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THE AGE OF INOCENCE 1. Summer in Kaiafas It was nearly the end of the summer vacations. I was with my grandparents at Kaiafas, a small spa resort near the sea at the west coast of Peloponnissos. There was a small island in the middle of a lagoon. There were three hotels on the island. At the East was the mountain Geranion, having the famous therapeutic waters.

On the north and northwest was a beautiful sandy beach.


On the west was the main road going from Pyrgos to Kyparissia, while on the south and the southeast was a forest of pine trees, up to a village called Zaharo.

The grown ups were spending most of the day at the therapeutic springs, while we, the children, were swimming at the sea and playing in the forest.

It was a wonderful summer!

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Mostly we enjoyed playing in the forest. We had a "gang" and we were trying to perform whatever we would see in the movies. "Robin Hood", "Ivanhoe", "Captain Blood" etc. Our gang had 8 members.

Yannis who was 14 years old, Spyros and Petros, both 13 years old, me, Victor, Panos and Pantelis, all 12 years old, and our leader, Persa. Persa was a rather slim young girl at the age of 13 or 14. She had long, ebony-black hair, fantastic big black eyes and fleshy lips. Her skin, after sun-tanning all summer at the beach, had the swarthy, golden color of shiny copper. Although her body was still relatively unformed, she looked older than her age.

Her breasts, though unripe, were well formed and stiff. Her hips and her buttocks were already quite sexy, attracting the glances of all the young men when we were at the beach. She was not very tall, may be a little over 1.50m, but she had very long legs, and a way of walking and moving around that made her look much taller.

I think we all admired her secretly, but we didn't know exactly at that age what we wanted from a girl. I guess, the only one who envied her and didn't like her very much was Yannis, a local boy living in the gypsy camp, near the village of Zaharo.

Yannis wanted to be our leader, but Persa bit him in everything! In sword-fight, archery, throwing stones, running, and even wrestling. So, Persa became our leader. The "enemy" gang had also 8 members, all of them coming from the gypsy camp outside the village. Their leader was Kosmas, a boy of 15, while the others were from 13 to 15 years old.

We were good friends with them, but I knew that Kosmas did not like Persa very much, because he tried to start some kind of affair with her, but she laughed at him, called him a "gypsy", which he was anyway, and made fun of him in front of his gang and all of us. The purpose of our game was to capture the "enemy" castle, or take all the enemies as prisoners. This time we had managed to capture some of the "enemy's" weapons, but they wanted them back. Meanwhile they had moved to another "castle", that we were not able to trace up to now.

So we agreed to have a war council and talk it over. We met at a spot deep in the forest, about 2km far from the Island of Kaiafas. The trees and the bushes were very thick there, and it would be difficult to spot this place from a distance.

After a thick tuft of trees and bushes, there was a small opening in the forest, where we used to have our wars and our meetings. There were quite a few rocks. Many low but thorny bushes, bulrushes, thistles and holly mostly covered the ground. Then, behind the thorny bushes and a dense canebrake, started the swamp. We wouldn't go near there, because the muddy bottom of the swamp wood suck anything that would fall on it.

We knew it, because many times we had tried it, throwing big stones in it. This time our war council finished soon, because Yannis opposed Persa's suggestions. They quarreled, and Yannis said to Kosmas that he had first to talk with us on the leadership, and then, next day we could meet at 10:00 in the morning, to continue our war council, with him as a leader.

When we went back to Kaiafa, Persa and Yannis told us that it was all a trick. Tomorrow, they said, we would tie Persa on a tree as a punishment, and let them take her as their prisoner. When they untie her from the tree to take her to their "castle", we would attack and arrest them all. We were thrilled by the idea, although I think it sounded a little foolish, but it seemed like some scenes we had seen in the movies.

Besides, I think we all wanted to see how Persa would look, tied on a tree. 2. Persa in bondage - a perilous game for a beautiful girl Next morning we started very early. We didn't go to the sea, but we went directly to the forest, the same place we had gone the day before. Persa was wearing a short white skirt and a blouse without buttons that tied in front, just under her tameless breasts, leaving her waist naked.

Instead of underwear, she was wearing her tiny white bikini.


She looked gorgeous! It was 9:00 o'clock when we arrived at the place for the meeting. Yannis and Spyros took Persa to a big pine tree, tied her hands behind her back and then tied her on the tree. They were holding her, while Petros took off her sandals and threw them into the canebrake. Then, he pulled her ankles from behind, forcing her to open her legs, as he was tying her ankles at the back of the tree. The rope around her ankles should have been quite tight, because Persa yelled in pain and asked him to leave it a little slack, but he pulled it harder and tied it well.

The other two got the rope that was tied at her wrists and around the tree, pulled it upwards and looped it twice around the tree and her neck, forcing her to stretch her body and protrude her breasts. Persa was complaining that the rope was choking her, but they paid no attention to her. They brought the rope down behind her, looped it around the log of the tree and her waist, brought it to the front getting it between her open thighs, looped it around the tree again and tied it very tight.

Then they stepped back to admire their achievement. The spectacle of the bonded girl was quite provocative. The rope between her thighs was quite stretched, lifting her skirt and showing her thighs up to her panties.

We could guess the pressure applied by the rope on her tender cunt. Persa was struggling with her ropes trying to loosen them a little; but she only managed to rub herself on the tight rope. Yannis made it even harder for her. He approached the bonded girl, and started fumbling softly her thighs and her underbelly, forcing her to move even more, rubbing continuously her irritated cunt to the rope.

I saw her sobbing and biting her lips. Yannis continued fumbling her thighs and her underbelly, while his other hand started playing with her tits over the fabric of her blouse and her bikini. I couldn't understand what was happening to her. Persa was moving shamelessly her body, rubbing on the ropes and on Yannis hands.

It seemed that the rope was hurting her, but on the other hand it was like she was also enjoying it. I saw her breathing heavily and then she asked us to untie her.

Yannis touch was becoming harder all the time. He was laughing. He seemed to expect something to happen. We saw Persa writhing and trembling. We noticed her hips shaking and her thighs trying to squeeze and rub the rope in between them. She moved her body as much as her bonds allowed her, trying to rub herself on Yannis hand. Her eyes were shut and her lips half-open. A continuous moan mixed with sobs and sighs was getting out of her lips.

