Sex teen gay hidden cam first time Casper And His Perfect Cock

Sex teen gay hidden cam first time Casper And His Perfect Cock
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"Jon, come here," my sister whispered through her door as I walked back to my room from a late night bathroom visit. "What do you want Ashley? It's late, I'm tired from my game, I'm going to sleep." "Lay down in here," she said, "we're watching a movie." "Do you have the AC on?" I asked. "If not I'm just laying down in my room." Ashley's room was the only room in the house besides the living room that had air conditioning, and boy was it hot.

"I'll turn it on," she said, and I followed. She stepped aside as I walked into her room, seeing her friend Sara sitting indian-style on the edge of the bed. I laid on my back, taking up most of the bed.

I started nudging Sara off the bed. "Jon!" she whined. "I'm just messing around, JJEEEEZZ!," I said sarcastically. Sara smiled but paid no attention, she seemed to be focused on the movie they were watching, the Lion King or something I'm sure. Sara was over at my sister's a lot, and I liked to mess around with her.

She was the type of girl you could poke fun at her and she wouldn't take it the wrong way. Ashley and Sara were both in the 8th grade, and they were the so-called "popular" girls at school.

The ones that got all the guys and brought down all the drama. That's the reason it was so fun to be around them sometimes, it was like being in a completely different world.

I'm a senior in high school, so I didn't really know anyone in the 8th grade except for my sister and her friends. It made my sister mad sometimes because her friends tended to like me more than her on occasions, but that doesn't matter. I pretended to be sleeping for a minute, then peeked a look at Sara's body.

I felt like a pervert looking at a 13 year old, but with all the makeup and what she was wearing you'd think she was 18.

The first thing I noticed on Sara immediately was the dark rings around her eyes, the bright red blush on her pale face and the light pink lipstick she applied clumsily. She had wavy, dirty blonde hair that she let fall straight down past her shoulders, and brown eyes. She had a slender body, but had very sexy curves to her. B sized breasts that were extremely perky, a nice firm ass by the looks of it.

She had on a tight, yellow shirt that looked three sizes too small for her, what looked like a push-up bra underneath, and a pair of turquoise gym pants that wouldn't pass any school's dress code on the face of the earth. I was still staring at her when I saw her head cock to the side and look at my sister.

Through slanted eyes I could see her, completely silent, talking in some sort of girl code with my sister. It consisted of some confused looks, some moving her lips without speaking, and giggling. I saw her glance down at me, then glance back at my sister. "Jon," my sister said. I almost jumped three feet in the air but luckily kept my composure. "Are you still awake?" "Yeah, what do you want?" I said in a tired sounding voice, not even opening my eyes as I spoke.

"Sara wants to ask you something." "No I don't!" Sara said, sounding offended. "Yes you do!" Ashley retorted and burst into giggles. I opened my eyes and looked over at Sara, " Sara, just ask me." She looked down at me, her lip quivering almost as if she were about to smile.

"Well," she said, "I'm dating this guy in the 10th grade, and. well. We were talking on myspace and I could tell he was hinting at wanting me to have sex with him, but I don't want to. So he asked me if I'd give him a blowjob and I said yes, then told him I had to get off the computer before my mom got home." She paused for a moment. "Okay. and???" "What do you mean aanndd? What the hell is a blowjob!?" "Hahaha!

No Way!" "What, I'm serious," she said, looking back down at me with a serious expression. "I know it has to do with the penis but, like, do you really bbllooww on it? That sounds stupid." "Of course you don't blow on it!" I said, suprised they were really that dumb.

"Well what do you do?" My heart started pounding once I realized what kind of opportunity I had here. Sara wants me to explain to her what a blowjob is? Well, maybe it's a little hard to just tteellll her what it is. "Well," I said, making as if I was searching for words, "I dunno, it's kind of hard to explain." "So what do you do!?" "Well, you just take it out, stroke it for a minute till it gets big, put it in your mouth and move your lips up and down.

