Sultry Redhead Cutie Gets To Sensually Touch Herself

Sultry Redhead Cutie Gets To Sensually Touch Herself
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To begin with let me introduce myself, my name is mike and im 23 years old, this story takes place my senior year of high shool when i was 18. Well it was another boring year being back at school, I mean sure i had my friendsbut come on they going through the same boring shit you do when your in school. In school i wasnt the best looking dude but I got by with what I had. But there certainly was plenty of decent looking chicks in my school only problem was they were all taken.

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Well one day my GC called me into his office to discuss my future( GC is guidence councler) because I was doing bad in a few classes and it didnt look like i would graduate. So hehad me take some easier classes to get the credits I would need, So i ended up taking a foods class(cause it was 1st period and I would get to cook my breakfast in school) and photography, now that one had me scared cause im real camera shy, but the GC said it was an easy class and an easy creditso I'm like aiight im in.


the class was ok a few rules like no flipping off the camera(I broke that rule as soon as one of my buddies got it in his hand., but the real fun came when we got to walk around shool taking pictures. So I was hanging out after basketball practice one day with my friend Eric when i came up with my brilliant plan.(Yes I do have them once in a while) So I said"Eric heres what we gotta do" "we are going to get every hot girl that we can to flash us so we can have pics" Now Eric was a sophmore but a hell of a ball player and a good friend too, and ofcourse he was all for it.


now the only problem Eric had with the plan was how we could do this with out getting caught. that was when i told him about a rumour ,no a legend of the school. Now the legend started about 10years beforehand when a young juveniel such as my self went and stole one of three setss of keys and this set of keys could unlock any door in the school.( I know what your thinking why didnt they change locks, but dont ask me i dont nkow it was before my time)back to the storywell that kid had fun with the keys, but decided that he should share them with the next class to have fun with, and he happened to hand the keys down to my oldestbrother i should mention that i am one of seven children, the baby of the family.Now my family is stingy and when we have power we dont like getting rid of it, so every member of the family has had the keys at some time or another, which leaves it to ME.

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I told Eric about the keys and said we could go to the school at night to develop the pics. And boy did that make him happy.

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Now the problem was i only liked going to girls that were in my year, cause i was to cool to hang out with younger girls(retard) well anyway Eric wanted to take a picture of Bethany's tits, and i knew bethany for a few years she was afreshman and a cheerleader,but she also lived afew houses down from meso we got her to take her top off and we got a few pics of her, i was surprised how developed she was, a nice 34c, later when we were done Eric was going crazy cause he always thoought she as a prude.

So me and Eric went to practice and all was well, but when i was leaving i noticed Bethany pissed off as she shut her cell off, i asked her what was up and she told me that her parents had some sort of emergency with her Grandma in Michigan and they left without telling her and now she had no ride home.


So being the gentlman that i am i offered her a ride. On they way home i noticed that bethany kept glancing at me i asked her whats up, and she was like "well Mike you know those pics you took of me today" so iwas like "ya what about themyou want me to get rid of them" Now this was when she hit me with the bombshell, sha said"HELL NO, iwant to make a deal with you" and you know me by now not one to pass a good offer was like"Alright lets hear it" So she tells me that she will let me take any kind of pic that i choose and AND i get to fuck her for about $100, so straight away i said lets do it.

We got to her house and went in.

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i took a few pics of her undressing and the n made get in some very naughty positions when she was fully undressed. i swear i useed 3 rolls of film of just her then it was my turn too get in on the action, i took pics of her sucking me, my cock penetrating her tight pussy, and then me final shot was the beauty shot of me unloading my self on her face.

when the film was all used up we had some very hardcore sex for the next hour or so. The rest of the year was amazing me and bethany started dating, but she soon left me for someone around her age(fucking eric took her lol) but its all good.

we still fool around every once in a while. At the end of the year me and Eric had 67 girls allow us to photo them. we came real close to getting caught a few times, but we made it out in the end.

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Now that im out of school, its wierd that i will never be able to roam the school at 2am sneaking around to develope nude pics of girls who well most of them arent even 18( ya i know JAILBAIT) but i dont care it was worth it. i handed the keys down to my good friend Eric cause i knew he would put them to good use. thanx for reading tell me what you think i take all critcism