There were tears in her eyes. Yannis touched her wet face, swept her tears and put his fingers on her lips. Persa looked at him with distress. She tried to control her reactions. Then she kissed gently the fingers of Yannis. Yannis thrust his fingers into her mouth, and Persa licked them, hesitatingly at the beginning, and then with lust. I saw her pink tongue working gently on Yannis' fingers, and then I saw her sucking them, while moaning and jerking.

I felt strange, but then it all seemed so strange to us. Then we saw her gorgeous body jerking violently, and her moans turned to a loud and continuous cry. Her breasts writhed under her blouse so hard, that we thought they would jump out of her bikini. Yannis moved back a couple of steps and stood there, enjoying Persa's ordeal.

It lasted for quite some time. She was squeezing the rope between her thighs, rubbing it as hard as she could. The lithe body of the young girl was shaking and trembling, while she was sobbing and moaning, mumbling some discursive words. We were witnessing what was probably the first orgasm of the virgin girl! Persa finished it in tears. We were delighted. We had never witnessed something like it, and we wished Yannis would make her do it again. He was looking at her, laughing.

Persa was crying and she told Yannis that she didn't like that game any more and asked him to untie her. Yannis approached the bonded girl, took a dirty handkerchief out of his pocket and gagged her, stuffing Persa's mouth with that. Yannis, Spyros and Petros were laughing while the poor girl was moaning and crying, trying in vain to free herself. Victor, Pantelis and me were confused at the beginning. I thought at first that we should untie her now, and Victor even suggested it, but Yannis said that this is part of the game, and Persa had agreed to play it to the end, so she should not complain now.

He also said that if any of us "minors" did not like the game, could leave and let the big boys continue. I noticed that he and Spyros had put their hands in their pockets and I understood that they were touching themselves. I wanted to do the same, but I was shy. I think that by now none of us had any more objections for the game. We didn't like to be called "minors", so we went closer too and looked at the bonded girl. Yannis put his hand inside Persa's blouse and touched her virgin breasts.

Persa moaned and shivered at his touch. I saw her beautiful body jerking as she was trying to escape his touch. Yannis was laughing. Spyros, Panos and Petros started laughing too, and before long all seven of us surrounded Persa's writhing body and we were touching and fumbling her, laughing at her and making fun of her.

I squeezed her breast and got her nipple in my fingers. I felt it getting hard and big under the fabric of her blouse while Persa was moaning in despair. Suddenly I realized that I was squeezing and tweaking hard the nipple of the poor girl, enjoying her pained cry and her moans.

I was so embarrassed, that I stopped and stepped back. Then I saw that all the others were squeezing, pinching, tweaking and groping Persa's exposed flesh. I walked back and joined them again. I didn't want them to think of me as "minor".

I think it was Spyros that took out his jack-knife, cut the strings of Persa's bra under the blouse and tore it off her writhing body. She moaned and cried in despair, but we all laughed and wanted to explore her hard nipples that we could see under the fabric of her blouse.

Yannis stopped us and said we should hide now and wait until the other gang comes. He said none of us should make a move or say anything until they untie Persa from the tree and take her to their "castle".

Then it would be easier for us to capture their castle and have a big victory. We hid behind the dense canebrake and waited. We didn't have to wait long. The other gang came from behind the trees, and I was puzzled, because it seemed that they had recruited some more boys from the gypsy camp. It was twelve of them now. Four more boys about 14 or 15 years old each, were added to their gang. We were outnumbered, and also they were much bigger than us.

There was no way we could defeat them, even if we surprised them. We looked at Yannis waiting for his instructions. Meanwhile the gypsies had spotted Persa tied on the tree and surrounded the defenseless girl. They started teasing her and laughing. We were confused. We understood that the game was taking a different turn than what we had planned and it was getting out of our control. We had watched enough adventure movies to know that Persa was in danger; but in the movies we watched, always some hero would appear and rescue the girl at the last moment.

In reality, we were supposed to be the "heroes" who should save the girl. But we were too scared to try. We asked Yannis what we would do and he said we should do nothing for the time being. We would stay there and watch. We would interfere only if he would think there is some real danger for Persa. Besides, he said, Persa was too arrogant and she was bossing all of us. So it would be nice if some boys punish her for that and show her, which is the real place of a girl when she plays in a boys' game.

We all agreed that he was right, and we got ready to watch a live adventure, where the hero would not rescue the girl. Meanwhile, Kosmas had grabbed Persa's blouse and untied slowly the two ends. He opened the blouse and lowered it at her back, down to her elbows.

Kosmas picked her nipple in his lips and started sucking on it. Persa was sobbing, moaning and crying in front of the greedy eyes of twelve young gypsies. Soon their hands were on her, fumbling and squeezing her lithe, bare breasts, her thighs and her buttocks.

I guess we were all excited at the sight of her alluring, virgin body. As for me, it was the sight of her tear-stained face and her dilated, black, horrified eyes that turned me on, even more than her bare tits. Kosmas removed her gag. Persa screamed only once. Kosmas slapped her vigorously on the face twice. Then he took out his jackknife, put it on her nipple and said something to the shivering girl.

Persa howled with horror, but she didn't scream any more. Kosmas smiled and put back his jackknife in his pocked. While some gypsies were fumbling and grasping Persa's bare thighs, Kosmas bent over the defenseless girl's face.

Persa howled with disgust. Kosmas started licking her ears, her chicks and her neck while the others were squeezing and fumbling her thighs, her buttocks and her breasts.

I saw one of them groping her cunt over the fabric of her bikini. Kosmas followed Persa's neckline with his tongue, reached her protruded nipples and started playing them with his tongue, his lips and his teeth.

He also groped Persa's cunt. He pushed the hand of the other boy aside and put his hand inside Persa's bikini, lowering as much as the rope allowed it to go. Persa was crying loudly. She was begging them to stop. Then she said something like "she couldn't hold it any longer". I didn't know what she meant and I suggested to Yannis to attack now and stop them before something bad happens to Persa. He smiled and told me that nothing bad will happen to her; in fact she was going to enjoy it, and I better shut up and watch.

Persa was now writhing and trembling in the hands of Kosmas and his friends. One of them was licking and sucking her other nipple, while another was licking and kissing her neck. Some more were playing with her thighs, her cunt and her buttocks, while the rest were watching and laughing.

