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Luna blanca sex in the beach latina bigtits
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For the rest of the coming week the twin Chesterson boys, Marshall and James took their regiment of red, white and blue pills everyday. After school they would head over to Mrs Higgins place next door and help her with " yard work". That work solely involved having the 63year old with the H cup boobs teaching them the fine arts of pleasing a woman. They quickly picked up the basics of pussy eating and learned how to ease into anal on a woman.

They learned the fine balancing act that was DP and learned how to properly throat fuck the sexy elder woman. Mrs Higgins loved every moment, having two hard cocks at her disposal She also loved knowing that the pills were making the boys cocks bigger everyday, she loved the energy of youth and how combined with the pills recuperative powers they can fuck and cum multiple times for hours on end.

Every time they left shortly before dinner at home, her bed would be a mess of cum and pussy juice and she would literally be dripping from both her holes with young teen spunk and her face caked with their loads. Each of them would cum 4 or 5 times individually, and her pills would make her cum many many times more. She even promised a measuring, and the boy that was bigger would get to fuck her in the ass all of Sunday after church.

What Mrs Higgins hadn't counted was an extra side effect of the three different drugs on the male physiology in combination. She had seen them in combination with her husband, but always attributed her lust for him when he entered the room as her love and her own triple combination. She really didn't know about the pheromone affect, but she would later. Whenever the boys would come home from " yard work" they were always hot and sweaty and that was the number one release for the " alpha male" pheromone.

They would waft it through the house, and whilst it had no effect on the boys, it certainly did on everyone else. Their father, Ted Chesterson would move out of the way for them, explaining it away as not wanting to get in the way of a train and found them agreeing with their ideas more often.

Their little stepsister Hanna who also looked up at her big step-brothers as heroes absolutely adored him and followed James and Marshall around the house like a lost puppy. And their stepmother Franny was finding herself very confused by what she was feeling about them and a bit ashamed Franny married Ted less then a year earlier and they were still happily in their honeymoon.

She was a bubbly lively young woman, that most people in town didn't think she was too bright. And to be honest, she wasn't that very bright, she was always falling for a sob story and never heard a lie she didn't believe fully. She was the stereotypical bubble headed blonde, big breasts, blue eyes, cornsilk hair and not an original thought in her head.

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But what she made up for spades was her undying compassion and her talent for making feel better. She was a housewife but volunteered all around town, with the church, the soccer team, the PTA, town event planning, at the seniors center, food drives, bake sales, ad she even was part of the local community theatre. Call her stupid all you want, but everyone adored her Everytime the boys came home from next door that first week, they would leave their clothes in a hamper and they were slick with the sweat from hardcore sex next door.

Franny couldn't abide anything dirty in her immaculate home so she would always pick up the clothes and wash them. But now whenever she would pick up their clothes when she smelled their stink, a warmth burned through her spine and buried itelf deep in her pussy. Her nipples would harden and her skin would flush. It was so manly their sweat and images of muscular men climbing ontop of her and fucking her silly would flood her mind.

She would quickly toss the clothes in the washer and have a cool shower to cool off, and being away from the pheromone on the clothes would cool her off.

Yet the guilt would come even after masturbating in the shower. Young hard bodies on her and in her, it was shameful. Dinner would be an ordeal too, but not as intense. The boys would unknowingly give them off in the confined space of the dining room where they all had their nightly meal together.

And she would marvel at their athletic physiques and their youthful bravado. She would also shake her head wondering why her new groom suddenly didn't have his old charm around them. Franny also saw that Hannah also thought her big brothers were cool too, but thankfully not the way she did Horned up mildly again, when it came time to bed Franny would climb onto her husband and ride him for all that she was worth every night. Ted certainly wasn't complaining about his wife's resurgence of sex thirst, just by the fourth night he was getting too tired for a proper sleep in the morning.

So the last few nights Franny went to sleep sexually unsatisfied The weekend Thursday night led to a series unfortunate events which would begin displaying the sheer power of these drugs in jelly bean shape though. Mrs Higgins was called away from home to comfort her niece whose husband had perished in a horrible automobile accident.

After their 3 hour fuckfest, Mrs Higgins broke the news to her twin studs. She would be away for at least a week so she wouldn't be able to hold that contest, but she promised them it would pick right back up when she got home.

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The boys were saddened now not being able to ravish the little old lady with big boobs many holes in any way they wanted for aweek. She assured them she would make it up for them when she got back, and that they bot could have her ass for a day each. Just the winner of the cock size contest would get the first day. She gave them 3 packets of pills; one packet red, one packet white and the last packet of blue. She told them keep taking two a day of each till she got home.And made heavy emphasis on not letting them fall into the wrong hands They assured her and went home for dinner promptly, once again subjecting their stepmother to more bouts of arousal as well as their little sister and after dinner, snuck back over to see Mrs Higgins for a farewell fuck.

Which she certainly didn't mind at all in the least bit. In their rush and brash teen boy way though, they left the " candies" in their opened backpack on the kitchen counter. And so the transformation of Heavens Cover slowly began.

