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Emmanuele Cunha piranha safada de short socado
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Defying my family Part 6: Father vs.


Son "Please don't be alarmed or think this is a sick joke, but my name is Bradley Patrick; however you knew me as Benjamin Reese. Chelsea Reese was my mother." I say to the Donna Reese "That's impossible. Benjamin is dead" She tells me.

"It's not ma'am, I am him, and I was given over to my father, the man that raped Chelsea" "I think you better come in and explain yourself" I walk into her house and she led me to the living room. I sit down when she offers me a seat. She walks out of the room and comes back later on with an old man Zachary I assume and was proven right when she introduced us. Once they both sat down I explained the whole story starting with Chelsea's rape and ended with how I found them.

I even told them about my plan to bring down my father. "That's a very nice story, son but that doesn't really prove you are who you say you are" Zachary says. "Well dear there is one way. Remember Benjamin had a birthmark on the bottom of his right foot.

We say it those few minutes before the nurses took him away" Donna says. Well I do have a birthmark on the bottom of my right foot, so I remove my shoe and sock from that foot and show them my mark. Their mouths drop open with shock. I pass their test. Both of them quickly recovered and rush up to smoother me in hugs. I could not believe this; my grandparents believe who I am. We sat down and talk about what I have been doing, about my life and my plans to bring my dad down. I sat here and tell them about all the secret skinheads, about their son-in-law Max, and my part in all of this.

"I told you Zach, I told you. Max wasn't upset about what happened to Chelsea and he never ever tried to find out who got her pregnant. He never believed anything I said. Oh why did Julia have to marry that man." We hear the door open and in walk a man about 6 feet tall, kind of slim but well-toned judging by his arms. Donna jumps up and grabs this short blonde hair blown eye guy and drags him over to us.

"Oh Matt, today is a happy day. I would like you to meet&hellip. Well I guess Bradley, he was, is Chelsea's son. It's Benjamin he's alive, just not called Benjamin" "Hi, Brad's fine" I say as I stand up and offer him my hand. "Matt" he says taking my hand.

We hear the door open again and in was a blonde hair female wearing a bikini top and blue jean shorts. She has very slim body with I would have to say 34-D tits.

I could not help but stare in awe. "Mom who is this boy" she asks Donna "Sit down Julia we need to talk" Zachary tells his daughter. So this is my Aunt, Max's wife. I wonder if she truly knows what a bastard he really is. As Julia walks closer to me, she catches my eye and stops dead in her tracks. Her hand comes up to her mouth quickly. There is no hiding the shock on her face. Even her parents saw it. This woman knows something, but what.

Julia sits down and stares at the floor. "I trust from the way you're acting Julia you know this young man" Zachary asks. "Yes dad, please he needs to leave, for our safety he needs to go" She says.

"What the hell do you mean Julia, tell us who can and can't be here in our house" Donna ask. "If I might wager a guess I think she knows more about what's going on then we give her credit. She recognized me just by looking at me when she got closer and she doesn't want me here.

That means she knows the truth." I tell them "I do and I'm sorry. He, He made me promise never to reveal what I heard." Julia says as tears from in her eyes. "You don't have to worry Julia I found out on my own and I found them. You never broke your promise" I tell her. "Well since you all have met, might as well tell the whole story.

In for a penny in for a pound, but I ask that mom and dad don't get mad at me. My life depends on it." Both parents nod their heads.

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"I have been married to max since around the time Chelsea was married, and it wasn't by choice. See the night Chelsea was raped I was supposed to be with her, we were going to go to a movie, but my then boyfriend called and we ended up parked in a parking lot having sex when Max caught us.


He was only a patrol officer than. Tommy my boyfriend had pot on the dashboard at the time. Max said that he would let Tommy go provided Tommy let me fuck Max. I told him no, but Tommy told me to do it or lose him. So Max fucked me while Tommy watched.

He dumped me a couple days later telling everyone how I cheated on him. When Chelsea found out she was pregnant I went with her to the police to file charges. Max was there and told them Chelsea was lying. When I confronted him he told me that I was such a good fuck I was to marry him or else he would send some of his buddies over to kill Chelsea. So I married him to protect Chelsea. When she died during child birth I figured the worst was over with and could leave him.

