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Mich Rand necken Milch Prostatamassage hing stud Pfosten cum reiben
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Brian stood in the bathroom, his breathing heavy. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Molly had just seen his cock! The towel had fallen and he stood there naked in front of her. She had just stared at his cock- her mouth open slightly. She had also noticed the cucumber and ropes on the side. He wasn't sure what to do.

He opened the door and looked into the bedroom. Molly had gone out the bedroom. He shut the door, and continued getting dressed. Molly was sat cross legged on the kitchen counter. She heard Brian close his bedroom door. Her firm arse cheeks feeling the cold of the dark marble top. She had poured some milk- but was more interested in rubbing her clit- thinking of Brian and his cock.

She guided her index finger down from her clit, wriggling under the pleasure. She found her tight hole- which was sopping wet, and slowly inserted her finger, whimpering. She resumed rubbing her clit with her thumb. She increased the speed- fucking her tight hole and massaging her clit at the same time. She could hear the wet sucking noise as she continued fucking herself.

Her breathing became more rapid, and her nipples were hard and longing to be sucked by Brian. Molly's eyes were closed as she imagined Brian kissing her passionately- like an adult. Then picking her up in his strong arms and laying her on the floor, stroking her pussy gently- whilst guiding her hand to his hard cock.

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Molly opened her eyes- she heard Brian's door open- and him making his way down stairs. She jumped off the counter- slightly annoyed at not being able to finish. She pulled her pants straight and ensured her skirt was straight and sat on the sofa with her milk.

She placed her milk on the table, and put one leg up on the sofa- so her pants were clearly visible. She took of her tie and threw it over the back of the sofa. She undid a few buttons- enough to show a bit of developing cleavage; she lay back on the sofa waiting for Brian.

She yearned for his embrace, his kiss and most of all his cock. Brian had got dressed and finished putting fresh sheets on the bed. He wrapped up the cucumber and rope in the dirty bed sheets and headed downstairs.

He had decided to act natural around Molly and if she brought it up he'd discuss it with her. It was bound to happen at some point- them seeing each other naked. It wasn't that though that had worried Brian. Molly had seemed more confident since her mother had left- she was dressing more maturely. Then there was the good night kiss they shared- Brian was sure she had opened her mouth during that kiss.

Then when his towel had dropped she stared at his cock- and didn't even act embarrassed. Or bother turning away. Brian stopped himself thinking these thoughts- she was 13 years old and his daughter. He shook his head and continued descending the stairs. He looked over to the sofa and saw Molly's head over the back of it. She turned round- her curls shiny in the sun coming through the window.

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Her big blue eyes staring at him as he walked towards the door. He smiled at her- she grinned back, and then turned round putting the TV on. He went out to the rubbish bin in the garden and dumped the sheets in the bin. Along with the cucumber he fucked her mother with and rope he'd tied her up with hours before. He dropped the lid down and sighed- that was all over. He felt peace at last- didn't want to hurt his wife- didn't even want her back.

He still wanted to punch his brother- but Tom would get his comeuppance. He went back into the house and flopped onto the sofa next to Molly to watch the show. He looked over at her- she was laughing at the TV- her favourite programme was on. She must've been warm because she'd undone a few buttons; Brian could just see the arch of her breasts- and could see she was not wearing a bra; her nipples were hard and pushing up against her thin cotton school blouse.

He quickly turned back to the TV- scolding himself for thinking like that. Molly Shifted slightly on the sofa- causing Brian to look over at her. Her legs were spread- her left knee was bent and resting on the side back of the settee the other on the floor- her skirt pulled tight. He could see her white panties- and a large wet patch in the gusset. She was wet. He looked back at the TV gobsmacked. His 13 year old daughter was sitting inches away from him- her legs open.

He could feel his cock hardening in his boxers. He stood up immediately and walked into the kitchen. He looked at her in the lounge- she was sat in the same position but wasn't smiling anymore. He didn't know what to do. He loved her- and she did turn him on- the thought of making love to her was mind blowing- but she was his daughter. He had watched her grow into the young woman she was for 12 years- he had changed her nappy for Christ's sake.

His thoughts were interrupted. Molly was standing by his side stroking her hand up and down his back. 'I know you're not my real dad Brian' Molly said still stroking his back- feeling the contours of his muscles through his t shirt. Brian turned and looked at her- shocked. 'What?' 'I found my birth certificate- and you're not my dad.' Molly put her hands on his muscled stomach. Brian shuddered slightly- as he felt her hands on him- it was clear what she wanted.

He resisted the urge and pushed her away- gently but forcefully. 'How long have you known?

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And why tell me now?' Brian took a glass from the cupboard. 'I've known for about 18 months- and I don't mind- cos I love you Brian and now it's ok' Molly was looking down at her feet.

Embarrassed that she had admitted her feelings to him after all this time, and nervous about his response. 'I love you too Molly- you know I do' 'NO! You don't understand- I love you- like I fancy you. I'm 13 nearly 14 and I'm not a little girl anymore- look I have boobs- and pubic hair' Molly opened her shirt and showed Brian her budding breasts and hard nipples.

