Hot brunette with pink panties

Hot brunette with pink panties
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Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 5, Complicated Caring (Introduction: if you have read parts 1-4, you will know the people involved: a husband back working in the country he loves and where his grown-up 17y.o. step-daughter from a previous marriage has arranged for her 'daddy' to be taken care of by others during her school semesters back in her adopted Australia, where she lives with her mother, the ex-wife.

I am flying back to my home in the south, to my H.O., after days away and more sex and love-making, courtesy of Liem's younger sister, also a virgin and wondering at the next stage to come in the care given to me…but getting complicated with new women ever appearing and Love feelings being introduced&hellip.) The flight south gave me a chance to doze, declining lunch, and to put my notes together for my report back at my office late in the afternoon.

Long found me at the exit gate of the airport and we headed straight for work, where my manager congratulated me on the success of the past two days, the new client having already transferred their advance money to our bank account, signifying the sincerity of the deal.

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We only met for a few minutes as he was taking off for the weekend to take his family away to the seaside. He told me to go home now, it was after 4pm, but said he needed me to come to the office tomorrow morning the office manager would open up, but he wanted me, as next in charge, to go there for five minutes but only to check things and close up and send everyone home early, say mid-morning, an appreciative gesture the staff would enjoy.

I found Long and told him we'd go home, and he could also be home early, just needing him, sorry, in the morning for an hour about 10.00 at my house. He was quite happy, as any work meant salary. Happily unlocking my own front gate and door, I opened the windows wide to let some air circulate, stripped my clothes off and found a pair of shorts, and then unpacked my bag, carefully placing the folded up clothes on the table for Mrs.

Phung to hang up tomorrow, and checking my toilet bag and other items I already had ready in my bag for the next trip, replacing toothbrushes, shampoo etc as necessary. Now I could sit and relax, after getting a beer from the fridge and finding the TV remote, clicking it on and the Sat-TV, hoping to get BBC news next.

My mobile rang. I debated, but answered, and it was Trinh (the newly-returned cousin of my ex-wife, a lesbian until she chose me to take her virginity in a new way.) "How was your trip? What have you planned for dinner, Mr. Steve?" "Hi Trinh, trip was very good, but I am just home and haven't even thought about dinner…" She didn't even listen to me, "I'll pick you up in an hour: Kim wants you to bring the photos and meet her at her friend's restaurant she said you know where it is, right?" "Yes, I know, but Trinh I am really tired…" "Ok, one hour, I'll come on my bike and we can go; missed you, Mr.

Steve." She was gone, and I was entrapped yet again. I sat back down, had five minutes relaxation, missed the hourly news, put my bag in its place in the alcove under the stairs, and traipsed upstairs to shower and get ready.

Sometimes I would like to be alone, take care of myself. I needed talk to Yen, soon. Trinh arrived, amazingly for a woman here in Vietnam, on time, and she only stopped long enough to ask if I had the photos, then said "Hop on" and we were off. I only had time to see her short black skirt and designer-looking t-shirt amplifying her attributes, and then I was holding her waist as we zoomed off to my directions.

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Nothing is very far in this central part of the city, so we were soon parking the bike and walking in; Phung met us, I introduced Trinh, and we headed to the normal rear corner, secluded table, where Kim oh,oh, and Ping, were waiting. Trinh and Kim hugged and kissed, on lips I noticed, and Trinh sat next to Kim, looking across the table at Ping, and Kim introduced them; Trinh said "Oh, Yen has told me all about you; I am so happy to meet you Ping." She turned to Kim to converse, Phung arrived with my beer at least, and I turned to say hello to Ping, who said "I missed you" in a whisper through lips touching me on the cheek; I wondered how Ping was, as last time she had become teary and serious about loving me, complicating matters.

I glanced at Trinh and noted her watching. A man could get in big trouble being out with so many inter-connected women, I thought scarily, and resolved to have a drink as the safest way out of everything! The girls ordered drinks: Ping a cocktail; followed by Trinh the same, while Kim sat on water, and I let them decide on the food dishes they wanted.

I looked at them all: Kim, the stunning older-young aunty, who preferred women, but was bi; Trinh equally stunning, perhaps even more glamorous, and of course younger, previously preferring women, but now…not sure since I had been her first man; and Ping, as young as Trinh, shorter, but as beautiful, and natural make-up free beauty at that, and certainly a man-lover: me at present, as much as I tried to dissuade her.

I was in a heap of trouble, I knew it. I ordered another bottle from Phung, who had been hovering at our table, perhaps concerned by Trinh's presence. Kim asked for the photos and I handed her the plastic bag of folders and she and Trinh, and Phung when she came back, began studying them anew. When Trinh saw Tuan's very model-posed ones I had taken, she complimented me; and then Trinh looked up at Ping when she came to the three-in-bed shots, smiling sweetly, asking "Whose bed was it?" Ping replied immediately: "Everybody shared everything", and Trinh turned to look at me.

I lifted my beer to my mouth and drank. Kim interrupted the slight tension to announce "Steve is going to shoot me and Phung we'll start tomorrow at lunch, and I am sure he would like to take some of you girls too, right Steve?" I nodded, remembering I hadn't yet bought new film, and scribbled a note on a piece of paper to go and buy in the morning.

I decided I could either buy one roll of 12, and tell the girls there was a film shortage in the whole city, or give in and buy at least 4 x 36 and suffer through a long afternoon; at least I could be true to my dictum of 'no flash photos' and be finished before darkness set in. Lucky I was off for the morning; I hoped to sleep in and store up some energy. I also scribbled on the note to remember to send the copies of some photos to Liem in the inter-office mail so she and Tuan could enjoy them.

Food came and I gathered the photo folders, though Ping wanted to look at some again: specifically herself, the very first ones I had taken of her when she first came to my house, and indeed she was a picture of beauty. She looked at them, then smiled at me "yes, I did look ok, didn't I, Mr. Steve?" "You sure did, Ping; I need to give you some of these as well as Liem, so remind me later." I responded, taking the folder from her and putting the whole bag under my chair safely out of view and out of memory I hoped.

The girls decided food was more important and attacked the dishes, Ping making sure she was first to place something from a dish in my bowl, and then adding another from another dish as soon as I ate the first.

Soon, I was sufficiently full, and I stopped her adding more, failing to note Trinh leaning across to put some prawns in my bowl, saying as she did "I promised Yen I would take care of you, Mr. Steve; you must eat these!" "Oh, Trinh, I am full; ok, I will peel them, just as I do for Yen: one for you, one for Ping, and I will eat the last one, unless you want it Kim?" Kim shook her head, she had her own, so I peeled and transferred one by chop sticks to each, and then quickly decided I needed to go to the rest-room and wash my hands.

Whew, I was hot on my brow as I strode away. Finished, having thrown some water on my face and neck, I exited to find Ping standing, waiting; "Can I take you home later, Mr.

Steve; I need to see you?" It was a pleading, and I couldn't say 'no', so I told her I had to go and buy some film and since she knew where my photo shop is, she could take me there on the way. She smiled in relief, and went into the Ladies' room as I headed back to the table, noting for the first time that Ping was dressed in tight jeans and a white t-shirt, and looked incredibly sexy.

