Mature blonde ryan conner gets hammered hard by lexington steele interracial and pornstars

Mature blonde ryan conner gets hammered hard by lexington steele interracial and pornstars
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Mistress Iona 3, The Milkfarm I turned up naked and with a hard on, as was the rule, at Mistress Iona's door one Friday night. As instructed, I had not been shooting for the whole week since I left her house last Sunday night.

This made it easy to work my cock up to a throbbing status with some precum glistening on top. She had told me that I was to come with her to her vacation home and stay over the weekend. She sent me naked as I was to the back of the house where her cars are parked. There was another young man naked and with what looked like a 10" cock standing nicely straight up.

An erection that made me jealous. It was the same fellow who I had to jerk off some weeks ago in front of our Mistress. The rule is that we are not allowed to talk to other slaves and to Mistress only when she asks us so we stood there silent for well 10 minutes before Mistress Iona showed up. She opened the back doors of the car and ordered us to jump in, put the safety belts on and keep our erections until we should reach her country home.

There we sat totally naked in her car when driving through the centre of the town with a lot of people out this time on a Friday evening.

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Good she had heavily tinted glasses in the back of the car so we could hopefully not be seen directly by all the people around. At stops at traffic lights I had a feeling of sitting on a chair on the pavement masturbating to keep the erection going. An exhibitionistic feeling that got me so horny that I had to slow down on my stroking not to be overheated and risk shooting.

I knew that if I happened to shoot now it should cause me big problems as Iona wanted us to be ready to serve her and her friends in all ways when we reached the destination. Everything went well and after an hour we were ordered out of her car in front of her staff at the estate. They were properly dressed as high-class servants and hardly even noticed us. We were immediately put to serve Iona and her 3 women guests in all possible ways.

I will here only give you some glimpses: At the lunch we had to stand on each side of Iona, maintaining the erections and with legs apart, the not yanking hand on the back. We could hear how they discussed, among other things, who should give the most milk. They were laughing and looking at our cocks so I started to get a feeling that maybe they talked about us. Which one should give the most milk? In the afternoon I was ordered by a middle age woman named, Aida, to come with her to the garden.

When we came to a stone table, which still had water in top after a small shower, she ordered me to undress her. I obeyed, of course, and started to see a round, pale and very attractive body being visible. When totally naked she climbed up and laid herself on the back on the wet table.

I could see goose bumps on her skin and could see how it excited her sexually. She even started to move her back on the stone and pressing her legs together and giving out small sounds of pleasure. After a while she put her arms over her head and ordered me to lick her armpits, first one and then the other.

She had full bushes of hair and there was a very strong smell that made me even more horny. I got a very tickling feeling and obviously it aroused her a lot, which I could see on her movements. Looked like she fucked herself on her back. Then she ordered me to put two chairs at the bottom of the table whereafter she moved herself down to the edge so her ass was sticking out.

She bent her legs and put one foot on each of the chairs, which were far apart, so her pussy and the asshole were fully exposed to my hungry eyes. Then it came: "Lick my asshole, slave!

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When I finger myself slowly, you lick slowly and when I do it fast, you do it fast. When I am deep in my pussy, you lick deep. Understood?" Yes, Mistress, I said". Down on my knees I started to work my tongue into her hole.

Luckily for me it was clean and very soft and wide so my tongue could reach far in. In front of my eyes and my nose I had her magnificent, hairy pussy with a strong smell of horniness. Probably she had not been coming for some time and not showered today. Carefully observing how deep her finger was in her pussy and with what frequency she fucked herself, I think I did a good job. Now and then she took the finger out and put it to me to lick which aroused me a lot thanks to the strong smell and the big amount of juices from her cunt.

Finally she ordered me to do it hard and with more and more energetic movements of her whole body she screamed and came with convulsions that nearly never stopped. Afterwards she just went up and walked naked as she was up to the house leaving me without a word.

I took her clothes with me and delivered them at the door of the mansion. Nighttime when I was sleeping together with the other slave on a thin mattress in the old stable I woke up by one servant telling me to follow him but not before I had worked up my erection.