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Problem was he then moved on to threaten to have Brad's father come over and kill everyone here. He even admitted to me that who raped Chelsea and what happened to her son. He also told me that he will make sure I was like the other girls he has had and force to sleep with who he wants me too. I heard him bragging about this girl Tara he forced into having very rough sex with 2 of his buddies. I tried my best to defy him, but it's very hard. I have my family to protect. Brad I'm sorry but if I know where to find you I would have tried to make sure you were safe.

Max wouldn't tell me where you were only that you were alive and living with the man that raped Chelsea." Hearing Julia's confession made me realize that I have no right to be mad at this woman. Like all the other women we were entangled in this mess, it wasn't hear choice.

It would seem Max has a way with blackmailing people to get what he wants. I have to wonder how many other women are like Julia and forced to be slaves. "The girl Tara, lives with my dad and I. I was raised to believe she was my sister when in fact we are not blood related at all. My dad took her in after her mom ran away. Max forced her to be a free prostitute for him and the rest of the police. It was Max and my dad who forced her to have sex with those two guys.

Both are skinheads and one of them is married to a very nice Japanese lady just to save face because he has another wife who he loves more. They just want a trust fund that was left to Kimiko my girlfriend. I'm not like them. My dad and brothers forced me to rape Shiho, Kimiko's mother and she knows about it and is fine with it as does Tara.

All four of us have been working on stopping them. We have evidence of Max and the police using Tara, I have evidence of my dad raping my mother and other girls, we have a confession by Shiho's step-son as to why a skin head would marry a Japanese woman." I tell Julia "Brad, you are so much like your mother, it's like her spirit is here. She was the same way. Even as a little girl she was very head strong.

You are not alone in this. Zach and I are with you and we will help you were we can, just like we will help Julia, because we are all a family." Donna tells me We all sat down and talk about everything. I got to know everyone. About an hour later I got a call from Tara. It would seem Max was horny as hell again and that Shiho and Kimiko are already at the house setting everything up.

I explain to everyone why I had to go. I was shocked when Matt and Julia wanted to come along. I really don't think it is a good idea however the thought of Julia possibly walking down there with a 2x4 and hitting Max did seem like a pleasant idea. We arrive at the house everyone but Max as there so I made quick introduction before we all took off upstairs. We no sooner got into place when Max arrived. "No wonder he stopped sleeping with me. He likes them young.

Oh I think it's time I go Lorena Bobbitt on his ass" Julia says with hatred. "Better let Tara do it Julia, he started fucking her when she was around my mother's age" I explain to her "Shit Lorena Bobbitt's too good for him.

I think I will find the biggest strap-on I can find and shove it up his ass and then down his throat before I cut his fucking balls off." I look over at Matt and his eyes never left the monitor. Come to think about it his eyes never left the sight of Tara. I go over to Matt. "You don't have to watch if you don't want too. I can never really watch without getting pissed, It takes Kimiko or Shiho to take me mind off of it" I tell him. "No it's not that, well yes it is kind of" "What is it Matt?" "Well honestly I think she's very hot, and I have seen her around when she comes into the burger joint I work at.

I've wanted to ask her out but I'm too scared and I figured she has a boyfriend." "Oh no she is single and really needs to be with someone who loves her for her. She has been through so much.

I can tell you that she will need someone to be there for her after Max's is done. She isn't easy so don't think you will get anything, but just showing her how nice you can be will go a long way and should she decide to give it to you, let her control it." "How do you know all this?" "Believe it or not I have been sleeping with her since I found out she isn't my sister. And yes Kimiko knows. Tara needs someone that will love her and not just use her for sex.

She has a great personality; it's just that all she's known about sex is that guys just use her. I don't and to be honest I would love for someone to take her off my hands. I have Kimiko to satisfy and at times her mom, Tara I love but it's more brotherly love.

I don't mind being there in her time of need but think about it. I have 3 women to take care of it's a lot of work" "Oh I can imagine. UT OH looks like Julia is getting mad" I look over at Julia and see her face getting redder and redder. Her anger is starting to boil over.