'Not now!' I admonished myself, smiling at Trinh and Kim as I sat, picking up my beer. I had eaten my fill, but the girls were still picking at remaining dishes and Kim and Trinh were engrossed in catching up on family news; I drank, and when Ping returned, she offered to take me home if I was ready, as she was ready to go. I accepted, telling the others to keep talking, as I knew it all already, and I was tired from my trip and ready to go to bed, ah sleep I corrected quickly.

I gave Kim some money to pay the bill, but Trinh said she would share, so Kim said she would work it out and pay me back tomorrow at lunch.

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We agreed to join up sometime after mid-day, though I didn't say I was not working in the morning, and we bade farewells, Trinh looking carefully at me as I smiled at her, tiredly no acting. I picked up the bag of photos, but Trinh asked to hang on to them and give them back tomorrow. I hopped on the back of Ping's bike, and we headed for the photo shop, but we were a little too late and it was closed; have to buy them in the morning.

Ping headed for my house, and I laid my head against her back and held on to her waist in case I fell asleep. Ping drove with one hand and held my arm with the other, but it wasn't too far and she steered to my gate. She asked if she could shower: fine, so she wheeled her bike into the courtyard while I opened the door, absently noting she locked the gate.

I turned on lights, told Ping she could have upstairs and I managed to shower downstairs; gosh, I was tired suddenly. Finished, gargled, and throwing my clothes in the basket, I knew what to expect, so I locked the door, turned off lights and went upstairs. Ping wasn't finished, but she faced me for a moment, the water cascading down her body she was voluptuous like that, and I even managed to frame a photo of her with my hands, getting a big smile in response, and I said "Let's go to sleep, Ping" and I pulled the quilt down and fell on the bed.

I heard the water turn off, was aware when she slid in with me and snuggled up close; she cuddled me and kissed me 'good night Mr. Steve' and we went to sleep with her hand holding mine to her breast. I woke, glanced at the clock, 07.30; what a good sleep, I felt recovered; then I felt for Ping, but she was gone. Gosh, a night without sex of any kind was a rare event these days, but I hoped Ping was ok. I rose, smoothed the bed and folded the quilt, opened the blinds and window for fresh air, a/c off, and I washed and threw on shorts and went downstairs, opening blinds and doors and windows, retrieving my English-language newspaper from under the gate where it was put every day.

There was a note on my whiteboard in the kitchen: 'go markets, luv u!' I rubbed it off, substituting a note to get back to giving Ping English lessons again, and then phoned Ping's mobile and said good morning and since she was out, all I needed was films did she have enough money to buy for me please.

She said she did and would be home not 'back', but 'home' later to prepare for lunch. I phoned my beer agent and ordered cases of beer, and some soft drinks, for delivery later, then made my coffee and sat out in the courtyard with my paper, after putting a CD in the stereo. What a nice morning, and I only had to pop in to the office later when Long arrived, and I would be quickly home.

The drinks arrived, I paid, and was stacking the fridge when Ping returned, loaded with bags of vegetables and lord knows what; I helped her carry it all in, and she complained there was not enough room in the fridge, so I took out one cold can, and laughed as I withdrew back to the courtyard.

She called out "Why aren't you at work?" "Only have to go and close up later, otherwise boss gave me the morning off." Finishing that beer, I poked my head around the corner of the kitchen; she was in a mess of preparation well, to me it looked like a mess, but she was humming quietly and seemed in total control. I kissed her cheek as I took another beer, filled up any empty space in the fridge with new, warm beer, and slunk out.

She called me back and threw my films at me softly, and I went for money to repay her. Changed into casual shorts and shirt, and sat with my beer until Long arrived: it was 10.00. The workers were more than happy when I pronounced work finished, courtesy of the boss, checked my emails, and locked up and home within the hour, sending Long off, though saying maybe I would need him for a day out tomorrow, Sunday, so I would phone him.

Ping seemed well-organised, but I was surprised how many pots and pans there were I remarked on it and Ping laughed "You you don't have much of anything; I borrowed most of these from your neighbor, and had to go buy sauces and spices, salt…how do you live without these things?" "By not cooking" I replied, "I used to be alone, and I eat out; there is coffee and sugar and milk, and beer what else would I need?" "Well, now you are not alone, Mr.

Steve; you need these things in a home, so I will take care of it next week." Oh dear, things were getting out of control, but she was so happy, now was definitely not the time for a serious conversation. Then she added "That's why we just slept last night, and it was so, so nice; I need you to know it is not for sex, not only, I feel like I do for you, Mr.

Steve." I had no response, only a lot of concerns, so I left her to it, grabbed a beer, and read the emails I had printed out at the office; nothing of immediate importance, so I put them in my briefcase, just as the trio of Kim, Phung and Trinh arrived, parking their bikes in the courtyard but away from the flowers which would be a spot for photos later. They filed in to the house, greetings and laughter all around, and Kim began unloading bowls and other items and offered to help Ping in the kitchen, while I found glasses see I did have some things of my own, I thought smugly, but then I thought of plates and had to ask Ping if I had enough; she smiled indulgently here I am thirty years her senior and she, and all others, and certainly not least Yen, treat me like a baby who needs, well, taking care of, so maybe they were right "Yes, Mr.

Steve, you do at least have some plates and glasses, spoons and forks but see, I even had to ask Kim to bring bowls with her!" I sulked out to their laughter, hearing Ping regale Kim of how she had to borrow and buy everything else, but no stealing yet!

Trinh and Phung were sitting on the sofa, so I took the chair, and let them choose what they wanted on TV, while asking what they wanted to drink: both chose beer, so I took them from the fridge, told Kim and Ping to help themselves and they declined as five minutes more they'd be finished and we could all relax then until we wanted to eat.

I thanked Ping for doing it all, and she smiled happily at the compliment, then threw a towel at me when I asked Kim if the food looked edible and should I call the doctor now or wait? I retreated, but turned back to ponder suggesting to Ping she might want to shower and dress up to compete with the others for photos but that is hardly what a gentleman could say, so I didn't.

What I did now take note of was the dress and beauty of the other three, whereas Ping had been working and naturally was dressed for market shopping. Kim had a pink spaghetti-strap top on, and must have worn the thinnest of bras covering her breasts, large as they were I knew, as her nipples were poking the front of her top a good 1cm out; she had a tight, black cotton skirt which ended above knees, leaving her legs attractively bare.

No-one had shoes on in the house, of course, but when I left the kitchen with the beers, I noted three pairs of high-heeled shoes out the front door, so they would all look equally taller and statuesque when they wore them. Sitting in my chair after handing the girls their beers and glasses, I studied them; Trinh was the tallest of the group, only slightly less than me, whereas Phung was a definite cute and petite smaller one, and Ping was bigger-breasted and as slim as any man could want.

Trinh had a designer label light blue blouse, original I was sure, perhaps bought in Australia at a hugely inflated price; it was certainly not a size too large, as it hugged her curves and tight waist; additionally, she had the top two buttons undone, showing her cleavage; she matched that with a copy of Kim's tight, black skirt.

