Outdoor group gay hazing by gothazed

Outdoor group gay hazing by gothazed
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A PIECE OF ASS I woke up with a headache. Where was I? There was a little light coming from under the door and I could hear lots of cheering coming from behind the door. I was in a small concrete block room on a wooden bed with no sheets or covers. And I was naked. I sat up on the bed trying to focus on my surroundings. In the corner of the room was a little sink and next to it looked like a toilet without a seat.

How did I get here? Think Debbie. I left my husband months ago to be with this hunk of a guy whose wife died a year ago. He fell for me right away and our sex life was great as he hadn't had sex with anyone since his wife was diagnosed with cancer and that was 3 years before I met him.

We both are in our mid 40's We were on a trip to a small town in Texas just across the border from Mexico and were having drinks at a bar. I remember telling him we needed to be totally honest in our relationship for it to work. He agreed and said he only had sex with me since we met. I told him that I had sex with my former husband 2 times after we started going out and I fucked a janitor 1 time when you were away 3 months ago.

He got quiet and I got worried. I told him I would make it up to him. I went to the bathroom and when I came back we drank some more. I guess I blacked out and now I'm naked in this concrete block room. Where the fuck am I? And where the fuck is my boyfriend?

The door opened. In came two Mexicans with a lantern to light the room. I tried to cover up but they came over to me, grabbed me roughly off the bed and put my arms by my side. I asked where I was and wanted to go home. The one guy laughed and in Spanish told the other guy what I said. The guy who spoke English told me a gringo brought me there 2 nights ago and sold me to them for ten dollars and I was now their property.

They grabbed my breasts and ass and finger fucked me. I tried to resist and was slapped hard. Each time I resisted I was slapped harder. The one guy sat on the bed and pulled me on my belly on his lap and started to spank me. I yelled and they told me to be quiet or it would get worse. He put his finger in my pussy while the other guy spanked me then he slid his finger into my ass while all the time I was getting spanked. I could feel my ass getting red.

Then they switched positions and the other guy finger fucked me and the spankings continued but this time with a belt. I could feel the welts on my ass with every crack of the belt. Then the spankings stopped and I was told to get on my knees. I knew what this meant as the two guys stood on front of me waiting for a blow job. I'm great at blow jobs but I didn't get a chance as they totally fucked me in the mouth shoving their cocks down my throat. Their dicks smelled bad and I was gagging but I was told to swallow every drop or I would get the belt again.

As I finished the first guy the second shoved his cock down my throat while the other guy pinched my nipples hard. Soon, while getting my mouth fucked again he came. Then they stood me up and went over the rules.

First of all, I was there to fuck and fucking will be my job day and night. Whenever they came into the room I was to stand by the bed and never try to cover up with my hands. They owned me. They owned my mouth, my tits, my ass, my entire body.

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I was there to give pleasure and if I resisted the next place I would be sold to would be worse. I would obey everything they said or I would be face the belt during this training period. I would get rice and beans to eat 2 times a day. There were no windows so I wouldn't know when it was day or night. I was to keep myself clean with the little sink and a bar of soap. And each guy would pay me 1 peso for the use of my body. 1 peso!!

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That was equal to six cents!!! When one of them came into the room,and without saying a word, I was to get on my knees and give him a blow job. They left the room and I heard the door being locked. There was more noise coming from beyond the door and I wondered what was going on out there.

I tried to lie on my back on the hard wood bed but my ass hurt too bad so I fell asleep on my side with tears running down my face. In the next few days whenever they came into my room with the beans and rice I would get on my knees and suck their smelly cocks so they would come fast and I wouldn't get spanked.

My ass finally was healed and I didn't want that again. Sometimes they would just fuck me, filling my pussy or ass with their cum. After what I guessed was a week or two they came into the room and after I gave them a blow job they told me we were going for a ride so that my body could be prepared for the show.

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I had no idea what that meant. I knew I was looking good as I lost almost 15 pounds already. I always tried to keep myself clean.

They put a collar on me and attached a chain and led me naked out of the room and into an empty hallway to a pick up truck. It was daylight but they didn't care as I was led to the bed of the truck and sat there with the one guy while the other drove into town. I guess the cops, if there were any, were in on all of this. We stopped at a storefront on main street and they led me into the store. The sidewalk was not empty as I was paraded right past men into a tattoo shop.

Free advertising for a new girl I guess. I was hesitant as I never had any interest in any body work. I obviously had no choice. Boy did I mess up pissing my boyfriend off.

No one but him knew I was here. No way out. I was told to lie on the table and the collar was removed and I could not understand anything as they only spoke Spanish. The owner took his time feeling my 36C breasts and pinched my nipples and smiled then spread my legs stuck his fingers in my pussy and ass and pulled back my clit hood a little and smiled again. Then he started.

I was turned on my side as they held my one leg in the air and I felt hot wax around my ass and rip!!! god it hurt.

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They continued until all the hair was cleaned off both sides then put me on my back and after using an electric razor to trim the hair on my pussy a little shorter, they waxed it and pulled it out. I knew better than to scream but the tears were running down my face. Over and over again until every bit of hair was off my pussy. When I was totally cleaned of all hair they stood there looking at my now clean, hairless pussy, and ass.