You gotta use your tongue a lot and maybe suck on the balls a little bit, he'll love that. Then when he starts shooting, you gotta make sure you swallow all of it." "What do you mean, 'till it gets big'? And put it in my mouth? Balls? Shooting what? And. swallow???" "Once you see it, you'll know what to do with it," I laughed, knowing I was right, then laid my head back and closed my eyes again, waiting for her to ask the prodding question. "Jon, can I like, I dunno. Can I maybe try it on you first then do him later?

I don't wanna mess it up when I do it on him." "Do you remember the steps I told you?" "Umm," she said, looking over at my sister for her help. I was paying no attention to my sister, but it seemed as if either knew. "Take it out and stroke it--" "Till it gets big," she finished it for me. She started fumbling with the button on my pants. Up until this point, I had managed not to pop a boner, but it was happening now.

My cock was rock hard within seconds of her touching my pants, shooting down my left pantleg. She got the button undone and slowly slid my zipper down. I could feel my cock throbbing. "Here," I said, bucking my hips and pulling my pants down to my ankles and kicking them to the floor, "That makes it a little easier for you." She hooked her tiny, warm hands into the top of my underwear and pulled them down to my knees with one swift movement, exposing my rock hard penis.

When it was free of the underwear it flung up to my belly button, pointing straight up at me. I was rroocckk hard, reaching nearly nine inches. "Now grab it and move your hand up and down." She obeyed almost instantly, wrapping her hand around my thick man sausage. Her fingers could barely touch around my shaft.

She held the skin tightly and started jerking it up and down. I grabbed her wrist and she jumped, looking up at me but holding on to my manhood. I started moving my hand up and down which, in turn, moved her own hand up and down at the exact pace I liked. "Just like that, Ohhh yeah he'll like that.

I laid my head back, looking straight up. Through the corner of my eye I could see Sara glance over at my sister like a girl in gym class that didn't want to participate but did.

Her hand was not stroking up and down my shaft like a champ. She looked down interestedly. "Now you gotta put it in your mouth. When you go down, keep your mouth open and go down as far as you can. The farther down you go, the more he'll like it.

Then when you come up you gotta lock your lips around tight and suck hard. And use your tongue on the bottom." "What!?" she said, astounded. "Wait, repeat that again." "First, move between my legs.

That will be easier to show you." I spread my legs a little and her tiny body more than fit between them as she scampered across the bed. "Now grab it and move your head close.

I'm gonna move your head for you and show you how." She grabbed my cock at the base and lifted it up. She was on her knees between my legs, hovering her mouth over my cock which was pointed straight into it.

I took one hand and grabbed the back of her head.

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"Now open," I said. She did instantly, at which point I started pulling her head down onto my cock. She did as I said and kept her mouth open wide, tongue flat in her mouth. When the head of my penis first entered her mouth it was like putting it in an oven. Her mouth was fiery hot, and her tongue felt amazing licking back and forth on the bottom, just like I told her. When I got three or so inches of my manhood in her mouth I laid my head back, still holding her head down firmly.

She made a loud "Mmm" sound and her eyes got wide.


She tried jerking her head back, but my hand held her down firmly. "Close your lips around it," I said to her like a teacher says to a student. She obediently locked her lips around it. I started easing her head off my cock, but not completely out. I pulled it out slowly, letting the massive head of my penis rest in her mouth as she eagerly sucked it.

I kept my hand on her head and started sliding my cock slowly in and out of her wet, fiery orfice. Each time I pushed her head down she opened her mouth wide. Even though she was only able to take three of my nine inches of cock I was packing, my cock felt amazing bottoming-out in her mouth. When it hit bottom she would close her lips around tightly as I pulled her off.

I could feel all the lipstick she was wearing, her lips smearing it up and down my cock. It kept her lips stuck onto my cock like glue.

I was pplluunnggiinngg it into her throat for heaven's sake. I felt the head of my penis hit the back of her throat again and again, begging for the other six inches to be let in, but she wasn't having it.

Her mouth was just simply too tight. After about 30 seconds of constantly prodding my dick in and out of her mouth, I pulled her head off, letting my dick fall to my stomache with a pop. When it landed it splattered some spit on my stomache because it was so wet with her saliva.

I lead her head down, below my penis. "Suck on the balls remember?" I asked. Even if she didn't remember, even if she didn't want to. my balls were going in her mouth. Luckily she seemed pretty eager to try. She gazed down at my nuts. She lowered her head, mouth wide, and sucked one into her mouth.

