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Okay this is an old story that I wasn't allowed to post somewhere else. I hope y'all will enjoy it. Rating and commenting are appreciated. Chapter 1: I fucking HATE school. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the feel, and the taste, they all serve to disgust me to the point of violently regurgitating my intestines. No one is even remotely unique; they all belong to one cliché or another. The jocks, the goths, the nerds, and of course everyone's favourite the sluts.

Just what causes someone to seek acceptance? Is it the safety they feel in numbers? The fear of being alone? Not that it matters, I'm alone and am myself, and that's all that matters.

My name Amelia Pianto. I am of Italian decent from my mother's side, and am considered beautiful; people say what lovely long and straight dark red hair I have, how tall six feet - and curvy I am, how big my boobs are, D cups by the way, my thin waist, wide hips, long luscious legs, and perfectly sculptured face. All this did was make me feel like I didn't belong.

No one looked remotely like me and if they did they used products to do so, there's no one like me.

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I'm all natural. I'm not ashamed of who I am, and I never have been, for example: I walked in on my parents having sex when I was younger, around twelve I think, and since Mum looked like she was enjoying it I asked if I could join in.

I'm not sure why I'm obsessed with sex. I was a notorious whore, have no doubt, but no one liked to admit. The rumours, however true they may have been, remained just that, rumours, but that didn't change the fact that I lost my virginity at thirteen and had continuously engaged in sexual intercourse for the six years since then. I am still in high school though, due to being held back a couple of years, and because of this many have come to the conclusion that I am stupid.

My grades began falling immediately after losing my virginity, obviously due to my prioritising sex over studying, and who can blame me? My family are very open, very accepting about everything. My parents often go out nude, my sisters, I'm the youngest, casually talk about who they fucked, how they fucked, and what they liked about being fucked.

Most people liked my family, but they'd often look at us like we were freaks, and in a sense we were, so long as you count incest as freaky. My mum and dad aren't siblings, but after one of us loses our virginity no one cares who fucks who, so long as both consented to it. We lived on a farm, though we weren't farmers, we just liked the openness, but my Mum loved horses, and we're filthy rich, so we got a few stallions and a couple of mares so they could breed.

The only real difference was that these seemed to be of the. mystical persuasion, in that they freaking talk, but we never had problems with that, they spoke once in a while, but nothing other than food, or fuck. Though my mum and sisters didn't use the horses to breed other horses, they used them for their own carnal pleasures. I'm sure that those reading this are thinking, 'what a repulsive family', just not in so many words, well as my Dad always told me to say to intolerant assholes, 'Fuck you!'.

Anyway, my story begins in school while the teacher rattled on I stared out the window. Once again I prayed for something, anything, interesting to happen. In recent weeks sex had become boring for me, the horses were the only decent fucks I can get, everyone else is too damn small. As I watched the trees sway from the third floor classroom, I noticed something, it looked like a vial or something and surprisingly it didn't shatter when it fell the ground.

I remembered seeing something similar on an Animé called Death Note, where the main character found a 'notebook of death', it didn't turn out too well for him, but at least things were interesting for him for several years.

So on an impulse I made an excuse and left class. I found the corked vial just under a tall oak tree. Picking it up, I could see that it was filled with a purple liquid, though it seemed thicker.

As I studied the contents I began to feel wet, as though just looking at the liquid was like a powerful aphrodisiac. I quickly pocketed the vial and returned to class, though my mind never strayed from the vial that seemed to radiate warmth to my crotch. I was dressed in latex that day. I didn't particularly like how it felt on my bare breasts so I still wore a normal bra, but the latex still hugged my curves and almost looked like a second skin, though I was thankful I'd worn latex pants so that no one could see the moisture that ran from my pussy alone my thighs.

Oh god I need to masturbate! After what seemed like hours, classes for that day ended and I practically ran home. I found a note on the front door saying that my sisters and parents were having an orgy around a friend's house and that they properly wouldn't be back until midnight, and that they'd left money for a pizza or whatever I decided to order, there was small attachment to it P.S, it read, 'The horses are 'saddled' and waiting'.

I couldn't help but smile at that, if I got bored maybe I'd visit the stables. My mind returned to the warmth in my crotch and I hurriedly unlocked the door. Dumping my school bag I ran up the stairs into my room; it was completely bare except for the bed and desk for my computer. The bed was covered with plastic sheets so that the mattress didn't get ruined by my antics. I pulled the vial from my pocket and studied it again. As I did the moisture coming from my pussy increased until it was building up against the incredibly tight latex.

Desperate I literally tore my pants off and threw myself onto the bed, dropping the vial onto the hard wooden floor, and began to rub my clit furiously. My moans were instantly loud as I pushed three fingers into my moist cunt, adding another when they failed to offer complete relief, and then another when that failed.

I now had my entire hand inside myself and I began to thrust in and out at a rapid, curling in on myself to get it deeper and deeper. Like the rest of my family was incredibly flexible and could lick her own clit with minimal effort. After half an hour of trying and failing to find release I remembered the horses and went out to have a little. Though I did not know it the cork had popped off the vial and the contents had spilt onto the floor. After the female had left the room slime solidified slightly and grew several thin tendrils and began crawling after the young whore who would become the host of its power.

The slime had been sent from the Dark Realm, a place of terror and indescribable lust, to locate a possible human vessel, preferably a young female with beauty unsurpassed. With luck the slime had been found by the girl it now followed. It was not meant to live long, after completing its mission the slime would die.

It was now out of the door and began to follow the aroused scent of the female to wherever her destination maybe. I was so fucking horny. The horses could smell my arousal and were already at attention, they had smelt the same scent many times and knew what it entailed. All horses stood at the back of their stalls, allowing me to enter and see which had the biggest cock, they all knew the drill. I'm sure that if I'd asked my siblings or Mum they'd be able to tell me which was the biggest, since I had much less experience with the horses than they.

I checked the largest horse first, a great big black stallion and saw that his cock matched his size. I estimated it to be twice as thick as my wrist and almost twice as long as my forearm. I realised I was drooling with lust from my cunt and mouth. First I moved the bench, we used it so we didn't have to stretch our legs and possible fall, and knelt before the black monster.

I hadn't sucked a horses cock before, nor had I really felt it - my sisters had just rammed it into me the first time and so I was surprised by the spongy head which was a large contrast to the shaft, which was harder than bone.

The horse was trained much like the rest and didn't move to much as I stroke it up and down, laying kisses along its length, eventually I opened wide and forced the head into my widely stretched mouth. Pre-cum flowed from the tip in a thick and steady stream, and I swear I had never tasted anything so delicious in my nineteen years of life. Ten minutes of sucking his head suddenly jerked and enlarged, almost dislocating my jaw, before discharging pints of cum into my mouth.

I was a trooper and tried to swallow every single drop, but there was just too much and it began to seep out the sides of my mouth, before streaming down my chin and neck, and running over my rock hard nipples. The taste and sensation of his cum flowing down my body actually made me cum, and hard. I squirted what felt like a quart of girl cum before our orgasms faded. I pulled off his massive cock and was amazed to see it still hard.