Phung was hardly a designer label wearer, not many are, but her spaghetti-strap top in black contrasted with Kim's white, and showed off her smaller breasts quite well enough; her skirt was very short and tight, so she was careful sitting, and this was even more difficult as it was a bright red leather (or faux-leather) colour which helped to attract attention to the short distance between the hem and whatever was hidden slightly higher. I went for a new beer, hot with all this studying, but sure they would all look great in photos.

Ping had left the kitchen and Kim was just getting herself a sprite; she said Ping had gone to shower and change now that the hard work was finished. I took this chance to tell Kim that I was worried Ping was getting too wrapped-up in me, but wasn't sure how to handle it.

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She linked her arm with mine and as we walked back to join the others she said "You know, Steve, you are just too nice to us all; women can't help but love you.

I don't mean you need turn into a 'bad man', no, but treat her gently, but perhaps at a little distance, and just give her some time, she'll understand." She squeezed my arm, then left me to sit on the sofa beside Phung, and I sat in my chair, awaiting Ping, and soon lunch.

I loaded a film into my camera and took some of the girls on the sofa; the light was nice enough here inside, but too bright for any 'glamour' shots outside until later in the afternoon, so I just warmed them up by having them cross their legs to the same side, turn sideways and adjusted my position to shoot them from low down: feet/slim ankles/legs, leading up to their laps hidden from this position, and their breasts and faces above.

I clicked three quickly as they changed expressions, laughing naturally by the third, giving me the much better fourth shot, the fully natural one I wanted.

I told them to pose as they felt, but I wouldn't take any with fingers up in a 'v' sign, and hoped they could feel relaxed enough for easy, not posed, smiles. They arranged themselves in any ways they wanted, becoming more provocative and definitely more sexy, leading to pure naturalness, and then I began clicking, moving around, high up looking down as Kim pulled out the bodice of her shirt for just a peek, lengthways along the sofa as they lay clamped together, faces only as they kissed Phung, in the middle, on either cheek, then both kissing her mouth from each side.

Then I stopped; this is degenerating into an orgy and we haven't even eaten lunch! And I had grown a huge bulging cock in my pants, and needed sitting down to hide it. I said time for a rest, and asked Phung if she could get more drinks please, and ice; Kim said to Trinh "I think we made Steve a little hot, don't you? Did you see what he is hiding?" "Oh yes, I have seen it before, aunty; he must be rather uncomfortable at the moment, poor man." Luckily, Ping arrived at the same time as Phung from the kitchen; luckily, I wasn't holding a glass or it would have dropped straight from my hand: she was dressed for the competition no doubt!

Tight, red hot pants, slung low on her hips, abdomen flat and bare, and a thin, almost sheer, white tank top; her bra had no shoulder straps, but must have been as thin as Kim's, as Ping's nipples were extended an equal distance. I gasped as she came to sit on the arm of my sofa-chair, crossed one long leg over the other, and asked if we were ready to eat? I was, but it was the dish sitting on the right arm of my chair which appealed most to me, served without dressing but with the natural spices of youth and sex served as hot as possible.

Kim seemed to read my thoughts, "I know what Steve wants to eat, and it's not in the kitchen! Give him that beer Phung quickly, and stop staring at Ping." Indeed, both Trinh and Phung were staring, and I said "Ping, you make the fourth beautiful woman in my house; I am overwhelmed by young, glamorous sexy women today." I looked at the light around her, coming through the open door and windows, stood and laid her across the sofa chair, legs hanging over the side cushion; I picked up my camera, adjusted for the light, and checked the settings; then I clicked a few off, changing positions and satisfied I had captured what I wanted: an object to inspire pure, unbridled lust.

The objective of my lust it seemed by the raging feelings and discomfort in my shorts. I put the lens cover on, and excused myself to the toilet, calming down. When I emerged, all four girls were busy arranging the furniture away and Ping threw down a large, straw floor mat; they carried the dishes of food in and all the plates and utensils, and we settled on the mat on the floor, the typical location for such a meal at home.

My film had finished, so while the girls dished out and settled, I put in a new one, and took just a couple of the spread both the food and the girls, but the light inside was now making it less than ideal for my camera, so I put it away for later, and sat down after replenishing drinks for all. Thankfully, there was no bitchiness; I had feared Trinh and Ping in this regard, but with Kim steering matters in a mature, older aunty-figure way, it continued as a convivial lunch of friends, and with Ping opting for beer also, the three younger girls were soon suitably relaxed.

I was continuously served by everyone, under protest as I had soon had my fill, and leaned back against the chair to take in the scene. Phung was sitting demurely with her legs crossed and tucked beside and behind her; Kim and Trinh sat on their feet tucked under their buttocks, their skirts tight against their thighs, while Ping's pants allowed her to sit however she wanted without fear of eyes peering at her crotch.

I just concentrated on not concentrating on their bodies in order to keep my groin also suitably innocent and made sure by sitting with my feet crossed lotus-style in my lap, bearing weight on my prick.

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The talking and eating continued for ages, one or other resting for a few minutes before starting again; certainly Ping had made plenty, and she was complimented on her abilities in the kitchen. She told of growing up cooking with her Mum, who ran a food stall, so she said it was natural. I had one eye on the clock as 2.30 ticked closer, and about then the girls all patted their stomachs and agreed that was enough; ten minutes later they began clearing everything to the kitchen, and seemed to have worked well together and were all back, settling on the sofa, with Ping taking over my chair while I remained on a cushion on the floor, my back propped against the chair.

The girls were quiet and I knew they would all doze off, just as I turned on the TV for the F1 Grand Prix qualifying session from Malaysia. The girls all groaned, but I halted their protests, telling them this was something I always watched live, they could all be naked and I wouldn't notice they guffawed in disbelief but I told them to have a rest for the hour the TV would have my attention, and then the light would be getting nice and soft for photos outside in the courtyard.

They preened at the idea and settled back, quiet again; Kim was in the middle, and both Trinh and Phung leaned against her, while Ping was behind me, stretched her legs sideways, and ruffled my hair, which I don't enjoy, so I brushed her off and patted her hand to be quiet, as the telecast began. Once I saw that Ferrari had taken pole position, but still confident my favourite McLarens would do better in the race tomorrow, I dozed off myself.

Until I found two bare legs hanging over my shoulders, and a groin sliding forward to the back of my head; "Wake up, sleepy Mr. Steve, its 4.15, time to freshen up and pose for you." Ping leaned way over and kissed the top of my head, her breasts crushed against me also.

She released me as the others also stirred, and began a mad scramble for the bathrooms to freshen up it seemed as they all grabbed handbags except Ping who leisurely headed upstairs, where her makeup and accessories were already from last night; she swaggered her way up the stairs, perhaps needing to dominate the others as they made for the downstairs bathroom, though Phung then changed her mind and ran upstairs, perhaps needing the toilet more than makeup.

I threw some water on my face at the kitchen sink; good enough for me, dried with a tissue, and then made a coffee while waiting for the girls. I took my camera and coffee to the courtyard, bathed in softening late after light on the pots and flowers, yes nice. The girls re-appeared one by one and came out to the courtyard, slipping their shoes on at the door, immediately elevating their height a few extra cms, and all of them, even Phung, seemingly growing longer legs.