I check the monitor and I can see why. Max is laying on the bed making Tara lick his balls clean and suck his cock, all while he is calling her a dirty rotten cunt. "Don't worry Shiho and Kimiko will take care of Julia" Just as I say that I watch Shiho gently pull Julia's face away from the screen.

Shiho whispers softly into her ear while Kimiko slowly crests her body. Julia's face goes from pure anger to calm to lust in a matter of moments. "One should never underestimate the power of a Japanese Psychologist." I tell Matt.

Within moments Julia and Shiho are kissing, I grab Kimiko's hand and pull her away. "Let's let the adults have their fun, I am not sure how she would react to sex with a minor." She nods her head as we watch them. They waste no time tacking off their clothes and feeling up each other's bodies. I hear someone groan. Matt was slowly rubbing his cock through his pants. Shiho had her face buried between Julia's pussy. I walk over to Shiho "If it's ok with you, do you think you could help Matt too.

He is very horny watching you two?" Shiho lifts her face up from Julia's hairy pussy long enough to nod her head. I walk over to Matt. "Go to Shiho, her pussy's waiting for you." Matt looked at me with surprise, then quickly got undress and kneels down behind Shiho. With one quick thrust he is inside her pussy. Shiho moans in Julia's pussy. I felt a hand slowly start rubbing my cock. Kimiko is as turned on by all this as I am. We quickly undress and she drops to all fours and I quickly enter her tight pussy from behind.

I slide my cock in fast and hard. The thought of 2 girls fucking each other right next to us was making me hornier than shit.

I rapidly fuck Kimiko to her first orgasm. I can feel her flood gates open and drench my cock in her pussy cream. It's so too much. I push in hard and deep and shot my first load into her pussy. It shot out so hard I think I shot it straight up into her mouth. With a glance over to the others I see Matt is on his back with Shiho riding him hard while eating a standing Julia's pussy.

I go over and lay next to Matt and Kimiko quickly gets on top of me. Both girls match each other's speeds. Julia moves to be between both Shiho and Kimiko and with her back to me. I watch as she plays with both girls tits and sucks their nipples. In return the girls play with both her nipples. Kimiko is so turned on that I felt her orgasm hit hard. She had to jump up and pull my cock out of her, squirting her juices all over me.

Shiho quickly got off Matt and started to lick up her daughters cum. Kimiko quickly hops on Matt to finish what her mother started. Matt just smiles and holds onto Kimiko's hips. She speeds up and Matt just moans. "Shit I'm going to cum" He warns her. Kimiko gets off Matt and quickly starts sucking his cock. Julia is sitting between us.

Her hand is a blur on her pussy, her eyes are closed and I can see her struggle to suppress a loud scream. Matt groans as Kimiko begins to milk his balls. I watch as Kimiko swallows all of his cum as fast as she can. Julia stops her rubbing and she's breathing hard and a smile across her face. Shiho finishes her cleaning and smiles as well. "That was out of this world" Shiho says. "Yeah" I say "And Tara's finished with Max" We all look at the monitor. Tara is lying on the bed with nobody around.

Her hands are in her hands. I look at Matt. "Go to her" and He quickly gets dress. The rest of us get dress and head downstairs and all of us head home. In the days that's followed Matt and Julia become very friendly with us even more so the friendship the blossomed between Julia and Shiho and the relationship that was developing between Matt and Tara. Kimiko and I watched as for the first time Tara smiled and seemed happy. Of course anyone who has been in war will tell you: It's never wise to let your guard down.

I wake up and saw Tara in my room. "Brad quickly something's happened to Kimiko she never returned home" She says franticly. "Tell me everything" I tell her as I quickly get dress. "It's Russ and Mikey they have her. Shiho said they walked into the house and grabbed her.

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She tried to stop her but Russ hit her." "Let's go" Tara drove us quickly to Shiho's house. Not even bothering to knock I run inside. Shiho was on the couch holding an icepack to her face and crying. Her eyes were starting to turn black and judging from the blood coming from her nose it was broken.

When she saw us she explains everything to use. "My God Shiho what happened" I hear as I turned to see Julia rushing towards her. "Brad quick get me some rags.

