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Arab spy and fuck no money no problem
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My First Speeding Ticket I guess you could say that I was a fast driver starting out. My dad raced, his dad raced, and it kind of ran in the family. The only problem is, a lot of people didn't associate girls with racing.

How would little Mandi be able to handle a race car?

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What I found out real quick in the racing scene is that women aren't taken kindly to on the track. I raced short track modified races in the junior division and sometimes I would drag race on the weekends out at the track.

I've heard that I have a lead foot, which only makes sense, but I didn't realize that it would come back to haunt me the way it did. My father and I built a Ford Escort body up pretty nice and dropped in a 4 cylinder Mustang SVO motor that he had been through from top to bottom. The car looked like a granny grocery getter, but it would FLY! It was powder blue metallic with black plastic bumpers and hubcaps. A sleeper by any means. A lot of police in the area knew the car and I pretty well avoided them.

Late into my Junior year of high school we moved to a small area in southwest Virginia that wasn't much known for anything. Here in this place, which was so different from the sandy dirt and the salty air that I grew up with in South Carolina, I knew nobody.

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One other disadvantage I had was the fact that I knew nothing of the layout of the land and nothing of where the local authorities may be hiding. A week or so went by and I met some people at school and I was out driving about learning the roads and such when I notice a new Dodge Charger police car behind me.

I'm fairly familiar with the cars because they run a 6.1L Supercharged Hemi. These cars are ridiculously fast but can't handle worth a damn. Anyways, the cop flicks on his lights and pulls me over. He said he thought I was exhibiting strange behavior and he hadn't seen the car before, but I explained the situation and he let me on my way. I wasn't intimidated by cops normally, but this guy was built. Huge stature, at six and a half feet tall and probably two hundred or so pounds he nearly engulfed me.

I was never a big gal, about 5'2" and just barely chubby. Most of my weight was between my tummy and my neck, if you know what I mean. A D-Cup is just way too big for little old me. He kinda looked me over good when he looked in the car, but I could tell he wasn't in a good mood and probably didn't have time to fool around too much.

I have always been a cute girl, but never model status. I've kept my hair pulled back in pig tails or a pony tail my whole life, and it's always been really bright blonde and straight as a stick. I was learning these back roads a little better day in and day out. I'd see a new face or two in the cop cars until I noticed that there were only like 4 or so.

Two officers had been sent elsewhere for training and the four remaining were Lee, Green, Bratton, and Kingry. I had been pulled over by Bratton, and he seemed to lay back from the rest but he could drive a hell of a lot better. His ability probably landed him in that Charger instead of a Crown Vic or an Impala like the rest.

I began to toy with these cops because they had no idea that I had a turbocharged SVO motor under the hood. I would punch it to make it through a yellow light intentionally to let them see what I was working with.

One day Bratton finally came up and asked me in the parking lot of the gas station what I had under the hood. We talked it up and laughed and had a good time there for a while. He suddenly cut in and said that I needed to watch what exactly I was doing illegal around in "his" town because he would bust me quicker than I would know what hit me. I became a little frustrated and a little worried by this comment. I was frustrated because I didn't want him telling me what I could and could not do.

I was worried because he did know what I had under the hood now and he'd be on the watch to bust me. Weeks went by and I had won some money off a few kids that thought their Hondas and Acuras were quick enough to keep up. Low and behold after a race one night that I had won, I saw lights way, way back in my mirror and I knew it had to be Bratton because he said he was going to be watching me.

I figured at the distance I was away from him at the speed I was going that I could pull away easily in the curves ahead. I was right, I pulled away in the curves with my suspension upgrades helping me the whole way.

I knew that the road ahead turned to a T shape and I would have to choose quick. Right would loop me back into town and left was an old dirt road and he wasn't anywhere in sight so I went left and drove way back up in the woods to where there was going to be a subdivision built apparently.

It leveled off and there were plots of land marked and there was a paved loop around the plots of land. A very small loop it was, because all it did was circle a big rock that was circled by basketball sized rocks. I drove around the rock and killed my headlights and waited.

I figured I would just wait it out and when it was safe I would head out back to town. I waited and waited and dawn was just breaking. It was warm outside and just beginning to lighten up when all of a sudden I hear cars running up the dirt road.

I knew I was screwed so I just waited and hoped to escape if they all went to the right.