What followed was an hour of two films, as I told them to do what they wanted and I would choose when and what I shot, just as long as they remained somewhere around the garden side, though in fact on the third film I decided the setting sun over the wall behind the three motorbikes made them an ideal prop for legs and thighs poses.

Now Trinh decided to show her experience from her studio photographer friend, as she lay back along one bike, propped on the handlebars by an arm, and lifting one foot up to rest on the pillion end of the seat, and lifted her other leg high in the air, daring me to shoot from the end at what would be open thighs under her skirt. I refrained but shot as close to that as I dared, and some more when she swiveled, undoing several more buttons on her blouse, and allowing cleavage to spill out without a bra it would have been her breasts.

Turning to Kim and Phung, they were engaged in some heavy kissing, bodies pressed tightly together, and Kim nipples protruding even more.

I did not focus on their locked lips, but I did on the rest. I turned to look for Ping, and she was just returning from inside; it took a second glance to confirm she had removed her bra and was obligingly rolling her tank top up, leaving only enough to cover her nipples, while I focused on the mounds of her breasts spilling out all around. I looked down: 10 frames left; I made the girls get off the bikes and arranged two bikes in such a position the four girls could sit on the seats facing me, with the yellow afternoon light full upon them softly.

I warned them the film was nearly finished, as I had them cross their legs the same, and had them lean in against each other, tugging Ping's top down a bit more modestly, but allowing the upper parts of her breast mounds to be prominently displayed; in fairness, I re-did one button up on Trinh's blouse, then I re-arranged them with instructions to 'go right ahead, Miss Supermodels, show me what you've got!' Eight frames of opened thighs, pouting, seductive faces, breasts thrust out to the camera, and legs everywhere, and even one of the four, with Trinh laying across the other three with her blouse re-opened I saw in the view finder, one hand grasping Ping's breast and her other groping for both a breast of Kim and Phung, and her leg raised, bent with her foot again resting on the end of the bike.

My camera pinged 'end of film', and I felt like I inhaled for the first time in an hour! "If this was my full-time job, you girls would give me a heart attack! That was fantastic girls, I hope the results show truly how erotic you all looked, and I hope you had fun." The four of them slipped down off the bikes, and all kissed each other after the afternoon's enjoyment, then they came and one by one buried a tongue into my mouth and kissed me 'thanks'.

Someone felt for my groin, and I ran away then, blushing at my hardness. I went inside, put my camera safely on the table and went for my safety net: a beer. The girls took off their shoes and followed, collapsing with giggles and jokes into the sofa and chairs.

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It was a happy occasion all around I decided, and fun to do! Kim said "Now I want bed shots, like Ping and the others!" I gulped, my body wouldn't be able to take the strain; "Sorry, Kim" as I ticked off reasons on my fingers, "no film, light not right, we're all tired; ah, my bed is not big enough and come on girls, you are all so sexy, I can't take any more for one day!

Next time, ok?" I half-laughingly added "Maybe we should go away to a resort for a night next time book a king-sized bedded bungalow…" Trinh replied first "Tonight?" I shook my head "I gave Long the night off, so no car." Ping jumped in "We could go to the resort I work at…" Seizing an opportunity, I said "No, Ping, that's where I took Yen, so that will always be a special place for me and her, understand?" She looked rather crestfallen, and Kim just asked "When and where, we'll be ready, right Phung?" Phung smiled and nodded, as did Trinh and after a moment, so did Ping.

That's settled for the moment; for some time in the future. I needed to clear it with Yen, however. For now, I had four great films, needing to develop. I sat at the table, but took my beer outside to have a cigarette; Trinh joined me, asking for one cigarette, said she had an occasional one but never bought any. Nodding, I lit one for her, her hand holding mine with the lighter as she said "My bed is big enough for two…" and staring straight at me to ensure I got the meaning.

I squeezed her hand, and smiled, but said nothing not sure what to say really, so better keep quiet than say anything to get into further trouble somehow. Ping came outside, "Mr.

Steve, Kim asks if you can get the films developed tonight; I said I would take you on the bike. Phung also suggested tomorrow we could all go to a fishing lake where they have those day-cabins, and maybe take photos there there's one Kim knows not so far and she said it would be perfect; it's Sunday and, if Trinh is free, and Long can work, we could do it all over again, ok?" Trinh agreed readily, but I put on my serious tone to ask Ping "Don't you have study to do tomorrow Ping?" "Just reading notes; I'll take it with me, promise." She smiled, knowing she had won, and Kim and Phung from inside, leaning above our heads at the window, cheered.

I was so malleable in their hands. I removed the final film from my camera, doubting we had time to get them back tonight, but needing to buy more films for tomorrow anyway, grabbed my money and joined Ping already waiting with her bike's engine idling. I slipped on behind and held on as she roared off, knowing the way herself. As I expected, the manager said it was too late to have them ready tonight, but promised tomorrow evening, so I bought five rolls of film he looked at me quizzically, I shrugged my shoulders and smiled and again mentioned the ones he needed to develop were 'private'.

He nodded in understanding, said quietly "You should take up this as a professional job, maybe." I said "My heart couldn't take the excitement!" and he laughed as we left; soon home to find the others preparing to leave. I had a sudden thought of missing the GP race tomorrow at that point, so moaning I rushed into check the TV guide for the time, and decided I could watch the reply later tomorrow evening, when I would definitely be home, in front of the TV.

I told the girls how much I was giving up, just to please them, missing a live F1 GP, and I looked sad as I said "But, I will do it for you ladies." They all sighed in unison in sympathy, came to hug me and give me a kiss good night; Trinh asked Ping if she was going home 'now', and Ping said she wanted to return the dishes and cooking items to the neighbor, checking Kim had her bowls to take home, and she would tidy my kitchen.

Trinh looked at me, smiling in understanding, while I remained mute: my whole life was out of my hands it seemed. I had phoned Long earlier and we agreed he would come about 09.00 so I asked Kim & Phung, and Trinh to be here then, and we would be off.

They said thanks to Ping for her cooking, me for the photos, then the four girls had a secret group discussion, excluding me for some reason, all kissed, and the three went home. Ping did return the borrowed items, and came in to find me catching up on BBC News, and she said quietly "Are you mad if I stay here, Mr.

Steve?" "No, Ping, not at all; I just worry about your feelings and getting you hurt if I can't give you 100% what you deserve. That's what does concern me, truly, Ping; I love you, you are a wonderful young lady, but not in the way I feel I love Yen; do you understand this Ping?" "Yes, Mr.

Steve, I understand, and this is what I agreed with Yen: she is first, I know, so I can be second, right; love you as I do, and you love me as you do." It wasn't a question, totally rhetorical, and she quickly answered herself "There, see, life can go on happily" and she came and kissed me, adding she was going to shower as it had been a long day.

"You did a great job today, Ping, the food was great, and you did so well; I was proud." She beamed and I kissed her cheek, aware of my beer and cigarette breath, but she turned my face and kissed my mouth, saying "I don't mind; to me you smell beautiful." I watched the news finished, closed up the house, noting the kitchen was impeccably tidy and clean, and headed upstairs.

