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Big Boobs Housewife fest sex
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I reluctantly agreed to meet my friend Julie at a bar that I had never gone to in a neighborhood I wasn't familiar with at all. The occasion was to celebrate the fact that my divorce from Jeff was final. As for the reason for the location, I was just as perplexed. We had a few local bars that we both went to on occasion, either of those would have been fine. Yet, Julie insisted that I meet her at this bar called Shooters over in a part of town where I don't normally spend any time. Despite my best efforts, she was insistent, so I gave in and agreed to her meet her there.

I managed to find my way to Shooters. It didn't seem all that out of the ordinary. "So far, so good," I thought to myself. I found a parking spot just across the street. I noticed that the people going in and out appeared to be on the younger side, but that I figured that wasn't unusual for a Friday night, so I went in and looked for Julie.

"Over here," I heard her shout before finally spotting her at a side booth table.

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"Bout time you get here, girl," she said, clearly already partaking in the celebrating. "Why on earth did you want to meet here," I said, sitting down across from her.

"Oh, come on. Lighten up.

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You're a free woman now. Have some fun. Celebrate." Given the fact that we were both women in our mid-30s, I felt kind of awkward with Julie being as clearly smashed as she was at that particular moment. I decided to, at least, have a drink with her, especially since it was obvious that she wasn't about to take "no thanks" as an answer.

We sipped a few drinks and talked about work and other random stuff. Now, keep in mind that Julie was still married. Her husband, a prominent local doctor, was out of town at a medical convention, so she was completely free for the evening. She didn't have any children yet, even though she had been married to Jack for at least a decade or so at that point. I met Julie when she started working at the processing center where I sort through online orders for a large catalog company. I met Jeff when I was in my early 20s.

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He was about 10 years older than me. At the time, I thought he was the greatest catch in the world. After all, he was a successful lawyer and already had the nice car and house to go with such as position. I thought that I had struck gold.

My mother, of course, was thrilled, along with my two sisters. The wedding was damn near close to something that would make William and Kate envious. It wasn't until we were married for a few months that I realized that I was more of a trophy wife for Jeff. He would spend most of his time with clients or out of town on one matter or another. He was in the process of trying to become a partner in the firm he worked at, so he was more focused on that, and not so much on his new wife.

The sex wasn't all that great. He would basically come home from a busy day or long trip and hurry up and do his duty, get a shower, and get to bed. I'd end up wide awake, still horny, while he sawed logs. This continued on and on for several years, until we got to a point where we were hardly having sex at all.

He claimed he was too tired or couldn't concentrate because he was too preoccupied with a case he was working on for the firm. I felt totally alone, but stuck it out. I couldn't bare the thought of my mother and my sisters blaming me for a failed marriage.

When Julie and I got to the point where we were pretty much best of friends, she convinced me that I deserved better and basically convinced me that I didn't have to stay married to a man who didn't give a shit about me, other than as something he could cross off his list of life accomplishments, right after get a car and a house and before setting up a good retirement plan.

I will give Julie credit for sticking with me through the divorce. It wasn't an easy period. My mother and sisters, as I predicted, blamed me for not making it work. Jeff just wanted to get the whole matter over and done with, not making any attempt to convince me not to divorce him.

So, now I was officially single and free - and I made the mistake of confiding one more secret to Julie, the fact that I had been a virgin on my wedding night. It actually took me some time to realize that sex wasn't supposed to be an occasional wifely duty.

Even though she was married, Julie had no problem telling me about some of the amazing sexual escapades she had from her college days to the present, revealing that she occasionally got some on the side, keeping her husband clueless in the process. I didn't really approve of her actions, but we were already good friends by the time she dropped that bombshell, so I let it go, doing my best not to get into specifics about it with her.

We continued our drinking, which only made Julie get bolder than usual. Somebody had put on some techno music, so she got up and started randomly dancing with what appeared to be a college boy.

