Amateur gay porno sex tube and black gay sex video in the toilet Two

Amateur gay porno sex tube and black gay sex video in the toilet Two
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Fuck Buddies part 1 This story is true. The names are not. This story may not have happened to me, it may have. My names damien, im 16 years old, I have black hair thats cut to the emo look, last week I put a little red on the ends, it looks really cool, I work out, alot. As a result of that, and the almost constant wanking I do, I have perfectly chiseled abs and in all modesty a great 6 pack, I play golf, rugby and tennis and excell at all of them, im not that popular in school, I have my own select group of about 20 friends, not many more because of the emo look, my friends are mostly guys but there are 3 girls, amy, ashlie and laura (loz).

Amy's abit of a slut, she has short blonde hair and a stunning set of eyes, theyre luminous blue, so clear and deep, like the ocean. Ontop of that she has a stunning ass, shaped like a peach and what i believe are 30C tits. Needless to say, me, aswell as everyone else in our group had snuck a sneaky peek at her when she wasnt looking, only thing was, i think she knew it. As I said, she was abit of a slut, this made everyone avoid her like she was riddled with herpes.

Laura was a little heavier, however as a result she had perfect 32D tits, her ass was obviously, a bit bigger than amy's but she compensated by wearing tight fitting clothes that outlined her body perfectly, she had a cute face and a smile that could leave you staring off into space, however, she was a little shy and she very rarely smiled, it seemed she only smiled for her mom and me, leaving me to think that she had a bit of a crush on me, Im pretty outgoing, had a few girlfriends, even got a blowjob off one a couple of times, however, no actual vaginal sex.


On the other hand, Ashlie was the very peak of perfection for me, she was short, a little over 5"3, she had flowing blood red hair and green eys that sparkled like emeralds, she also had perfect full lips and dressed casually, nearly always, this by the way, i find a turn on, i cant stand the girls who tart up with gallons of make-up every day and call everyone "darling" so they can get in your pants. She also had smaller tits than the other two, still reasonable at a 28B, not bad for a 16yr old but still beautiful, out of the 3 of them, hers were the only ones whos nipples stood firm and hard all day long, regardless of temperature or circumstance, she worked out too, often with me, these sessions allowed me to get a perfect look at her flat stomach and perky tits whenever I could.

Her ass was just a little bit out of sync however it was the most "grabbable", every guy past puberty knows that feeling, the desire to reach out and grab some sweet piece of ass youve seen. However, there was one small problem with her, she had a boyfriend. Sean was one of our friends a complete nutter, he was quiet and reserved sometimes and mad and hysterical the other.


they loved each other very much, she was devoted to him and I quickly realised that they were almost soulmates. This, however, is the first installment in my 16 year old life, the year where I get to lose my virginity. Leavers year, prom, I booked us a limo at the last minute so we all had to pile into one, 20 people in a limo was gonna be tight, we were all gonna go round andy's (another friend) for an afterparty, me and andy arranged eveything, from booze to limo. Now, let me make this clear, I did not go to the prom with the intention of fucking, just to get drunk and pass out before the dawn.

Around 7pm we all gathered at Laura's house, i was the 4th to arrive, Laura looked stunning in a long red dress with a priceless tiara her grandmother gave her, I noticed every one of the guys were sitting down and were all staring at her, I knew she would be looking hot therefore I had wanked before and didnt have an instant hard on. i threw my bag in the closet and joined the guys on the couch where we chatted and waited for the rest of us to arrive, about 10 minutes later ashlie arrived with amy and I nearly had a heart attack.

Amy had a lovely pale yellow short dress on that hugged her slutty frame, eradicating all impressions of modesty, however she paled in comparison to Ashlie, she had her hair intrically done, falling just behind her shoulders and framed her beautiful eyes, I swear if someone turned the lights off in the room her eyes would glow tantalisingly, her dress outlined her small frame to amazing detail, her hips flared with the dress and when she walked, her braless top half jiggled, promoting themselves to be touched, she completely blocked out Amy's beauty and in that moment, I decided I loved her.

I noticed the room had gone quiet and broke the silence with an awkward laugh, ashlie and amy sat down with laura and they began talking hurriedly in the only way teenage girls can. Eventually everyone turned up and after the photos on the front lawn we all got into the limo and set off, as i predicted, there was next to no room so i, being the gentleman suggested that the girls should sit on the guys laps, this promoted much giggling from amy and ashlie and they said that laura should sit on my lap, ashlie had an evil look on her face and I looked at her with lust until she looked in my direction and I looked away, I hurriedly got inside and made myself comfortable down the end of the limo, laura promptly sat on my lap and everyone filed in, there was much joking that laura was on me, that is until I pointed out that at least half of the guys would have to sit on one of the other guys laps.