Ping was drying herself in the bathroom, the towel draped really sexily down her body to a photographer's eyes, and I smiled at her. She took the towel away, hanging it on the towel bar, and sauntered her nakedness past me, her eyes beguiling as she looked up at my face with a smile.

I tried to ignore her haughtily, took off my clothes, and took a cooling shower, taking my time to clean my teeth and gargle it's almost a fetish of mine to try and have a fresh breath. I looked in at her in the bed, the table lamp on, so I turned off the main light, closed the bathroom door to keep the a/c air contained, and climbed into bed beside her; she smelled fresh and cool, as I lay beside her, seeking her hand to hold along our bodies.

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She leaned over and kissed me "Yes, now you do smell more beautifully, but I don't mind every way, Mr. Steve" and she kissed me long again.

I rolled and cuddled her, my cock awake and finding her thighs opening; I moved fully on top, slurped my fingers in my mouth to wet them, and slid them to her vagina, finding her wet already, so I opened her with my fingers and positioned myself to enter. Ping moved her hands to my buttocks and gripped them, urging me to come inside; I did, gently and slow, but fully, and she sighed contentedly.

Tonight didn't seem a night for long overtures of love-making, not sure why but something suggested to me Ping wanted to cum and cum as quickly as I could help her. Perhaps the photo session… I withdrew and dug deep in again, and she dug her nails into me my scratches from Tuan had yet to heal fully I thought absently as Ping's nails hurt and then I found a rhythm which seemed to please her and as her moans grew in decibel level, I pounded harder, letting my upper body slide down to hers, freeing my hands to squeeze in and fondle her breasts and hold her nipples; I kissed her harshly, grinding my prick into her and she reached her peak, trilling around my tongue in her mouth, pumping her hips up under me, and truly gouging my buttocks with her nails!

Surprisingly, I didn't cum, so I stretched her channel hard and moved my prick around inside her to give her a little longer climax, an extra thrust then making her shudder and fall back on the bed, and I knew she had climbed the mountain peak and needed descend the other side.

I slowed my motions, pulled her so we were side-by-side and stayed right how I was within: deep and hard. I reached under to curl her body close to me, cupping her breast and kissed her forehead and hair as she burrowed against my neck. "I love you for being Ping, Ping; good night my second 'little one'" using, perhaps unwisely, my pet name for Yen, but in the throes of strong feelings we often speak when perhaps better to shut up. She lifted her head, mouth close to mine and, as I felt the tears drop on me, she said "And I just love you, for being Mr.

Steve: full stop." She kissed me quickly hard, sniffed, clamped her thighs tightly to keep me hard and inside, and we became quiet and eventually slept without further words. During the night I had to slip out of her to go to the toilet, and she moaned in her sleep. I came back to bed and Ping had rolled, so I cuddled her from behind and quickly slept again.

I woke at Ping's movements; it was morning and she needed the toilet. I looked at the clock, almost 08.00, so we had a few minutes when she came back to bed, and we just cuddled 'good morning'.

She said "You didn't finish last night, did you? I know from inside me. Don't I excite you, Mr. Steve?" I squeezed her and smiled "Oh, Ping, you certainly do! If you didn't excite me, how could I get so strong and stay inside you for so long?

Sometimes, I truly want to make you, the Woman, feel very nice and if I am able to do that, it honestly doesn't matter to me if I cum or not. Believe me, Ping, I loved what we did." She kissed my cheek "Now, I need clean my teeth!" I grabbed her head and turned her to kiss her full on the mouth, my tongue searching for hers. "There" I said, "Come on, time for showers and get ready. What are you wearing today?" She said "You go downstairs and I'll surprise you, promise." I finished and made my coffee, cleaning my camera and loading a new film.

Ping re-appeared in a local version of a bikini: almost a strapped t-shirt top and full short-legged pants; not what I had expected certainly. "The others will have surprises too, I think.

Do you like?" Well, not quite what I thought…" I paused as she removed her shorts, beginning to reveal a very different view… "Stop!" I shouted, startling her "pull them up and start again, Ping" as I reached for my camera and steered her to the courtyard, discreetly placing her behind a large tree.

"Now, take them off" and I focused and shot the different styles: outer shorts revealing a bikini revealing much more bare skin on buttocks and equally tiny cover of 'private parts' at the front. Then she reached for her top, and I shot some more as she crossed her hands to raise her t-shirt top up in that peculiarly feminine manner of taking off a shirt, and this revealed more minimal material covering her nipples and little else. I said "Let's go back to bed!" as she re-dressed herself in the original outer clothes.

She laughed and ran to kiss me, "We don't have the time I need, but I'm glad you like it." Her eyes were sparkling as I exclaimed "Ping, 'good' Vietnamese girls don't wear such bikinis!" "You forget I work at a beach resort; 'good' Vietnamese girls see what foreign women wear, even other Asian women, so I decided I could also; when I have time off, I find a quiet part of the beach and I can wear.

You do like, don't you, Mr. Steve?" "Yes, very much, Ping but if the police arrest me today, it will be your fault!" We went back inside to grab some towels, the straw mat, sunscreen and hats; I didn't need swimming trunks no way was I going to be taking photos of these four with just costumes covering me!

I filled an Esky cooler with cold beer, noting we had to buy ice, and took some water and soft drink out as Long pulled up in the car. I checked I had film, cigarettes, house was locked, and Ping and I climbed into the back seat, directing Long to Kim's house, where Trinh said she would meet up also. Kim took over and sat up front directing Long, while Phung and Trinh squeezed in the rear.

It wasn't a long trip, and when we arrived, it was very private, some hectares of private land with fishing ponds, and run by friends of Kim's.

She asked for the most private and isolated cabin and pond, and we found ourselves in a far corner, out of sight of all; we were given some fishing poles and bait, the girls ordered food and ice and we were left alone to setup the floor mat, cushions and a soft quilt to ease the hardness of the floor under the mat; when the food and items returned, Kim asked we be left alone as we wanted to 'talk shop' in private.

No problems said her friend, the owner. Call in need. When we were alone, the four girls and me Long had gone off by himself alone relaxed and they firstly ate, while I wasn't hungry, so I took a beer and ice and studied the surroundings for photo opportunities; the cabin overhung the pond, and there were fish jumping at times.

It was a small pond, narrow, so I walked around the other side to look through my camera back at the cabin verandah; noting the sunlight and shade. Walking back around the pond there were some nice trees and a little grass, but no other people anywhere that I could see.

I rejoined the girls as they were finishing up eating for the moment; Kim said she didn't want a fat stomach to be in any photos! The cabin was roofed but open, so I began with some shots of them sitting on the floor with the food, just to start the mood-creation. Kim and Ping both actually wanted to try fishing, so they squealed and I took shots as they baited hooks with wriggly worms, and tossed the lines into the water.

I whispered to Trinh and she nodded, and I left the cabin, circling around to the side, oblique to the girls on the verandah, close enough for detailed, full-frame shots, but a better light angle. Trinh stepped up behind Ping, and Phung behind Kim, and without the giggling fisherwomen taking notice, they began to shed their outer shorts and tops, while I began shooting, moving, focusing and shooting as they exposed flesh and strings and tiny material coverings similar to Ping earlier.