Grinning, I moved the bench back into place and laid on my back, with my dipping wet cunt right in front of his cock. He knew what to do and thrust forward with all his strength before I was fully prepared. He filled me so fast and hard that I climaxed again. He bottomed out with another six inches outside; I groaned in annoyance and need. "Get it all inside me." She told the horse who knew that command as her family often ordered it.

He pulled out until a few inches were all that remained inside and rammed in, harder than before, ripping through her cervix and deep into her womb. I looked down at my self, and gasped in amazement at two things: the fact that he was entirely inside me, and the cock head shaped bulge protruding from my abdomen. He didn't let me rest however and began thrusting in and out of me, filling me to the point of tearing my pussy apart.

"Oh GOD!!! Yeah! That's it! Deeper! Harder! Faster!" I cried in orgasm as he did just as I said and pummelled my cunt and womb so hard it felt like they could never return to their normal shape. "That's it! Yes! Oh FUCK! Yeeeeesss!" She screamed the word as the mind blowing and intense orgasm of her life ripped through her body setting her nipples alight with sexual electricity. At the same time as she came, her juices flowing out in torrents on the bench, the horse cock inside her enlarged immensely stretching her even further, and once again he came.

She could feel each spurt filling her womb and she could see her stomach start to rise with the sheer amount of cum being unloaded inside her. Having nowhere to go her womb enlarged to contain the horses massive ongoing orgasm. He remained inside her and was still hard. Soon enough he began thrusting again. The rhythmic pounding of her womb didn't keep her awake, in fact the near continuous orgasms ended putting her to sleep.

As she did she smiled as another climax took her. The slime had now reached the female. It made its way to the prone body of the sleeping beauty, and used its tendrils to latch onto bench and pull itself up until it was at her pussy. The horse didn't sense anything amiss as it pulled out and thrust into her again and again, however the second the slime began to seep into its cock it tried to pull away, but the slime was incredibly strong, despite having no real structure, and easily kept the horse in place by wrapping long thin tendrils around its legs.

Soon the slime had seeped into its cock, causing it to swell and stretch the sleeping slut still further. When there was no more slime visible the horse calmed down, no longer being able to feel or see the strange being it resumed fucking the girl who was just waking from her nap.

I awoke when the horse began neighing loudly, though I had no idea why; it didn't even make a sound when cumming. I was still groggy from the short nap, but I could feel that he was even bigger though he wasn't cumming, yet. I reached down to feel my pussy and was amazed at how tightly stretched it felt, my hand moved to my clit, which was bulging outwards with my insane arousal, and began to pull on it.

Immediately I came, voicing my orgasm at the top of my lungs. I felt him enlarge and then for the third time that day his cum raced through the cock and into my already enlarged womb. The slime had mixed in with the horses cum and was now making its way to the female's uterus.

Where it would poison her with its sweet venom, granted to it by the queen of the Dark World. Then its mission would be complete, and it would die. The horse had almost stopped cumming now and the slime was completely in her womb. It waited however, knowing that the female would feel it if it did anything now. It would wait until she slept once again, and then it would poison her.

Chapter 2: I was sooo bloated. As I walked back to the house I could feel the gallon of demon horse cum sloshing about inside me, but that wasn't what surprised me; it was the fact that not a drop had escaped the confines of my womb.

I wasn't complaining, I mean it felt nice to have all that cum inside me. As I walked back into the house I saw that the time was fast approaching six pm. "Wow, I really got into it." I said aloud and remembered that I'd enjoyed some of the other horses and that their cum was also inside me. I rested my hand on my pregnant-looking abdomen and felt really full and sleepy. I quickly walked up to my room and fell on my back onto the bed.

Immediately I fell back to sleep and dreamt of all that horse cum inside me covering every inch of my skin. The slime sensed that the female was asleep and set to work. Out of its main body thousands of microscopic tentacles appeared and broke through her womb, however they were so thin that the girl didn't feel a thing, and began to spread through her body.

Some pierced her organs, others her bones, many targeted her anus and cunt. The remaining hundreds went to her skull where all but one tentacle began to alter her features, the lone tentacle made its way to her brain. There it pierced it and began to show her what she needed to know. I screamed in my dream as the horse cocks disappeared and were replaced by a woman, whose waist tapered out into a giant snake. "Lamia." I said without thinking. The woman nodded. "Yes child.

I am what humans call Lamia. And you," The serpent woman reached for my face and suddenly she was right in front of me and her warm hand caressed my cheek, "Are Amelia Pianto. I have come to offer you something I believe you may enjoy." The snake said. I was at a loss for words, rather than terror halting my words, it was the sheer beauty of this snake-woman. She looked much like me, only her breasts were round, perky, and enormous, to point where mine felt inadequate.

"What offer?" I asked on reflex. She smiled kindly and moved her hand from my cheek to my bare breasts where she lightly pinched my hard nipple, bringing a loud gasp from my lips. "I offer me." She must've seen the confusion on my face, because she went on to explain, "I offer you my power. You see Amelia I am dying, despite my vast powers I am not immortal; nothing that is born is immortal. That is why I offer you what I am. No," She said when I opened my lips to protest at becoming a Lamia, "You will not become like me.

I can choose whatever form I like, it just so happens I prefer this one. I will not try to coerce you into accepting my offer, but I will tell you this; accept my power and you will know pleasure that no mere mortal can ever hope to even dream of." It was the last sentence that sealed my fate. I didn't hesitate. "Yes!" She smiled again and suddenly everything was gone and I was back in my room.

I groaned and felt my stomach. It no longer bulged out from my body, this combined with the fact that it was night, led me to believe that I had simply dreamt the entire day's events.

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I laid back into the pillows, thinking about my dream, about how I had fucked the horses, how I looked six months gone with all their cum inside me. Very quickly I was horny as hell and I reached down with my eyes closed, envisioning the whole thing, when my fingers came into something hard and thick. I opened my eyes in shock and looked down, to see a huge tent usually only made by penises. Especially when I am in the room.

I pulled the covers off and saw it. A huge cock extending from my groin and high into the air. As I looked it up and down I realised that all of what had happened earlier was not a dream. Lamia had told me I'd be able to choose whatever form I wished, so that meant I could change smaller things about myself? I looked down at my large breasts and remembered how huge her's had been, I wanted tits like that.

Immediately they began to grow and grow until they were either triple D or E. Surprisingly I didn't really feel the extra weight as I stood up. When I began to wonder why I got a vision of the vial and the purple stuff inside. It became clear to me, that the purple liquid was an organism designed to implant the necessary changes so that my frail human body could contain the massive amount of power.

I was no longer human. The realisation didn't hit me, so to speak, instead I started to laugh so hard I fell to the floor and began to thank Lamia for giving me a reason to live and a lot of new powers to experiment with.

First I thought about her lower body and focused on it. Soon I could feel my self rising higher and opened my eyes to see that my top half connected with a coiled up snake tail, though my pussy and cock were still there.

In my room there is a floor to ceiling mirror and I studied myself in it. Any and all blemishes from my skin had disappeared, any hair that I didn't want had also vanished, and my cock. It was so big that I changed back and got a measuring tape, it felt really nice actually as I walked because sometimes it would bounce just right and smack my swollen pussy lips.