I noticed that they had taken their horny cocks out and were playing with them. I saw Persa looking at them with owe. There were tears in her beautiful eyes. She whispered something I couldn't hear; then her body jerked, stressed and vibrated in their arms.

She screamed "No… No… No…Not again!… No…" and then she was crying, sobbing, moaning, and writhing, with every fiber of her flesh vibrating and jerking in their hands. Yannis was right! Although there were tears in her eyes, she seemed to like it. In fact I could easily understand that she had reached limits of pleasure that she didn't even know they existed up to now. After some time Kosmas and the others stepped back and enjoyed the spectacle of the bonded girl, as she was moaning and sobbing, rubbing her irritated flesh on her ropes, trying hardly to complete her orgasm.

I looked at Yannis. "Shameless bitch" he said, looking at Persa. Kosmas waited until Persa calmed down. Then he said something to her and the girl looked very scared. Kosmas took out his jackknife again, opened it and touched with the sharp point the throat of the poor girl. He cut the loops of the rope that tied her on the tree by the neck and the other one that went through her thighs.

Persa was weeping and sobbing loudly as the boys were playing with he half-naked body. She did not scream because she was scared of the knife that touched her throat.

Somebody unbuttoned her skirt, which slide down her legs, stopping at her knees. Another boy got his jackknife and tore off the fabric of her skirt. The skirt fell on the ground. Persa moaned in despair. She was now practically naked, except of the panties of her white bikini, which were also lowered to her shapely thighs so much, that we could see the beginning of the silky hair of her cunt.

Their hands were everywhere on her body. Kosmas again slipped his hand inside her panties and fumbled her cunt. Persa screamed. Kosmas slapped vigorously her face twice. The others liked it.

They also slapped several times the face and the bare breasts of the poor girl. Persa was screaming, but one of the boys touched her nostrils with the sharp blade of his knife, threatening to cut her if she screamed again. Kosmas slapped her again several times. Persa moaned and roared, but she didn't dare to scream any more. Kosmas hit her hard between her open legs with his knee. Persa's body doubled on the knee of the young gypsy. They made her kneel, with her hands and her ankles still tied at her back behind the tree.

We saw Kosmas opening his trousers and getting his cock out. It was big and randy. The other boys laughed, seeing Persa staring with horror at the male organ that was almost touching her face. They unbuttoned their pants too, dropped them on the ground, and approached the bonded girl, holding their horny cocks in their hands. Twelve horny boys, excited with Persa's writhing body surrounded her. She screamed in horror, but Kosmas slapped her again and told her to shut up.

Somebody said they should gag her again, but Kosmas answered that nobody would come to this part of the forest, so nobody would hear her screaming. Besides, the thick woods acted like a sound barrier, and nothing would be heard in a distance of fifty meters or more. Another boy said that her screams were half the fun; and somebody else said that anyway they wanted to use her mouth, so they shouldn't gag her.

They were laughing at the thought of what they would do to her helpless virgin body. They wanted her to lick and suck their cocks, and when she refused, they got mad at her. Kosmas cut a thin, fresh brunch from a pine tree.

It was whippy almost like a horsewhip. He didn't clean it from the small brunches and the thorny pine needles hanging from it. He smacked it into the air and laughed with Persa's despair.

Then he started lashing ruthlessly with it the exposed thighs of the bonded girl. Persa was writhing and jerking as much as her ropes allowed. She was crying and begging him to stop, promising to do anything he asked, but Kosmas wouldn't listen.

Then, the others followed him and started also lashing Persa's writhing body using fresh brunches they cut from the pine trees. They were concentrating their blows on her tits and her thighs, enjoying sadistically every jerk and every scream of pain that would come out of her writhing body.

I looked at Yannis. He had opened his pants and he was masturbating. I think all of us were doing the same, watching Persa's torment. I suggested to Yannis that we should attack now that they had their pants down, and may be we could rescue Persa.

Even if we failed, they would have to stop torturing her. But Yannis said it is still too dangerous and we better wait. Besides, he said, does anybody really want to rescue Persa?

So, let's enjoy the free show! I agreed, and I think that all of us wished that Persa's torture would last all day, and we would have the chance to watch it all. Meanwhile, the brunches were falling unceasingly on the hapless girl. There were marks, bruises and cuts all over Persa's gorgeous body.

Especially at her breasts and her thighs. She was crying and begging her tormentors to stop hitting her and let her suck their cocks. Finally, she fainted. Kosmas told to one of the boys to bring some water from the lake. They poured it on the unconscious girl and she opened her eyes again. She saw the randy boys around her and moaned in horror. She begged them to stop torturing her and promised them again to do anything they like.

Kosmas touched her lips with his cock, and Persa started kissing and licking it. She did that for a couple of minutes, until suddenly the cock started jerking over her lips, spitting sperm on her face and into her mouth. Other cocks also started ejaculating, pumping their sperm all over her. Persa was moaning and sobbing, but she was licking and sucking every cock that came close to her mouth, swallowing the sperm that smeared him.

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All of them climaxed on her writhing body more than once. Persa was sucking their cocks, and many of them pumped their sperm into her throat. Persa was gulping and swallowing everything!

I had never imagined such a treatment for a young girl. And I had never witnessed something so exciting in my life. For more than two hours those boys were abusing and torturing Persa, ejaculating many times on her succulent body. When all of them had temporarily quenched their sexual thirst on Persa's body, they sat down around the bonded girl to have a rest.

I looked at Persa. Her eyes were closed. A stream of men's semen, mixed with her saliva was rolling out of her lips, down her chin and her neck. She was sobbing and moaning. Her face, her breasts, her neck, her belly, her thighs and her shoulders were all smeared with sperm. Her bikini panties, lowered to her thighs, were soaked in the men's semen. There were bruises all over her body, indicating the ferocious punishment she had suffered from her capturers.

I wondered when the gypsies would leave, and I wanted to ask Yannis about that, but Kosmas solved my wonder. He said to his boys that they had plenty of time to use her again before 3:00 o'clock.

Persa screamed with horror and begged them to let her alone, promising she would not tell anybody what happened that day, but Kosmas ignored her pleas. They needed some kind of stimulus in order to continue abusing and molesting her. And the best stimulation provided to them, was the pain and the humiliation they could impose to their hapless quarry.