Trinh was clearly in her element and pirouetted and poses shamelessly, all but baring herself naked for the camera, whereas Phung was much more self-conscious, probably never having worn a bikini before ever.

But she was soon more relaxed and freer with her poses for me. Then Trinh moved to kneel behind Ping, Phung behind Kim, and they brazenly roved hands down the front of the t-shirts of the surprised clothed pair and seductively pulled them up over breasts and off, careful not to lose fishing poles and just as Kim's pole began dipping with a caught fish.

She squealed and jumped up, pulling on the rod, and I shot the excitement and panic as they all shouted and laughed and got in each other's way. Trinh used this moment to squat behind Ping, stare at the lens and pull down her shorts, kissing her way down Ping's back and her buttocks, turning Ping to show me her behind as she did so! My cock jumped, but the next shot finished the film and I had to run back to the cabin, fumbling to change the roll so as not to miss a thing.

I joined them on the verandah now, at the side where the light was behind me, and continued. I had missed Kim's shorts being shed, but managed to catch the fish as she pulled it to the decking, a beaming, almost naked Kim posing with her catch, squatting knees wide open and a clear line of sight to a pussy for my lens. I put the camera down, and gently unhooked the fish and let Kim ease it back over the edge to its freedom in the pond again.

I could feel pre-cum in my underwear, as I hovered on my haunches at the level of four erotically-covered pussies facing me in a line, Ping's with a fishing rod pulled tightly against hers, dripping water to run down her snatch and her legs for all the world looking like a woman oozing out her juices in climax. I sat on my bum and aimed up at abdomens and breasts; thinking to myself I must be getting more professional as I had not yet even stared at their upper bodies: now I did.


Without even faces in view, I knew by the size whose mounds were whose: Trinh smaller than the very large ones of Kim, but slightly bigger than Ping, who in turn was fuller than Phung's. I captured them all, even one with all eight appearing sideways as I lay my head and camera side-on to them.

I motioned them to push their bodies closer together, and they formed a semi-circle, hands on knees, pushing their cleavages in and arms pushing against each other: four women who love being together with their bodies so close was the story the lens showed. I changed angle to their faces, smiling coquettishly; pursing lips, licking lips, changing every moment as I clicked finished another one.

"Rest girls; time for a new film and new beer." We laid the straw mat out and sat there on the decking, having a breather and drinks as I rolled in a new film. My camera was getting a workout these past couple of weeks, and it wasn't over yet. I put another film in my pocket this time, and began shooting them as they sat or reclined, face up, face down; Kim and Phung embraced and I took a few of them which I hoped might catch their closeness and the clear love they obviously felt, but I wouldn't take them kissing mouths to protect them just in case: they'd be in serious trouble if the authorities ever saw that.

I put the camera down, and relaxed for another beer and cigarette, hot here naturally but shaded, and I knew I wanted to take the girls to the trees I had seen earlier, shaded also but good light streaming down through branches to give changing effects, especially with a slight welcoming breeze.

Ping was looking at me, "How are we looking to the camera, Mr. Photographer - sexy?" "Oh absolutely sexy, the camera loves you all, Ping; it has been so excited it is surprised it can even stay still, and not jump around…" Trinh interrupted "Sorry, I missed that: what's jumping around, Mr. Steve?" I blushed and Kim admonished Trinh "Can't you see Steve is trying hard to stay calm and focused on his job; no time to tease him Trinh." She was sitting back, her arms supporting her, and legs pointing straight along the flooring at me; she opened them wide in a 'v' and when I was staring, she continued "Is this a nice shot, Steve?

Do you want me to take a photo of your groin and sitting like this, might be fun eh girls?" Kim had me blushing worse than Trinh, and even Ping joined in the laughter at my expense, then leaning towards me and rubbing my cheek "Oh, poor Mr. Steve, we only do this because we love you." "Well, love me or not, I have a job to do, so bring your drinks, the straw mat and some cushions, and follow me." I gave orders as I guess a professional does, but wondered if he also had a huge hardon while doing so.

I led them on the path into the trees and set them up on the grassed area, shaded and not so hot, and told them to laze around, do whatever, use the trees if they wanted, let them feel natural within nature: oh that's a good way to put it, I told myself. I didn't mean for Trinh to get quite as natural as she immediately did, removing her bikini top and draping herself against a slim tree trunk, breasts out to the sides and legs and thighs grasping the tree like it was a 30m thick prick.

She looked for all intents fully naked, but I thought it exposed a little too much, so asked if she minded if I, ah, rearranged her body a little; she smiled "Do whatever you want with my body, Mr. Photographer" and I blushed anew. I gently pulled her back a little to allow her breast to be hidden by the tree trunk on one side, that's all I needed and I stepped back, focused and asked her to wait a moment for the wind to blow the leaves above letting the light hit her and I clicked.

"Now make it sexy as you want, Trinh, but we can't show nipples ok?" "Oh, ok," and she leaned more to the side, exposing her nipple, but then putting one arm down covering that, and her hand seemed to be in at her crotch, and she started moaning, opening her mouth; oh, yes, she was sexy, so I shot her like that, changing angles and heights, but capturing the emotion on her I felt.

Kim sauntered over, topless also, and she snuggled behind Trinh, and seemed to be placing her hand on top of Trinh's behind the tree trunk, about as explicit as it could get. But I had to re-position Kim's body slightly to the side, so I had two women seemingly naked, their arms down at one's pussy, but demurely covering nipples, leaving mounds of breasts exposed, and their faces reflecting the sexuality of what they were doing what were they doing?

Ping and Phung lined themselves up behind the two, a quartet now, but the latter two had to stretch to reach to Kim's crotch for Ping, and Phung's arm around down between Ping's crotch, and they were more bent around but their nipples still hidden erotically behind their arms. Legs hid their bikini bottoms, except for Phung's, so I left them while I untied her string for the moment and when I reviewed in the lens shot, they were a perfect foursome of naked women having sex behind a tree.

I shot up and down and moved to the other side of the tree for new angles, then crouched down low and looked up at them, the sunlight backlighting them, but enough for the shot, maybe even giving them a halo effect. Then I craned my neck and made them odd angle shots, not trying to be too fast, not until Trinh and Kim and Ping really did start moaning loudly, and the last few frames had to be of women in orgasm, nothing less, as the camera pinged end of film, and I collapsed on my bum to the ground.

One by one the girls slumped to the grass, but Kim remarkably bounded up and dragged Phung with her and they went to the cabin; Phung had been the only one without a hand stimulating her, so perhaps Kim knew the signs or maybe just wanted more not surprising, I could have done with 'some' also so we other three just sat there on the grass, four breasts lolling in front of me, but I was far too mentally worn out for my body to do anything with the opportunity. Ping and Trinh looked at each other, and without talking moved together and to me.

They each pushed my chest back flat, then each took a side of my shorts and underwear and, in unison, pulled them off, releasing to my relief a raging, weeping cock to fly upwards in freedom. One sat on my face, and another immediately was impaled on that cock clearly they had removed their bikini bottoms and were naked nymphs in the forest.