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Jesus Christ who did this to you?" I did as she ask and hand them to her. It is a good think Julia works at a local hospital as a register nurse.

Although as much as she wanted to help Shiho I think she wants to kill who ever hit her. I really don't know why that is just yet, but one mystery at a time. "Brad you need to go to Salvation.

Russ found out about it. I think he followed me there one night or that bitch wife of his did. Either way start your search for Kimiko there. Tara and I drove there as fast as humanly possible. When we got there we saw nobody was there but the place had been ransacked. "They are not here" I tell Tara. "Brad look at these pictures, they are the ones we printed off from what they are doing to me.

If they saw these then." "Then they have got to be at that house" This time when we got into the car, sent a quick message on her phone and got a reply almost as quickly. We arrive at the house and I quickly run the steps. I see a 2x4 lying on the ground and I grab it.

Not even bothering to open the door, I burst through it. Kimiko is lying on the bed, tied down on her stomach, while Mikey is on the bed raping her. "Yeah that's it you filthy fucking Japanese Cunt. Take this hard cock like the fucking slut you are. God if I knew you were this tight I would have raped your ass long long ago. Yes I'm going to fill your fucking worthless undeserving ass full of my spunk and then you will lick my cock clean. " He was saying to her I quickly rush him swinging the board.

The first shot hits him on the side of the head knocking him off of her. "YOU GET THE HELL OFF OF HER YOU SON OF A BITCH" I roar at him.

He slowly gets up laughing "Well if it isn't the little disgrace. You know, I knew you were behind all the attacks. I followed you when he stopped those two jackasses from raping her, and what do I see when I look into the window?

This worthless bitch naked, fucking you. Tell me something Brad, is she as good a fuck as her bitch mother? Dad says the only thing good about her fucking him is the money he is going to get." "You're sick. You touch her again and it will be the last thing you ever do." "Is that so, well I hope you can back what you say because I plan to fuck her again and again. Hell even dad wants a piece of this little cunt and you know what she's going to let us fuck her just like you will Tara" he says looking at Tara "I'll cut your dick off before you put in back in me bastard." She says.

"No you want my fuck bunny" says Russ as he comes walking down the stairs, a 9mm berretta in his hand. Behind him is Kirsten his actually wife with a shot gun in her hand. "See if you don't do what we say we will do what the U.S. soldiers did to the Vietnamese women who refused to let them fuck them. We will shove a grenade up your cunts and pull the pin. In this case we will use this shot gun instead of the grenade. It would be the same results either way." "Then kill me now cause I will never let you touch me" Kimiko says slowly rising up from the bed.

In all the confusion I never realized Tara had gotten her freed. "Whys that Kimiko are you ready to join your dear old dad? I really enjoyed killing him, but not as much pleasure I got knowing his wife married his murderer. Goes to show just how fucking pathetic and stupid you Japanese bitches are." Russ tells her Nobody saw it coming. Russ stood their laughing and the next, BANG. Russ was on the ground, blood pouring from one said of his head while the other side was missing.

Mikey then turns and swings at me. His punch it's the side of my head and I fall to the ground. Kimiko quickly rushes Mikey who punches her in the stomach as hard as he could. She goes down while Tara quickly jumps on his back and tries to choke him. I can hear Kristen firing off round after round from the shot gun out the door. I stand up and grab my board. Mikey manages to get Tara off his back by slamming her into the wall. As he walks away I swing as hard as I could.

The board catches Mikey in the throat, and the board splits in too. Mikey drops to his knees clenching his neck. A strange half gurgle half choking sound coming from him. I watch as his within moments his eyes roll into the back of his head and he falls to the ground. My blow had crushed his wind pipe. I turn towards Kirsten who stop firing her gun and was bracing for an impact.

I just saw a blur run through the door and tackle her. It was Shiho "You fucking Japanese cunt sucking whore get off of me" She roars at Shiho while trying to shake her off. Shiho and her manage to get to their feet and Kristen is thrown into the wall. Shiho take a step back and delivers a side kick that sends her back into the wall.