Walking behind him with my cock swinging in front of me I wondered what should follow. He knocked on a door and a woman said come in and when I entered I saw one of the other ladies naked and spread on the bed. She was middle age and had round and sexy forms which made it easy for me to keep the cock standing straight up which seemed to please her.

"Come here, slave, and fuck me!" she said.

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I went on top and she helped my cock into her wet pussy and just said: "Hard, slave, but don't come!". I did my best to fuck her hard and at the same time holding back myself from loosing control and shoot.

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Anyhow, it went well and she came with her pussy working on my penis like rings milking it in waves. Wonderful feeling besides I had to concentrate so much on not shooting. When she relaxed I draw my soaking cock, still nicely erect, out of her love-hole.


She turned herself on the side with the back to me without saying anything so I just tiptoed out of the room and walked back to my mattress in the stable for some more sleep. Sunday afternoon we were ordered to the stable. There were two milking machines with 4 chairs in front where the four ladies were sitting nicely dressed and sipping on drinks and smoking Iona's long cigarettes. One servant ordered us to kneel after each other with our left sides towards the spectators.

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Then he mounted the milking tubes on our cocks, strapped around our backs. There we stood on all four with our cocks hanging down in the transparent plastic tubes.

At the bottom was a bulb where I now understood our semen should be collected. We should be milked like cows and now I understood the ladies speculation about who should give the most milk. The machines had remote controls and I could hear the ladies discussing who should start. Finally they gave one remote to Aida and she started to milk my friend in front of me.

As I stood with my face only half meter behind his back I could see straight into his asshole and thereunder his balls and the milking tube hanging down as it was quite heavy so not even his strong erection could lift it up.

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Aida started very slowly so I could see how his cock grew a little longer with each sucking. Obviously this aroused him a lot as I could see how even his asshole was contracting and releasing for each sucking of the machine and the balls raising and falling. After a while Aida gave it more speed and he had problems to stand still, his whole body moving and I could see how his 10" cock now seemed to be 15" and so fat that it nearly filled the tube.


So it went on until I thought that he should shoot the biggest load down to the collecting bulb but then she stopped and gave the control to Iona. After sipping her drink and still smoking she just put it on full speed.

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He didn't last more than a minute before he cum came in big spurts one after another until his balls were emptied. I saw his ass and the balls shaking and he had problems to stand on his hands and knees. Now I understood that it was my turn.

Iona gave me a naughty look and put the machine on the slowest speed where after she excused herself to the rest of the group and went out, only telling them that I was a slow shooter and needed a long warming up. There I stood as a cow in a milking machine and felt how my penis grew longer and longer and how my ass behaved just like what I had seen before in front of me.

Feeling very degraded with the women sitting and making comments about how impressing my erection was and if I should yield more than the other slave. Iona did not show up and I started to feel that even with this slow speed I should not be able to hold back much longer and sure enough I felt how my shooting came closer and closer and my breathing went very fast and I nearly fainted when I started shooting slowly but like never ending.

I felt like I gave 30-40 shots before I felt that it was over. The ladies applauded and obviously I had managed this time to give more cum then the other fellow. During the next hour we were milked time after time and surprisingly enough managing to produce some cum but at the end we were completely dry so Iona said that the competition was over.

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The servant was ordered to measure our respective production and I lost the race with a few milli-litre. Iona then ordered the servant to release us from the milking machines and to put both our cums in one bottle.

Iona declared that the loser, me, had to grease in my cock, balls, ass and stomach in the substance and keep it there for the coming week. No washing, no shower. I did as ordered in front of the ladies and the other slave and some servants.

After having finished Iona told me to lick my hands in order not to dirt her car. Then we were ordered into the car, where I had to sit on a plastic sheet. On the hour drive back we didn't need to keep our cocks erected which should have been impossible anyhow.


I myself had a sticky and smelly week ahead as the semen hardened but got a little liquid every time I got a little sweaty. Still dreaming about the next visit to Mistress Iona and new submission, degradation and humiliation.