I tried to remember who had sparse hairs on their slit, as I opened my mouth to swallow it, and to stick my tongue out to lap at it, flat and hard, at the same time as being bounced upon below. Someone yelled, but my ears were squashed between thighs and my mouth was buried over a very wet pussy, with a large clit absorbing my attention, larger than I recalled so it must be Trinh's for the first time, but the yelling seemed accompanied by a buried pelvis grinding on my own. I needed to come, and maybe Ping sensed it, because she slid up and away, as did Trinh from my mouth and I found they were swapping places, hands on my chest holding me down, and almost before my eyes cleared they were engulfed by buttocks and a very slippery, different pussy was sitting over my mouth, and long legs definitely Trinh's were sliding up mine, until her toes curled across my toes and she used a hand for a moment to easily slide my prick inside her, pushing herself up my body and the sounds through my muffled ears, and the leant over body of Ping, over my head, seemed to be of the two of them kissing and moaning.

I had to cum, so I used what little strength I had left to thrust upwards, my hands holding buttocks and pushing them hard against me, while jabbing a tongue in an open vagina above me. I took a few seconds, but then I streamed out into Trinh, pushing hard to be as far inside as I could, while sucking on Ping's opened cunt lips and sucking her juices/my juices, and she writhed, and we all moaned. And we all fell down, two women across me so I could neither move nor breathe for a few moments, until I had no option but to push Ping off my face and suck in air at the side.

Trinh remained buried on me, moaning on her own, and I felt the last dregs jerking out of me, until I had to also move her weight off and slipped out to lay there uncaring of anything for a while. I opened my eyes to find Kim and Phung leaning their breasts over my face, and I groaned, closed my eyes and rolled to the side; they laughed, Kim saying "Well, did we miss anything?" She continued, placing one bare foot on my bum and rolling it around, "There's one more thing we need to do…" "Oh Kim, I love you girls, but I have had a body seizure; I can't do any more for now, please!" "Sure you can, you said you would photo us, and it's time for an afternoon nap for everyone; so let's go and lie down: four girls first, you take photos, then you can have a nap also; come on girls, back to the cabin." I found my shorts, but Ping ran away with my underpants, and they all jogged nonchalantly naked to the cabin.

I was amazed we seemed not to have been seen or heard by anyone, but as I looked all around, no-one showed, so I could only continue hoping that was the case.

I changed to my final film while the girls made the straw mat more comfortable with pillows and a soft quilt, and Kim, who seemed to have memorised the photos taken of Liem, Ping and Tuan, and a repeat model in Ping, arranged the girls just as she wanted. She smiled up at me and said "Go for it, Steve." I began shooting as they lay side by side, arms cuddling each other, rolling over to do it again. But they were totally naked so it took time for me to make it erotic and sensual, rather than pornographic: I was doing my best to be artistic about this job, and at times used a towel to cover bits and pieces, but it soon degenerated into a frolic of four horny girls, getting decidedly hotter and more lecherous, as one or two or all would decided to kiss another hungrily, tease with nipples, or slip hands down under a towel or between two bodies.

When I was ready to give up trying to avoid porno shots, I was thankful the film also ended, and I laid my camera aside, adjusted the log in my shorts, and sat back with a beer; but the girls didn't stop, they were clearly enjoying this rare occasion. I was daydreaming while also being a voyeur, and I jumped when Kim eased away from the others, perhaps sated for now, and crawled over to sit by me. She felt my groin and noted my body seemed to have recovered.

Ping was laying on her back now, head towards me and Trinh was on all fours down on her, they had begun 69'ing, with Ping's mouth slurping up juice from Trinh's gaping pussy, while Trinh was doing the same to Ping.

Phung was stroking both their bodies while still lying down, but this didn't seem to be enough so, with a glance at Kim to receive a nod, she got on her fours behind Trinh, sliding her tongue up and down her buttocks, her cleft, stabbing at her arse-hole, and then all the way under to meet Ping's tongue and mingle together in Trinh's pussy.

A porno video couldn't have staged it better, yet this was pure and natural. Kim watched me watching, "Phung has a nice body doesn't she Steve?" I nodded, fascinated by it also, stuck up in the air as it was while her head was grinding against Trinh to ensure she received her fair share, meaning Phung was on view, open and inviting all the way from her arse to her vagina.

I looked at Kim, who seemed satisfied to also lie back and watch, and my expression was an unspoken question; Kim smiled, slipped her hand in my shorts and my prick out over the top of the waistband, and then pulled my shorts off; she said "I think she should feel a man inside her just for comparison; I know you will be careful her first time, but she's not a virgin physically of course.

Be nice, but do it well. She tugged on my prick to move forward, and it was only a matter of getting on my own hands and knees and my tongue was wetting Phung's cleft up and down; she bucked a little, probably knew it was an unfamiliar tongue, but didn't roll away. Kim's hand was stroking my body in encouragement, so I moved my tongue and mouth down, but she didn't need any lubricating: she was soaked, so as I felt urgency within myself to do it now, I slid closer to her back, reaching under to grasp her breasts and fondle them and her nipples into greater hardness.

I moved between her knees and allowed my full-sized cock to flop around her, letting her know in advance; she moaned but never let up under Trinh, and I used one hand to insert a finger, open her enough to put the head of my cock at her entrance, before sliding slowly further inside; she groaned, but didn't scream and I withdrew to do it again, more, then less, and fast and slow, until the time when I ploughed to the bottom of her canal.

Then she screamed, but not of pain, and she pushed back against me, so I screwed myself around her walls, withdrew and ploughed right back to the same depth; another scream, and she must have taken her mouth away from Ping's mouth and from Trinh's cunt, as she concentrated her senses on her own cunt being fucked by a man for this first time.

I felt her flowing with juices, and she must have done something with her mouth as Trinh gave a huge moan, followed quickly by Ping, and then they fell silent while I continued to try and bring Phung even more alive by a penis. As much spunk as I had ejected into Trinh earlier, the voyeurism while taking photos and after announced there was a build-up of more in my balls, and I wasn't going to be able to last much longer; when Phung moaned again and pushed at me, I had to slide in and out of her at a fast, hard, deep pace and then it all burst forth within, both me and Phung.

I clung to her, my one hand had never let go of one breast, and it was probably squeezed sore, while my other hard was imprinting itself on her buttocks and hip as I had been using them for pressure in and out. I was totally spent; we were all spent, and lay there in almost a line of nakedness with one prick, three worn out vaginas and three equally tired mouths on various display, even my prick as I pulled out and flopped away.

I had a feeling of guilt when Yen's face appeared behind my closed eyes, but she wasn't here: what could I do when these four were intent on 'taking care of me' plus the others in her network.

Kim announced:"I got most of it on my phone's video and camera; well done people, I enjoyed that immensely, hope you all did. Phung, how are you sweetie?" As Ping and Trinh were laughing their enjoyment, Phung twisted around slowly, to cuddle me; then she kissed me and looked up at Kim "I wanted Mr.

