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Part 23 Becka Tim's investigators had a pretty good idea of what had happened to Robert McDale. They had no body and no proof, just a natural instinct after talking with people at the University and in the community. Robert McDale was dead. Six other students from the University had also disappeared. They were also probably on the other side. They'd followed Tim's instructions to be gentle with the rape victim, a brown haired, slender teen with freckles on the bridge of her nose.

Her green eyes screamed of unbearable pain. Her name was Rebecca, commonly called Becka. She'd been a high school cheerleader and all around popular girl. She had two brothers and a sister. Her father was a former Recon Marine who worked as a mechanic in the local car shop. Her mother was a nurse. Together, they kept body and soul together without many frills.

After nearly three weeks of work, they'd found the tree and what appeared to be human remains. They reported to Tim. He told them to stay put in their hotel. He'd come to them. They showed him the site. Instead of observing forensic protocols, Tim went directly to the "body".

It had no head or hands. "Looks like havalenas ate him from his cock up." He looked for some proof of identity. They'd left his shoes on. There was a keycard in the laces.

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It said Robert McDale. He palmed it without showing it to his investigators. "OK. You guys get back to DC. Leave me your notes. I'll handle it from here." They were well trained, well paid and intensely loyal.

They left the small rural community later that day. After they left, Tim returned to the scene and cut a piece of rotting flesh from the body. He'd have DNA compared to familial DNA, just to be sure. Then he took pictures of he scene. Tim called Michael and gave him the news. This was Michael's worst nightmare. A girl raped by one of the punks Beth helped to free.

That it was Misha's son made it far worse. "Did your men talk to the girl's father?" "No, he was at work when they talked to Becka." "Okay. I'll send instructions." The phone went dead. Hours later Tim received an encrypted e-mail.

He smiled as he read it. Tim I hope you did not disturb the site. I agree that the girl's father needs to be interviewed to see if he has any connection to the site. From the way you describe the scene, it sounds like it may have been a fraternity prank gone horribly wrong. Perhaps that's why the other boys disappeared. You know Beth.

She wants the poor girl to have all the best care. We have pre-loaded a credit card at the local bank so her family can afford that care. If she would like to take a vacation, please organize that as well. The parents can keep the card.

He was a Recon Marine. That's almost a SEAL. Let me know if you find anything else. The harem sends you love.


Tim picked up the credit card from the bank and drove to Becka's home. The house was small, but immaculately maintained. He had an idea. He called Michael.

"Boss, how's the maintenance around the compound?" Tim asked. "A bitch. Plus you know the Aussies. They go on "walkabout". We're constantly trying to vet and fill open positions." "Could Jennifer use a nurse?" "You want the entire family to come?" Michael asked, having seen Tim's direction. "Haven't met them yet, but it's a thought. I'll let you know what's up in an hour." "Tim, it's 5AM here!" a chuckling voice explained.

"Sorry Boss, I'll call in 4 or 5 hours." The door opened quickly following his knock. A large, fit man stood behind the screen door clearly assessing Tim. Tim carried a laptop. "My name is Tim O'Donnell. Are you Ted Burkett?" The large man nodded. "What can I do for you?" "I work for Michele McDale. She asked me to look for her son. My men have been here for several weeks. I was wondering if I could talk with you and Becka." "No," as he went to shut the door.

"They found something about ten miles off the interstate," the door that had started to close stopped and remained open, "looks like a fraternity prank gone horribly wrong." "Yeah, some of those university kids are pretty sick," Ted said with fire in his voice. "Well, I'll report it to the Sheriff tomorrow afternoon." Tim paused having given the message. "I also represent some people that would like to help Becka." Ted opened the door wide and unlocked the screen door.

"Come on in." He called Becka and his wife to the living room. "Drink?" Ted asked as he fixed himself a drink using a clear jar. "Please, if that's "shine", I'd really like a taste." "You a Marine?" Ted asked. "SEAL. Navy puke." "Thought it was something like that." Ted smiled with genuine warmth.

His wife and daughter waited for them in the tidy living room. Money might be tight, but the house sparkled. Ted introduced Tim to his wife and daughter.

Tim saw Becka had been crying in the not too distant past. "Becka, I work for some people who want to help." He opened the laptop and began playing Beth's message. The screen showed a beautiful blonde woman with grief stricken eyes.

"Becka, my name is Beth Shannon and I may be responsible for your pain. I am so sorry. I helped one of the men who may have raped you get out of prison.

I was one of his other victims. His name is Robert McDale." "Robert and seven others raped me and took away my ability to conceive. I helped him and his family so my happiness would not be disturbed.


I am so sorry if he caused you pain." "Tim has a card for you and your family. It's pre-loaded. Use it to get the finest doctors and care." "We live far away, but my sisters and I would welcome you.

Many of us have been through the hideously painful hell you're in. Here, we have access to extraordinary medical care and emotional counseling." "Honey, if Robert was your attacker or one of them, please, please forgive me." Beth was crying as the video faded out.