I measured my cock and found it to be seventeen inches long and four inches thick, which would explain why my small fingers couldn't even get halfway around it. I may be tall however my hands aren't very big, though that's to be expected from a girl.

I decided to grow my snake half back and watched the mirror as my shapely legs transformed into a giant snake tail. When I say 'giant' I mean GIANT! It was as wider then my hips had been, the tail being roughly a foot wide and a foot thick it ended at four inches -with beautiful scale patterns some of which seemed to spell out my name. Once again I thanked Lamia for granting me this power, and then I thought of my cock, how big it was.

I wonder, does it cum as much as it is big? Only one way to find out. I wrapped my hands around it, my small fingers barely connected, and began to masturbate it. The feelings coursing through my body were indescribable, my nipples felt like they could power a third world country, my cunt poured my juices.

As I experienced these sensations I wished for more, and man, did I get more. Out from where my tail merged with my human half small tendrils emerged, there were at least a dozen of them. Two wrapped around my cock and helped my hands to jack it, another pair wrapped around my tits until they encircled my stiff nipples, bringing forth moans of pure pleasure from my lips, and the remaining eight all plunged into the moist depths of my cunt.

Going all the way to my cervix, which opened up to allow them into my womb, where they began coiling up.


With all these sensations I knew I would cum soon, I could feel the many tentacles squirming around in my womb, pushing more and more of themselves into me. Soon I could they caused my abdomen balloon as more pushed in.

After ten minutes I looked nine months pregnant with squirming tentacles and I could feel myself reaching a climax like no other. I came when the tentacles around my cock moved faster than the human eye could follow, the ones around my tits tugged delightfully hard on my nipples, the ones inside my cunt and womb expanded until each tendril was two inches thick. I felt my cum racing up my cock before exploding from the tip, I must have subconsciously slithered into the bathroom, because the cum blast went into our large bathtub.

I was amazed by that one spurt; the entire tub was filled with a quarter of an inch of cum. The next spurt brought even more. After a full five minutes I stopped spraying cum, the tub was full to the brim with viscous fluid mixed with my bittersweet girl cum. With the climax now over my tentacle retracted back into my snake half.

I stared at the tub of cum. I was sweaty from earlier and needed a good bath, and what better to bathe in then my own cum? I turned back to normal and climbed in. The cum was pleasantly warm, and I could feel it clinging to my skin. I laid simply soaking in my semen, getting it into my hair and working it into my skin, paying particular attention to my breasts, which actually floated in the sea of cum.

My cock had retracted like the tentacles though I knew that if I so chose to I could stay hard for hours, even days. I also knew that there was a price to having these great gifts.

I needed sex, every day now. If I didn't my power would begin to fade and I'd eventually begin ageing rapidly and die within days. The question was how would I get a steady supply of sex? "Hey Amy! We're home!" My parents called up to me and I grinned, Problem solved.

Chapter 3: I had solved one problem, however another had risen. How do I seduce my family? As I climbed from the tub, my body coated in thick white cum, I heard Lamia's voice echo through my mind. "Use my power." I suddenly collapsed as all of her memories flooded into me, I could see everything that she'd seen, I knew everything about her, including her venom. Lamia's venom contains whatever I wished it to.

If I wanted it to be the most powerful aphrodisiac, then it would be, if I wanted it to cure cancer it would, if I wanted to enslave my family, then it would. I absorbed the cum into my skin and drained the bathtub, after all I didn't want them to see anything out the ordinary just yet. My oldest sister, she's 23, was walking up the stairs her body sticky with the jizz of many different men, and her chin was coated in a fine layer of girl cum.

She was beautiful, in much the same way I was, though we still had differences: Her hair was raven black and was braided down her back, all the way to her tight ass, her breasts were 36DD, as was our mothers, but despite their size they were soft, firm and perky.

Her slim waist and wide hips gave her the perfect hourglass figure. She was the most perfect member of our family, well until I became Lamia, but there was one thing that stopped most guys dead in their tracks. I watched her walk by and couldn't help but eye her crotch, where her pussy was swollen and puffy and her cock dripped small remnants of an earlier orgasm. That's right, my sister's a hermaphrodite. As I said most guys stopped dead when they saw the penis, but other women had no such problem, they were turned on by it, as was I.

No one noticed anything out of the ordinary, all thanks to my new power. Back in my room I studied myself in the mirror again and decided to see just how much control over this body I had. First I made my breasts swell. They ballooned outwards and only just started to sag after they were at least a foot from my body. I left them to swell and swell until I could practically sit on them, at that point I shrunk them back to Es.

Next I enlarged my cunt, making the clit move until it was connected with my navel, and widening my fuck hole. I grew back my tail and stuffed the tip inside, surprisingly it went in with no effort at all. I pushed more in until I visibly bulged with it and the widest part was inside me.

Yet I still felt completely comfortable. I decided to make my tail thicken to twice its size. Only then did I really feel the stretching, and it was bliss. I looked down at the mountain my uterus had become with it inside.

I retracted my tail after fucking myself to orgasm. I grew back my cock and willed to seventeen inches like before, and then I tried to make it grow even longer. Nothing happened. I frowned and focused harder, still nothing happened. I searched through Lamia's vast knowledge, but even she didn't know since something like this had never occurred.

I let it go and remembered the tentacles. I envisioned phallic octopus like tentacles emerging from my back. When I felt a slimy appendage wrap around my cock, I opened my eyes and looked down. There, around my four inch thick cock was an oil black tentacle, it had a nice sheen of slime to it, making it glisten in the lamp light.

As I stared I felt myself getting aroused and from the tip dropped what looked like pre-cum. I wrapped a hand around it and found it to be three inches thick, and it felt like I was gripping my cock and stroking my cunt at the same time. I moaned out loud, the sensation was greater than earlier and it amazed me that I didn't cum right away. I barely spared a thought and I could feel more tentacles growing from my back, each as thick as the last. I smirked; everything's so much better now.

I still had to go to school, but now everything was different. My powers made everything interesting, every girl seemed like a potential source of food, every guy seemed like a slave just waiting to be mine, and every movement felt like someone was stroking my slit. At about lunch time my stomach began grumbling and no matter what I ate it just continued. I realised that it was happening and that I needed to have sex, with someone. anyone. I eyed the school slut, she was proud of that fact too, wearing a tight shirt that showed off her tight midriff that read 'cum dumpster', no lie.

"Hey Fee." That was her 'work' name, her full is Fiona Von Crinis, so you can see why she would have a work name. "What do you want?" She asked hate evident in her voice. She had good reason to, after all I'd stolen at least all of her boyfriends, using the fine art of sex. "Oh nothing, just wanted to say hi." She sneered at me, contorting her pretty face, and walked away swaying her hips sexily. I followed her waiting for her to be alone with me. When she walked into the girl's bathroom I smirked.