They untied Persa from her tree leaving her hands still tied at her back. They made her walk barefooted on the rough ground and the thorns that seemed to be everywhere. Persa was crying, as the thorns were piercing her bare soles. Unable to walk any more, she fell down. Her torturers grabbed her from her hair and dragged her naked body over the thorny bushes and the sharp stones, enjoying her tears and her pleas for mercy.

Persa was screaming and crying as the thorns of the bushes and the sharp edges of the stones were mangling her tender skin. They laid her on her back, lift her legs and one of them put her ankles under his armpits, with her back still on the ground. Kosmas got a thick, fresh cane and peeled off all its leaves. Persa was watching him with tears in her eyes. Kosmas approached her blocked feet and touched her soles with his cane.

Persa realized what he was going to do and started screaming and begging him not to hit her. Then, Kosmas stroke her exposed soles. The stroke was strong and precise. The body of the hapless girl jerked on the ground. She yelled in pain and tried to beg him to stop, but then came his second stroke, more severe and painful than the first one. Persa screamed and writhed in pain. A third, and then a fourth stroke followed, all at the same point.

Persa's body was bouncing on the ground, crying and screaming for help. All the boys were laughing with her pain and her anguish. Some used again their pine tree brunches to strike her thighs and her breasts. Then, while still lashing her soles, one after the other fell on top of her and pumped again their sperm, mostly on her unripe tits, on her firm stomach and her thighs. I was looking at the spectacle of the beautiful, horrified nude girl, and I realized that it was the most exciting sight I had witnessed in my life.

I looked around me and I saw all my friends touching their cocks as they watched Persa's torment. None of us was considering any more to stop her torture. On the contrary, we wished we could participate in that. The gypsy boys finished with her. Kosmas told them something that I couldn't hear, and they laughed. Two of them helped Persa up and untied her hands. The rug that used to be her blouse, hanging from her wrists up to now, fell on the ground.

Her only cloth was her bikini bottom, torn, wet, and lowered down to her thighs, leaving her luscious buttocks practically naked. They wanted her to walk, but it seemed that her soles were hurting her very much.

She was crying and moaning. They lashed her bare back to make her walk. She made a few steps and then fell on her knees. So, they dragged her back to a low branch, put her on her knees, spread her arms to the side like a cross, and tied her on the branch, facing them.

She was writhing and jerking at their hands, but the boys slapped her face and tweaked her stiff nipples. Persa was screaming and yelling. She was crying and begging for help, and I realized that it was us she was calling; but none of us had any intention to stop this show any more, even if we could.

Somebody pulled her hair from behind. They opened her mouth wide and thrust a piece of cane in it, so she would not be able to close it, while Kosmas had straddled over her face, holding his cock in his hand.

I didn't realize what he was going to do, but Persa understood it and screamed in agony. Then, Kosmas started urinating on her face, while the boy behind her was pulling her hair back, forcing her to face the stream of urine that was falling on her face.

All of them were laughing, as the poor girl was straggling to avoid the disgusting fluid that was rolling into her mouth choking her. Then, one by one, all the boys urinated all over the body and the face of the writhing nude girl. Yannis said something about them overdoing it, and may be Persa could not take much more.

Victor asked him if we should interfere now, but Yannis said that it seems she was doing all right up to now and let's see how much she could take. Petros also said that the gypsy boys said that they had to leave in a few minutes, and we better wait. We all agreed.

3. My first sexual experience - we use Persa! The gypsy boys left at 3:00, as Kosmas had said, leaving their victim naked, tied on the tree, sexually and physically abused, and soaked in their semen and their urine. We waited a few minutes to make sure they were not coming back, and then we approached the bonded girl. Persa looked at us with tears in her eyes. She moaned and asked us why we didn't help her, as we had agreed.

She accused Yannis that he did it on purpose, and may be he had told to the gypsy boys what to expect. Yannis laughed at her. He called Persa words that we were forbidden to use and we hardly even know their meaning. He called her "slut", "whore" and "bitch". He told us that Persa got what she disserved, and we all witnessed her first orgasm in his hands and how much she enjoyed it, as she was rubbing herself on the rope and on him Then, as this was not enough for her, she had a multiple orgasm in the hands of the gypsies, where she was acting like a filthy, shameless whore.

Petros and Spyros started to laugh, and we also laughed, although we didn't quite understand what he meant by "orgasm". Persa had blushed and she started crying, but Yannis continued talking and we continued scorning her. He told her that she was teasing everybody going around half-naked, wearing only very small bikinis or very short skirts. He said that she was provoking, not only the boys of her age, but also every male she met, including married men.

He said that the grownups were calling her "young slut" and "cock-teaser", and they were saying that one day somebody would make her regret her behavior. He told us that Persa had bit him in wrestling because, instead of fighting, she was distracting his attention by rubbing herself on him.

We were laughing and calling her by the names he had used for her. Yannis said he would have his revenge on her now, and suggested to us to do the same, because Persa was bossing us all feeling very superior, because she was so sexy that all grown-ups were madly in love with her. He said it was unfair that the gypsies had so much fun with her, while us, whom she was teasing and provoking every, day did almost nothing to her. We should have much more fun with her and make her come to orgasm again, so we would see if she likes it or not.

Persa was crying loudly. In her sobs, she was begging us to untie her and give her something to cover her nudity. We didn't listen to her. Petros and Spyros found some buckets we were using as helmets during our "battles" and brought some water from the lake, to flush the dirt, the urine and the semen from her face and her skin.

Then Yannis slipped his hand under her panties and put his fingers in her cunt. The girl shivered and moaned. Soon we saw her writhing again as the fingers of Yannis were playing with her cunt, and him and Spyros were sucking and biting her irritated nipples. She was exhausted and it took them quite some time, to make her come.

For a moment we thought the show was over, but then she screamed and jerked like before and started moving her body again, rubbing it on Yannis' hand. Yannis played with her cunt for some time and then pulled out his hand and showed it to us. It was soaked in Persa's juices. He told us that this means that Persa was a shameless bitch, who had not quench her sexual hunger with all those gypsies who were coming on her, and now she was lusting for us.

He thrust his fingers in her mouth and told her to suck them and lick them. The poor girl moaned in despair and begged us to show mercy, but we were already getting wild with her naked, abused virgin body. We didn't know exactly what we wanted to do to her, but Yannis did. He had already taken his cock out, put it between her tits, squeezed and rubbed it on them, until it started spitting his sperm all over her breasts and her stomach.