He had no problem grinding up against her and Julie had no problem grabbing the guy's muscular bubble butt through his jeans, leaving her hands in place through the duration of a few nearly identical dance songs. After kissing the guy on the mouth with plenty of tongue, she came back to our booth. "Your turn," she said, sitting back down and sucking up the rest of her beer.

"No. I can't," I protested. "Sure, you can," she insisted. I decided to just get it over with, since I knew she'd never shut up until I at least danced with some random guy through one song. I spotted a guy sitting by himself over on one of the stools at the bar. He was clearly athletic and seemed like he would at least be nice, at least I hoped he would be, so I went over and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Wanna dance," I asked, clearing my throat. "Yeah, sure." Without saying anything else, we danced together through another upbeat dance song. Unlike Julie, I didn't get hands on with the guy. I'll admit he had a nice ass, but I certainly wasn't going to grab it and let him grind on me. I have some dignity, at least that's what I told myself. After the song was over, I excuse myself. As I was walking away, he gently grabbed my arm.

"That's it? Come on. One more dance?" "She'd love to," Julie shouted from the booth, apparently having watched us the entire time we were dancing. "That your sidekick?" "Kinda," I said. "So, what's your name?" "I'm Sara," I said, still not making an effort to touch any part of his anatomy. "I'm Nate," he said. "Nice to meet you." "See, I don't bite," he said with a smile.

"I never said you did." "Then why the shy act? There's nothing wrong with having some fun, right?" "I guess not," I said, getting more relaxed with him.

As we danced, I got a chance to really size him up. He was about six feet or so, very well built. He had on baggy jeans and long-sleeved pullover shirt, yet it was obvious that he had some muscles going on underneath his clothes.

The couple times he turned around, I did happen to glance at his ass, which was nice and round and sexy as hell. He had thick black hair that was kind of spiked, but not too wild.

He smelled great, indicating good taste, at least when it came to cologne. A slower song came on, so I decided I would use that as my excuse to go back to the booth table and try and convince Julie to get out of there. Again, he gently pulled me back towards him, this time pulling me close enough so that our bodies nearly touched. I found myself mesmerized by his deep blue eyes. Without thinking, my hands wound up on his back, slowly moving down towards his ass.

I did, however, manage to stop myself before pulling a Julie. When the song was almost over, he gave me a kiss - no tongue, just a kiss. At first I backed away, then I found myself giving him a kiss right back, except that my return kiss included some tongue dancing.

After the song was over, I was going to excuse myself when he asked me if I wanted his number. I figured, what the hell, and got out my phone and entered the number he gave me.

Instinctively, he got out his phone, so I gave him my number in return, something I had never done before with any guy. I went back over to Julie and had one more drink before leaving with her. Since nether one of us was in the shape to drive, we got a taxi. I just walked in the door when I got a text from Nate that said "wanna hook up 2nite?

Y or N?" I couldn't believe what I was reading. Was he serious? I texted back "N" and put my phone down on the coffee table before going into the kitchen to make some coffee.

I was sipping on my first cup of coffee when I heard my phone chime, indicating that I had a new text. It was from Nate: "Come on. U won't be disappointed." "No," I texted back. "It's just one nite, babe. Believe me. U won't regret it." I ignored the text. "Got something you would like." Again, I ignored it. A few minutes later, curiosity got the best of me and texted back with "Oh, yeah?" "Come see.

Meet me at Dell's Market." Dell's was only a few blocks away, so I would be able to walk there.

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It wasn't too far from the police station, so I could always run for help, if necessary. I kept hearing Julie's voice in my head, urging me to take a chance and have fun for once, so I texted back, "Alright." "Great. C ya in a few," was his response. I couldn't believe I just did that. I was going to bail on him, but I decided to go meet him at the last minute, eventually getting to Dell's Marketwhich was closed at that time, and I looked around and didn't see anybody.