I heard them say something and the next thing I was getting a tattoo right above my pussy but I couldn't see what they were doing. After that was finished they turned me on my front and started a "tramp stamp" just above my ass. This was taking a long time. When he got finished I still had no idea what was tattooed on me they turned me on my back and with a special instrument attached to my nipple they pierced my nipples. After the waxing, that really didn't hurt as I thought it would.


Then they spread my legs and pierced my clit hood with a vertical clit hood piercing and 2 labia piercings on each side of my labia. Again, after the waxing, not very painful. I was finished or so I thought.

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They pierced my tongue as they knew guys liked the tongue piercing when getting blow jobs. I laid back on the table and the owner pulled my head off the table and shoved his cock into my mouth. Another dirty dick but I knew I had to pay for all he did to me. Nothing here would be free. After a few minutes he moved to the foot of the table and while the two guys held my legs in the air fucked me until he came. He told me I would have to pay him any time he saw me with my mouth, cunt or ass.

I just nodded as I knew there would be more waxing and piercings as I needed it. As I stood up they led me to a mirror, and I saw the tattoos. On above my pussy was written "Fuck My Cunt" and above my ass was "Fuck MY ASS".

The collar was put back on and I was led to the bed of the truck for the trip back. I gave the guy a blow job on the way back then they switched places and took care of the second guy. I was led back to my room.

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As they were leaving they said the real training starts tomorrow. Even though every part they were working on hurt I was able to fall asleep. I was awake when they entered. One guy I recognized from the tattoo shop the day before. I knelt in front of him unzipped his fly and took his cock in my mouth. After he was hard he gave me a condom and after I put it on him I was instructed to stand up bend over and open my ass for him to fuck me.

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I did as he shoved his cock in my ass and came in a few minutes. He pushed me to the floor, told me to take off the condom and swallow everything without losing a drop and then to clean his dick off.

I did put the condom to my lips and pushed the inside of it into my mouth with my fingers and licked the inside of the condom clean. He liked that and of course I kissed his cock before he got dressed.


I followed his directions, as the punishment was something I needed to avoid He smiled and left the room. There was a new guy now with me and he was holding a bag. I got on my knees and took his cock out kissed it and gave him a blow job, swallowed all his cum, cleaned his cock and kissed it before he got dressed. He opened the bag. He handed me an anal toy and said I was to have it inserted all day and night. Then he said bend over and after putting some lube on it, slid the toy in my ass.


It was not very big and went in easily. He then handed me 6 others, each one bigger than the last. Each day I was to insert the next size until at the end of the week I would have the largest one inside me.

The last three were huge and I wondered if I could do it. He noticed my hesitation and he said there was no choice.

Either I get it in my ass, or he would shove it in my ass, and if he had to do it I would be punished. My choice. There was a bottle of lube to use to get the toys in my ass.

There was a bottle of peroxide for my piercings. There was a bottle of shampoo and an empty plastic squeeze bottle. I looked puzzled at that and he answered I would wash my ass out every morning after I used the toilet and before the next toy was inserted. The next things he had were weights for the labia piercings. He hung one weight on each of the four piercings and told me to add the next size weight every day until I had used all seven.

With the first weight I could feel the stretching I could only imagine what the last weight would feel like. I truly now was just a piece of ass to be used for a peso per fuck. He asked if I understood everything and I answered yes. He handed me a condom. I looked puzzled and he took down his jeans. His cock was hard again, big,and very nice. On my knees I licked his cock and slid the condom on his cock and he turned me around and fucked me doggy style.

With the anal toy inserted it really felt different and good!!! After he came I took off the condom and he took it from me and poured the cum in my mouth and told me to clean his dick. I of course did and he left the room. A piece of ass. The week went fast. Blow jobs for the beans and rice boys and sometimes a fuck. The progression of larger anal toys and heavier weights for my labia. My pussy lips were being stretched as was my asshole. By the last day of the biggest anal toy I was sure I could have a baseball bat shoved in there easily.I figured out that there was a reason for this.

I know my time for the stage was approaching and I just wish I knew what to expect. There sure was a lot of cheering and noise coming from there. I hadn't seen any of the other girls there but I assumed there were a few. One morning I had just washed my hair and used the toilet and inserted the large anal toy when the door opened and it was a new man who spoke perfect English. I dropped to my knees and gave him the usual blow job.

He told me there would be no food until after the show. He explained that the last six weeks was to prepare me for the main show and now I was ready. I just nodded.

He told me that there would be a lot of men in the audience and since I only cost 1 peso I would probably be fucked many times in the 4 hours I would be on the stage. Only one girl at a time would be on the stage so the men would have me all to themselves.

This would be repeated every other day and the day off I would rest as my cunt and ass and mouth would get a real pounding. I wondered what their definition of rest was. If I wasn't able to do this every other day I would be sold to the mountain men and he told me I really didn't want that.

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I was told everyone would be wearing a condom but it would be the guys choice of where to dump his cum on me, and they would video tape it all for my pleasure. But since there was no TV in my room I knew the tape wasn't for MY pleasure.

I guessed it was their way to make more money. A piece of ass. Every Saturday all four of the girls would be on the stage and the 4 hours that day would be a little different. He told me he would explain that when the time arrived.

He told me to take out the anal toy and wash my asshole and he would watch. I did as told and he then told me to use the oil to lube my asshole as I would be needing it. He watched as I followed directions and when ready told me it was show time. He attached a chain to my labia weights and led me out of the room by my pussy. Six cents a fuck! A real piece of ass!