Melissa Devassa milf fudendo gostoso com dois negoes

Melissa Devassa milf fudendo gostoso com dois negoes
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Part 1 It was a late Tuesday night, and I was riding the bus home. The bus was tightly packed with standing passengers, but I had been lucky to get a seat.

I was minding my own business, looking out the window at the night traffic flashing by, when I felt someone pushing rather too hard against me. I looked up and saw this very petite girl, her face screwed into a grimace as she was being shoved from all sides by jostling passengers. Well, overcrowding was the order of the day for buses here in this city, and I didn't think twice about it, except to make some little accommodation for her by my side.

But something had grabbed my attention. Something about her face, and her small, yet mature body made me look up once again, my eyes seeking her out. There was not too much light in the bus, but there was enough for me to rightly judge what I saw.

She was a deviously beautiful girl not the beauty you see instantly, but it was that deep, hidden beauty which only those discerning enough can notice in a woman. And I am one of those: believe me, I am not boasting when I say I have the gifted knack of knowing true beauty in a woman, even when it is not your conventional idea of 'beauty'.

Despite this girl's smallish size, she was formed to perfection. She was not plump: just small, but vitally shaped in every respect. I am not into voyeurism in buses, but this particular girl had my full attention now. And right at this moment she was leaning hard into me, no doubt a result of the many bodies pressing against her.

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I could feel her full, firm breasts caressing my cheeks. But something else had happened that made me pay even greater attention. At that instant when her eyes met mine, I saw the lust in her eyes.

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I am used to that kind of attention from women because I am tall and handsome, but the idea of a girl that petite paying that kind of attention to me sent currents of electricity throughout my body. She was almost a third of my body size! The idea that I could fuck this girl gave me an instant hard-on. To fuck such a beautiful, petite girl had always been one of my dream fantasies! A knot instantly grabbed my stomach, and I swallowed hard. I immediately knew that I was in trouble with myself over this girl… I made more room for her by my side, and she willingly slid in.

Unable to control myself, I looked up again, and just then she looked down and our eyes met. I saw that deep lust in her eyes clearly now, and there was no mistaking the invitation. The realization that this smallish girl might be interested in having me fuck her gave me an instant, painful hard-on. I immediately made up my mind, and decided to play a wild card&hellip.

I loudly told the conductor to drop me off at the next stop, and as I stood up I touched the girl slightly on the waist. The faded light in the bus was giving us the advantage we needed. Without a word, she led the way out and got off the bus with me following close behind. As the bus left, we found ourselves alone at the empty bus stop. I was trembling as I turned to her. "What's your name?" I asked her. "Maria", she replied, very quietly.

She stood there silently, trembling from what I knew not. But I was also trembling.

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I knew this girl wanted me to fuck her, and she wanted it bad. She just did not know how eager I was! Since I had dropped off some distance from my residence, I flagged down a taxi which whisked us away to my small apartment.

The minute we stepped out of the car, I forced her in front and commanded: "Let's go!" Silently she moved ahead. The silence was heavy with lust. As we went up the steps to the door, I almost stumbled over her, she was so small. The minute I opened the door I whisked her into my arms like a baby, and kissed her full on her lips. She gasped and kissed me back hotly. She was tense as a cat. My one big room was taken up by a big double bed, and it was onto this that I threw her like a small bundle.

I dived in after her and went for broke all over her body. Grabbing at her full breasts I proceeded to knead them through her blouse as my body crushed her into the mattress. By now my lust was uncontrollable. My cock was throbbing dangerously. I decided I would dispense with the preliminaries and give her a brutal fuck first, which would clear her mind about exactly what I wanted from her.

"Take off your clothes!" I ordered, as I turned on the light. She looked at me quizzically, but realizing I meant to control every situation, she obeyed without a word.

I watched her undress. My, she was beautiful to behold.


In spite of her tiny frame, she was full-bodied, and her breasts were big and full, the nipples standing straight. Her ass was well rounded, and her thighs were like ivory. The area covering her pussy was dark with a mass of soft, black hair. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. By now my crotch was a mountain. She took one look at it and gasped. As I undressed and she began taking in all my manly glory she started whimpering softly.