Everyone looked at Becka, watching her cry. Ted spoke first, "Where is this Shangri La?" "I can't tell you. Some of the girls are not too popular with some nasty people." "Then, no," Ted said carefully, "at least not until we know the facilities around here can't handle it." Tim nodded. He handed the pre-loaded card to Ted. "How much is on it?" "I really don't know, but I promise you, it's enough." Ted said as he rose to go, pulling a card from his pocket.

"If you change your mind, call," extending his hand. The next day when the sheriff got to the small clearing the body had vanished. Tim checked Ted and his family's background thoroughly. Ted had been decorated three times, a rare feat in the Marines where extraordinary courage was ordinary. He had been an avid diver in his youth. His sons were older and had moved out of the house. Ted, his wife, Becka and her younger sister Sandy lived in the small house in a somewhat rundown working class neighborhood.

Months later, Michael reported that Beth remained inconsolable. She needed to help Becka. Even Misha's arrival had not been able to stem her guilt. Becka had not recovered, even with the care of fine counselors. Finally, Tim had a recruiter approach Nancy Burkett, Ted's wife. Nancy was an experienced Emergency Room nurse. He explained that a concierge doctor needed an ER nurse. The family the doctor treated needed a maintenance supervisor.

The location could not be disclosed, but they would be near the sea, with their own house in the compound. And there was counseling available for Becka.

Becka functioned after a fashion. Her natural ebullience died the night of her rape. Her boyfriend who longed to take her cherry moved on. Her virginity had been very important to her. They had ripped it from her soul. Many of her schoolmates avoided her since she was such a "downer". She seemed to be descending instead of coming out of the horror. When Nancy came home after the recruiter's contact, Ted knew Tim was responsible. He found the card and called. "My wife just got a job offer.

You?" Ted asked after identifying himself. "Yes." "You can't tell me where?" "No, I can't." "Would my family be in danger?" This was the key point. "These people pissed off some pretty important and vengeful people a few years back.

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They have guards and my guys, but there may be some danger. I know of no specific threat now.


I don't expect any to arise, but I can't promise that." Tim said honestly. Ted debated it with his wife, Becka and Sandy. The offer was beyond generous and Becka needed something to help her heal. He called Tim. "We'll take it, but on two conditions. One, I have access to weapons to protect my family.

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Two, Becka gets the best of care." Tim had discussed this with Michael. No man of violence likes to depend on others for protection.

Michael had a discreet Glock 35 in a gun box in the headboard and other weapons throughout the main house. They were secured, but available. "Done and done. Glock 35 OK?" Tim asked. "I'll bring my own 1911." Ted said chuckling. Becka cried that night, feeling they were leaving their little world because of her. For the first time in a month, she relived the rape. She'd been so proud to be invited to a college party at 16 years old! John seemed so mature. She lied to her mother and father, telling them she was staying with a girlfriend for a sleep over.

She arranged to have her girlfriend lie for her. Just before going to the party, she called her Mom to say goodnight! She felt so grown up. She had a slender body, but "C" cup breasts and a tight butt from playing volleyball and cheerleading.

Her fine brown hair framed her slightly narrow face. She had a broad forehead, delicate features and small chin.

Her sparkling green eyes flashed with excitement when she knocked on the frat door and asked for John. A young man she didn't know welcomed her in, calling for John. He came bounding down the stairs. He hugged her close, smelling of alcohol. "Party's downstairs," he said, taking her hand to lead her. Someone handed her a drink.

She remembered her father's words about open drinks. She carried it with her, but did not drink any. Sensual music played in the darkened basement. Two girls and four boys danced. The boys had the willing girls sandwiched. Becka watched as the boys slid their hands under the girls' clothes, cupping, caressing and teasing. The smell of sex hung in the air…along with the smell of fear.

This was far from the party John had described! "I think I better go. My parents will be looking for me'" she said as fear filled her. "Oh come on, you're not a little girl!" John said, grabbing her arm in a vice like grip. John played for the university football team.

Suddenly, two girls and five boys surrounded her. Their hands began squeezing and exploring her body through her clothes. She inhaled to scream, but one of the girls put her lips on Becka's lips, smothering the cry for help. She fought with wild abandon as her father had taught her, but they were too close.

She couldn't get leverage. She raked her fingernails across a female face, hearing her shriek. John punched her in the solar plexus. She collapsed, desperately trying to get air in her lungs. He kicked her belly. He thought, 'no marks'. The girls began to undress her carefully not wanting to tear the clothing or leave evidence. "I'm a virgin," she gasped. "Not for long," one of the girls sneered.

That girl pulled her own panties off and shoved them in Becka's mouth. The other girl did the same, stuffing Becka's mouth full.

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John produced padded cuffs and a strange stainless instrument with a circular hole in the middle. Becka's eyes widened. They cuffed her hands behind her back and dragged her naked body to the old leather couch. One man held her leg over the back of the couch. Another held her other leg wide, effectively opening her womanhood to them. John was naked, his cock engorged.