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If they went to the left around the big rock then they would see me and I was done. I say they because you could hear more than one type of car coming up the road. Into view came the Charger followed by two Impalas and a Crown Victoria that blocked me in from all directions.

I was stuck in the loop. I just sat there as they emerged from the cars and closed in on my car. I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no escape.

Bratton tells me to open the door, put my hands on my head, and step out of the vehicle. I did as I was told and he told me he had one hell of a speeding ticket to serve to me and that I needed to place my forehead on the hood of the car. I was just wearing my regular jeans, kinda tight, I bought them with the faded wash and the holes ground in them at the knee and the thigh.

My shirt was just a tight fitting tee-shirt, pink in color with some writing of some sort on it. Both the jeans and shirt fit snugly and my ass started to tighten up in the pants when I had to bend over to put my head on the hood of the car.

The other three officers came up and they all looked at me and talked.


I told him I'd cooperate with him if he just let me off with a warning just this once. Boy was that the wrong thing to do!

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Bratton grabbed me and held me while Green reached up under my shirt and pulled it off along with my favorite white cami. Kingry held my feet together because I was kicking like crazy and Lee unzipped my pants and yanked them down to my ankles.

My shoes were still on but he jerked so hard that they slid over the shoes and there I was in nothing but underwear and a bra that was probably a little too small at the time. I loved the underwear I had on too, it was the cutest set of black hipster panties that had little pink hearts on them.

Unfortunately I didn't plan on these men seeing them.EVER! Lee and Kingry held me down while Green and Bratton got undressed and then they grabbed me while Lee and Kingry got undressed and now I had the most on of anybody. It didn't take long and I had my panties ripped off and my bra unfastened and on the ground.

I had been fighting this considerably the whole time but now that they had me this far I was kicking and screaming and fighting more than ever before. I was a virgin and I didn't want to lose that part of me.

I told them that but it only fueled them more. Their different body types looked strange naked, but Bratton, oh he was huge and muscular. They were all hung except Kingry, but he was massive in diameter. Bratton wasn't the largest, but Lee was.

Bratton was at least a foot long, but Lee had him beat by a couple inches and he was bigger around too. Green was larger than Kingry but not quite up to the status of the other two. I cried out and tears rolled down my face and I begged them not to do what they were planning. It was beginning to be brighter outside and warmer too. I had begun to sweat from panic and partly because of the struggle. They were all hard and stroking their cocks. I wanted so badly to get away but there was no hope for me at that point.


I got both hands handcuffed and the chain part was around a small tree next to the big rock at the center of the loop. The four men took the basketball sized rocks and stacked them up and bent me over them, while still cuffed to the tree. I got hurt in the process because I smashed into the rocks several times in a struggle.

Green came up behind me and smacked my ass really hard. He slid two fingers in and out of me and I squirmed to try and get away. He kept fingering lightly until I started getting wet. I didn't want to do this but my body didn't know any different and before I knew it I was soaked in my crotch. Green slid his dick up and down my pink mound and I shivered at the touch.

He got his dick lubed up enough and put the head at the entrance to my pussy and slid his head in extremely slowly as I fought away. I kept hurting myself on the rocks so I realized that I would have to stop fighting it or I was going to get seriously injured.

He readied himself and slid in and out slowly until he got far enough in me to touch the hymen. As soon as he touched it he slid back and hammered through. I was in pain beyond any other type of pain. I didn't understand how, but this felt strangely good and I didn't want it to at all.

I wanted it to stop immediately. He thrust his rod into me about as far as it would go and back out and he repeated and apparently I must not have bled much because he just kept on pounding away at me. I screamed until I lost my voice and what seemed like an eternity before he was finished. He just jabbed me and poked and prodded at my cunt and it only partially felt good.

He finally picked up enough speed and got ready to cum. I thought that he would pull out or something, but he just blew his load inside of me and kept on pumping for a minute and then left me to stay bent over the rocks dripping cum everywhere. It ran all down my legs and into my socks and shoes eventually. I never knew that a man could produce that much white stuff, but I was in for a surprise when the next one came around. Kingry, the chubby dicked one, was a slow mover.

He got inside of me even slower, thankfully, because I felt like my insides were being ripped apart. He gave me my first orgasm by going slowly. It felt so good I didn't know what to do considering I was being raped. I had to voice to scream out but I moaned a little when it happened and he knew it too! My hole started contracting and I writhed and squirmed some more and he exploded his cum into me and I felt warm in my stomach and then he pulled back and spread my legs with his arms and I was just laying there, limp as spaghetti, cum soaked and brutalized.

