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Video sexe bdsm baise sur batte soumise sandy porno
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I pulled into the parking lot and got out. I could already see Ben waiting for me by the entrance. He went to a State school a short drive from my own university.

We'd met on myspace and chatted on AIM. He was gay, I was bi and curious. I was going to strip for him. He led me to his room while we chatted idly about school and classes and stuff.

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He led me to his room then shut and locked the door. There were papers everywhere, musical notes and scales. He was a music-education major, and a talented one from what he told me.


There was a bed off to the left, a futon in the middle and a desk on the right side of his small room. He hit a few buttons on his sound system and music began to play. It was "I'm N Luv," by T-Pain, not what you'd expect from a classically schooled student.

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I began to swivel my hips to the music as best I could. I'm not the most rhythmically gifted of people. He spun his desk chair around to the middle of the room and slouched back in it, grinning.

"I'm not a very good dancer," I told him. "That's ok, just have some fun." I started gyrating a bit quicker and unbuttoned my shirt, letting the sides fall, revealing my smooth chest, and skinny, but muscled frame.

At 5'10 and 140 pounds, I didn't pack a lot of muscle onto my body, but there was absolutely no fat. I slid it off my arms and let it fall to the floor, running my hands through my hair and enjoying the stare I was now drawing. I undid my belt buckle and coolly slid it out, folding it in half and lightly smacking my ass and chest with it.

My jeans sagged to reveal a thin stripe of boxers. I undid them and unzipped, then turned around and let them slowly fall down as I swayed with the music. When they reached my ankles, I kicked them off to the side and hooked two thumbs inside the waistband of my boxers. Standing with my side to them, I slid them down, revealing my hip and the side of my leg. Finally, I was bent over, and they too were around my ankles.

I'd managed to keep my cock hidden behind my arm. I tossed them aside and slowly stood to reveal myself. I ended with my fingers interlaced behind my head, legs spread, and cock sticking 6 and a half inches straight up. He applauded and turned the CD player off while I gathered my clothes in a pile by the door and left them there.

"Want me to show you a few things?" I asked him.

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We were both into bondage and had spoken about it frequently online. "Sure," he handed me a spool of rope. "Give me your arms," I said. He held them together. "This is one of the most basic ties," but its pretty versatile. I wound the rope around his wrists in a basic cinch. "Try and get out." He struggled for a few minutes, but was unable to free himself. I untied him. "Want to try it on me?" "Sure." "K, hands in front or behind?" "Behind," he replied grinning.

I turned my back to him and put my wrists together. Every so often his hands brushed my ass as he wound them the way I'd showed him.

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After a few minutes, I felt the rope tighten. "Done," he said and stepped back. I twisted and pulled at the bonds with no luck. In a last ditch effort, I tried to slip my hands around the front, to no avail. "Mmmm, he said, watching me struggle," my heart fluttered at the sound of his arousal. He walked forward and lightly ran a hand up my back.

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I arched at his touch, bringing my cock several inches closer to him. At 6.5 inches, it was rock hard. He looked down and smiled. "Wanna try a few more rope things?" he asked me.

"Sure, like what?" "Why don't I show you?" he said in a tone that made me blush. He ran his eyes up and down me for a long while before getting some more rope.

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He produced a bar, like a broomstick, with holes drilled in either side, about four feet long. After tying my legs to either side, spreading me, he lowered me to the floor on my knees. I inhaled sharply, knowing the implications of this position, but obediently stayed there as he grabbed still more rope.

I felt him wrap a loop around my wrists, and start sliding it up. "Oh god," I gasped as he tightened it around my elbows, forcing my chest out, and completely restricting all movement in my arms. He moved away once more, and I struggled against it. There was absolutely nothing I could do, I was stuck in this position until he decided to let me out.

The thought both frightened and exhilarated me. He looped a rope around each of my ankles, and tied them loosely to my elbow bonds. He did something else that I couldn't quite figure out. I let out a yelp as I almost fell forwards, then another as it happened again. He was toying with me. He did it a third time, and it took everything I had to stay upright. A fourth, and I teetered on my knees for a moment, then, slowly, inevitably toppled forward.

I braced myself for the impact, but something unexpected happened. I fell slower than I thought, but as I did, the hogtie tightened. When I finally crashed to the ground, my wrists and ankles were being pulled up towards the ceiling, my back arched uncomfortably.

I had absolutely no movement, aside from my head. He pinched my ass hard, causing me to yelp, but there was nothing I could do about it. I felt him slide a collar around my neck, with D-rings at the front, back and both sides.

He tied a rope to the D-ring in the back, and let it hand. I felt him fiddling around beneath me, and my mouth opened in shock as I realized what was happening. He'd tightened a noose around my balls. He ran that rope around the wooden spreader to the one coming from my neck, until I had to keep my head back to keep from pulling on my testicles.

"How's it feel?" he asked me. "Tight," I replied honestly. He sat down in front of me, spread legged and laid my hed on his lap. I gritted my teeth at the pain in my balls.

I could feel his hard cock, even through his thick jeans.

"Aww, poor baby," he cooed. He looped his finger around the front ring and pulled forward. "Oh god, god no," I begged as the noose tightened further. "What's that?" He stopped but didn't push me back. "Please stop, please." "What's in it for me?" He pulled me up even further. It was agony for my balls. I pressed my head down and kissed his cock. He smiled.


"That's a nice start." I managed to get my teeth on the zipper and pulled it down. With nothing else I could do, I simply buried my head in his crotch, trying to find his dick. I managed to get my tongue on the very base of it, but nothing more.

At this point I was incredibly horny, in spite of the aches that were present across my body. I wanted nothing more than to see his manhood. He obliged me, by standing and stripping. I drooled on the floor as he revealed it. Seven inches and cut. It looked delicious. He sat back down, holding it an inch away. I tried to inch forward, but winced in pain. "You've got to really want it," he told me. Hungrily I lunged forward, this time able to get my tongue on the very tip.

A few minutes more of struggling, and I finally had it in my mouth. His precum was dripping down on my tongue, it was salty and bitter, but I was so turned on at this point that I didn't care. I started bobbing up and down like I'd seen in porn. His moans indicated that I was at least on the right track. He didn't seem to want or need me to go any deeper, so I concentrated on moving my lips and tongue over his head.

After several minutes, he started to thrust into my mouth. I did what I could to keep pleasuring him, but let him take over. He grabbed my head and pulled me down, once again torturing my balls/ I didn't care, taking in the pleasure of having his dick sliding in and out of my mouth.

It was soaking wet and drool was everywhere. "Ever taste cum?" he asked me slowing for a minute. Dick in mouth, I shook my head no. "You're about to. I've been holding off on masturbating for a few days just for you." He resumed his pace.

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I could feel his dick swelling in my mouth, ready to burst. The first stream hit me with a shock, my face contorted at the bitterness, but I didn't try to pull away. He filled my mouth with stream after stream. There was so much, it started to dribble out onto the floor.

After several seconds, he pulled away and let me swallow. It was tough to force it down my throat, but I was more than willing to do it for him. When he was finished, he got up and cut the rope that bound me to the ceiling, and loosened the spreader bar and the rope around my nuts, though he left the one tied to the collar as a leash.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he cut away my other bonds, leaving only the one around my wrists. My elbows and back were sore from the difficult position. To my shock, he yanked on my leash, leading me out the door and into the hall, locking it behind him.