Straight dude playing with his dick

Straight dude playing with his dick
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Adjustments for the better . Life is fuckedI am working and looking after my 3 children, the men in my life have disappointed me greatly, I have been let down constantly by them. Verbal and physical abuse has been a constant of which I no longer tolerate - seeking an intervention order against my last companion if that's what you would call him - fucking creep.

I am now into my early forties, luckily still have my looks although some age lines showing. My body is holding up well after the birth of my kids, you could say curvaceous and if dolled up quite capable of turning heads of passersby. Why oh why do I attract creeps ? Is it a hidden talent, I have been told it is a learning curve of life, that I attract a certain type of man - but it will eventually dawn on me to be patient and more selective.

Fucking great huh! I'll be an old maid and there's my dream man using a walking frame - hey man pull over hear !!! Hmmm . I am still young and virile, my eyes shop around at the men in my surroundings just like any other male or female that surveys their scene.

You know - nice eyes, great body, cute bum etc. I do get horny on occasion, usually at the most inopportune times as my life is so busy with my work schedule and looking after my 3 children. I do miss having a raging hard cock in my succulent pussy - alas Dicko my pet dildo has to come to the rescue in my quiet times . ha ha not so quite .ooh ahhh yes, yes, yes .fuck me, fuck me .and then I open my eyes. satisfied, but not satisfied if you know what I mean.

I'll have to get more batteries. My job is nursing in a local Hospital, I do shift work so it is a real challenge organizing myself and my family on a daily basis. My ex is a real self indulgent prick, only causes problems for me, but due to access rights I have to engage with him. I often wish he would drop dead, I should have poisoned the fuck when we were together.

My work place is interesting from a window shopping point of view, the hospital has a high staff turnover (multi-cultural). I am not racist I figure a white cock is as good as a black cock, depending on the skill of the user. But there are some well built ebony men from Africa - you know my mind wanders a lot. I have fucked many white dudes, but only one black dude. I think my appetite (pussy) is longing for another black pole to slip into my hungry pussy, because when they are close by or give me attention at work my pussy tingles and I become wet.

Occasionally I have slipped away to the toilet to finger fuck my clit and pussy thinking of them, my colleagues questioning why I am red faced and flushed upon my return.

Sometimes this makes matters worse, because I am next to one of the black gents smelling his pheromones and I want to open up his pants to see what monster he may have hidden.

I want suck his cock and bend over the desk and let him ravage my pussy from behind. Oh such imaginationif only it was real. Oh fuck, my shift is finished a little late, I need to rush and pick up my kids from the sitters .sorry can't stop and talk, though I want to .

the intern Banya (black African man) has been friendly and chatty with me, mmm lovely skin, great smile and seems interested. Oh well, hopefully we can catch up tomorrow, have to go.


I glance back at him and wave, my eyes getting a fleeting glance at what appears to be a bulge in his pants, I smile, and wiggle my cute bottom as I leave. Fuck that has made me horny interacting with Banya, seeing his possible bulge and me wiggling my ass flirting. My mind wandering as I drive - 25 mins to pick up the kids if I drive fast (possible speeding fine)- 40mins if I drive slower not speeding ( my parents always said get there safely). The traffic is sparse, I have one hand on the steering wheel, my other hand undo's two buttons on my shirt, and slips into my bra finding an erect nipple .mmmm feels great, my mind wandering - if only it were Banya's big hand.


Lets be safe and drive slowly (he he) I grope my breast, oh god ! I can feel my pussy moistening, what am I doing, I am naughty - what if a police man pulls me over ( oh well, maybe he can fuck me).

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There goes the imagination again, omg, but it feels great! Luckily I have a dress uniform on today, I wriggle my ass as I drive so that I can pull the dress up around my thighs and move my panties down a little so that I can have access to my soaked pussy. One hand firmly directs the car, the other has it's fingers soaked with sweet pussy juices as it teases the taut clit .omg yumm, my legs spreading a little, luckily cruise control is working on the car.

Oh fuck, my mind thinks of Banya as my fingers probe deeper. Oh fuck, I nearly run off the road, a truck driver beeped his horn.

