Masturbandome con la foto de mi amiga

Masturbandome con la foto de mi amiga
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"Big brother?" I questioned as I looked into his dark room. "Yes Olivia." He replied.


"I had a scary dream. Can I sleep with you?" I aked "Come over here lil sis." That was all I needed to hear. You see when you are a sixteen year old girl with a really hot eighteen year old big brother, you kind of always want to be with him. Today I planned this, and tonight I planned on making my move. "Olivia, come on.

I want to go to sleep." He scolded. "Coming big brother." I walked over to his bed stepping on what seemed to be a sneaker. It was really dark in his room.

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Good. This worked out in my favor because I was wearing nothing at all. I had my curly brown hair in pig tails and I had a teddy bear in my hands. I looked like the hottest little sister ever, with my 34d cup tits and my nice virginal pussy. My ass was another story.

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It was huuuge for a sixteen year old. All the boys in school always gave me compliments. Good thing my big brother couldn't see me. I wanted him to feel me not see me. As I climbed into bed next to him, I noticed that he was facing the wall. Dam. I needed him to feel me up. All the girls in school were talking about how they fucked there boyfriends.

I never had one boyfriend. I just wanted to be with my big brother. His name is Ethan. He is the captain of the foorball team and his girlfriend just so happens to be my best friend. But who cares? I only became friends with her so I could know what she was up to with my brother.

"Big brother, can you hold me?" I asked.

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"Olivia, stop acting like a little girl. You're a big girl now. Handle it. I have a big game tomorrow." He said coldly. Fine I thought. I will get him later. I crawled under the covers with him and just waited for him to go back to sleep. He stood with his back facing me and I waited to hear his breathing grow into a snore.


When I knew he was in deep sleep, I went into action. He was wearing nothing but his boxers, so I was in luck. I went to go get the hand-cuffs that my "best friend" got me to use on I don't know what. But they were sure coming in handy right now. I used them to cuff him to his bed post.

Haha. I was about to get what I wanted. "Big brother, you have no idea of the pleasures I'm about to show you." I whispered. I waited for the right moment.

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My parents were away on a business trip which I doubted and this was the best opportunity I had. Ethan would soon be mine.

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This thought made me really wet. I never really touched myself down there but I wouldn't have to because big brother would help me with this.

I turned to the now cuffed and sleeping Ethan. I pulled down his boxers to find a very limp dick. I was about to change that as well. I went into action. I began licking his dick bringing it to life. He began to stir in his sleep.

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Dammit. I really didn't want him to wake up. I slowly began to lick up his dick and then I cupped his balls.

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He tasted so fucking good. I licked and then I began slurping. I could tell he was enjoying it because his dick was as hard as a rock. "Olivia, what the fuck are you doing?" "Oh shit. Haha, Ethan you're making my dreams come true." I replied.

"O-O-Olivia, s-s-s-stop, oh shit, stop." "Sounds like you want me to keep going." I replied. "P-p-please Olivia. Oh man this feels great but stop. This isn't right."he said "Ethan, if it weren't right then your dick would have went limp. Please let me make you feel good." I pleaded. "Olivia, stop." "No big brother. I never wanted you to be with Jessica. You are all mine now." "How did you handcuff me Olivia?" "Don't worry big brother.

I watch porn sometimes." "Olivia just finish." I didn't need him to tell me that. I raised myself over his dick and slowly sat on his dick. I remembered the porn I saw before this encounter with big brother and decided to reverse cow girl his ass. "Olivia, no." "Yes big brother. Just take it." I sat on his dick and I suddenly felt discomfort. It hurt like hell. So I got back up. "Olivia, this is not the way to do it.

Release me and I will do what ever it is that you want. Just let me go." he pleaded with me. "Ok big brother." I grabbed the key that was laying on the pillow beside him and unlcoked the cuffs. I was going to lose my virginity and it would be with the one that I loved the most. When I unchained him, he attacked me.

He bagan licking my pussy and it felt so good. I could feel my juices forming around my tight pussy. It was incredible.

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"I thought this was wrong for you to do." I said. "No Olivia, not when you were sucking my dick the way you were." he said. Thank the lord. I thought. Yes. I could feel him going crazy on my pussy.

How did he become so good? Did he do this with my "best friend" Jessica? "Ethan, I'm about to cum." "Not yet you aren't." He then slipped inside of me. He didn't even go slow. It hurt like hell and I screamed so loud that I think the neighbors heard it. "Ethan that shit hurt. I'm a virgin." "Not anymore you aren't lil sis." He was fast.

He was fucking the shit out of me before I knew it I had cum like 3 times. It was amazing. Just when my biggest organsm was forming he turned me over and started fucking me doggy style. I was in paradise. It was amazing. "Ethan it hurts." "I don't give a fuck. You wanted to fuck your brother?

This is what you get." he said. "Is my pussy tight big brother?" I moaned. "Yeah lil sister. I'm fucking the shit out of you. Take it. Take it." "Oh yeah Ethan harder. Fuck me harder." "You don't have to tell me a thrid time."he siad He then picked me off the bed turned me around and started fucking me in the air.

I wrapped my legs around him and it was amazing. My orgasm was building up and I was screaming his name so loud I saw the neighbors lights turn on from Ethans bedroom window. "Lil sis scream my name." "Please Ethan fuck me make me cum." "I'm cumming sis." "I love fucking my big brother. Oh yeah I'm cumming too." We both came and when his dick went limp he dropped me on the floor.

I loved it. I wondered how the morning would be.