He must have found some other girl, I thought to myself. I was about to walk back to my apartment when I heard a honk from a red car across the street. I walked over and saw Nate. "Hop in," he said with a smile on his face. Maybe the drinks I had with Julie were finally kicking in, but I ended up getting in the car with a guy I barely knew.

I had no idea where he was going to take me, but he didn't seem like the serial killer type. I was surprisingly relaxed around him. About ten minutes later, we were in his dorm room. It was a typical jock's dorm room with some weights on the floor in the corner and clothes on the floor. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," I said. "Of course it is," he said, taking off his long sleeve shirt to reveal an amazing set of abs and well-developed pecs, not to mention some impressive biceps. Dude was jacked and I was hooked.

"Is this what you meant when you said I wouldn't be disappointed," I asked, stepping closer and running my fingers down his chest and abs until I reached his belt buckle.

"Not exactly," he growled, unbuckling the belt on his baggy jeans. My eyes instantly moved down as he unzipped his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. He stood in front of me in only a pair of very well-stuffed white CK briefs. "Holy shit," I said, not even making an effort not to look at his massive erection. "Told ya you wouldn't be disappointed, babe," he said, pulling me right against his muscular body.

My hands ended up on his back as I felt his massive manhood throbbing against me. He reached up under my blouse and unhooked the black lace bra I had on with hardly any effort at all. I was literally in a daze, mesmerized by his amazing body and rippling muscles. I gave him some help and took my blouse off, my tits out in the open for him to enjoy. Without saying a word, he grabbed one and started sucking on my nipple.

I let out a gasp when he moved over to the other one. This time, my hands moved from his back down inside of his briefs, cupping his ass cheeks. "You wanna do this," he asked, showing some self control. I just nodded as he kissed his way down my stomach before yanking down my black pants and panties. He looked up at me with his deep blue eyes and slid his tongue inside of my womanhood, swirling his tongue around my clit.

I was out of my mind with pleasure as his tongue darted in and out repeatedly. By the time he stood back up, the head of his massive cock was sticking out of his white CK briefs.


Being just as bold as he was, I hooked my fingers in the sides of his briefs and pulled them down. He quickly kicked the briefs all the way off, picking me up and taking me over to his bed. I let out a gasp as what turned out to be a very long and incredibly thick cock eased its way inside of me.

It wasn't long before he was thrusting non-stop inside of me as deep as he could get. Even as a mind-blowing orgasm rocked my body, he continued to fuck me with wild abandonment, not making any effort to slow down. The only sound in the room was the sound of his hefty balls smacking against me as he rammed himself in and out. Another orgasm cascaded through my body as he continued his efforts. As sweat dripped from his body, Nate gritted his teeth. An intense look came over his face as he made one last penetration to the deepest possible point before letting out a yell that was almost a full blown roar.

A shiver went through my body as his cum flowed inside of me. I was still feeling the effects of all that beer, so I wasn't even thinking about protection and neither was Nate. After he eased out of me, I ran my fingers over Nate's chest, feeling his pecs and playfully pinching his rock hard nipples. "You workout a lot, I see," I said, not really sober enough for intelligent conversation.

"Yep. Almost every day, babe. You like muscles?" "Definitely," I said, running my fingers down his chest and over his solid abs, continuing down to his semi-hard cock.

I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft and added, ".especially this one." That was all the incentive he needed to get hard again. We were both drenched in sweat as he slowly positioned his mushroom head against the moist lips of my pussy. I could feel his warm breath on me as he eased himself inside of me, going until he was balls deep.

I get out a deep breath as Nate started his steady rhythm. Our tongues melted together as we kissed while he increased his pace. "Damn," I said, as a wave of pleasure swept over me when he shifted to a position that allowed for the deepest possible penetration.

I grabbed onto his massive biceps to brace myself as he continued his now-frantic pace. I shoved my tongue back in his throat, trying to muffle my scream as an orgasm rocked my body. Without missing a beat, Nate continued his assault on my soaked pussy. "Grabbing both of my hands, he lifted them above my head and adjusted his weight again for maximum thrusting.