Before Kristen could even mount an offense Shiho hit her with a quick slash of something long, metal, and razor sharp. It was a katana, and Kristen's blood was running down it. "Nobody and I mean nobody threatens my daughter your fucking bitch" Shiho said as Kristen dropped to her knees.

I can see a deep slash across her chest. No way in hell was she going to survive that. She fell over dead. "What happened to Russ?" I ask her "I happened" Matt said walking into the house with a rifle in his hand. "My dad used to take me out hunting when I was a kid.

I'm a pretty good shot with this" he said holding up his rifle. Tara runs over to Matt and kisses him deeply while Kimiko comes to me and kisses me. "Thank you Brad" "You're welcome Kimiko. I wasn't going to stand by and let him hurt you." "It's worse than that. Guys listen up. Brads family was here as well. They know who we are and they know the truth. They have gone to your Grandparents to find you and finish what they should have done years ago" Kimiko warns us.

"Actually you little whore we figured he would walk right into our trap" My dad said as he walked into the room with my brothers and Max.

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All of them armed, and every weapon pointed us. "Loose the rifle Matt and the sword my lovely fuck slut and both of you stand over there with the others." "You will never touch me you sick perverted bastards." Shiho says through her teeth "Nah why would I want an old used cunt when I see I can have a younger tighter cunt" he tells her. "You can have her after we arrest them. They did commit murder after all" Max tells them.

"Murder my ass" I say "It was self-defense" "I am the law here Brad not you. Tara I will give you once chance to stand over here with us. If you don't I will not protect you my little cum twat." Max says "GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING DISCUSTING PIG" she tells him. "Then you can die with them" He says "Then you can explain to your wife what happened to her nephew" I tell him. "Oh my wife, my little stuck up bitch wife.

How I enjoyed breaking her in. You know&hellip." Max stopped talking and dropped to the ground. Behind was standing Julia with Shiho's katana in her hand.

It seems that blade has claimed another victim. Before either of my brothers could react she dropped them both with slashes from the blade. Better make that another two victims. Dad turns around to look at Julia. "Julia wait, He's mine" I tell her. "So the son things he's man enough to take his father?" He ask me "Take you probably not, but I know if I die I plan to make sure your coming with me" and I rush him causing both of us to fall to the ground.

I quickly punch him in the face breaking his nose before a powerful punch knocks me to the ground. He stands up and kicks me hard in the ribs. I can feel a couple break from the impact. Matt charges my dad who quickly grabs him and throws him into Julia as she raises the Katana. Matt's momentum causes the two of them to fall to the ground, the sword sliding to the door.

Shiho moves in front of Kimiko as Tara tries her luck. I watch my dad strike her across the face knocking her down. He then slams the heel of his boot down on her wrist. Tara screams over the breaking sound it makes. As my dad turns back towards the two girls I grab a piece of the board I used on Mikey and hit my dad as hard as I could in the side of his knee. It dropped him, but it wasn't enough. He turned back to me. He kicked me in the face knocking me back down and he got on top of me "You know I think it's past time you join your twat of a mother" he says as he picks up the board.

He aims the broken end at me and raises it up. I saw my life flash before my eyes, but it didn't end. The finishing blow never happened. Both of his arms had been cut off. He looks at the stumps that were once arms and was in shock. Standing beside him was Zachary holding the Katana. "You have taken enough from my family you bastard.

Rot in hell" and with a powerful swing off comes my dad's head. It was finally over.

Epilogue: It's been 5 years since the night my family was killed. Kimiko and I are still together and we are married. We got married right after high school.

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Of course we were not the only one to. Matt and Tara also are married and have a beautiful baby girl name Sara. Shiho never remarried, but she and Julia are living together. It would seem they actually enjoy each other both sexually and what not. Of course Shiho does come over once in a while to be with me. Kimiko doesn't mind at all. My grandparents are still alive and well. They welcomed Kimiko in with open arms when they met her; as a matter of fact Zachary gave Kimiko away at our wedding.

The cops that were using Tara got in big trouble. Some were able to avoid jail but the others were not so lucky. Our entire police force now is made up of brand new men and women who don't take kindly to racism. After all, our new chief is African American. It took about a year for the remaining skinheads to be taken care of. All in all life is good.