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"Oohh," I moaned. It felt, for lack of better words, amazing. I think the only person that loved it more was her. She was sucking it like a champ.

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She had the entire nut in her mouth, and was licking her tongue on the bottom. Then she'd suck it in and out of her mouth and lick it before sucking it back in.

Sara looked up at me with loving eyes. She definitely was loving this more than I was, and I was loving it a lot. As she looked at me I said, "The balls are extra, use it to your advantage. Put his balls in your mouth, he'll do anything you want." "Mmm," she said, my nut still in her mouth.

She slid it out, which felt amazing. She sucked the other nut in her mouth and I gave out a loud moan of approval. I looked over at my sister, which until now I had forgotten. To my suprise, she was staring down at my cock. She wasn't looking at what her friend was doing, she was staring straight down at my cock. "So." she said, speaking for the first time in a while, "when she's sucking on tthhoossee," she looked down at her friend and back up at my penis, "you don't like, stroke it or anything?

I mean, wouldn't it feel twice as good." "Well, honestly I'd like a mouth around my balls and my penis, but Sara only has one." When I said this I could feel Sara, still sucking on my nuts, giggle a little with my sack still filling her mouth. "Well, I mean. I dunno." she trailed off. "I might as well do ssoommeetthhinngg. I'm just sitting here so I guess, I dunno, if it's okay with you, that is.

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Maybe I should try too. You can teach me aanndd sara." There it was, she finally said it. I tossed it over in my mind for a moment.

So my sister wants me to teach her to suck cock. It's wrong in 30 different ways, and I could probably go to jail as it is, but then I really thought about it. Say someday I go to jail for something ssttuuppiidd. I'm gonna sit in my jail cell and think to myself, 'Yeah, I remember when my sister and her friend wanted to suck my cock. Her friend already was sucking it, was sucking on my nuts, matter of fact.

Then my sister asked me if she could suck it too and I told her no.' Then I hang myself by my shoe laces. This thought brought me back to reality. "You remember the steps?" She immediately shifted her weight onto one hand and with the other she grabbed a hold.

By this time Sara's saliva had dried up, so when she grabbed it it was a whole new feeling. She started stroking it up and down at about the same pace Sara did. She had learned well. "Move over, Sara," she said, and started moving between my legs to be beside her friend. Sara popped my nut out of her mouth.

"Oohh," I moaned. When she slid my nut out of her mouth she sucked hard and sent shocks through my entire body. "Hehe, this is easy Ash." "Then move over," Ashley said, laying on her stomache next to her friend, between her big brothers legs.

She grabbed a hold of my cock again and started stroking. I looked down at my sister and I don't know if it was the situation that was happening, but she looked sexy.

Ashley was the same exact build as Sara, except she had dark hair. She was pale but was the kind of girl that still looked good rocking the pale look.

She had on a grey shirt with some crazy red and black design on the front, and a black skirt. Her shirt came up well past her belly botton. Night shirt my ass, these girls are askin to be fucked. To top it all off she had on just as much lipstick as her friend, if not more, only hers was a shade redder.


"Show me with your hand," she spoke and as she did, I still couldn't believe it. Despite my paralysis I managed to shake an arm loose and grab my sister's head.

She scooted more onto my right leg, sort of straddling it to get a better angle at my cock. Sara saw this and did the same. Still holding my sister's head, feeling the softness of her hair, I pushed her down. She, following her friend's example, opened her mouth wide. I led her lips around my cock like playing the ring toss at the fair and boy was I a winner. Somehow, my sister's mouth was a little bit smaller, because when my cock slid in, even with her mouth wide I could feel her teeth scraping along the shaft.

Despite my initial thoughts, this too felt extremely amazing.


My sister's throat was also deeper than her friend's. I pushed her down almost four inches before she started gagging and I had to let up. I let her come out all the way off my cock. She closed her mouth and swallowed, looking back up to me for approval. She opened her mouth again and again I poked her face onto my cock. This time she did not gag. I got my cock back in the four inches and didn't push it. When I started pulling it out she locked her lips around tightly and smeared lipstick all the way back to the tip of my dick.