Amazed at his stamina, I slid my tongue against his as he continued to hold my arms above my head, focusing his eyes on the way his powerful thrusts made my tits shake. He seemed to be fascinated with how my tits shook as he drove himself inside of me as deep as he could get, to the point where I could literally feel his warm balls pressing against me with each thrust. To further intensify his efforts, Nate let go of my hands and grabbed onto the rails of the headboard and continued with his rhythmic movements.

Sweat dripped from his face and muscular chest as he eased his incredibly thick cock in and out with the drive and focus of a really disciplined athlete - who happened to be super horny. Just when I was starting to wonder how long he could keep going, he let out a loud moan, making one last deep thrust before releasing his young seed into me again. "Fuck, that was hot," he said, easing his still-hard cock out of me. "I'm gonna get a shower, babe," he said, getting up out of bed and walking buck naked, his still inflated cock swinging between his legs, to the bathroom to grab a quick shower, turning on the light before going into the bathroom.

I had a chance to get a good look at his dorm room for the first time. After all, when we first got there, the last thing I was concerned about was taking a tour of his place.

It was clear that he had at least 2 roommates. I started getting dressed, looking around while doing so. It was only then that I saw all the trophies and awards displayed in a case against the wall.

"Oh, my God," I said, glancing at a newspaper article he had taped to the wall by his bed, "He's Nate Campbell," I said to myself. You didn't have to be a fan of college football to know that name. He was in all the papers. Did I really just get fucked by the star quarterback everybody's been talking about all over town? I still wasn't certain until I took a moment to actually read the article on his wall. Yep, it was definitely him, confirmed by the photo that was in the center of the article.

I finished getting dressed, still in shock that my random fuck was with the hottest college athlete, not just in the city, but in the state. "I guess in the country, too," I said to myself, seeing the Sports Illustrated article he had clipped out and taped to the wall by his dresser.


"Hey," he said, coming back out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist. "Congratulations," I said. "Oh, that. Yeah, thanks." "Well, I guess I'll get going." "Alright," he said, "Hey, I had fun," he added, pulling me towards his body, which was still incredibly smooth and jacked beyond belief. "Me too," I said, squeezing his now soft cock through the towel.

I glanced into Nate's blue eyes and realized that his soft cock was slowly growing again, probably due to the fact that my hand was still grabbing it through his towel. "What the hell," I said, figuring that this was a one-time thing. Nate didn't say a word as I got down on my knees and reached up to pull his towel off.

His cock was now incredibly hard and thick - and inches from my lips. This is the first time I had a chance to get a really good look at his equipment. He had a rather large, circumcised mushroom head, a long, thick shaft and a set of shaved balls that came pretty damn close to resembling tennis balls in both shape and size. I heard Nate moan as I slowly eased his head into my mouth. Grabbing onto his sexy bubble butt for support, I inhaled as much of his cock as I could, making my way past the half-way point.

"Damn, babe," Nate whispered when he looked down and saw that my mouth had inched very close to his plump balls. I worked my mouth up and down his thick shaft, still unable to down the whole thing, but that didn't seem to matter to Nate, judging by the look of total pleasure on his face.

I struggled not to gag as I felt the vein in his cock throb while my tongue pressed against the underside. My nails dug into Nate's ass as my head bobbed up and down on his pole. I was so focused on my efforts that I didn't notice when Nate grabbed the back of my head and thrust his hips forward, forcing me to take a few more inches of his rock-hard cock down my throat. My face was literally bright red as I struggled to take the extra inches that were just rammed down my throat.

He was basically face fucking me at this point. My hands firmly cupped his round ass cheeks as he continued to buck his hips back and forth. I decided to surprise Nate the way he surprised me when he switched to face fucking mode. I glanced up and saw that his eyes were closed while he enjoyed the sensations cascading through his most masculine part.

This was all the incentive I need to make my move, taking my hands off of his sexy ass and wrapping them around his balls.