Petros and Spyros were already ejaculating on her face, aiming mostly at her eyes and her lips. As soon as they finished, I saw their cocks getting hard again, so they started all over again, and this time they forced Persa to suck and lick them. She was licking and sucking their cocks and their balls, while the boys were guiding her head on them by pulling her long hair. She went on sucking and licking until they were through.

Petros and Spyros finished again on her face and tits, but Yannis thrust his cock as deep as he could in her throat and made her slurp and swallow his sperm. We wanted to do the same, but I guess we were too young for that. So, we fumbled the buttocks and the thighs of the bonded girl, getting more violent as we felt our cocks getting more horny every moment, and having no way to burst out.

As if it was Persa's fault, we became cruel and sadistic. We subjected the bonded girl in to a brutal and ruthless punishment. We whipped first her tits and her thighs with thorny brunches from the bushes, and then we continued with our bare hands. We punched, slapped and kicked her, rubbed our irritated cocks on her sizzling skin and, when the others finished for the third time pumping their sperm over her, since we couldn't come on her, we burst out by urinating on her shivering body and her tear-stained face.

Persa was crying and sobbing loudly. She was not begging for our mercy any more. She was just suffering patiently our sexual abuse on her, and she was only asking us from time to time, when we finish with her, to untie her and give her something to cover her bare body.

Yannis, Petros and Spyros played some more with her, and I don't know how many times they pumped their sperm on her skin or in her mouth.

We were just watching when a miracle happened to me. I felt my cock getting horny again and I had this strange filling. I rushed over Persa and I squeezed and rubbed my cock on to her nipples. She looked at me in tears and mumbled some words, probably asking for mercy, but I pretended I didn't hear her and continued rubbing my cock in between her breasts.

And then my cock started jerking and ejaculating all over the tits and the face of the shivering girl. My cock was jerking and pumping my sperm all over her for quite some time, which seemed to me an eternity! It felt so good!

I thrust my cock into her mouth and pumped my last drops of sperm in her throat. I stayed on top of her and I felt her tongue licking and cleaning my cock and my balls. Then I stood up and looked at the poor girl. I had conquered her! She was my slave now. I had humiliated and disgraced her!

Yannis was laughing and all the other boys congratulated me. I just had my first complete sexual experience on the alluring body of Persa!

They continued playing with her, while Victor, Panos and Pantelis tried to imitate me and have their first orgasm on her. I think Victor was the only one who managed to do it, while Panos and Pantelis couldn't do it and they got mad with Persa, as if it was her fault. They hit the poor girl several times and then left her at the merci of Yannis, Petros and Spyros, who went on abusing her body until they couldn't do it any more.

They asked me if I wanted to use her again, and I felt very proud that they didn't consider me a minor any more. I approached again the hapless girl. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and begged me not to do it again. For a moment I felt sorry for her. Then, thinking of the others watching me, I slapped her face as hard as I could.

I called her "bitch" and told her to suck my cock. I grabbed her nipples in my fingers and tweaked them so hard, that Persa was screaming and crying. I didn't stop, even when my cock started jerking and spitting my sperm on the girl's stomach and thighs.

I thought I would stop, but the sight of the naked girl writhing and crying under me, made me horny again. This time I fell on Persa. My randy cock thrust in between her thighs. I got a nipple in my teeth and bite it hard. I was rubbing violently my body on her, moving my cock in-and-out her thighs, almost feeling the wetness of her cunt on my glans.

I would have probably fucked her if her tiny bikini was not blocking my way. Victor came to add on her torment. He also wanted to use her again. He sat over the girl's face and made her suck and lick his cock and his balls. Almost immediately he started coming on her face, while I also burst on her thighs and her panties.


When we had both finished, we all sat around her silently, looking at her writhing body. Now that I had quenched, one way or another, my sexual thirst for Persa, I was feeling guilty. I looked around and saw that the other boys had their eyes to the ground, ashamed to look at her straight in the eyes.

We had a guilty conscious. All of us, except may be Yannis. He was sitting on the brunch right next to Persa and was still teasing the poor girl. We said that we should untie her now, and may be one of us should go back to the hotel to bring her some cloths, but Yannis said that, what we should better do, would be for us to go back to our hotel, so our folks would not worry, and he would first make sure that Persa wouldn't start talking about what happened to her and get us all in trouble.

He told us that, whatever happened from now on, and whatever Persa would say, we would say that we didn't go with Persa that day because she wanted to swim in the lake and we were afraid. He said that, after he is sure that Persa wouldn't talk to anybody about it, he would help her to dress up, fix herself, and join us.

We walked away and Yannis stayed there. We walked for some time, but I found an excuse and left the others, telling them that I would better go to a house in Zaharo where my grandparents had gone, and I would come back later with them.

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What I said was partly true. My grandparents were visiting some friends in Zaharo, and they would probably stay there for the night. But I didn't go there to join them. I walked back to the place where Persa was still tied on the tree. Yannis was still there. He had already washed the sperm, the urine and the dirt from her face and her body. Persa was crying, sobbing and faltering prays for his mercy.

Yannis seemed to wait for something. I couldn't understand why he had not untie yet Persa from the brunch. Then, five minutes later, at about 8:00 o'clock, Kosmas came out of the woods. Persa saw him and moaned in misery. Yannis went to meet him. They talked a little, and then they approached Persa again. They untied her from the tree and told her to find her cloths and put them on.

Persa found her skirt near the other tree and put it on. The skirt still had the top button but under that it was torn, opening in every move Persa made, exposing her thighs and her panties, which were soaked in sperm and urine. Her bra was completely destroyed and it was useless, but she found the rag that used to be her blouse, cleaned it up as much as she could, put it on and tied it under her tits. It was not much, but Persa had no choice.

She also took off her panties and cleaned them. She then asked for sandals. They told her that she won't need them, and laughed. Persa moaned in despair, realizing that it was not over yet. I shivered, thinking of what was going to follow. Persa tried to run away, but she couldn't go far on her pained, bare soles. They grabbed her in a few steps and brought her back. I was hiding behind some bushes near the lake and watched. They dragged Persa back to the same tree we had tied her at the beginning.

They gagged her, tied her hands behind her back, and put a rope around her neck. Persa was writhing, crying and moaning, but her two tormentors pulled up the rope, hanging her from the neck.