I pushed in again, still not pushing the limits of her gag reflex, and again I pulled out, her lips glued to my shaft. I got into a good rhythm of in and out of my sister's mouth.

I could tell she was running out of breath so I let go of her head and she quickly retreated off of it. I grabbed Sara by the bangs and pulled her head down on my cock.

When her lips slid around my shaft I moaned, marvelling at how different both of their mouths felt. "Balls, Ashley, you wanted to practice," I told her. She looked nervously at my balls from only a foot or so away. She lowered her head and licked my sack all the up until she was licking my shaft. Then she opened her mouth and sucked, pulling one of my nuts into her mouth. She closed her mouth around my nut and sucked.

Boy was her mouth filled to the brim. She wiggled her tongue around, which caused me to moan once more. Without even thinking about it I grab Sara's head and impaled her down on my cock.

I felt my cock slide in the same three inches as before, then hit a brick wall that was her throat. How did she even manage to eat with a throat that small? I thought to myself. "Ashley, come here," I told her, "since there's two of you now things gotta go a little different.

Usually one girl holds it while the other one sucks it." "I'll suck, Ashley you hold." "Alright," Ashley said, and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock. She bent it forward with her hand so it was pointing directly at my sister. She leaned her head forward on her own accord this time, and licked the very tip of my cock.

My penis jerked so hard I thought I might fly off the bed. They both started giggling for a second, but continued eagerly. Sara kept a firm grip on my cock as my sister seemingly kissed the tip of my cock, then from that kiss sucked the head of my penis into her mouth. She started sucking the head in and out, then slid her lips down over the shaft. Her head descended down my cock about half way, feeling the limits of her mouth being tested, and then she slid back down. When she came up she wiggled her tongue back and forth on my shaft which almost had me curled up like a baby.

She opened her mouth wide and shoved her head down again, locking her lips at her limit and sliding them back up. She did this a few more times, then slid her mouth off my cock and backing away. A thin wire of spit hung from her mouth to my cock.

Sara held my cock for a moment before leaning her own head forward, taking over where my sister left off. She flicked her tongue up and down the bottom of my shaft, bringing something to the table my sister hadn't. When she put my cock into her mouth and started sucking it up and down she removed her hand.

My sister siezed the opportunity to grab a hold and start jerking. It was amazing because Sara couldn't suck that much, so my sister was free to give me a pretty mean stroke session while her friend did work. Sara only sucked it for about 20 seconds before passing it back to her friend.

My sister removed her hand and Sara grabbed it. When her friend had a firm grip she took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue back and forth as she did before.

Before she did anything else she popped my cock out of her mouth. "Help me get it all in," she said, looking up at me. "Are you serious? It might be pretty hard Ash," I said back to her, knowing already that she was determined to do it. She just had that look about her.

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"I think if you just pull my head down it will slide right in. I just can't use my neck and relax it at the same time, you know what I mean?" I grabbed her head, letting her know silently that I knew exactly what she meant.

Her friend let go of my cock and watched anxiously, so with my free hand I grabbed it and aimed it towards my sister's mouth. I pulled her head forward until her lips wrapped around my cock.

I let go of my penis now that her lips were glued tightly around it. I put my second hand on her head. My sister looked directly into my eyes as I pushed her head down. When she got half way in, I pulled out, then put it in, then pulled out. The third time I put it in, I didn't stop. I kept pushing my rod into her, and to my disbelief, my nine inch cock slowly but surely disappeared into her mouth.

"Ohhh. my. ggooooddddd." I moaned loudly the second my sister closed her lips around the base of my cock. I looked down at my sister, her mouth and eyes wide, my hands on her head.

The angle of my cock was crazy. It was bent so far into her throat it had to be pointing down towards the bed. I started pulling her head off, watching her lips slide up my shaft, my cock glistening with slick spit. I retreated to about half way before jamming it back in her throat.

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I could hear her trying to breathe through her nose and mouth, but it just wasn't happening. Despite my sister's apparent struggle I retreated my cock again, and pounded it in a third time, this time looking up at the ceiling as I moaned. I let go of my sister's hair and she flung her head off my cock, gasping for air. Sara looked amazed. "Do me now!" she said, and without warning I siezed a handful of hair.