Bratton threw his clothes down over the rocks and picked me up as he laid down under me. He was on his back on the rocks and he was going to make me pay for running from him. My voice cracked as I tried to get him to let me go again, but there would be none of that. He lifted me up and sat me right on top of his monster and thrust up into me. I had another orgasm that fast because he was as big as Kingry around but a little bit longer and he wore me out.

It must have been an hour that went by because it was extremely bright out now and I was sweating profusely. It was hot and I was having orgasm after orgasm. I must have had 4 in his pounding alone. I was loving the feel of his cock inside me and every time he pulled back, my pussy lips wanted to suck his huge member back into them. With every movement you could hear the sloshing of my cum mixed with the first two loads of sperm I got and finally Bratton got off the bottom and started fucking me from behind.

Lee sat on the rocks in front of me and forced my mouth over his enormous cock. I had never imagined that a penis would be so large. He choked me every time I went over it and I knew that this was way too big for my hole.

It was impossible. He could put his cock in front of any of the others and completely hide them behind his. He had testicles that were in a long stretched looking sack. He put those in my mouth and they would only go one at a time because of the size. Bratton was still pounding away at my hole when suddenly I feel him jam it in and stop. He spewed sperm into my vagina like it was a river. On top of him pumping so much juice into me, he kept fucking me for several minutes and he started shooting off again and I had cum stains all the way down both legs, my socks were wet and the rocks I was laying across were wet.

Lee was just now ready to put his dick in me when Kingry wanted a blow job at the same time. So here I was sucking on Kingry's cock and getting choked when all of a sudden I get stretched to a new maximum by Lee's huge penis.

He was only half way in, but he was so much bigger around that I couldn't take it. It slid right back out because I was much too tight for him. He didn't care though, he rammed it back in there about three quarters of the way and I was trying to scream and couldn't even breathe.

Lee was so huge! He pulled back about half of what he had in there and rammed everything he had left and suddenly OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Lee had banged against my cervix and instead of backing out, he pulls back and keeps doing it. Oh, I was in so much pain, but yet having the most intense orgasm ever! It was the perfect mix of ecstasy and pain that anyone could experience. I was cumming everywhere and it helped him go faster and faster.

I kept on sucking and he rammed down my throat and filled my little tummy with more sperm. It moved to more blow jobs while Lee was still working me over. Green put it in my mouth and made me swallow and then lick him clean while being hammered. Bratton on the other hand, couldn't get off with a blow job. He got Lee to fuck me from the bottom and right about when I figured out what was going on I felt my tiny little virgin asshole get stretched wide open and gape to the size of Bratton's cock.

Two monsters in two holes was enough to drive me crazy! I orgasmed another two times and as I did, Kingry undid my handcuffs and let my hands free. Lee put what felt like a gallon on white love juice between my pussy lips and when he pulled out, a gushing stream of cum followed, splashing everywhere and Bratton orgasmed and left a load in my asshole. Not cuffed to a tree anymore, they had a little more flexibility with me.

I fell to the ground and just was much to weak to even stand. Lee picked me up and slammed me on the hood of my car and as I went to turn around he slammed his penis right in my asshole, which was just recovering from what Bratton had done to it. Pain, orgasm, and weak knees were all a factor this time.

I couldn't even hardly move. I just had to let him do his damage and take it like his little sex bitch. I had him cum another time in my ass hole and he stood me up and let it run onto the road. They let go of me and I collapsed again. Bratton told me to lick up the cum off of the rocks, so I did. As I lay there battered, beaten, bruised, violated, and gaping wide open from all my holes I just passed out.

When I woke back up I was the only one around, still naked and gaping wide open. I went to feel my pussy because something felt strange. As I stuck my fingers in, I pulled out my black shredded and tattered panties that were cum stained and dripping. It must have been mid afternoon when I finally could get up and walk again, but I still couldn't walk right.

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I was bowlegged as hell. As I got to the car I had a ticket tucked under the wiper with a note that said. "Mandi, You paid for that speeding ticket last night. It was a great way to pay if you ask me, but I'm gonna warn you, the next time you get one I'm gonna get the drug dog to search you.

-Bratton P.S.


Meet us back here at the same time next Monday if you're up for it. "