I saw the poor girl, suspended from her neck, writhing and roaring. The poor girl was dying, but the two boys were enjoying her ordeal. Her eyes were dilated; and then she started to pie! Kosmas and Yannis were laughing to tears. They loosened the rope a little, letting the girl step on her tip-toes and watched her humiliation, as she was urinating standing up in front of them. Kosmas explained to Hyannis that, as they hang from the neck, they loose their muscles' and nerves'.

Persa was moaning and crying, jerking at the end of her rope. Kosmas and Yannis were laughing. Yannis slapped her face, and Kosmas fumbled her buttocks. They were both enjoying her distress. Little by little they were getting excited again with her shivering, half-naked body. Yannis looked at Kosmas. His eyes were burning. "Let's fuck her cunt this time!" He said. But Kosmas said no, because she worth much more as a virgin. I didn't quite understand what they meant with that, and I was a little disappointed, but the two boys still wanted to use Persa a little more.

They loosen up the rope that was holding Persa suspended from the tree until the poor girl could kneel in front of them on the ground. They took off their cocks and rubbed them on her tits and her tear-stained face. Persa could do nothing else but moan and sob, while the two boys removed her gag, ignored her tears and her pleas for mercy, and made her lick and suck again on their balls and their cocks.

Then, first Kosmas and then Yannis thrust once more their horny cocks into her mouth and emptied their sperm into her throat, forcing her to gulp it all, or they would punish her. Persa did as she was told, and the two boys, when finished, untied the rope from her neck and her wrists from her back, and then tied them on the rope. Then they gagged her and they pulled up her rope again, suspending the unfortunate girl from the tree. It was getting dark already, but Yannis and Kosmas didn't show any intention of leaving.

They lit a fire close to the tree where Persa was tied, and they sat near it. Persa was crying and jerking at the end of her rope. Kosmas had brought some food, and the two boys ate, looking at the writhing girl. I was hungry, and I am sure Persa would be also hungry and thirsty but they paid no attention to her. At about 10:00 p.m. I heard steps coming from the woods. Four big men came out of the shadow of the forest and approached the fire. They looked like hunters.

They were holding shotguns. They looked old to me at that time, but now I know they were probably at their forties. They looked at Persa, smiled, and asked Yannis and Kosmas if that was the "wild roe-deer" they were selling.

The boys nodded, and Persa moaned in misery. The men examined carefully the bonded girl. They fumbled her buttocks and her thighs, squeezed and tweaked her lithe breasts, removed her gag and made her open her mouth, to examine her teeth and her tongue in the light of the fire.

When the girl tried to scream, one of them hit her in the stomach with the stock of his shotgun. Persa moaned in pain, but she didn't dare to scream any more.

One of the men asked the boys if she was still a virgin, and Yannis said that, anyway, nobody used her cunt today. So, if she were a virgin before, she would still be a virgin now. They laughed, and the man who was examining her checked her cunt with his fingers.

Persa howled under his humiliating examination, but the man said that she was alright. Satisfied with what he had seen, the hunter who seemed to be in command of the other three, paid some money to Yannis and Kosmas. The two boys left, abandoning Persa at the hands of her owners. I understood that these men had bought Persa, and now they were going to play with their new toy.

I had a pretty good idea now of what would happen to Persa. I was sure the hunters would have in their minds many different ways to use her young, virgin body. I should have gone back and call for help, but I was scared that I would be arrested also for the abuse, the torture and the rape of Persa. Instead, I stayed there and watched, anxious to see what the five grown-ups would do with the young girl they had just bought.

4. The hunters The hunters slackened the rope that was holding Persa's brunch on the tree, and the poor girl kneeled on the ground at their feet, with her arms still tied on the thick brunch.

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The men left her there and started talking about her, smoking their cigarettes. Persa was crying and sobbing on her knees at their feet, but she didn't dare to scream. It seemed that one of the hunters said that it would be better to leave now taking Persa with them, before her family goes to the police and they start searching for her; but the others said they had at least a couple of hours before they even start searching, and they better use her now.

Besides, they said, their yacht was there, waiting for them, and it would be a matter of minutes to sail safely away. And better use her now than later on the yacht, where they would have also to share her with the others.

Persa howled in distress, but the men kicked her and threatened to drown her in the lake if she makes any sound again. Then the hunters put her down on her back, without untying her arms from the brunch, and started tearing off her cloths. Persa was screaming and fighting, so they used her panties to gag her again. They stopped for a moment to admire the naked girl that was sobbing and writhing in front of them.

They all wanted to be the first to deflower and use her virgin body, but the man in charge reminded them that it was his privilege, because he was the one who made the deal and paid for her also, so she was his slave. The others drew cards, and the one who got the highest card would be next, while the others will follow. The man in charge stood over Persa. He kicked her legs open and kneeled between her thighs.

He put down his trousers and I saw Persa looking with awe at his randy cock. He was laughing, as he was playing it over her bare belly. The girl was struggling on the ground, trying to avoid the male organ that was spooning on her. The other hunters grabbed her shoulders and her ankles, holding her motionless on the ground. The man put the glans of his cock on the lips of her cunt and waited for a moment, enjoying her distress and her horror.

Then, he started penetrating into her, piercing her virgin flesh. Persa's beautiful eyes were dilated with pain. A rattle was coming out of her gagged mouth. I was close enough to watch his randy cock penetrating deeper and deeper into the cunt of the writhing girl, and I could see and hear her pained, hopeless reaction to her brutal rape. I saw the other men getting ready to use her too. She also looked at them and moaned in misery, while the man on top of her had thrust the full length of his cock inside her and was now hammering her buttocks on the ground, pushing his hips on her in a frenzy rhythm.

I heard him groaning over her and spitting all over her face as he started coming inside her, jerking and shaking her defenseless body.

I saw the tears rolling down the face of poor Persa, as the man finished inside her and left her at the mercy of the others. There was blood on the ground and on Persa's shivering thighs.

There was also semen rolling out of her cunt. They used her rugged cloths to weep her, and they continued. One after the other, two more men fell on top of the hapless girl and raped her writhing body. Persa was not fighting them any more. Her rapists had removed her gag and they were kissing and sucking her lips and her tongue.

She was not screaming any more; only some sobs shook her writhing breasts, and a whine moan was coming out of her trembling lips.