She reached down to show her pubic hair but Brian grabbed her wrist. 'Stop it! This is just a crush Molly- you need to stop flaunting yourself at me!

I may not be your father- but I've treated you like a daughter all the same- and this is wrong -perverse.' He let her go and reached into the fridge for his whiskey. 'It's not perverse at all Brian' 'Stop calling me Brian' he said before drinking a shot. Molly walked up behind him- putting her arms around him and feeling his stomach muscles once again 'ok- Daddy' Molly said seductively Brian sighed and bent his head.

He turned around and bent over so he was eye line with his daughter. 'Molly stop- go up to you're.' Before he could finish his sentence Molly had put her hands either side of his face and pulled him into a passionate kiss- he didn't pull away, Molly opened her mouth and Brian did the same- their tongues met sending a shiver up and down each other's spines.

Brian pulled away. He staggered back slightly holding the kitchen side. That kiss was amazing- every hair on his body was standing on end.

He had lost his breath and his heart was beating faster. He looked at Molly- she was smiling at him head slightly to one side. 'I can see you enjoyed that Daddy' she looked down at his cock- which was semi hard and Molly could see the outline of it in his cream combat trousers. 'Molly- I. can you go upstairs please?

Please?' Brian turned around- and looked out the window. Molly knew this conversation was over.

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He sounded upset. She began to cry 'I'm sorry Brian' she turned and ran sobbing up the stairs. Brian's head was swimming. He had seen his daughter in a whole new light- she knew he wasn't her daughter- so she was just a 13 year old who had a crush on a 37 year old man. The kiss they had shared was amazing- her small tongue locked with his.

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His cock was still throbbing in his trousers. He downed another measure of whiskey. He wanted her- but couldn't justify it in his head. If he made a move she would consent- and it would no doubt be amazing- but how could they continue living as father and daughter after? He refilled his glass, imagining her curls, her eyes, her luscious lips, her budding breasts and the curves that made her like a woman. She had a full ass- nice and round, like 2 peaches.

He was rubbing his cock through his trousers. She wasn't his daughter- so it wasn't incest. It was just a man having fun with an underage girl- he wouldn't be the first one to do it.

He drank the remainder of the whiskey and headed towards the stairs. Molly lay on the bed crying. She thought that tonight would be the night that all her sexual fantasies came true. She had thrown herself on Brian- and he had sent her away.

She recalled he didn't pull away from the kiss. She smiled through the tears at that kiss- she had felt her body relax and almost lighten. There was a knock at the door. She covered herself up with the duvet. 'Come in' She said shakily Brian walked in- Molly could see he was tipsy. 'I'm sorry Brian- ill ring mom in the morning and see if I can stay with her- I'm really sorry' 'Do you want to live with your mom?' Brian asked looking at her pleadingly 'No course not- but what happened downstairs was.' .'Brian interrupted before she had chance to finish.

'A shock- but a nice one. Look if you want to live with your mom- but I want you to know I don't want you to' He sat on the bottom of the bed and wrung his hands with anxiety. 'Why didn't you say anything about me not being your dad?' Brian asked 'I don't know- I found it and I was relieved- because I've liked you for ages now- and before if found out I was confused and felt dirty- but then when I did find it I felt better' Molly pulled off the duvet and knelt by Brian 'I know it's not normal I know I'm only 13- but there are girls at school who are a year above me who get picked up by older guys- guys who can drive- so they've got to be at least 17.' Brian reached out for her hand and squeezed it.

She had just said what he was thinking downstairs. Molly saw him smile, and turned his head. Brian allowed it- and they leaned in slowly- and locked lips. The kiss was more intense then downstairs- their mouths opened and their tongues met once again. Brian pulled molly closer without breaking the kiss. Molly could taste the whiskey and pulled away- 'Do you want this? Or are you drunk?' She asked hopefully.

Brian smiled at her again- and pulled her back into another kiss. 'There's your answer' He said kissing her for the third time that night. He stood up and picked her up in her arms carrying her to his room.

Molly hugged and kissed his neck. Stroking the nape of his neck and his back with her fingers. She felt his hands supporting her and she felt safe. He placed her down on the freshly made bed. 'Are you sure about this Molly? I don't want to force you- at all.

Any doubts and tell me now- and well stop, for as long as you want to' 'Brian I've been waiting for this for over 18 months- I'm sure- are you?' 'Yeah- your beautiful, and i do love you' He kissed her again. Molly was fumbling with his buttons- 'Let's take this slowly- have you had any experience before?' Molly thought back on the incident with Tom in the bathroom.

She couldn't lie to Brian but didn't want to tell him either. 'No- only with myself' Molly said- she couldn't tell him- one day she would but not now.


'Ok- were going to take it slow. Were not short on time are we?' He told her smiling. He moved back on the bed slightly and continued to undo his shirt buttons.