Everyone looked around with horror and I laughed. Prom went fairly quickly, i appeared in endless pictures, drank all the non alchoholic stuff on the table (no alchohol allowed) and danced with a few girls, one of them being laura and later amy appeared too.

Ashlie didnt dance, she sat at the table looking unhappy that sean didnt ask her to waltz or tango or watever, she had many offers by guys in our year, she ignored them and concentrated on sean. I eventually heard that someone had snuck some gin in and went in search of it, I found john (guy who got it) in the toilet, dealing shots of liquer.

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I bought a shot off john and drank it in one, he was about to deal another when the door slammed open and the police burst in, john quickly gave me the gin and ran, the cops followed him and i snuck into the cubicle next to me, there i shoved the half full bottle down my trousers and set off. I found the table empty, all except for ashlie and amy, ashlie had been crying, i could tell that much, she was shaking and amy was comforting her, I asked what happened and amy said "sean broke up with her, he really hurt her", I spied sean now, dancing on the dancefloor with emily, another slut in our year.

"Dont worry, ill take care of her, go join in", "ok" she said, flashing me a smile. I put one arm round ashlie, relishing her touch and whispered "are you ok?" "yeah" she sobbed. "Seans a twat, here, you want some?" I said and showed her the gin. "Okay" she said with a half hearted smile, I smiled and poured about a shot-full of gin into an ordinary glass and another into another glass.

"down the hatch" i said and we both downed in one, now, im good with drink, however after about 5 shots i get kinda pissed.


She smiled her dazzling smile and I had no choice but to sit there and finish the gin with her because of my raging hard on, when the prom ended both me and ashlie staggered to the door, having both had about 6 or 7 shots each. Sean was out of the afterparty, no question, he didnt even ride back with us, ashlie spent the ride on my lap, i swear, i have never felt so tight in my life, my boner was raging in my pants, i was sure she would have felt it if she was sober, every bump we encountered on our way home was an excuse to rub my cock against her ass.

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When we got back to andy's we all went into his kitchen and cranked up the volume aswell as cracking open the alchahol, most notably strongbow, we all love strongbow. After about 2 cans i decided that i wanted out of my suit and dragged my dizzy body to the toilet, i stripped down to my boxers, it was then that my drunken mind remembered i had left my bag at laura's.

I sighed and started to pull my suit back on but thought "fuck it" and stripped down to my boxers agian, i was still hard, the coctail of gin, srtongbow and ass keeping me at full attention. I realised that would be very obvious in my boxers and sat on the toilet, preparing to jack-off. I got my 9inch pusher in my hand and started to beat up a rythm, after about 3 minutes i got ready to cum, thenwith a huge grunt, i let fly a huge spray of cum that hit the toilet door.

It was just after that that I realised i hadnt locked the door, i realised this when it was opened, cum glistening on the back of it and there in the doorway, was my friend danny staring at my cock, I shouted something unintelligeable and he scrambled out as fast as he could, he slammed the door and i panted, adrenaline pumping through my body.

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I sat on the seat for a while, maybe a minute, maybe 10, i realised people would come looking for me nad cleaned the room up, putting on my suit with a grimace, danny was waiting outside with an amused expression on his face and disturbingly said nothing, as i headed into the front rooms i heard him go into the toilet and the door slam.

I walked into the room and was met with many smirks, i laughed and grabbed a drink of some kind, i staggered over to the couch where ashlie sat, people laughing and patting me on the back. I grimaced as my head banged when i dropped heavily into the couch. I sat there, smiling and laughing dumbly, vaguely warding off all the jeers and insults about being caught jacking off in the lav. Eventually after a few minutes ashlie turns to me and sobs, "thankyou for earlier", "no problem, i whisper", another 10 minutes pass until she leans into my ear and mutters humurously "did you really get caught wanking in the toilet?" i slowly nod, she laughs softly and mutters "who over?" i say nothing and she whispers again "come on, who?" i still remain silent and she falls still with a troubled look, eventually she says: "was it me?" I remain still and then slowly look at her beautiful face and mutter: "yes".

She smiles and leans back. The party resumes its tempo and the noise perforates my eardrums once more. I had to secape from that room, I stood up and walked briskly to the door, hiding my once again raging boner, I stumble into the kitchen and pour myself a drink of water, hoping to qwell the sickness rising inside of me from all the booze. I turn around slowly and see laura in the doorway, she says nothing but just moves toward me, she looks into my eyes and kisses me, her lips part and I explore her mouth with my tongue.

