Bitch in stockings fucking dick on gloryhole

Bitch in stockings fucking dick on gloryhole
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I'm glad my car broke down My sister Janet and I were traveling home Saturday night after going to a family reunion about one hundred miles from home at a resort on the lake. My name is Paul and I am 22 and my sister is two years younger than me. It was about nine at night when my car overheated and stopped. We were in a very small town and the only auto repair shop would not open till Monday morning.

I did not have AAA or anything like it to take us to a bigger town and not enough money for a tow of around fifty miles.

We decided that the only option was to settle in till Monday morning. The only place that had rooms was an old motel and the only room they had was one with one queen sized bed.

We did not have any choice. We took it. After walking over to a fast food restaurant named Jim's Burger Joint for supper we went back to the room.

We talked and decided that if we left our underwear on and slept back to back we could make it thru the night without any problems. We turned off all the lights except the small night light in the bathroom, stripped down and crawled into the bed. We were only a few inches apart and I could feel the heat from her body. Janet and I were always friends as we grew up but except for a little flirting and teasing, we had never done anything sexual together.

An hour or so later we were both asleep and on our backs the way we both normally slept. Janet's arm moved and her hand accidently landed on my crotch waking us both up. She quickly pulled it away and we both rolled back on our sides facing away from each other. Again because it was normal for us, we soon were on our backs in our usual sleeping positions. We were both awake. Then Janet's hand slowly and gently came back over and went to my crotch again.

This time she did not jerk it away.

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I was laying there with an erection after the first time she had touched me there. Janet's hand reached around my manhood and gave it a little squeeze. She whispered, "I always wondered what my big brother had down there. Very nice." I am better than average down there. I'm seven nice thick inches and rock hard when I have an erection and right then I had a major boner. I rolled to my side. Now we were facing each other only inches apart. My sister and I were in bed together with just our underwear on and my cock in her hand.

She released her grip, moved her hand up to my stomach and then slid it under the top of my under pants.

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She put her hand back around my prick. Janet leaned forward and gave me a little kiss.


I returned the favor and the kiss got longer and harder. I reached around her back and unfastened her bra and pulled it off one arm so it was on the mattress and her breasts were out.

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I had often seen Janet in her small bikini and knew she had a great body. My hand went to one of her warm, firm 36-C tits and gave it a gentle squeeze.

I could feel her large hard nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. I took my hand away and put my mouth there instead. Janet moaned and pushed her breast to my mouth. After nursing for a couple of minutes I let my hand find her crotch.

She reached down and slid her panties down to where she could use her feet to work them down and off exposing her fur covered sex to me. Then she opened her legs slightly to allow me better access to her female wonders. At the same time she started slowly stroking her hand up and down the length of my shaft.


My fingers parted her labia and slid between her inner lips. When I gave her clit a gentle touch she jerked slightly and moaned again. I started rubbing it and occasionally sliding my finger into her wet love tunnel.

Janet started rocking her hips. Then she pulled away. I thought that she was having second thoughts about having sex with her brother but those thoughts went away when she repositioned into the sixty-nine position and slid her lips over the head of my shaft and licked at the tip.

"Fuck Paul, you make a lot of pre-cum but it tastes wonderful. I love it and I love you. I've thought about being with you for years but you never appeared to seriously be interested in me sexually and I was afraid to make the first move." Then she pushed forward taking most of my pole into her mouth.

Janet kept her lips tightly sealed around my cock and sucked like she was trying to get a thick milkshake thru a straw as she bobbed her head up and down my length. I quickly got into position and started returning the favor by licking the length of her slit, paying a lot of attention to her little turn on bump.

She pushed herself tightly onto my face, encouraging me to do a number on her pussy. It wasn't long before she was coming and washing my face with her girl cum. She screamed around my cock and shook and swallowed me to the root, pressing her nose deep into my pubic hair. I knew that I was close to coming but I wanted to bury my cock in my sister's cunt even more than I wanted to come in her mouth.

I hoped she would let me do that later. I pushed her off. "I want to fuck you now." "Yes Paul, I want your cock in me so bad." I reached for my pants to get the condom that I keep in my wallet. When Janet saw what I was doing she told me that she was on the pill so I did not need it and that she wanted to feel my seed blasting deep inside her.

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I rolled us over so my sister was on her back under me. I got between her legs and put her legs over my shoulders. Taking my excited cock in my hand I found the entrance to her fuck hole. "Fast and hard Paul, fuck me fast and hard." With one fast hard shove, I buried myself fully in my sister's hungry pussy.

She groaned loudly. I bet the people in the next room could hear us. I started pounding away at my sister's cunt which made the bed headboard bang the wall. I knew they could figure out what we were doing but they would have no idea that we were brother and sister. After the sucking Janet had given my cock I knew that I would not last long but I kept slamming it to her and she kept letting me know that she was enjoying it.

Finally I felt my nut sack tighten and my cock swell. Cum surged down my delivery tube and splashed deep in my sister, bring her to another orgasm at the same time. I held still with my manhood deep in my sister as the last of my sauce flowed into her.

I could feel her vaginal muscles milking me to get every drop. Then she pushed me off and slid her head back down so she could suck me clean. I was done but she would not stop giving me oral attention.

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After several minutes I could feel stirrings in my parts again and I started hardening. Janet stopped long enough to say that she knew that she could get me back up for seconds. That was the start of a long night of sex and affection and we had a second night ahead of us before we could get the car fixed. I knew that our future lives would now be changed and I was excited about it.

I have a fucking hot, sexy sister that I love very much and I was going to take as much advantage of being with her as she would let me.

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