In a state of high anxiety I pulled off the road abruptly into an vacant space. I sat there stunned for a few seconds, then thought fuck it, pushed the seat back a little spread my legs again, closed my eyes and let my hands roam my pussy mound finding the excited clit again. Oh god that felt super sensitive, mini orgasms flourish, my ass rocking and I was moaning loudly, unaware that my drivers window was fully down. God I could use a big cock right now or my trusty Dicko.

I was in fantasy world, my wonderful imagination thriving, my body responding to my delicious pussy. I think I was uttering " fuck me Banya, fuck me good", my fingers working relentlessly in my pussy oozing with juices .mmmm Oh God another orgasm .a bigger one. Suddenly I was startled back to the present, a deep male voice saying "can I help, my name is not Banya, but you look like a lady in desperate need".

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I looked through the open drivers window at this tall stranger (quickly taking in his rugged but handsome qualities) he was standing right at the window, clearly he has been watching me for some time - because he had his huge cock in his hand, slowly pumping it. Omg it was long and thick, pulsating, I'm sure it's eye was winking at me.

My mind racedthis is wrong but my pussy tingled in excitement, it hadn't had a cock for over 6 months. I didn't feel threatened by the stranger, I struggled for words though . " I . I . your a stranger . oh fuck . so embarrassing".

He acted swiftly as he replied, taking me by surprise " I'm Ben a real gentleman . no longer a stranger .he he " he laughed.

His arm immediately reaching through the window, diving between my legs, slipping in easily as I was so wet, his fingers honing in on my clit.

I attempted to grab his hand but he was so quick and strong.

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Oh fuck, a stimulating bolt of lust shot through to my pussy, as his fingers entered my wanton hungry pussy'. Omg another orgasm .omg, my body shuddered with excitement. I gasped for breath, my lips dry, I looked into his eyesall I could utter was " yes". I could see the tip of his cock from where I sat, it was oozing pre-cum, I licked my lips.

Ben removed his fingers from my lustful pussy, his fingers dripping with my cum, he put his fingers to my mouth, I licked and sucked them - he then tasted my cum on his fingers and said " mmm sweet". He opened the driver's side door saying " a gentleman who opens the door should get a reward" he grinned as he stood his cock at my face level, my tongue instantly licking off his pre-cum, my lips opening wide, my hands having a handful of monster cock and balls.

He again startled me, grabbing a fistful of my hair, saying "I'd love to have your suck my cock all day, but I'm in a hurry, it's your sweet cunt that interests me"his eyes gleaming with lust and excitement. Ben then pulled me from the car like a rag doll, bending me over the bonnet, "Oh God" he pushed my legs apart and I felt him part my pussy lips with his huge cock.

His hands pushed aggressively pushed me into the bonnet, flattening my breasts, my hands bracing for the oncoming onslaught. I thought, I wanted a fuck . but like this omg .my pussy overrode this thought as it was ready to widen - feeling the intruder at the opening, wanting to be penetrated. Ben's large hands held my hips steady as his cock slid into my cum soaked pussy.

" Oh fuck it is so big .ahh yes " my body shuddered in spasm, mini orgasms releasing more juices on his monstrous cock. The more I groaned the harder he pounded my ass, slap, slapthe slap of skin against skin, oh fuck I thought - this is heaven, I screamed " fuck me, fuck me . give me more".

He was pounding furiously, his breath more labored, each thrust sending shock waves from my pussy throughout my body. I was getting weak at the knees - too many orgasms - omg. I could feel his cock tremble as in his final thrusts he uttered guttural sounds, three enormous thrusts into my pussy and he exploded, omg the warmth of his seeding my pussy was wonderful, juices running down my legs. I was spent, leaning over the bonnet, my legs spread - a wonderful sensation radiating my body. Ben had withdrawn his cock, I'm not sure when .how long had I stayed splayed over the bonnet, not sure - because when I turned Ben was not to be seen - he was gone.

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Omg was it a dream, no it was real - wow, my legs are like jelly, I have cum oozing from my pussy, I am fully satisfied but tired, my pussy is still tingling with excitement - wow! I gather and tidy myself, omg what time is it - my kids - fuck, oh - not to bad considering. I will only be another 10 minutes later than the 40 mins I planned for - and my god the fuck it was worth it.

I had better ring and let them know I was delayed. Driving with the smell of sex in the car, I ponder - fuck this leather seat is slippery - he he - it feels great on my pussy - you are such a naughty girl ! Back to the daily routines - so much to do when I get home.

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