The cucumber almost slipped out once, but she was able to clench her pussy tightly and keep it in.


Her nipples were painfully stretched towards her thumbs the whole time, and she knew that it would be difficult to wear a bra for the next week or so. Her family members walked past her door a few times as well, making her heart speed up in fear, but no one walked in on her.

The 60 minutes finally ended with her master telling her to get on her knees and untie her nipples before taking out the cucumber, hair brush and panties. He made her put on her used panties and give herself a mega wedgie, the material being forced into her ass and pussy. Her pussy lips obscenely jutted out on each side of the fabric, just the way her master liked it.

Then her master asked her when her brother would leave for the day. It would be one more hour until he left for work. Master told her that they would be having some fun in her brothers room today then. First though, she had to do a bit more writing on herself.

Sitting down with her wedgie going deeper into her pussy, she wrote underneath each tit, "Brother's little fucktoy" and "Horny little sister." That done, Master made her watch some porn till her brother left, then she had to take her laptop to her brothers room. Closing the door and setting the laptop down on his bed, she took up a position opposite the screen.

"You can take the panties off slut, I want you to stuff them into a corner of his underwear drawer so he can smell you every time he takes something out." The panties were completely soaked in the crotch and smelled strongly, so she stuffed them deep into a drawer corner and covered it up with some boxers. "Does your brother have a console controller somewhere?" her master then asked and she looked around before responding, "Yes master, he has two by his TV." "Good, I want you to masturbate with a controller while you think about your brother till you cum, the longer you take, the more likely it is that you'll get caught." With wide eyes, she ran to grab one before sitting down in front of the laptop on her brothers bed with her legs spread wide.

"Hmmm, wait slut!" The console stopped mere inches away from her pussy lips. "I want to make this a bit more fun and humiliating. I want you to run back to your room and grab those cuffs I got you, but leave the key behind. Also get your butt plug and nipple clamps with string attached.

When you get back, leave the door unlocked with it open two inches.

Hurry back!" With a groan, she leapt off the bed and stuck her head out the door, taking a second to make sure no one was walking by before running into her room and getting everything and running back with it, leaving the door two inches apart as well.

"Good slut, now put that butt plug up your ass, clamps on your nipples with each string end attached to a bed pole behind you, and lastly handcuff yourself.

The controller should be under your pussy so you can hump it." Listening, she got her large butt plug painfully shoved into her asshole before clamping her nipples tightly and tying a string end to each bed pole behind her. It was quite taut and stretched her nipples to the sides. Before handcuffing herself, she got herself into a position where she could rub her pussy against the controller. Lastly, she cuffed her hands behind her back and started to masturbate.

Her master taunted and scared her as she tried to cum desperately. "Imagine if someone were to walk in? Maybe your brother? You'd have to rip those nipple clamps off as you ran off to your room, but you'd leave me behind to chat with him, wouldn't you? I'd be fast if I were you!" Her heart sped up with images of being found out, and she was momentarily distracted from her task.

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"Well, I'm not that mean, so I'll speed you along with some fantasies. I'm sure you're a horny enough slutty pig that you wouldn't hesitate to ride your brothers morning wood if I asked you to, wouldn't you? You'd even handcuff yourself so he'd be free to play with your tits, already having writing on them describing what you wanted him to do to you." The girls heart started to speed up and her pussy got wetter as she grinded her clit onto the controller, imagining her brothers cock going deep inside of her.

"You'd tell him that now you are his personal pig slut and you'll service him any way any time.

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Of course, he's just as kinky as you are, and would have you fulfill his wildest fantasies of dominance. I'd give him ideas too of course. You'd make a few hot pornos titled "Brother gives it to his sister," and people wouldn't know that it was really real." The controller was soaking wet at this point, juices running down it onto the bed sheets. Moans and groans were coming from the girl, heavy with lust.

With how fast she was humping the controller, she was pulling her nipples tightly. "Oh, and I'd make sure you'd walk around with a load of his cum in your pussy and ass all day, every day." And that was enough to make the girl cum, moaning as she squirted onto the controller and bed sheets.

Her master watched silently as she milked the last of her orgasm by rubbing her clit on the controller. Finally she was finished and waited quietly, panting. "Good job slut, you managed to cum thinking about fucking your brother and without getting caught!

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It's time for you to go now." "Thank you master for letting me cum," the girl responded before realizing that to get free she would have to painfully pull her nipples from the clamps that were on her. Gritting her teeth, she leaned forward suddenly.


Unfortunately for her, both clamps got stuck on a tiny bit of flesh, hurting her even further. She jiggled till one was free, then the other. Now free, she ran to her room with her cuffed hands to un-cuff them before running back to clean up and grab her things. Her master had a last few words before leaving her for the day.

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"Leave the writing on you all day, and every hour I want a picture of all of the following: your pussy lips, your clit, your hole with your brush handle shoved all the way in, your asshole with your brush handle shoved all the way in, and your tits with a clamp on each nipple.

And if I text you back in that hour, I want you to strip completely, put the clamps on your nipples, and send me a video of you fucking yourself to an orgasm with your hairbrush." With that, he signed off.

She had a few things to do today as it was already noon, so she packed her things into a small purse before putting on a skirt with no panties and a t-shirt for ease of access for her pictures and video.

Then she left to go to the grocery store. By the time she was back in her car it almost an hour, but she didn't have time to get back home, so she stopped at a nearby fast food place and went to the bathroom. Locking the stall door at the farthest end of the bathroom, she quickly rolled up her skirt and pushed her t-shirt and bra up as well.

The clamps went on first, painfully pinching her sensitive flesh, turning it red.

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Then she took out her hairbrush and began teasing her pussy till it was wet enough to slide the handle into. She took out her phone and took a picture of her tits, her stuffed pussy, and her clit. Then the wet handle slid out of her pussy and she bent over a little to tease her puckered hole open. It took some time as she didn't have any lube on her, but with the help of her pussy juices she was able to shove the handle inside.

Then she took the last picture and sent them all to her master. To be continued.