She didn't even look suprised, she looked almost happy as I guided my cock into her mouth. I siezed her hair in both hands and impaled her onto my cock. I hit the brick wall, determined this time to gain some ground into her throat. I felt the squishy head of my penis start to bend downward, but before I could jam it in any farther she gagged, and I pulled out just in time for her to give out a loud burp.

She swallowed hard and grabbed my cock. Still holding her hair in both hands I pulled her head down as she guided it in for a fieldgoal. I started jamming it into her throat. I successfully jammed about one more inch into her throat. I started fucking her face incredibly hard. I locked my fingers around the back of her head and was bucking my hips, slamming my cock into her throat.

All I could see was Sara looking up at me, her mouth wide open and filled with cock. Her lipstick was smeared all around her lips, and even her eyeliner was somewhat smeared. "I'm gonna cum," I told them both, watching their confused expressions. "What do we do?" my sister asked, speaking for her and her friend who currently had a mouth full of cock. "Well, I'm gonna shoot some stuff out. actually, here." I stood up from the bed and onto my feet for the first time since I had laid down.

I moved around to the right side of the bed, the one my sister was on. Ashley, laying on her stomache, moved 90º sideways so she was now facing my cock directly. Sara quickly moved to Ashley's side, also on her stomache.

They both rested on their elbows and looked up at me. "Keep your heads close together and when I cum, I'll give you both some. They both scooted shoulder to shoulder. I grabbed Sara's head and she immediately opened her mouth. I guided it forward until it wrapped around my cock, then started pushing it in and out of her mouth.

With my left hand I grabbed some of my sister's hair, and once I had a good grip on her I traded mouths, taking it from Sara's and putting it in my sister's She was a lot more fun to work with.

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I could pump almost the entire length into her mouth. I would slowly push my cock in her throat until her teeth were wrapped around the thick base of my penis. Then I'd pull out, feeling her warm lips and tongue massaging my penis. My balls started tingling like before: this was it. I was going to blow. "I'm gonna cum," I said between breaths, "you're first Sara are you. ready. ohhhh." Still holding Sara's head I pulled her hair harder than I had done previously, but before I could get it in her mouth, a spurt came out of my cock.

Because it was moving towards her mouth so fast, the forward momentum shot my load out all the way to her open mouth. I could see a thick line of cum streak across her mouth, more than half the load landing on her tongue. Before she had time to react my cock was in her mouth. I started violently pumping it in and out, shooting load after load in the back of her mouth. I pulled it out and pulled my sister's head foward.

A spurt shot out on this transfer too, but this one landed on her chin and down her shirt. When my cock entered Ashley's mouth, a soon as her lips touched my cock basically, my cock jerked hard and shot a mega load in her mouth. I could feel her lips wrapped tight around my shaft, sucking like a baby does a bottle of formula.

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I shoved my cock balls deep in my sister's throat, a lot faster than I had done before. I started pumping my cock furiously in her mouth.

I didn't care if I shot it in her mouth or directly in her stomache. I pulled my cock out and started stroking. Sara and Ashley moved their faces together. Their mouths were open, and they were so close that their lips were touching and their mouths made a figure 8.

I stared down at them both, staring back down at me, and shot a couple smaller, less explosive loads. They dripped from the end of my dick down onto a set of smeared lipstick lips. I could see cum already inside their mouths, waiting to be swallowed. After I shot my last couple loads, and their mouths were filled, I kept stroking my cock up and down.

I looked down at them and said, "Now swallow." They kind of looked at eachother. They both had very strange expressions. You could tell they were tasting my cum and better yet, you could tell they weren't hating it. My sister was the first to give. She closed her lips and swallowed like a nervous girl before a speech. She kept her eyes on her friend as she did. Sara, realizing she was on the spot, closed her lips and swallowed hard, less nervously since her friend had done it.

"Thanks Jon," Sara said looking up at me. She reached her hand up to her face and started pushing the cum that was around her mouth, into it. I watched her swallow, about ready to instantly blow another load right there. "Yeah, thanks bro," my sister said, smiling and looking up at me.