"No escape." I whispered and stepped inside. Our bathrooms are fairly basic; stalls; sinks; hand wash, the usual. But I'm about to do something completely unusual. Fee had her back to me, checking herself in the mirror. She didn't see me as I snuck up on her. I'd thought long and hard about how I would inject someone with my venom and it seemed to fitting to use vampiric fangs. She didn't know what hit her as I sunk my fangs deep into her shoulder and injected my poison into her veins. Instantly her eyes went wide and glazed over.

I stayed latched onto her a bit longer, to make sure that she got a heavy dose of body altering venom. This venom allows the human body to stretch impossibly so, it also caused sexual organs and women's breasts to enlarge to match my preferences, in this case I made her breasts grow until they were as big as mine, though her's contained a thick milk with similar effects as my poison, meaning that I wouldn't have to bite someone with her around.

The nipples had also grown to keep up with her breasts and were now half an inch thick and stood to attention at about two inches long. I stripped us of our clothes, pausing at her tits to fondle them and tweak the nipples eliciting a loud moan from her. I retracted my fangs and began to suckle on her tits, drawing out the delicious warm milk and drinking it down as I grew tentacles and used them to take off the rest of our clothes while I sucked on her nipples and squeezed out more of her milk.

I was in a small portion of Heaven as I swallowed more of her creamy milk. My cock grew from my crotch and I could feel it was even bigger than before, easily nineteen inches long and four and a half inches thick. I placed my hand on her moist pussy and pushed a finger inside her tight hole. Her moans increased as I wiggled the lone finger within her moist depths. I knew that my cock wouldn't go in without some force, but that was off little concern to me; she would tear and her blood would mix with her cum as I pounded her uterus and filled her to bursting with cum.

I pushed another two fingers in and instantly her cunt tightened as a flood of her juices came squirting out. She came a LOT. I don't think it stopped for several minutes and by then my hand and arm were drenched in her cum. I smiled up at her delirious face and removed my fingers, causing her to groan in protest and need.

"Don't worry whore. I'll give you some real pleasure now." I said as I turned her around and bent her over the sink, her tight ass high in the air and her juices flowing freely from her visibly pulsating cunt. I gripped my huge cock and aimed it at her needy pussy. I teased her with the head as I wrapped a pair of tentacles around her massive tits and put another between them.

Soon she was being titty-fucked by my thick, slimy tentacles. Her mouth hung open in a huge O and her eyes had rolled back into her head as another mind-blowing orgasm came over her, taking this opportunity I stuffed her mouth with one of my thicker tentacles. It was three inches thick and created a visible bulge as it moved down her throat and into her oesophagus.

Only then did it begin thrusting in and out of her. I placed cum covered cock at her entrance and pushed with my supernatural strength, forcing the head in with one stroke. She screamed around the tentacle in her throat at the sudden extreme stretching, but I just ignored it and pushed further into her until I met her cervix.

I knew that it would not open as easily as her slick cunt had, but that didn't matter, I just needed to fuck her, and fuck her hard. I pulled out until the head was only inside her and pushed ten inches of my enormous cock into her tight cunt. Her screams of protest and pain turned to screams of carnal need. She started cumming again, her screams were loud despite the tentacle lodged inside her oesophagus, and I groaned at the feeling of her tightness gripping me even tighter.

Though this simply urged me to go faster and harder, until I was past her cervix and inside her womb, where I continued to push in, until her stomach bulged out with the shape of my huge cock. Fee no longer felt any pain, which was good considering what I planned next. I moved three two inch thick tentacles to her ass, I smothered their slim on her tight asshole, before pulling her firm cheeks apart and letting my appendages plunge into her even tighter hole.

Rather than make her cry out in pain, Fee came so hard that her body went slack in my tentacles grip. This didn't stop me and I continued thrusting in and out with my cock and tendrils. I couldn't stop it, not now, not when I was moment away from cumming.

I slapped her ass and she woke up not a heavy sleeper evidently. "I'm about to blow." I told her and she nodded enthusiastically as I gave one especially hard thrust and all my tentacles, even the ones just waving in the air, thickened before spurting out fountains of jizz. Her mouth was filled with cum and she swallowed, time and time again as my tentacle just kept on cumming.

The ones in her ass sprayed enough that the cum was pushed into her stomach from her intestines, soon enough her stomach bulged out, getting gradually more obscene.

However each of these paled in comparison to the load firing from my cock. Her uterus had already expanded to contain the first blast, and it was obscene how bloated she already looked. Two blasts and she looked nine months pregnant, and I knew I had a lot more.

My other tentacles were still cumming and were attempting to cover us both in my thick white sperm laden cum. They were completely successful by the time they petered out, though my cock just kept on going.

I feared for a moment that I would kill her, but then I remembered that my venom altered the human abilities; this much stretching was next to nothing, despite the fact that her belly was almost to the tiled floor, which was covered in a thick layer of my cum as well.

After a full five minutes I finally stopped cumming. I pulled my cock and with it came a torrent of my juices. It covered my lower half in another layer, and then I covered the whole of her cunt with my mouth and began drinking my cum mixed with her's. Soon my own stomach bulged out, but it disappeared at a quick thought. It became bloated over and over again, and again and again it disappeared. After a few minutes of unloading my cum from her womb, and a few orgasms on both sides, my cum finally stopped cumming out of her, though she still looked a few months pregnant.

Though, she was indeed pregnant, with my child, a child that would grow to become almost as powerful as me. I started thinking about maybe taking over the world. Taking over the world sounded fun and easy, but as I thought it through I became a little more hesitant. I would need to get world leaders under my control, and military. I need an army, and I knew how to get it. "Hey Jessica." I said and winked at her as she walked by a blush on her cheeks.

Jennifer was tall, six feet one, had straight waist length crimson hair that framed her movie star face, her breasts were perky 26C, a slim waist that tapered out into ample hips, and long luscious legs. Most guys thought her to be a waist since she never went for them, though she would often stare at girls and lick her lips in a sexual manner, however she never made a move on anyone, even those that were clearly lesbians.

I already had an idea of what her secret was and I was about to act on it. When the end of the day came and everyone was filing out of the school building, I caught up to Jessica. "Wanna have some fun?" I whispered into her ear. She froze up, but my breath contained powerful pheromones and aphrodisiacs making her unable to resist my offer.

"Yes." She breathed out, her eyes already glazed over. "Great, follow me." I took her hand in mine and led her down the path to my house. No one was home, though this was normal, in fact I was shocked whenever someone was home besides me.

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I still led Jessica by the hand. Her mind unable to go against me no that she belonged to me. I took her up into my room and there I stripped her down. The surprise between her thighs was not what I was expecting; there a flaccid nine inch cock hung over a pair of closed, but moist, pussy lips. I smiled up at her and released a small amount of control to see her reaction to this.

"What? Where am." She cut herself off mid-sentence when she looked down and saw herself completely naked, and me between her legs grinning at her.

At the sight of my stunning face her cock jerked and grew slightly harder. "Don't worry Jess, I won't tell anyone, no," I stood up and cupped her face in my hands, "I won't, but you will." When her eyes widened I kissed her. She fought back for a few seconds, but when my tongue entered her mouth she gave in and added her own tongue to the mix.