Three or four times I saw her opening wide her beautiful eyes, while her sobs became much louder and faster, her breath was heavy, and her hips were jerking on the ground, as if she was trying to follow the rhythm of her rapists.

Once, she even coiled her legs around the waist of the man who was fucking her and I heard some words without any meaning coming out of her lips and mixing with her moans and her sobs. The hunters were laughing at her when she was reacting like that, and said to each other that she was a shameless randy bitch and she was enjoying it.

Three of the hunters had finished with her, but the fourth one had a different idea. He said to the others that he wanted also to fuck a virgin. I didn't understand what he meant, but the others started laughing. They grabbed Persa from her armpits and her long hair, dragged her to the low brunch that the gypsies had used to tie her ankles on when they were lashing her soles, and made her bend over it, protruding her firm buttocks.

Only then Persa understood what was going to happen. She tried to fight and scream, but they were holding her very tight, and they inserted again her rugged panties into her mouth, gagging her again. The man lowered his pants, forced her legs open and, ignoring her desperate struggle and her pained tears and sobs, lubricated his horny cock on the fluids that flooded her vagina, and then, with a violent blow, thrust his cock into her virgin ass.

Although I was not very close to that tree, I could hear the pained cries and moans of the poor girl. The fire was not lightening well in that distance, but the other hunters were holding their flashlights on, and so I had a pretty clear picture of the torment of poor Persa. When the man was finishing, he pulled his cock out of her ass and spread his sperm all over her buttocks and her thighs.

When the others left her, Persa collapsed on the ground sobbing, crying and moaning. They untied her arms from the rope and tied them again at her back. They gathered all the rugs that used to be her cloths, wrapped them around a heavy stone and dropped them into the lake.

I knew that the muddy bottom would swallow them in no time and nobody would ever find any trace of them. They put Persa on her feet and tried to make her walk, but the pain in her bung and her soles should be too much and the poor girl collapsed to the ground moaning and sobbing.

She tried to crawl instead, but she couldn't move fast that way. So, two of them grabbed her armpits and they all left, dragging their pray with them. I followed them from a distance, and I saw them pushing her in the trunk of a Land Rover, getting in and leaving. I didn't know where was the yacht they said it was waiting for them, or where they had landed it. I couldn't follow them, so I went to Zaharo, to meet my grandparents. The next morning we heard the news about the disappearance of Persa.

We all said what we had agreed before; that the morning before, we went to the forest, while Persa wanted instead to go and swim in the lake. We told her then that we were afraid to go to the lake for a swim, and she laughed at us and called us cowards. We quarreled, and she went to swim alone. After that we didn't see her again. 5. End of the story I wish I could say that sometime later I met Persa and, considering what had happened to her, she was quite alright and she managed to get over it and live a normal life after that.

But that is not true. They never found her, or any trace of her. After a few days they all believed that she had gone swimming in the lake and was drowned and sucked by the muddy bottom.

We, the children, never talked about her again, and kept well the secret of her disappearance. Besides, I think that only Yannis, Kosmas and me knew the whole story, while the others believed Yannis when he told them that Persa did not want to walk back to the hotel with him, so he went back alone, while Persa never came back. I guess they thought that Persa had probably lost her way and fallen into the lake in the dark. As for me, the last thing I knew about Persa, was that the four hunters had taken her away in their Land Rover.

Twenty years later I was working in Qatar as a Project's Senior Engineer. Then, I learned the rest of the story. I had gone to Casablanca on business and, having some free time, I decided to visit Marakes and spend a couple of days there.

I stayed at the hotel Mamounia. In the evening I visited a couple of bars, trying to find some female company for the night, until I saw a woman in a bar, whose sad eyes reminded me of something. She was dancing and stripping in a cage, having as a partner a big snake. At the end of her dance, she was putting some milk cream on her cunt lips and inside her cunt, and let the snake lick it. Then she was coming, with the snake working his tongue and his toothless jaws on her cunt.

She had a very sexy figure and an attractive, although a little vulgar face with big almond shaped, black eyes, and long ebony- black hair. Her act was quite stimulating, but the customers were laughing at her and were aiming at her body, throwing coins on her.

When she finished her number she put the snake back in the cage and remained on her knees at the floor, trying to avoid the coins that were thrown at her, while the customers were laughing at her and called her lewd names. She stayed naked in the cage until they stopped throwing coins at her. Then, she gathered all the coins from the floor, while one of the waiters unlocked the cage and gave her a cloak to cover her nude body.

The woman stepped out of the cage and tried to rush to the dressing room, when the waiter stopped her, and told her that one of the customers wanted to meet her. I had already tipped him and asked him to bring the woman to my table as soon as she would finish. The woman came to my table and sat on a chair opposite me.

She offered herself to me to use her all night for $50 dollars. She said that, if I wanted something "special", it would be $50 dollars more. I asked what she meant by "special" and she said it could be bondage, whipping, cigarette burning and sadism. The more I was looking at her, the more I was sure that I knew her.

The mystery was solved, when the woman asked me where was I from. I said "from Greece", and immediately the woman started talking to me in Greek. It was Persa! She looked a little older than her age, because of the wrinkles around her eyes, but her body was still slim and lithe, although her breasts were now voluptuous and she had luscious buttocks.

Her eyes were still deep and beautiful, despite the dark circles around them; and her lips were fleshy and sensuous. I offered her dinner and then took her to my room for the night. There, after having sex, Persa told me the rest of the story. I pretended I knew nothing about the hunters, so she told me how Yannis and Kosmas had abused her some more, and then sold her to some hunters who deflowered and sodomized her and then, took her to their yacht.

In the yacht there were four more men. Persa was their sex slave for the three days and nights that the trip lasted. They were fucking her all day and night, in every possible way.

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When they were getting tired screwing her, they enjoyed torturing and humiliating her. They had her crawling on hands and knees at their feet, doing all the mopping and the cleaning of the yacht. In the 70 hours that their cruise lasted, the poor girl did not manage to sleep more than 10 hours in total.

She was eating on the floor whatever leftovers their bosses decided to throw to her. When they reached some island, the girl understood it was a private island, belonging to one of them. All the men stayed a few days at the island enjoying her body. Finally the others left and she stayed there with her boss, the one who deflowered her at the beginning. Her master had plenty servants, workers and guards on the island. When he was tired of her, he was giving her to his men to use her as they pleased.