Steve to be the one to show me, Kim, but I was afraid to ask; now I know it can be beautiful with a man, but it could only be this one man; I would never trust any other men the same, and nothing like I trust you, Kim." She struggled away with one more, perhaps farewell kiss for me, and over to cuddle Kim. I groaned getting to my feet, staggered out off the verandah and carefully waded to my waist in the pond, allowing the cool water to not only let me rinse off the sweat and heat, but also to shrivel my prick, hoping it would go to sleep.

One by one the girls followed me into the water, but only shallowly, enough to splash water on themselves for the same reasons as I did, and then to splash every one else of the group, until we all ended up soaked in any case. As they climbed out up the bank, I grabbed Ping's legs and pulled her into the water for a quick embrace and kiss; I wanted her to feel special as my last cuddle of this outing.

She kissed me longingly, and squirmed away, and we joined the others drying themselves 5 people with 3 towels created another frolic, before calmness was restored and we all dressed, and sat down for a last little while of relaxation, with drinks, and the girls even began talking of hunger pains again! Plans for more food were finally put off, deciding to wait until we went somewhere later, so eventually we packed up, checked we had all our gear, and me making sure of my camera and films, and we trudged along the path to the car at the main entrance, paying the rental and other costs, waking Long and heading off towards home.

We stopped at a restaurant Phung had heard of, before entering the city environs proper, where we relaxed in hammocks awaiting the dishes the girls had ordered, even Long not daring to propose any dishes when such a voluble group of females were already arguing good-naturedly over dishes to eat; even I was hungry, having expended a large amount of energy both emotionally and physically during the frenetic day, and it needed replenishing.

Of course, a beer helped also, but I ate such an unnaturally large amount of food all the girls commented, both witty comments and some more salacious! I endured it all with a silent smile, and retreated to a hammock to digest the food and smoke. When the girls had finished, we paid and were in the car and gone. It was only about 5pm, so I asked Long to first drop by the film shop, and found the manager still working and able to give him yet another five films to develop; he looked out at the car at the faces peering out the windows, and asked "Is that them, in your photos?" I didn't respond, and he said "Oh, ok, I understand; do you want the ones I have developed?" "Oh no, please, keep them until tomorrow; time to go home and have a rest; give them to me now the girls will be up all night looking at them!

Thanks anyway, tomorrow will be fine." In the car, they all asked: where are yesterday's photos; I said he had been very busy and I would have them tomorrow. They were disappointed. Long dropped off Kim and Phung, they politely thanked Long and me for the day, then Trinh to her apartment building; she kissed both me and Ping on the cheeks, also thanked Long, and then Ping and I unloaded the gear at my house, where I gave Long a generous tip for his Sunday work, in addition to the double-time salary pay he would receive, and he went home.

We sat on the sofa for a few minutes, energy sapped for anything more. Eventually I rose, looked at Ping and knew what to do: I went outside and locked the gate, returned inside and smiled at her; she nodded in response, clearly of a mind to stay in any case. It was early, too early really for sleep as tired a we both were, so I turned on the TV, football was on, so I got a beer, came back to the sofa after putting washing in the basket and putting away beer, washing the Esky box, and I slumped on one end.

Ping stretched down from her end, laying her legs across my lap and asking if I could massage them. I watched the football and put my hands to work; I was good at this, having learned from past massages here in Vietnam and from my ex-wife, and though strong, generally had grateful recipients afterwards.

Ping was no exception, and moaned with slight pain while telling me how good it felt. I did not turn it into a sexual activity, merely a revival massage of her calves and thighs, but stopping short of anything approaching her groin. Soon, I noticed Ping still dressed in her outer clothes covering the brief bikini underneath breathing regularly and asleep, so I eased from massaging to a gentle rub, then lifted her legs to slide from under, and laying them back down, while I replenished my beer and sat in the chair to watch the game.

Had it not been an exciting one, I would probably have dozed off, but when it ended I turned the volume even lower and went to shower, throwing the rest of my clothes in the basket for washing where are my underpants I wondered and Ping was still asleep when I emerged, somewhat revived.

I went upstairs, turned on the a/c, put on a new pair of shorts, and returned downstairs. My mobile rang, startling Ping awake, and making me jump; it was Yen.

I felt happy, but guilty, and she again read my mind: "I am so happy you had a good day, Daddy; Trinh and Kim both phoned me to ah, report; they said everybody has had a great weekend. And they said you have plenty of photos to show me when I come; soon Steve, soon, ok; I miss you, but I so want to do well at school, for you and for me, so I just plan for you to be taken care of until my holidays, and I will be there.

I Love You, Steve. Now, can I have a word with Ping please, and you go to sleep, 'young/ old man' joking!" "I love you too Yen, and miss you so much, and I am not old just tired from your family and friends! Good night, my little one." I handed the phone to Ping who had sat up, rubbing her eyes, and she motioned me away what, this is my house and my mobile, but I went as instructed. How had Yen known Ping was here to talk to that girl should be recruited by some Secret Service, I decided, as I locked the door, washed a glass or two, cleaned my teeth and left Ping still talking as I headed to bed, and slept immediately, vaguely stirring some time later when Ping eased in beside me, kissed me lightly and softly whispered "Good night, Mr.

Steve, the man of my love also." But I was asleep, thought the words were from a dream. I woke through the night to use the toilet, climbed back in and spooned behind Ping, an arm across to cuddle a breast, and she sighed as we returned to sleep.

In the morning when my alarm rang, she was gone, perhaps again wanting me to know she could sleep with me without disturbing me.

I readied and went to work when Long arrived, only for the boss to ask if I could fly back north; the new client was ready to rush the project forward, but the boss was a little concerned the office wasn't ready, the final contract not yet signed, and government permits not quite complete.

He wanted me to tie up all the loose ends and be certain all was in order.


I understood his concerns; I had similar and had already begun an analysis of our client company, so I phoned my contact at our auditors, and asked what info they could give me, please either fax it or send to me a prelim report by email. On the phone he told me not to worry; everything they had found pointed to a stable and financially solid and liquid company, with stable management and a good track record with similar projects, all in the centre to the north of the country.

That eased most concerns so I repeated my request for a written report, and advised the boss of results so far. My secretary came to give me a flight ticket for 3 hours hence, so the boss told me to go and pack and call him this evening. Back home to greet Mrs. Phung, tell her I'd be away a day/2/3, didn't know, but it was ok if Ping came while I was away. Packed my bag, and headed off in the car to the airport.

I phoned Ping, but she was probably in class, so left a voice-mail telling her. Then I phoned the northern office, and naturally Tinh answered; "Chao Anh Steve" she answered when she heard my voice, addressing me politely in Vietnamese, "We already have your flight details, and a car will pick you up; Mr.

Ban would like to see you for a short time in the office, then a car will take you to your hotel, same one as before is that suitable for you?" "Thank you, Tinh, you seem well organized; see you later this afternoon." And probably evening if I guessed correctly no, I had work to prepare, tonight would be alone, and I promised myself this.

The network was too tight on me, I needed some space, but could I get it? I checked in, had a beer while waiting and then off again. A last thought: the photos they would have to wait. (End of Part 5)