'You get undressed too' Brian said encouragingly. Molly unbuttoned the rest of her buttons on her blouse and pulled it off. She removed her shoes and socks. Brian had removed his shirt and had now stood up to take off his trousers. As he pulled his trousers down Molly noticed the bulge in his boxers.

'Leave your underwear on Molly' Brian was pulling off his socks. He stood there watching her pulling down her skirt. She had turned her back to him so when she bent over he could see her firm ass in all its peachy perfectness. Molly straightened up and turned around smiling. Brian had sat back on the bed and patted the space beside- Molly sat next to him. 'Lie down Molly- remember anytime you're uncomfortable- or not sure about something tell me' Brian said lying down next to her.

They lay on their sides looking into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours. Brian ran his hand through Mollys curly hair. Placing his hand on the back of her head and meeting her lips for another intense kiss. Molly had moved closer. Brians hand moved out of her curls, down her neck, over her breasts. Molly shuddered slightly as the light pressure of Brian's touched her nipple. He continued to run his hand gently and lightly down her body.

Over her flat stomach. Molly's breathing was quickening ever so slightly. He pause his hand at the top of her pants and put one finger under the elastic. Brian looked up at Molly her eyes were pleading to him to go further.

He leant over and kissed her again. Slowly, enjoying her small tongue and her wet lips. His hand moved back up to her breasts.

He stroked her breasts, and flicked her nipples gently. Brian kissed her again, and then moved down slowly. Kissing her chin, her shoulders, her neck and then finally down to her nipples. He latched on to them and sucked at them, making them harder and harder. He bit them softly, whilst Molly moaned slightly and writhed her wrists.

Brian moved his hand back down to her pants and placed his hand over the gusset. He could feel the warmth and wetness through the fabric. Molly pushed her pelvis forward his hand pressed harder onto her cunt. He moved his hand to the side and started coaxing them down. Molly lifted her ass off the bed to allow him to remove her pants. She was in heaven.

Brian was concentrating on her needs- she had never experienced pleasure like this before. Brian was now removing her underwear, again throwing it onto the floor.

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He lay back down and ran his fingers through her downy pubic hair. He bent his head to suckle on her nipples again. His finger slid carefully between her pussy lips, he met with her clit and Molly's body tensed all over. He continued to rub her clit- her pussy was wet. He sucked on her nipples in time with his fingers work. Brian explored her pussy further- moving his finger down, he found her small hole. He continued to rub her clit with his thumb whilst slowly guiding his little finger into her tight wet hole.

Brian stopped sucking her nipple and crawled down to get a better look at her wet cunt. Molly spread her legs wide, and Brian wrapped them round the back of his head.

Molly pulled him in close urging him to lick her out. Brian nustled his face into her cunt, he could smell her sweet juices. He stuck out his tongue an licked her groin. He used his finger to spread her lips and allow him access to her pinkness. He licked her pussy from bottom to top- running over her hole up over her clit.


She tasted amazing- young and sweet. Brians cock was throbbing through his boxers-he wanted to please Molly before he could have his pleasure- after all it was her first time with a man and he wanted to make it special. He continued to probe her tiny wet hole- whilst rubbing her soft hard clit, she was writhing on the bed- clenching the pillows beneath her head. Brian carefully inserted another finger- Molly moaned further, Brian waited a few moments to allow her whole to adjust to the extra finger then began moving them in and out slowly, Mollys legs were tight around his neck- he knew she was about to climax- he sped up his fingering- in and out of her wet young pink hole, she moaned louder 'thats goooood daddy- ohh yeh fuck me with your fingers- i love you daddy- im yours yes!

Yes! YES!! OHHHHH' Brians cock felt like it was going to explode- He had made his 'daughter' cum- he pulled out his fingers, and heard the sucking sound- her cunt didn't want them to leave. His fingers were covered in her orgasm juices- he lifted them to his nose and smelt the sweet hotness.

Then licked his fingers seductively. 'You taste good baby- really good' He looked over at her- her chest heaving as she tried to slow her breathing and come to terms with the amazing feeling that had taken over her body. 'Daddy- that was. great!' she sat up, and noticed how dizzy she felt for a second. She looked down at her pussy- she could see her juices glistening on her thighs.

'So thats what it feels like to come then?' 'Yeah- did you like it?'Brian smiled at her- she was no longer a child- she was a young woman- who had just had her first orgasm 'Yeah- it was amazing' She looked over to Brians groin and could see the tent that his hard cock had created in his loose fitting boxers.

'Can i see it properly?' Molly asked- she wanted to hold him in her hands Brian stood up and removed his boxers. His cock twitched slightly. He stood in front of his 13 year old daughter- harder then he had ever been before- as she stared at him with a devilish smile on her face, she bit her lip- without taking her eyes off her Daddys cock. Sorry it took me a while to write this! More to come very soon! Enjoy and let me know what you all think xxx