As we kissed I could feel her hardening cock pressing against me, the erection showed how much she enjoyed it. I moved my hands from her face and lowered them to her firm breasts. She moaned into my mouth as I pulled on her nipples and squeezed the soft flesh. I pulled back to look at her face, her cheeks were flushed a deep red.

She panted, her tongue sticking out her mouth like a dog, and then she cried out as I tugged quite hard on her tits. "I'm cumming!" Instantly I felt her cock leap and spray my jeans with her spunk, accompanying the spray was her pussy, which squirted out small torrents of girl cum. I looked into her eyes as she came and saw that she was mine, even without a more potent injection she was mine, heart and soul.

I pulled away and a spray splattered against my loose shirt, it had to be otherwise my breasts just wouldn't fit. My tentacles emerged and ripped away my clothing. Her eyes widened in fear, but remained focused on me as I hefted my own tits in my hands. I beckoned her forward with a finger and she walked towards me, her cock had finished cumming and several drops hit the floor. My own penis was fully erect and a flood of pre-cum ran down the length of it, and mixed with my cunt's juices, before falling to the floor.

When she was in front of me I struck, my fangs sunk deep into her shoulder just like with Fee. When I pulled back her breasts were as big as mine, and her cock had grown from the fully erect twelve inches, to an amazing six inches.

I suddenly had a thought and told her to get on her hands and knees. When she was in position I got underneath her, my cock brushing against her cunt as I eyed her swaying tits. "This will be fun." Before she could ponder what I meant I bit into each breast once, inject more venom into them, and them alone.

I pulled out from beneath her and watched as her breasts inflated to twice their size and beyond, when I was finally satisfied she resting on her beanbag cushion breasts. I'm not exaggerating here, they lifted her torso two feet off the floor. Her tits had also grown in time with them, and were now two inches thick and four inches long, like two small pink cocks.

A normal human would've been in terrible pain, but she was no longer normal, she now had my venom coursing throughout her entire body. I moved behind her and placed my cock at her tight entrance. She was a virgin, this was obvious; absolutely nothing would stop me from fucking her uterus. I sent out my tentacles; a thinner one, about an inch, wrapped around her still rock hard cock and began jacking it off, another two moved to her massively inflated breasts and wrapped around them they circled each a dozen times before reaching the nipples they then penetrated the tits.

She cried out in another orgasm, her cock spraying the floor with more cum and her pussy dousing my cock in her fluids. I teased her entrance even as she came. I also moved a tentacle to her breasts where it began titty-fucking her, and another pushed into her mouth, stifling her cries and travelling down her throat and into her oesophagus.

I positioned another tentacle at her ass and used my hands to part her soft cheeks to reveal her tight virgin asshole. The tentacles each secreted an oil that served as an aphrodisiac, but also to allow easier entry into dryer areas, the anus for example, the tentacle poked at her hole and then surprised her by thrusting in deep.

I moved a tentacle to her stomach and knew that what I was about to do next was brutal to the extreme, the tendril penetrated her navel. Her screams of pain were renewed, but once more they turned to pleasure as all the tentacles began thrusting into her in unison. Now I joined and entered her virgin cunt. I pushed up to her hymen and smiled sardonically at her, before breaking through it and her cervix. Through the thin membrane that separated her pussy canal and her anus I could feel my other tentacles thrusting into her, so deep and hard.

With each and every thrust she came, harder and harder, until she went limp on her breasts, however I didn't stop thrusting. Her belly bulged with my cock and her stomach was full of squirming tentacle flesh.

I kept thrusting. More than ten minutes passed before she woke up to another flurry of orgasms. "I'm gonna cum." I announced and the tentacles in her breasts and mouth began unloading pint after pint of sticky sweet cum into her. I was amazed when her breasts inflated even more with my massive orgasm, the tentacles in her navel and ass came next and her stomach inflated massively with it.

Finally my cock thickened another two inches and I could feel the cum travelling up its length as it neared the target; her womb. The first spurt inflated her womb, not a single drop escaped due to my enormous cock head, and man did she inflate. The first spurt and she was nine months, another eighteen, and another, and another.

She just kept on stretching even as her abdomen now lifted her off the floor, higher than her breasts. Her eyes were rolled back as she too came harder than ever before, though I could sense her fear at how much I was stretching her, but I couldn't pull out, it was something beyond my control. When we both came down from our orgasms, I laid across her raised ass, my cock still plugging her womb.

She now looked to be carrying three full grown Great Danes inside her. My cock began to soften and retract back into me, and with the release came an ocean, quite literally, of my cum. My door was air tight, for odour reasons, and so the cum couldn't get out that way, however my window was open, but it was too high, and so, when most of my cum had been released from within, my tiled floor had turned into a pond of semen.

I'm serious when I say that was above my ankles. I carried the now unconscious Jess to my bed and laid her there, her breasts hanging to either side of her. I didn't want to frighten anyone just yet so I shrunk them down to a D, I have to admit that I was sad to see them shrink. Though I perked up when I remembered what I needed to do next. From my back a new tentacle emerged, this one was barely an inch thick, however it had a sharp needle on the end, it was this needle that I aimed at her flaccid cock.

Immediately it penetrated her, bringing forth another round of orgasms for Jess, and from its tip came a special chemical, one that would alter her physical body forever. Once I removed it her cock was now as big as mine, and her cum held all the same sperm as mine. She was the first soldier in my army. Now who should be my next soldier? An image of my smallest, but still older than me, sister came to mind, as did the image of her massively swollen with my cum.

The tentacle that hadn't cum penetrated my cunt and fucked me, spraying my own cum inside my uterus, causing it to inflate. I was pregnant with a pure Lamia. I searched through Lamia's memories, but never had anything like this ever occurred. Just what had happened when she'd granted me these powers? Chapter 4: A week has passed and still my parents hadn't returned home. Though I had little reason to worry; our town was quieter than dead space, the only reasons someone dies here is of natural causes, accidents, or suicide.

I watched my severely pregnant belly as I felt my child moving about within me. "Almost time." I said and looked to Fee and Jess, who each had equally distended abdomens. They smiled at me and I noted the pure bliss in their eyes, this was what they lived for now. Jess's cock was rock hard and had spurted several loads during the coarse of that day, I watched as it lurched again and spewed forth another fountain of delicious thick cum.

The flow flew in the air and landed on all three of us, amazingly covering our already cum covered chests in another layer. Fee suddenly cried in pain and orgasm. She gripped my offered hand and pushed, the baby slid into her birth canal easily thanks to all the enhancements I'd injected into her body, and in a matter of minutes a tiny version of me popped out, though it was in Lamia form.

The infant slithered up Fee's deflated stomach and latched onto a nipple. This didn't surprise me, after all it was a demon child. Next was Jess, who screamed as climax washed over her.

The teenage hermaphrodite's cock spewed forth yet another fountain even as her cunt opened up wide and the second Lamia child slid out. In a mimic of the previous one it slithered up her chest and latched onto a stiff nipple. I felt myself open up as the child started sliding into my birth canal. Like the other two I cried out in orgasm, my cock extended and sprayed an ocean of cum into the air.