Most of the times he was watching those multiple rapes and tortures of the poor girl, which many times he filmed. He was inviting friends on his island and they were all having fun torturing and raping the young girl. He even organized wild hunting games, where the pray was Persa. The poor girl was running half-naked and barefooted all over the island, trying to avoid the dogs and the horny men who were chasing her.

The result was always the same, with Persa ending up on the dinner table or on the floor, raped first by all the guests and, when they were tired, satisfying the dogs of her master. She had to lick and suck them, until the animals would put her on her knees and screw her young flesh from behind, scratching her tender skin with their teeth and their claws. Persa stayed on the island for more than three years. Then her master sold her to a Saudi friend of his; she was hardly over sixteen then.

The Saudi put her in his private plain and took her to his villa. The girl did not know in which country, but it should have been either Sudan, or the south part of Egypt.

Her master used her more or less the same way her first boss was using her, giving her to his friends and his guests in the parties. He had many black servants, but he only let them use her completely a year or more after he bought her. Before that, they were allowed only to finish on her face and her body when they were torturing her for their master's pleasure.

It was there that she learned to dance. She would dance and strip for the entertainment of her master and his friends, with four huge nude black servants, armed with whips around her. The servants were whipping her while she was dancing, and she had to play with them until they finish on her bare body. Most of the times they had her dancing for hours, until she couldn't stand on her feet any more and she collapsed on the floor.

There they would rape her, regardless if she had her senses or she was unconscious. When she was eighteen, her Saudi master gave her as a present to a friend of his, living in Egypt. Her new owner started leasing her to producers of porno-movies. He was the one who changed her name to "Pearl" Under that name Persa became a notorious pornostar.

Her new master introduced her to drugs. At the beginning Persa refused to take them, but they used violence and forced her to take heroin, until she became addicted to it. Then, they could control her easily. After that, Persa changed many masters. Finally she was bought by a man from Morocco, who had her work as a stripdancer and a prostitute. She was doing that for the last two years, and the customers had started getting bored of her and her snake.

But she didn't have time to learn some other routine. The only money she was making any more for her master, were the coins that every night the customers were throwing, aiming at her naked body. Recently her master had arranged to sell her to a whorehouse for bizarre pleasures, but she was afraid, because the man who wanted to buy her had the reputation of allowing his clients to torture his whores to death, if they were willing to pay him well.

I had sex with her two more times that night. Persa was doing her job very well, and she even pretended that she was enjoying it, but I understood that she was not really feeling anything. Later I offered to buy her and take her back to Greece, but Persa refused. She was a drug addict already. Also she had probably adjusted to that kind of living and she was afraid to change it. She said that she would never be able to talk to her former relatives and friends, if she would return to Greece.

Besides, her boss had already agreed to sell her. I approached also her boss and offered to buy her, but her boss denied that she was a slave. He said she was just working there, and she had already got a new contract with another entertainer. Finally he agreed to lease Persa to me for the three days I was going to stay in Marakes. The other night, while having dinner and drinking wine in my room, Persa lowered her eyes and told me that, if I wanted to have better sex with her tonight, I had to be sadistic.

I had to tie her, hit her, cause her pain and humiliate her. I could use my cigarette to burn her and apply on her any other torture I like, as long as I don't give her permanent marks. I did as she told me and then I saw her face changing. The woman I had in my arms was the same Persa we had tortured and raped many years ago in Kaiafas. She was crying, sobbing and moaning, but she was obviously enjoying it.

She climaxed at least twice, and made me come many times in her vagina. When we both finished, we stayed naked in bed without talking. Persa was the first one to break the silence. She told me that, after that day in Kaiafas, she had enjoyed sex only when her partners were violent and ruthless. She said that, when she was dancing for her Saudi master, and his servants were whipping her, she would come in orgasm with any one that touched her.

The last night Persa stayed in my room, after we had violent sex, and while she was still tied on my bed, I saw tears flooding her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. Sobs were shaking her voluptuous breasts. The woman was crying desperately. I thought to untie her, but she didn't like. She only wanted to talk, and she said she was feeling more free when she was tied! Then she talked. She went back to those days we were playing in Kaiafas.

The day that her adventure had started. "Was it worth it?" She asked. "All of you had some hours of pleasure with my virgin body and, in return you ruined my whole life. You destroyed me. It would be better if you had killed me at the end. But, was it really worth it?" Next day I drove her to the tavern she was working, and kissed her good-bye for the last time, As she was stepping out of the car, I stopped and looked at her in the eyes. "Yes" I said. "It was worth it!" As I drove away, I saw her crying.

It was as if I had tortured her one more time. When I visited Marakes again, after a year or so, I looked for her. She was not working any more at the same bar, but they gave me the address of her new employer. Ι went there, but it seemed that nobody had heard of Persa or Pearl.

Then, when Ι went back at my hotel, the receptionist informed me that there was a woman at the lobby waiting for me. The woman was one of the prostitutes working for the same whorehouse I visited asking for Persa. She said that the other girls were new and they had not met Persa, but she knew what had happened to her and she asked me for some money.

I paid her, and the woman told me that, one month after "Pearl" started working in the new "house", four customers rent her for the night. All night the other girls could hear her screams and her cries. In the morning, the customers left, after paying a large amount of money. When she and the other girls went to the room they saw Persa.

She was still alive, but it would be better for her if she were dead. She was lying naked on the floor. It seemed that the four men were enjoying raping her while she was in extreme pain. They had whipped her brutally, burned her with their cigarettes, crashed her fingers, thrust pins under her nails, and God knows what else they thought off, in order to cause pain to their poor victim. Persa was not crying any more. She had her eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling, and she was only moaning and begging them to kill her.

Their boss, who came later, said that it was no use to try to heal her, because she would never be attractive any more, and she was useless to him. He didn't want to kill her himself, so he paid some men to do it for him. Because none of them wanted to be the executioner, they took her deep into the desert, three hours drive, with a 4X4 where they left her naked under the burning sun of the desert summer, without water.

The woman said that even if a woman was young and strong, she wouldn't last for more than a couple of hours under these conditions. According to her, either the vultures ate Persa alive, or she had finished the same morning, and then the vultures ate her flesh, leaving only a skeleton, which was found a week later.

That was the end of Persa; a young, pretty girl who had paid with her life a game we played on her at the age of innocence.