I heard a loud moan from Nate while I massaged his nuts with his cock still firmly down my throat. Just when I thought I had taken control of the situation, I felt a stirring in his cock that was soon followed by blast after blast of his young seed. When I slid Nate's cock out of my mouth, another blast of cum splashed against my face.I took both of my hands and wrapped them around his cock, rapidly stroking it up and down to get whatever he had left inside of his hefty cock.

"Fuck," was all Nate could say when I flicked my tongue rapidly over his piss slit before swirling it all over his head to lick up the rest of his creamy surprise. "How was that," I asked as he helped me back up to my feet. "Amazing," he said, giving me a kiss, and tasting his own cum in the process. "I guess I should get going and you probably need another shower," I said, giving his ass a playful smack before leaving. The next morning, I woke up with the mother of all hangovers.

Did I really have a one night stand with a hot college football player? I made some coffee and got a long, hot shower as part of my effort to sober up.

Fortunately, I didn't have work that day, so I had time to recover. After my shower, I slipped into my white cotton robe and sat down in front of my computer. At first, I checked emails and logged into my work email to see if there was anything pressing that I needed to deal with. It wasn't long before I found myself typing in "Nate Campbell," ending up on his Facebook page. "Oh, my God," I said out loud when I saw that he was 19 years old. "I just had the best fuck of my life from a teenage boy?" I continued to browse through is page, even looking at some of the video clips of some of his games.

He had over 10,000 friends and plenty of pics with his teammates and lots and lots of adoring women. I expected to see posts from him bragging about our fuck last night, but there was nothing about that. His last post was something about volunteering at a car wash thing to raise money for a local hospital. "My God, this guy is a saint," I said, looking at all the charity stuff he'd participated in.

To be fair, there were plenty of posts talking about his amazing skills on the field. I clicked on his pictures to get a better idea of who this guy was, only to discover that he had a long history of football successes going back to his middle school and high school days. Now he was an all-star college quarterback already being recruited by the NFL, which I discovered when I read some of the articles posted about him online.

"What have I done," I asked myself, "One night with his stud and I'm pretty much Facebook stalking the guy." "This is ridiculous," I said to myself before hearing the knock on the door. "Oh, hey Julie," I said, letting her in. "How was last night," she said with a wicked grin on her face. "It was.nice." "Nice? I'd say it was more than that going by these pics of him on his Facebook page," Julie said, scrolling through the page I still had open on my laptop.

"Come on. The guy is nineteen. It's not like there can be anything between us besides his cock." "He seems like a great guy," she said, reading some of his Facebook posts. "You know what, I'm not talking about this anymore," I said, pouring Julie a cup of coffee. "Alright. But tell me this, when was the last time you met a guy that had all the qualities his guy seems to have, including that amazing body.and sexy ass." "We're supposed to be getting stuff together for the rummage sale today, remember?" "I know, I got some stuff in my car." "Why don't you get dressed and we'll take the stuff down to the church." "That's the first sensible thing you've said today," I said, going to get dressed.

I slipped on some sweats and brought out a few boxes of clothes for the rummage sale. Julie was sitting down at my laptop, not really noticing that I had walked back into the room. "Are you still looking at the pics of him playing football?

I mean, the guy has a great ass, but it's certainly not the first hot ass you've ever seen." "Actually, I was talking to Nate," she said.

"What?" "I kind of sent a friend request and got an immediate response. Turns out he's online and checking messages. He remembers you and wants to know if you want to get something to eat tonight around 7 at the Mexican Grill on 16th Street." "No! Tell him no!" "Too late. It's all set up." I pulled Julie up and was ready to tell Nate that it wasn't me sending him those messages before glancing down to read: "Gotta run, but see ya 2nite, babe." "What have you done," I shouted to Julie.

"Lighten up. You'll have dinner with the guy and have a conversation with your clothes on to see if there's more between you two than basic anatomy.

What's the big deal??