The child stretched me so wide that I couldn't help but climax over and over, even as it slid from me I shook in the aftershocks. The child crawled, meaning it had a human lower body, to my face where it looked me in the eye. I beamed at it, I knew that this child had inherited my full power and could freely choose its form, not only that but it had copied my intelligence, evidenced by the fact that it wasn't crying, though none of them did.

I also noticed that it wasn't a girl, though it could change that if it so wished. "Justin." I named him and he smiled in acknowledgement, before lowering himself to my breast and began sucking out the milk, even as I came hard from the sensations. Another week passed and still my family didn't return.

I was worried now, even as I was impaled on my son's sixteen inch hard cock. Yes in just one week all the babies had attained full maturity, and each were able to change form at will. Though the hybrid's found it harder than Justin, who was a full Lamia.

Milk leaked from my breasts and his tentacles sucked it all up. He groaned and his cock pulsed hard, alerting me before the release of his viscous fluid. It flooded my uterus, inflating it even as I absorbed pints of it. He fell asleep besides me, his handsome face completely relaxed and full of bliss. I kissed him on the cheek and left a note telling him that he would have to fuck Fee or Jess, assuming that their children allowed. I needed to know where my human family were. Twenty minutes after leaving the house a voice whispered through my mind.

"Come to me demon." I saw an image of a strip club where my sisters and mum worked, and walked there, completely unaware at what awaited me. When I arrived all the lights were out, but in the middle stood a glowing white figure, her head lowered to the floor. I could clearly see her massive bosom, barely contained by the white bra that tried to contain them, and lower down I could see her wearing a white thong, with straps running down her thighs to her knees.

Attached to these straps was a sword sheath, though she held the long sword, and I knew what she intended to use it on. "You came." She said and her voice was beautiful. "In more ways then one." I replied cockily. I could feel small sparks between us, and knew that I was in for a fight. "Where are you from?" I asked lightly. "The Realm of Light." She stopped talking and launched herself at me.

I yawned and stretched my arms as she flew at me, angelic wings unfurled from her back, radiating light around the club. In one corner I saw my family unconscious, but seemingly unharmed. I carefully watched the angel as she flew at me, and counted three seconds before letting loose the tentacles of war.

One broke right through her thong and entered her tight dry cunt, bringing forth a shout of pain from her. Another entered her ass, and the rest wrapped around her arms, legs, and tits. I brought her over to me. "Why are you here angel?" I asked and stroked her face with my hand. She cringed in revulsion at my touch. "To kill. the Queen. Lamia." She grunted as my tentacles thrust deeply into her.

So there are more. I thought and said: "Obviously you've failed." To emphasize I kissed her deeply. She kept her lips shut tight, but my tongue forced its way inside. When I pulled back she coughed and spat at me. I opened wide and swallowed the glob of spit.

"I never fail." She snarled at me. "Oh you've failed, but only yourself, you've actually given me an idea for how to increase my own power, and create a new race." Her eyes grew wide as she imagined what I was about to do. Hefting her tit in a hand I grew my fangs back and bit into her supple flesh.

The venom now coursing through her body was forcing her angelic power to become tainted and focus on the breasts, where it materialized as milk. "No." She shook her head and pleaded for me not to with her wide eyes. "Yes." I replied and latched onto the nipple, biting down on her breasts swollen peak. Milk flowed instantly and I drank it, swallowing more and more of it as I squeezed the breast with my hands and sucked out more of her power.

Her cries were starting to annoy me, so I shoved a tentacle, five inches thick, down her throat, gagging her and cutting off her air. I could feel myself becoming still more powerful as I sucked hard on the engorged nipple, I knew that the human in me, however small it was, made the Powers of Light non-poisonous to me, unlike others of my species, or the Queen Lamia before me.

This meant that rather than destroying me from the inside the angel's power only served to increase my own. Soon enough she was out of milk, though her breasts stayed just as big, maybe even bigger, since I had injected with my venom, and I felt powerful enough to take on the Heavens.

The angel in the mean time had cum hard. I knew that she had been a virgin, and that she had been pure as a newborn, so that made her orgasm all the more powerful; the unknown pleasure causing her mind to break down and accept my control. She looked at me, no longer in contempt, but in longing. I patted her cheek and pushed another two tentacles into her cunt and womb, and another four into her already overstretched asshole.

Her cries served to arouse me further, but I didn't want to cum just yet, no I wanted us all to cum together. I walked over to my family, my tentacles still fucking the angel, now fallen from grace. They were tied up with a thick rope. Had I been human it would've been impossible for me to remove it, but I wasn't human, and so a quick pull and the rope snapped. I shook my mother and sisters awake.

When they saw me, naked, tentacles growing from my back, and with fangs, they did what anyone would do, they screamed in terror. I slipped a tentacle into each of their mouths and quickly bit the shoulder of each one.

Instantly they became slaves to my will. The sister who was smaller than me was my first target.


I stood her up and stroked her blissful face, she turned into my hand and moaned in need. I kept the tentacle inside her mouth and grew more. Now that she was right in front of me I truly appreciated how tiny she was; she was least developed of the family, despite being in her early twenties, yet she remained barely an A cup, and her buttocks was barely big enough to be considered an ass, plus her face was much like a child's. She'd hated her looks for the entirety of high school, all because she was so flat they teased her and would often call her washboard, saying that her chest resembled it, though now everyone just thought her to be adorable, especially when she used childish mannerisms.

And now I was about to break the visage of adorable and make her small body swell with my seed. I knelt before her so that my face was level with hers, and began stripping her down. It almost felt like a crime when I pinched her hardened nipples, she was just so small and child-like, but that's why I couldn't resist her. I had no intention of causing her breasts to swell, as that would ruin the visage of innocence, but I knew that they would grow on their own when I impregnated her, and this saddened me, while also arousing me further.

I leaned in and sucked on her tiny tits, causing her to moan in her high pitched voice, then I went lower and licked along her tight slit.

It was so small, that I knew my cock would have a hard time going in, even with all the enhancements to her body, but this wouldn't stop me. Tentatively I slid my index finger into her wetness and was amazed by how tight she was.

I added another finger and this was already a tight fit. My cock would not go in there, it couldn't; she was so tight her cunt would probably choke my cock. I had a wicked thought then and giggled at how absurd the vision I was seeing was.

Baring my fangs I struck, a fang entered her swollen, but still tiny, clit, and the other went into her pussy lips. My venom caused her to climax so hard that her tiny frame fell into my arms.

I held her as she shook and cried out as waves of mini-orgasms came over her. I didn't let her go until I felt a hard phallic shape poking at me. My venom had not only increased the size of her pussy, making penetration possible now, but it had also caused a fifteen inch cock to grow from her clit.

Her cunt now covered the whole area between her thighs, and went all the way up to her belly. I wrapped her up in my tentacles, two suckers attached to her tits and began sucking on her, bringing her to another round of orgasms, another two pressed against her hands.

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She got the idea and began jerking them off, and another moved to her anus, which surprised me by being less tight than her pussy had been. Soon her small form was wrapped entirely in tentacles, some rubbed her small tits, others teased her navel, and many teased her gushing cunt. I picked her up and laid myself back.