He carefully pulled a condom over his shaft. He rubbed some warming gel on her inner lips, labia and asshole. "We want you to have a good time, Becka. Just relax." She bucked against the restraining hands. They were too strong. John's face was inches from hers. She could feel his cock pressing against her labia.

"Thanks for keeping your cherry for me." He reached down and positioned himself carefully, "Let the party begin!" He thrust forward brutally entering her. She screamed through the panties, her eyes frantic with pain. He pulled back and thrust forward with all the force he could muster.

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He ripped her hymen. Her eyes bulged with pain. With his third thrust, he began battering her cervix. She descended into a world of agony, twisting desperately to eject the invading shaft. He was laughing! She closed her eyes trying to blot out the agony. He slapped her breast.

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"Pay attention!" He increased his pace and finally announced, "I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING. "You're not a virgin any more, you little bitch," the girl with facial scratches sneered. The other women grabbed her hair, "You have a lot more work to do tonight, bitch!" She spat with hate, "I can't wait for you to lick my ass." They bent her legs to her chest.

Another boy climbed onto the couch with the clear aim to violate Becka's tender sphincter. He rubbed lube around, then in her puckered virgin asshole. Her head shook back and forth. No. "I think the bitch wants to say something," her female tormentor said. She pulled Becka's head over the couch armrest, removing the two pair of panties out of her mouth. She straddled Becka's face facing her feet and pressed her wet pussy to Becka's mouth. As soon as her mouth was covered, the man thrust violently forward through Becka's sphincter.

Becka bucked. Pain seared through her body as her ass desperately tried to accommodate the intruding shaft. She screamed into the pussy. She writhed in agony, unable to breathe. "Lick me or I'll tear your nipples off!" a voice spat, as someone brutally pinched and stretched Becka's nipples. Becka extended her tongue and began to explore the disgusting pussy leaking semen from an earlier fucking. She lost track of time, descending into a world of pain and humiliation. Something stretched her mouth open.

Shafts covered with ejaculate and her blood invaded her mouth and tried to enter her throat. They abused her nipples until Becka began to lick the disgusting cocks. She choked on their semen as the virile teens shot their loads in her helpless mouth. She heard laughter. They shoved something in her raw pussy. "Shit, she didn't drink it!" Terror in the voice, "She'll remember all of us!" "She's a fuckin' townie! They'll never believe her," "You don't understand! If it ever gets out, they'll kill me!

You don't know these people!" Pure terror dripped from the voice. Soda poured into her stretched mouth. Someone pinched her nose, so she had to swallow. Her brain stopped recording. Hours later, they showered with Becka. The girls redressed her and took her to the edge of the campus. They put unused condoms, two hundred dollar bills and cocaine in her purse. Her next thought was walking down the road, fully dressed, her life destroyed.

She was confused. Someone was holding her, calling her name. She fought back the fog of sleep, engaging her conscious brain. It was her father, holding her like a baby. "Honey, you're OK" "Daddy, please help me.

I can't stand it. Please." Becka pled. Nancy stood in the doorway, "We're going NOW!" she whirled and went to their room. All their goods went to storage. Three weeks later, they left the little university town. Tim escorted them on the trip, giving each laptops with pre-loaded data on their new home. They flew business class, but had the exit rows, so they cold stretch out.

Tim sat in a different row while the family learned about their new home. He dozed off. A large hand shook him awake. "Can you come back and talk to us?" The girls had many questions. He tried to answer them, but boys, surf and schools were well outside his expertise. Tim shuddered at Becka's haunted eyes. "How did they do it?" "Do what, Honey?" Tim had not seen the messages on the computers, so he was at a loss. "Most of the women who sent me messages were raped.

How did they get over it?" "I don't know Honey. You'll have to ask them." She looked dissatisfied at the answer. "Beth's a fighter. She and her Dad are very close since her Mom died. I think one day she just found her answer. Ask her. She's been dying to meet you. She feels so guilty." Becka thought for a minute. "I saw her video on You Tube.

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She did the right thing. There were four other boys that raped me. I went because John asked me. He raped me first. I don't even remember Robert. They would have raped me even if Robert hadn't been there." She saw something behind Tim's eyes, "Honey, if you could tell that to Beth, I think you'll help a very tortured soul." Becka understood. They dragged themselves through passport control, drug sniffing dogs and customs. Tim led them to the Escalades and they began their journey to a new life.

When they arrived at the compound, Beth handed a child to another very attractive woman. Beth marched to the cars, searching for Becka, breaking into a run when Becka emerged. Beth hugged Becka tight, saying, "I'm sorry," over and over. Becka pushed her back, looking into her eyes, "Listen, Beth. John planned it. He raped me first.

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I don't even remember Robert. You didn't do this to me. So stop it! I came here because I need help. Help me!" She cried, pleading. Beth blinked in surprise. She felt like she had been hit with a wet towel. She embraced Becka gently, smiling genuinely for the first time in months. Beth took Becka's hand and led the Burkett family into what had been the guesthouse. It was now the Burkett home.