Fantastic doll is showing her stretched pink twat in close range

Fantastic doll is showing her stretched pink twat in close range
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It took a lot of planning, hard work and sleepless nights but I finally did it. I finally captured him. For years the spy exposed and destroyed most of my plans, undermining my wealth and destroying many beneficial economical treaties I made with other high end criminals. No I don't consider myself a villain even when the general public often calls me so, I merely think I am a business man and business is never a clean honest work.

If anything I am more honest than most of my counterparts who portray themselves as good natured family men, the mere hypocrisy of it makes me laugh. Soon when the spy is thoroughly dealt with I might even take the wolf in sheep clothing kind of mask, after all with him out of the way there will be no one else to expose me. Truth be told, I am not necessarily planning to kill him, what I truly want is to take his spirit and break it in a million pieces only to rebuild him in a travesty of what it used to be.

He will not only be my slave, he will be my bitch. For three days I instructed my henchmen to give him a few moderate beatings and a few creative non traumatic torture maneuvers, nothing he can't handle, because if I want to have my way with him I need to soften him up a bit.

That bastard is tougher than a coffin nail and quite resourceful, one wrong move and he might escape. But now he is ripe for the taking, a little bruised and battered but not too much, how thoughtful of my henchmen to hose him down first.

My heart is drumming inside my chest, how long have I dreamed of seeing him like this: completely naked, tied down to a chair and helplessly shivering with cold. His body is in fact perfect, slim yet muscular with not even an ounce of fat, skin pale like marble and black unruly hair. For someone who is considered the typical action hero there is something eerily feminine about him, maybe it his boyish looks or the fact that he has very little body hair.

"What do you want?" He says defiant, annoyed even, I think my men were a bit too gentle with this one. I do not respond yet walk around him in silence; does he actually expect me to give him a monologue detailing my plans like a cartoon villain?

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"The CIA will not come for you, not because they can't or don't know where you are but because they think you are not worth negotiating for" I say nonchalantly. I see a flicker of hurt in those baby blue eyes and know I hit a nerve, his bosses are pleased with his results but not with the collateral damage he causes. In this dark cold basement he is utterly alone and he knows it.

Poor thing, shaking from the cold he thinks I want to interrogate him but what I truly want is to fuck his brains out. By the time I'm done with him he'll give me all I ask for in a gold platter.

I remove a syringe from my pocket and jab it in his neck, it's so fast he can merely gasp in shock, the liquid flows fast down his veins carrying several muscle relaxers and a smidge of heroin.

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It's a special concoction created to break his defenses and make him more responsive to my ministrations. By the time he feels my greedy hands running down his torso he is too drugged to do anything about it but not enough to lose consciousness.

His half closed blue eyes look at me in confusion as my hands drift lower settling down on his cock.

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The flesh in there is perfectly proportionate, nice seven inches when soft and incredibly beautiful, the shaft is flawless with no protruding veins and circumcised. I stroke it gently at first, my thumb paying special attention to the head. I hear him murmur incoherent words that resemble protests but with enough friction and patience I notice how the blood begins to flow down the member as it swells, when it begins to drip pre cum I put it in my mouth and suck vigorously.

At first my hands merely wonder in the soft skin between his thighs but as his hips begin to move in that ancestral motion my fingers manage to wiggle themselves into his tight anus.

The movement is forced and difficult since he is still sitting while tied up to a chair but at the very first contact he explodes into my mouth, I sucked him dry. I stand up now and see him, completely relaxed and malleable and I can't decide whether now is the right moment to fuck him in the ass or make him suck me, for now I choose the latter because the first might be too uncomfortable with him in this position.

I am hard as wood as my cock enters his mouth, my hands put an iron grip on his jaw in case he wishes to bite me off, his warm mouth is a gateway to heaven. He is so shocked and spent by his orgasm that he barely puts up a fight, but as time passes and my thrusts become more frantic he tries to gag and wreck me away, his resistance only heightens my arousal as now it is clear that I am owning him, dominating his whore mouth.


My large hands make a crushing grip on each side of his head as I fuck his mouth with abandon and I don't stop until his whole face is covered in my cum. For the first time I see fear in his eyes, torture he might handle on daily basis but rape was something out of his league. I know that getting him lose from the restraints is a bad idea because he is so desperate he would do anything to escape but at the same time I cannot properly fuck him in that position so I drug him once more and this time he does pass out.


My henchmen place him in a small mattress on the other corner of the room, laying him on his stomach. Sturdy chains tie his ankles wide an apart while both his hands are tied above his head, now he is spread eagle in front of me, unable to stop my ruthless assault.

For fun they hose him down with cold water once more, removing the traces of our previous activities, at the contact with the freezing water he only moans deliciously. His anus is closed and tense at first but I take my sweet time making sure it opens up, first I tongue it a little gulping on his musky scent, then I cover my fingers in baby oil and one by one mi fingers manage to squeeze in.

By the time the third one makes his entrance he wakes up, he tries desperately to shake me out but he is tied up so tightly he can barely move. I am relentless, my fingers go deeper and deeper only to reside and then get back in with force. "Please stop" He manages to beg and that drives me crazy with lust, my index manages to rub his prostate and he gives me a sensuous manly moan that increases my lust even more.

I attack that weak spot with no mercy until he is reduced to a blubbering incoherent mess, his hips dance in a rocking motion inviting me in and my left hand sneaks below him to reach for his hard cock. Drunk with power I command "Beg for it my little bitch, beg for my cock" he manages to shake his head and mutter a forced "never".

Oh well, I am a very patient man and truth be told in spite of my arousal I can do this all day, seeing as my hands bring this brave once powerful man to its knees. My fingers in my right hand attack his prostate with no mercy while my left hand strokes his beautiful cock but as soon as he is about to climax I stop and begin to slap his tight little ass over and over again, by the eleventh time I do this he is crying in despair and frustration and begs "please do it".

Do what?" I ask feigning innocence, I want him to say it right "Please fuck me" he says crying ashamed "Do you want me to fuck you like the little bitch you are?" He doubts at first but shaking he finally concedes "Yes" "Then say it" I say slapping his perfectly round buttocks "Fuck me like the bitch I am!" He says still crying.

Now I can finally obey, his bruised worn entrance lets me in easily but as I go deeper he gets tighter and tighter. I have never experienced a joy like this, his body is extremely hot and slick with the baby oil, with every thrust he loosens up but just a bit. I take my cock all the way out just to shove it back in with force and I hear the musical sound of his moan of pain and pleasure, it doesn't take long until my pace gets frantic his narrow hips meet me with force and I come inside of him.

It disappoints me that I came too soon, and the sight of him sprawled and spent in front of me with my cum leaking from his rectum is enough to get me back in. I hastily remove the chains around his ankles and he doesn't even pretend he might fight back. I turn him around and see his cock still erect; until my own erection is recovered I suck him off with gusto, my saliva coating the lovely flesh.

I am ready within minutes and I command him: "Spread your legs for me you little slut" He obeys without hesitation and I plunge myself in his depths again, now even slicker and accommodating; it is a beautiful trance that we fall into. I move slowly now, enjoying every inch of his tight inner passage, relishing in the little face of pain he has when I get deep inside of him and little by little the pace quickens once more.

I masturbate him with abandon and witness him come, what a wonderful sight. Now he is once more limp in my arms, his body is fluid as if he had melted away. I grab his bruised hips and fuck him with all the force I have to give, he bobs up and down like a ragdoll, I come inside of him once more it was by far the best orgasm of my life. My henchmen surround us with tense expressions, their erections are noticeable even below their jeans.

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They saw our activities and now want a go with the beautiful spy as well. The end.

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