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Hannah ran skittering into the kitchen after being chased around the backyard by her dear mom in a game of tag. It was a good way for both of them to distract themselves from their wird earlier feelings and hopefully tucker out Hannah before bedtime. Hannah ran right up the counter and her mom Franny came panting up behind her. " Okay Hannah, you win, Mommy cant tag you anymoreshe's too pooped out" " Yay I win!" Hannah twirled around " Okay okay, you win, what does the princess want for winning?" Franny asked panting Hannnah loked around the room with her finger sticking in the corner of her mouthuntill her eyes lighted on the bags sticking out of Marshall's school backpack.

" candy!", she pointed Franny straightened up and saw the bags of jelly beans sticking out of his pack. No junk food coming into this house unlesss we bought it, that was a rule. Boys will be boys, but they broke a house rule. She guessed she would have to mae an example by showing it was everyone and not just greedy guys.


"Candy it is!" It was curious they were in three different bags, so she opened them up and popped a rd one in her mouth. Cherry? She really liked cherry. "What flavours Mommy, I hate pina colossus", the 12 year old Hannah intoned She quickly popped a blue one in her mouth. Blueberry, she absolutely adored blue berry, she would be having more of those. The white was liquorice, which she also really enjoyed. " Cherry, blue berry and liquorice" " Yay, I like all of them" This saying " yay" all the time was going to get boring over time, but Franny understood kids and phases.

And then she popped another couple ble candies in her mouth, followed by a red and a white. " We'll put them out in a bowl, and I'll bring some liquorice and blueberry for your step dad, he hates cherry cnadies" " It's okay, I'm not crazy about blueberry" " Don't take over Mommy that way", Franny said flicking Hannahs nose, " now, bath time, go" Hannah grabbed a handful of each from the bowls and ran off Franny brought the bowls of jelly beans up to Ted's office.

Ted was hard at work plunking away at the computer, Franny didn't get that electronic stuff, sometimes the remote controls confused her. She handed him some candies. " The boys tried sneaking these in, thought we should share to teach them about breaking rules", Franny said cuddling up behind him, pressing her double D's int the back of his head. He knew she was going to wantot have sex, again and the candy couldn't hurt in giving him energy. He took a handful of the white and blue ones and chomped tem down " Licorice and blueberry, I love liquorice" "I know dear, thoughtyou might like", Franny said feeling warm all over and running a hand down hischest He stopped her wanting to prep himself for tonight " I really need to get this presentation finished, go have a bath and get ready in bed for me" Frustrating was what Franny was thinking.

She sighed and pushed her big bosom aways from ted's head and haughtily chewed on a cherry jellybean. " Okay"she pouted " Don't be like that sweeties, I wont be long" But Franny had already turned away and was walking to the upstairs bathroom. She could already hear Hannah tromping upstairs to her bedroom for bed.

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Good kid she thught, already putting herself to bed and not needing a tuck in from Mommy. But at the same time it was kind of sad, when else would she get to be a mommy to a little girl again.

She sighed and took a handful of the beans again. These candies were crazy good she thought. And she was feeling tingly and flush all over. Franny thought the flush was from her anxiety and feelings of rejection, but it was the chemicals or the three drugs already at work in her system. By the time she had disrobed and was stepping into the tub she was already feeling a tad bit horny.

Scrubbing herself all over she felt her breasts were quite swollen and a pin in her lower back, but it all subsided in a few minutes. But that persistent tingling sexual anxiety wouldn't go away. She hadn't masturbated since she was a teenager, she thought it was a waste when she had a man in her life now. But even after half an hour soaking in the tub the tingling still hadn't faded away. She got out o f the tub and tried down, her body tingling even from the towles touch on her skin.

She stepped into her and Ted's bedroom through the adjoining door and silhouetted her naked body in the doorway "Ready to perform my wifely duties", she teased in the doorway Then she noticed that Ted was sound asleep in bed. Frustrating she thought. She climbed onto the bed and on top of him, but he protested meekly that he needed a full nights rest.

That we could do this tomorrow. This nothing to please the horny Franny, who grunted and got off the bed.

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She went to the dresser and started getting dressed " Where are you going honey?", Ted asked softly " Out for a jog, at least one of us should get a work out tonight" she huffed stuffing herself into her sports bra She stormed out and into the brisk night air. She was furious and imagined a dozen cold shoulder techniques to use when she got home. But the run invigorated her, and she started feeling she was being to selfish.

Jogging always was good for that. She had been doing this for about 15 years and had the legs to show for it. The tits hadn't gotten any smaller and she always felt she had to give herself a titrubdown after each time she did so.

By the time she got home, she was hot and sweaty and the drugs were in fullswing. She was ornery and tingling again and her breasts felt even more swollen then normal soreness she got after a good long run. She may have to resort to masturbation by the his point she thought to herself with a smile at her own joke Entering the kitchen she saw the boys backpacks were still on the counter from after dinner. Now they were leaving their stuff around the home?