For one instant I thought she wanted to scream! But she just sobbed quietly as she looked at my huge cock and the lust and fear began to battle for control within her.

I ordered the girl to get off the bed and onto the rug on the floor. She quietly complied, and stood in the middle of the room. My cock was throbbing furiously as I approached her. I wanted to give it to her doggy-style first. I grabbed her by the waist, turned her around, and made her to kneel on the ground, forcing her to bend over.

Then I took her thighs one after the other and slowly parted them as far apart as they would go. She was letting out short, terrified whimpers now. She did not know what to expect. I pushed her head down until her forehead rested on the rug.

Her wet little pussy lay raised high in the air, completely exposed and unprotected before me. By now she was sobbing in a mixture of fear and desire. She wanted my cock up her hot pussy, but there was also fear in her eyes as she turned to look imploringly at me. I did not intend to show her any mercy.

The real-life fantasy of crushing this little, helpless thing in my arms was too strong, and I intended to play it out to the full. The adrenaline was already roaring in my head, and I knew I would give it to her brutally.

And I wanted her to feel the awful power of my manhood. I wanted to empty my total, brute manhood into this petite thing. In fact I wanted to fuck her senseless. I also knew that was what she wanted. Small girls choose big guys because they love being hurt. That was what she had come here for.


Her fear and her hot lust both stemmed from the fact that I was a tall 6-footer, and she, being so small, feared I might do something dangerous to her. Well, dangerous or not I would give it to her to the full.

To ram my cock into that small cunt, and ram it in hard, that was what I wanted to do. And I knew that was what she needed. I knelt behind her and studied the wet pussy before me. It was pulsating, both its lips full to bursting. I aligned the pussy-hole with my cock which was raging all over her ass. I wanted to do it right. Holding her hips in a vice-like grip, I directed the tip of my massive cock at the opening of her pussy, and relished the deep pleasure as my cock came into contact with her juiced opening.

I then drew back and, without any warning I thrust my throbbing rod deep into her little twat with all the strength that my lust-ridden body could muster. In one brutal motion I rammed it in all the way to the hilt. The pleasurable sensation that I got from that single motion was such that I saw the ceiling literally swimming before my eyes.

My, the little bitch was hot, tight, and sweet! I gasped as her hot pussy sizzled my cock. The little girl arched her back violently and opened her mouth to scream as the pain and ecstasy simultaneously hit her, but the shock from my outsize cock was too great for her; with one gagged scream she fainted right underneath me as I deliberately buried my shaft into the deepest part of her volcano-hot pussy.

My cock was as hard as a wooden pestle. It completely filled her cunt, but her hot desire had lubricated the cunt well. I lifted her limp body clear off the ground by the waist, and stroked her gently, holding her by the hips as I waited for her to come around.

I was trembling uncontrollably, but I wanted her to feel every inch of me&hellip.

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I wanted her to feel the strength and power of my 6-foot frame inside of her. After all, this was what women were always chasing me for.

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One minute later she let out a little moan I began pumping her from behind. Her head and upper body swung up and down, but all my attention was on her vibrating ass and my wet shaft.

I watched my big, strong cock slide in and out of her cunt as her body rocked beneath me. Then she began sobbing with real lust. She arched and bucked as I pounded her with all my strength. I rammed the long, huge cock in as far as it would go as she moaned and cried and made every animal noise that her lust-controlled body demanded.

I lifted her by the torso and stood up, placing her upper body on the bed. I began to pound her mercilessly from behind as she writhed and moaned and cried… sobbing for more. I couldn't imagine she wanted it that bad. Her little full ass vibrated right before me with the force of my thrusts. My cock was on a rampage, and it wanted to go even deeper into her cunt. I willingly obliged it. Holding the girl's hips even tighter, I suddenly pulled her to me, and my cock, which was as hard as an iron bar, rammed into her innards, drawing a hysterical shriek from her.