Slowly I lowered her tightness on to the tip of my throbbing cock. However I didn't penetrate her, no I wanted to impregnate them all at the same time. I didn't waste time and grew my Lamia tail so that more tentacles could grow and wrap around, and fuck my other sister and mother.

All three came at the sight of my transformed body, there was no fear, only lust. This is the power I held, the power to eliminate fear and loathing from the world. Two four inch thick tentacles entered my mother and sister's pussies, both far more loose than the one above my cock, and instantly penetrated their wombs. Only then did I lower my sister onto my dick. Orgasmic was the only way to describe how tight she still was. It saddened me when I was seven inches in and I struck her cervix, leaving a full twelve inches of hardness outside, but even after I broke into her uterus I still had roughly six inches to go.

I leaned her back and began pushing, forcing the shape of my cock to push out from her abdomen, a full six inch long phallus was protruding from her abdomen, and yet she didn't tear, instead she pleaded for more, even with my venom, she had insane stretching capabilities.

"You want more, well I'll give you more." I told her and started lifting her up and dropping her down on to my cock. Mere words cannot describe how amazing I felt then, fucking a former virgin angel, my tiny sized sister, my own mother, whose breasts were naturally as big as mine before I injected her with my venom they were now something like G cupsand my sister.

As much as I wanted to make it last I just couldn't hold back when everyone's minds began begging for me to cum inside them, to impregnate them with my seed. I screamed, that's how powerful my orgasm was, and instantly sperm flew everywhere, covering all of us, except my dad, even though most of the cum went into someone. Everyone made a valiant attempt to swallow every gush of cum from the tentacles inside their mouths, but I simply came too much, causing it to spill past their lips and run down her breasts, all their colons got a healthy amount of cum too, causing their stomachs to expand even as their wombs began to inflate with gallons, I mean GALLONS, of my seed.

I couldn't stop cumming for a full six minutes, and by then everyone's skin was no longer visible with all my cum, and their stomachs stretched out like they had horses inside them. I knew that most of it was due to my cum, but that didn't change the fact that none of them were pregnant with just one of my children, no, they were each carry at least ten of my growing children each. A week later and forty more of my spawn were brought into the world.

I now had more power than ever before, and decided that now was time. I called the government, using a voice distorter, and told them that I was coming, and that soon all would bow to me. I didn't feel the need to say anything else.

There was no reason to threaten them, they would bow to me, it was just a matter of fact. I looked out the window and into the fields, where various family members, I had invited over were being gangbanged by my children. I am the Queen. I thought this as several vans with FBI and SWAT on the sides drove onto the farm land, barely missing the groups of sex crazed slaves. "Now the fun really begins." I said and turned to face my son, the only other full fledged Lamia in the human realm, for now.

Chapter 5: I fought back, but only half-heartedly. I killed many, but only when they when they threatened my children. I told my children to run, since they were needed to spread my seed, and that if they did it right I would reward them later. They set dogs on me, but even the trained hounds weren't a threat against me, in fact many became too aroused in my presence, and tried mounting me. I let them of course, letting the agents surround me while the dogs fucked me hard.

Justin refused to obey me and was captured as well. We were taken to a armoured vehicle and taken away. My last glimpse of the outside world was the Angel reaching for me, surprising considering the fact that I had raped her. Justin and I were taken to special holding facility probably miles from human civilisation. There they placed us in a pure white cell, strangely we were put in together, meaning that they wanted us to do something, or they were so confident that they could handle two adolescents, despite the fact that I slaughtered dozens of their ranks.

"What are you?" A voice asked through a hidden speaker system. "Come in here and I'll show you." I replied calmly, knowing that they wouldn't take the bait.

"Very well." The door opened and a young man stepped in, completely naked, and, to my immense surprise, he didn't have any genitals. Not a penis, not a vagina, he didn't have balls. If it weren't for the distinctly masculine features I wouldn't think this was a man, or anything for that matter.

"My name is Amelia," I held out hand, "A pleasure to meet you." He eyed my hand with caution, as though it were a cobra. When he didn't respond for several seconds I dropped the hand.

"You said you would tell us what you are." He said, his voice was deep. I grinned and struck quickly, so fast that I knew all that would appear on their cameras would be a blur.

The 'man's' expression turned to shock and he fell to the floor. It was obvious he'd been born without genitals, nor had he been taught anything about sexual organs, since he practically screamed as a cock began growing from his crotch. I had to wonder how he urinated, but that didn't matter. "Why don't you come and fuck me big boy?" I enticed him by squeezing my large tits and licking my always hard nipple. It was obvious that he didn't know what he was doing, but he still followed the primal lust that had been forcibly infused into his very being.

He pushed me back to the floor and grabbed both my wrists in a single large hand, and raised them over my head. I let him have his fun, it was like fucking my children for the first time; they just acted on instinct. He quickly entered me, his large fourteen inch cock penetrating my moist cunt, I'd made him thicker than the rest, meaning that unlike so many other cocks I had this one actually stretched my cunt to the limit.

I cried in bliss as he rammed into me, breaking into my womb and forcing the shape of his cock to bulge out from my stomach. I was stretched delightfully wide for the first time in weeks. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome to fuck someone with a giant cock and inflate them with cum, but I was born a woman, and that meant I would always love being bred, over breeding others.

The new man continued to thrust into me with increasingly powerful thrusts, he also started to suck on my tits, drinking my aphrodisiac laced milk, causing him to groaned in absolute pleasure and start unloading pint after burning pint into my hungry womb. I'd also made sure that none my venom affected his strength, in case they turned him against me, instead I made it focus on his cum production, making able to squirt as much as me.

My stomach began to inflate quickly, but smoothly, until I might have been pregnant with quintuplets. When his orgasm subsided and he pulled out, not a single drop escaped. Quickly my stomach began to deflate, I no longer just craved cum; I fed on it. No matter where it was unleashed into me my body would absorb every drop.

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The man was taken away and Justin and I were left alone. When we became bored he and fucked each other for hours, and why not? These guys must have wanted a show and so we gave it too them. When we were exhausted we slept in a pool of my slowly drying cum. The next time the door opened a woman came in, clad in a lab coat and tank top that was stretched taunt around massive F cups. The amazing thing, was that she wasn't fat at all, it was like growing up all the fat hadn't gone anywhere but her tits, not that she didn't have what I believe is called a 'bubble butt'.

Her face was like a movie stars with dark red hair framing it in beautiful curls. Without my noticing my cock began to grow hard as did Justin's. "We ran several tests on your sperm as you slept," She told us, no surprise there, "And you are both not human." She concluded lamely.

I stood up and rubbed shook out my hair cum matted hair. "Yeah I know, and I knew the one who started all this, but she died. So I guess the only you can possibly blame is me?" I asked off handedly. "You seem very calm considering that you are in confinement." She stated and I smiled evilly at her. "Human, if we so desired to break we could do so at this very moment.

None of your weapons could possibly kill us, none of your poisons will affect us, and the only way that any of you would leave here alive if we were to do escape, would be as my slaves.

Doesn't that sound nice?" I pressed, "Don't you want me to fuck your tight little cunt and fill with lots of sperm? Wouldn't you love it if you no longer had any worries and all you could think or do was fuck? I can give you a life like that." her eyes glazed over as my pheromones began to affect her, all the time I spoke I was breathing out demonic chemicals, and they were quick to take effect.