She already had one 12 year old to clean up, she didn't need two 16 year olds resporting to the same behaviour. She took their bags and went up to their room to throw them on their beds as they slept as a not too gentle reminder to clean up after themselves.

She swung their door open when she got up stairs and was about to throw the bags at the beds when she noticed they weren't there. The beds were perfectly made admidst the chaos of a standard teen boy's room.

But there was cool night air blowing in from the window " those sneaky rats", she whispered They were probably sneaking out to wild around with other boys or make out with girls. But this was way past curfew, she was going to wait up and have a word with them. She crossed the room to close the window so they'd have to come right up the room directly to have a word with her about breaking curfew.

As she was closing the window she looked across the ward to the next door neighbors and her breath caught.


Mrs Higgins curtains were wide open and the windows were open which gave a direct view into the older lady's boudoir. But peering into the window wasn't what made her stop, it was what was transpiring on the bed that caught her breath and made her do a double take Mrs Higgins was in all her glory and being serviced by two young men.

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In particular those tow young men were her stepsons, Marshall and James. Each was sporting a massive erection, easily much bigger then their father. James was feeding his big meat into Mrs Higgins mouth, while Marshall was dipping his cock into her pussy.

From where she was standing Franny could clearly already see the spunk dribbling out of the elder woman's love nest. Mrs Higgins was amazingly attractive for her age, and until now Franny had always assume a fat woman due to her over sized ugly dresses. But it was far from the truth, Mrs Higgins had the largest bosom she had ever seen on a woman, and Franny came from a top heavy family. Just then James pulled out of Mrs Higgins mouth and sprayed ahuge load of white man goo all over Mrs Higgins face.

She was laughing and smiling and trying to catch drops with her tongue. What a shameless harlot! And Marshall started really ramming it home into the nearly senior-citizens cunt. Her big ass jiggled with every ram, and then Marshall started spanking her with every other thrust. What a horrible rude young man! To disrespect an older woman like this! To fornicate with her like a common trollop! To stuff their oversized penises into her waiting holes! To thrust over and over again in nothing but carnal bliss!

To just want to fuck and cum and flood her womb with their manly seed! To make her their bitch making her beg for more and more of their mighty meat! Franny's hands wandered down to her shorts and pushed them down so she finger her waiting cleft. Her other hand pushed up her sports bara to pinch her nipple hard.

Those wicked boys, look at James lying back there stroking his still hard cock. And that hussy Mrs Higgins turning her face slightly to workship that mighty phallus.

What degradation to be treated this way! She would never let them fuck her over and over again to shivering orgasm like the one Mrs Higgins was clearly going through. Franny pushed her shorts down and was now frigging her self fervently to the action. And now both her breasts were free to the cool night air. She stepped out of her shorts to not fall over. And look, they've switched places. Marshall is now making Mrs Higgins lick his cum covered cock clean. How perverted, it must taste like pussy, Franny thought lifting a finger tasting her own juices.

How can someone do such horrible things. And&hellip.oh my goodness. James is using that cum as some sort of lubrication on her anus.

Oh my, he's shoving it in her ass. I would never let my husband with such a tiny cock ever do that to me, Franny exhorted herself and then she came shuddering. Franny closed her eyes as she came on her furious fingers and when she opened she saw the naughtiest site of the entire night.

Mrs Higgins was now sandwiched between the two boys. James was still fucking her ass and Marshall was apparently in her pussy.

At the same time! How could that be possible, how could any woman take gorgeous cocks from such lithe athletic handsome young studs like her stepsons Franny fell down onto James' bed and started fingering her self furiously with first one, then twothen three fingers imagining the girth in her.

She licked her thumb and pushed it slowly into her own anus. The shocking double sensation sent her off into another cum. She could hear Mrs Higgins from across the fence chanting to the boys " fuck my holes, fuck my holes, fuck my slutty holes" Franny closed her eyes and did the same " fuck my slutty holes fuck my slutty holes, fuck my slutty holes" as a mantra She closed her eyes and double fucked herself with her fingers to another more trembling cums and passed out into a light sleep.

She woke up when she heard footsteps coming up the steps to the second floor inside the house " Man, that was so hot tonight", she heard whom she thought was Marshall whispering " I love fucking that ass of hers", she assumed James whispered " You'd think with all the dick we've put in her she'd be loose" " Totally dude, she's a fucking nympho" Franny bolted out of the bed, she looked around but couldn't find her sports bra or her shorts and she was running out of time.

She was panicked. It was going to be impossible to make up an excuse why their step-mom was naked in their bedroom. She coudnt really tell them it was because she was masturbating to watching them fuck an old lady. When she heard them step up to the door her time was up, so she quickly ducked into their closet and pulled some clothes on top of her The boys got into their beds and talked about what a hot piece of ass Mrs Higgins was and wondering if there were any sluts like her at school.

The boys whispered incessantly at each other for at least an hour.


The worst part was that the drug pheromones being released by their sex were reacting with her own and she found herself completely relaxed and pacified. Franny drifted off to sleep covered in dirty clothes in her stepson's bedroom closet END OF CHAPTER 2