I thought she would faint again. But gladly she held on as I savored her sweet cunt from behind. All of a sudden I felt her tighten against me, and I knew she was about to cum. Her lust had gotten the better of her, and now she was going to cum. I wanted to give it to her to the full as she came, and I forced her again to the rug, where I lifted her cunt until it lay deeply exposed to my cock, which was blasting away like a howitzer.

She shrieked maddeningly as I pumped. Then she was really turning around, going wild as she received the strong organ, and suddenly she arched her back and came with amazing strength, her fingernails burying deep into the rug beneath her. I continued brutalizing her little cunt, as she whimpered hysterically like a little dog. I was still strong as a bull, and she still wanted more.

She was pushing her whole torso against my cock, the way a bitch does, and her pussy and little ass lay vibrating before me. I pounded her doggy-style for a few more minutes, then picked her up and threw her onto the bed.

I followed her there, and took both her legs in my arms. I lifted them and placed them on my shoulders such that her furry pussy lay taut and completely unprotected beneath my raging cock. Looking into her eyes, I told her to guide my cock into her pussy. The feel of my cock's fury and size was too much for her, and I saw her tense with fear. Taking it myself, I placed it at the opening of her wet cunt-hole.

With her legs firmly imprisoned on my shoulders, she was helpless to offer the slightest resistance against the brutal organ that was preparing to pulverize her.

Still looking directly into her dark eyes, I gathered all my strength and with one violent movement of my torso i rammed it in all the way to the hilt.

She ululated with the shock of my entrance, and lay beneath me as one dead. With her feet high on my shoulders, my cock having was having full sway over her little cunt.

I proceeded to fuck her with all the brute strength in me, and I hadn't pounded twice into her tight pussy when she fainted again. This time I simply could not stop, and now my cock was literally destroying her poor pussy, as my hands got busy fondling her full, firm breasts. I fucked the half-dead girl until I saw stars swimming before my eyes from the sheer, undiluted pleasure. All of a sudden, I knew I was about to blow.

At that very instant, a deep moan escaped the girl's lips, and she began coming around. I waited until she was fully awake, then I mustered all my strength for the one thing that really mattered at that particular moment me coming into her hot, juicy cunt. Carefully gathering her up in my arms, I hungrily clasped her rounded ass with both my hands and made sure the way was clear for me to finish my job.

Staring into her ecstatically pained face, I tightly squeezed the whole of her little frame into me as with one last powerful stroke I rammed deep into her and ejaculated shot after shot of red-hot cum deep inside her. She bucked and jolted under me, but I held her firmly. Every member of her body jerked with my every shot, and as I looked into her glinting eyes, her mouth gasping for air, I saw the dark power of her womanhood gratefully taking in all the brutalizing I was subjecting her to.

When she finally found her voice, she screeched with her own ecstasy, and she screamed: "I want to! I want to! Give it to me!!" as she also came over and over again. I could feel her fuck-hole hungrily gagging on my cock. And all I wanted was for all my jism to land deep in her womb, and I held her tightly until my cock stopped blasting.

Her tight little twat squeezed and sucked my cock completely dry, until at last I lay atop her body, exhausted. I felt her small body underneath me twitching with spasms of satisfaction as my still rock-hard cock continued pulsating inside her. Finally, I rolled off her, and listened to her soft breathing as she swiftly passed out with exhaustion. But I could not sleep yet.

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I was still savoring the sweetness of this experience. And the night was still young, and I was not through with that young, tight cunt yet. There were a few other things that I would be doing with this small girl before dawn. I wanted to lick her cunt, and I couldn't wait to get my mug in between those little, powerful thighs and to feel the softness of her pussy between my lips. It would drive her delirious. I also wanted her to deepthroat me. But that was later, after we had slept some and done some bathing.

I was also beginning to have ideas about not letting this tight little body and that honey-sweet fuck-hole to ever get out of my sight&hellip. I wanted it all for myself, and not just for tonight.