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I sigh and grab her hips, she grinds her pelvis into my crotch, i explore evry inch of her body with my hands, I seem to black out, the next thing i remember is laying on andys mums bed with laura stripping me, she still has her tongue firmly stuck inside my mouth and our tongues wrestle, she strips me down to my boxers, pausing only to start undoing her dress, she fumbles with the zip and it rips, her dress falls off, she, like ashlie was wearing a braless dress and her amazing tits swing free, im captivated with them and instantly start playing with her nipples, i circle them with my thumb and forfinger and she lets out a moan, a slow loving moan drips from my lips and i sigh aswell, I take her nipple into my mouth and bite on it gently, she arches her back, smashing her tit into my face, i break contact with her nipple and rip the remainder of her dress off, like a madman i scramble at her small white panties, desperate to get them off, she lifts her butt up into the air but i rip her panties off, I stare in amazement at the sight before me, she has a perfect pussy, it was pink and swollen around the edges and droplets of moisture laid on the lips.

I inhaled her sweet smell of womanhood and breathed out deeply, as soon as i did she moaned and pushed her cunt into my face, i supported her ass up and started licking around her cunt, teasing her, i could tell by her wetness that she really wanted me in her so i quit teasing and thrust my tongue in, i have a long and thick tongue, i can fit it in my nose normally and so i made it hard and started licking her walls, she went nuts and entwined her hands in my hair while screaming softly, I felt her tense up so i pulled out of her a little but she mashed my face into her as soon as i was out, i didnt land inside her though, i landed the tip of my tongue on her clitoris, she instantly went into overdrive and started squealing so i forced my tongue onto the sensitive spot, she continued squealing and i rammed two fingers into her vagina, she went over the top and started cumming, she squirted what felt like a tonne of sweet tasting cum onto my face, i tried to drink all of it but it went all over the bed and my face, she eventually came down from her high and looked at me with a look of utmost satisfaction I, however wasnt finished and after climbing ontop of her, i took off my boxers, freeing my pecker and rolled her onto her back, she smiled and nodded so i thrust in, she was really tight, less than 2cm wide and i have a 2 inch wide cock, (yes i know, not hugely wide), i eventually forced my monster into her and slid out again, she moaned so i went in again, stopping at about 2cm in, i slowly pushed forwards, knowing there might be resistance, she whispered "ive broke my hymen with a tampon last year, go ahead".

I smiled and kissed her, then I took my cock out of her cunt, lined up and slammed in all the way, her vagina walls expanded to allow me access and she screamed in pleasure. I grunted with lust and began pumping in and out of her tight cunt with a fury, she squealed and began moving her body down onto my cock as i moved up into her cunt, we stopped only when she started moving faster and faster up and down my shaft and then exploded, I yanked out and lowered my mouth to her streaming cumshots, i tasted her sweetness once more and nearly blew my load right there.

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I looked away for a minute while i regained my composure and returned my gaze to the wonder before me, i whispered to her ear "I want to try something, you'll love it." I saw her eyes fill with love and she nodded, "Im yours." I flipped her over and she instantly propped her back legs into the air, she shuddered with expectation and i said "keep your ass in the air and push your face into the mattress" she did and i lined up once again behind her, my dick felt like it was going to explode out of my skin but i teeased her again by running the head of my cock around her pussy lips, she wriggled her ass at me and i couldnt stand it anymore, i lost composure and slammed my rock hard pole into her waiting cunt, she cried out and dug her nails into the sheets, grasping the mattress to keep her steady, she screamed "OH MY GOD!

OH MY FUCKING GOH-OH-OH-OD!!" and i slammed into her again, and again and again and again and again until she started screaming "OH YES!! FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE HAAARRDDD!!" i obliged and increased the speed of my thrusts, she started cumming down the side of my cock as her womb filled up with her cum, i was so close to emptying my seed into her but i wanted to feel it splash in her womb, i pulled out and sucked in her pussy lips with my mouth and flicked her clit with my tongue until i realised this was making her cum more, i stepped back and allowed her to come down from her high, she just recovered when i slammed my cock in her pussy again and got ready to cum in her womb, i felt my balls tighten and she screamed "OH YES CUM INSIDE ME!

I WANT YOUR CUM!!" this thru me over the edge and i gave one last thrust as i came hard inside her cervix, wave after wave of my semen mixed with her cum swirled into her pussy, filling her up and causing her to have her heaviest orgasm yet.

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I collapsed with my cock still inside her and recovered, about 10 minutes later i looked at the clock beside the bed, 5:57, we had been fucking for over an hour and a half, i felt my cock twitch but i could do nothing about it, I fell asleep beside her naked form, full of my potent cum.

That was the story of how i lost my virginity. Part 2 coming soon.

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