Soon she was stripping madly, falling to the floor, and fingering her pussy, all the while moaning with insane lust.

I looked to Justin and nodded for him to fuck her. I wondered around for several minutes, before coming to a storage room. Inside there was a large array of weaponry, ranging from knives, to sniper rifles. I didn't take any, why should I? My hands were dangerous enough, in fact I needed to use them at that moment, for a small battalion had surrounded me. "Get on your knees and put your hands above your head!" One yelled then all but screamed when I was kneeling in front of him, with his flaccid cock in my mouth.

He soon came to life from the lashings of my tongue. He couldn't help but give into the pleasure that I was giving him, and quickly enough he was groaning that he was about to cum, but all that did was make me suck harder. After he came I bit and injected him with a deadly venom, I didn't need men.

The others all looked at me like I was a succubus, and in a sense I was. I released the full brunt of my aura on them, causing them to become so horny that they stripped right there and started fucking me.

Someone got underneath and began fucking my always wet cunt, another planted his flag inside my asshole, another pushed my tits together and started fucking the soft orbs, using his own pre-cum for lubricant, I leaned my head down to lick the slick head as it thrust up to meet my lips, and two other placed their cocks in my hand for me to jack off, the remaining three were content to just jack off to the gangbang.

It didn't take for them all to explode in, and on me, and when they did I bit each in turn, injecting them all with my poison. Meanwhile: Justin had his huge cock halfway down the scientist's throat and his tentacles, an idea inherited from his mother, were busy shoving themselves into her anus. Having been born a male his tentacles secreted slime-like lubricant that also made the human body able to stretch to absurd levels, making twelve two inch thick tentacles ramming into her asshole, and by extension her intestines.

He was no virgin, having been born for sex, so he could easily control when he came, of course it helped that he was a Lamia. The scientist gagged once again on his cock and he pulled out. She looked at him her eyes unfocused and glazed over with lust.

He pitied her. Over the few weeks of his existence he'd seen his mother kill men and rape women, all to breed more of his siblings. He didn't know anything else beside fucking, until he snuck out to see the world outside of the farm, and there he saw peace and serenity. He observed many different people, some were just as sex crazed as his mother was, but others deeply loved the one they slept with.

It was this that made him start to doubt his mother, who was too focused on fucking and breeding to notice his change in mindset. Justin looked down once more at the scientist, whose anus was stretched by twenty four inches of tentacles.

Through the lust and need in her eyes he could see her fear, and her hatred of what had become of her. "I'm sorry for what my mother has done to you." A faint spark of surprise shone in her eyes, "But I'm going to make it write, I swear, however I need your help." Somehow the woman broke through her the lust and told him: "Yes!" He encased her in a cocoon of tentacles and began fucking her. She wasn't prepared for the sudden penetration and cried out in pain, though it was tainted with pleasure.

He began really thrusting into her. He broke through the barrier protecting her womb and began pounding her with all of his might, and each time he would hilt inside her, causing.

Gradually, her cries for none turned to screams for more, she was writhing around in the cocoon tentacles that covered every square inch of her exposed flesh. Two penetrated her tits and pulled them together so that another could thrust between the two fleshy orbs, while several crammed themselves down her throat.

She no longer cared about anything other than sex. Sex was her life now, it was all that she needed, all that she craved. Climax after climax exploded from within her, drenching his cock in her juices as he pulled back and thrust forward.

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She screamed with each orgasm, even the tentacles squirming down her throat couldn't fully stifle it, and soon she was in a state of constant orgasm. Each time she came melted into another, more powerful climax. When she felt his cock and tentacles pulsate faster she knew he was close, and this knowledge made her next orgasm all the more stronger. Justin was almost to the end of his control. Her constant orgasms had her cunt gripping him so tightly it was almost uncomfortable, but still served to bring him closer and closer to his own peak.

His thrusts increased in intensity, as did her screams, now clearly audible from her tentacle filled mouth. "I'm cumming." He groaned and with one last mighty thrust, he emptied his balls into her womb, while his tentacles their cum was stored in a different dimension, making their supply nearly endless filled her every other whole and breasts.

Her entire torso began to inflate, the tentacles in her breasts unloading gallons of cum into them, the ones in her mouth had forced themselves into her oesophagus and then her stomach causing it to inflate with each spurt. Then there was her womb. His cock had more than just his balls to supple cum; it too stored the true bulk of semen within another dimension, and this orgasm was far more powerful than any he had ever experienced, causing him to spray it with much more power than ever before.

He estimated the first blast to be about three gallons worth of cum. With his orgasm his power also increased to incredible levels. I should've asked those guys where the communications room was, now I was stuck wondering around almost aimlessly.

Then I remembered that I now had the scientist, I maybe a goddess, but I still tend to forget most things. I transformed and slithered back to the cell.


I arrived to see Justin holding the scientist's massively inflated body. Her womb looked like she was carrying a hundred human babies to term, and her breasts were so huge they actually fell to the floor from five feet in the air. "Nice work Justin." "Goodbye, Mother." I realised too late that a spiked tentacle was poised behind me. By the time I reacted it had penetrated my chest, spearing my heart and ripping it from my chest. I stared down at it in disbelief, then at my son.

I saw his eyes, full of rage and sorrow, and watched as tears rolled down his cheeks, and fall onto the scientist. "W-Why?" I managed to choke before everything went dark and my life came to an end.

I woke up clad in a black gown and strapped to a cold metal table. "Where am I?" I demanded of the shadows that surrounded the table. From these shadows came. me? "This is your hell." "Wha-what?" "Each person has a hell specified to their sins, and your sin involved fucking.

a lot." The other me said with a smirk and from her groin grew a cock so large that I believed it to be thicker than my upper chest, and longer than my legs. "Like that would frighten me, I'm the Queen Lamia!" "Not anymore, you're not. Here you're just another pathetic human, who's about to receive the most brutal fucking of their lives." My double explained and I shook my head in fear and disbelief, though I knew her words to be true.

"Open wide!" She said sadistically and made the first thrust into me. She would thrust up, making my womb stretch outwards to accommodate the massive phallus, and whenever she pulled out my cervix and hymen would repair themselves so that whenever she thrust in, she tore through them both, again and again. With each thrust and sob a single word echoed through my mind; Why. Epilogue "I'm back!" Justin announced and was instantly met by his wife, Jasmine.

"It's about time," She said, pretending to be angry, but her frown quickly turned to a smile and she kissed him deeply, "The kids need you." She patted her massive belly and felt one of the children kick. "Of course, the 'the kids'." He said. After killing his own mother he had gotten to know, and fall in love with the same scientist who he had fucked full of his sperm.

Her breasts had deflated a lot over the past year, but they were still several cups bigger than before. "Well then let their friends come out." With that he was naked and so was she, tentacles writhed around them, searching for holes to fuck.

Soon his own children would be born, and he would make sure that they didn't abuse the power his bloodline to them. But most all he vowed to love his wife, and cherish each moment they had together. The End.?