Big boobs hottie hard drilled in extreme bondage xxx scenes

Big boobs hottie hard drilled in extreme bondage xxx scenes
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She knocked at the door to the office and waited, her stomach churning with trepidation as to what was to come but also knowing that her juices were flowing with excitement. She heard a voice "Come in".

She opened the door and stepped into the office where sat at a desk was a man, the man that she had talked to for a while about her fantasies, they were about to come true, here was the man who was going to decide if he wanted her to be his submissive slut, her future pleasure was dependant on how much she pleased him at this interview.

He got up from his desk and approached and shook her hand firmly "you may call me Sir and I shall call you slut during this interview" he said. "Let me take your coat" and he helped her off with her coat and hung it up for her. he returned behind his desk and sat down but did nothing to ease her discomfort under his gaze as he watched her standing there deciding whether she should sit down on the chair in front of the desk without his permission.

Instead she stood and waited for him to tell what to do next. "Remove your skirt and panties" he told her, she reached round and undid the zip on her skirt and let it fall to the ground, and then slid her panties to her ankles, she went to bend down and take them over her heels but he spoke " Leave them" and she stood there, her face burning with embarrassment at his scrutiny of her pubic mound "Turn round and show the ass that you have asked me to spank until it is bright red and you beg me to stop" he said.

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She shuffled round until she had her back to him and she could feel his eyes looking at her. "bend over" he commanded, "touch your toes" and she did, her blouse rose up offering him the sight of her ass cheeks, large and ready to be spanked. "Ok, I have seen enough for now, turn round again" he ordered and she did as he said. "Are you wet slut" he asked. For the first time since she entered the office, she spoke "I do not know Sir" "Then find out and tell me slut" he said.

She reached between her legs and slipped a finger between her lips and yes she was, her juices were dripping. "I am Sir" she said almost inaudibly. "I cannot hear you slut" he snapped. "I am wet Sir" she spoke a little louder. "I thought you would be, a slut likes you is always wet and stood there half naked showing me your cunt, I knew you would be" he said harshly. "its a pity though that you are, I was looking forward to the next part being painful for you but as you are wet, it will be only a little painful but I am sure I will come up with something that will make you regret agreeing to come here to see me today, now you may sit down" he said.

Linda shuffled with her skirt and panties still round her ankles to the chair and that's when she noticed the large dildo on the chair, it had a rubber sucker at its base and it was exactly where she would have to sit on it to sit down. "What are you waiting for?" he demanded, " I told you to sit down".

She eased her ass towards the seat and directed the dildo into her cunt, pushing it deep into her cunt gingerly easing herself onto its thickness and length, trying not to sit fully on it. He was watching her discomfort and enjoying it but knew that she was easing herself from it but soon she would have no choice but to have it fully up her cunt. he reached into his desk drawer and started to pull out the items that he intended to test her with on this their first session and if she did not please him then their last session together.

he took out some clothes pegs and put them on the desk where she could see each item, a ruler, a crop, lengths of rope, string, duct tapeand a box of which he had stored some other items he did not want her to see just yet.

she had said anticipation was part of what turned her on and he wasn't going to show her everything, just enough to start the butterflies in her stomach and the thoughts just enough to get his cock twitching in his pants.

"You may now take off your skirt and pants" he said, he watched as she leant over and slipped them from her ankles noting that as she did this task, she forgot about the dildo not going so deep inside her and he noted her since as she felt it go deeper into her, but still she resisted the depth, but he would change that.

He got up from his chair and went round his desk until he stood in front of her. he took from his desk a piece of dowel and put it in her mouth " Don't let that out of your mouth unless you want to use your safe word which is red" he said. And he watched as she gripped it with her teeth and lips. he took a short length of rope and walking round the back of her, he took her wrists and bound them behind her.

Now he knew that the fun was about to start, well fun for him but pain for her.

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He reached over her and pulled up the top she was wearing to see her tits encased in a bra, it was his first look and he had had so may fantasies about them he could not wait to get them in his hands.

He started massaging them and grabbing them roughly, she squirming under his rough handling but the squirming was making the dildo go deeper, so he knew that she was hurting in every way. he pulled the top over her head until it hung at her tied wrists and then taking a pair of scissors from his pocket, he snipped between her cleavage knowing that she could see the cold steel but releasing the massive tits loose from their encasement.

He again slipped the bra to her wrists and this time with her tits unfettered he. grabbed them and pulled and pushed them, feeling their weight delighted at what he had planned for them later and eager to see them bound for his pleasure.

His cock was straining to be let loose but his pleasure would wait a little longer, he wanted to See her pain. He reached for a length of rope and taking her left tit in his hand, he tied a slip knot around her tit and wrapped a length around and around and then pulling on the length of rope he run it over her shoulder and tied it tightly to the rope at her wrist therefore pulling her left tit high on her chest allowing him access to what he could now see the erect nipples.

he repeated the process with her right tit and now there they were waiting for his use. The nipples were erect and he could not wait to suckle on them but first he wanted her further tied, he wanted her helpless unable to stop him except only by her mouth with which was still holding the wood tight in her mouth but allowing some spittle to slip from between her lips as she held onto it as he had ordered.

The spittle was running down her chin and was starting to dribble onto her chest, soon those massive tits would be covered in her spittle and his cum. he moved to in front of her "Rest your left leg on the chair" he said and as she drew up her leg, it forced her legs to open and also to put more weight onto the chair again forcing the dildo deeper, soon she was helpless then it would be all the way inside her, opening her up ready for his cock.

it also opened her cunt lips slightly allowing him a small glimpse of the delights that were hidden previously from his view. "now your right leg" and as she did, that was it, she slipped onto the dildo all the way, he could see the look in her eyes, the look of a slut who was full up, and now she was helpless, legs open for him.

"You want my cock slut" he asked her and she nodded her head, so he stepped back from her and undid his trousers, his cock sprang out at her and he walked towards her, he took out the gag and replaced it immediately with his cock, she opened her mouth to receive it and he drove it into her mouth, time and again, he drove it in, not giving her time to savour the feeling and enjoy the experience of this her Masters cock in her mouth, he could feel his precum lubricating her mouth but he was not ready to cum yet so as he felt himself getting close, he quickly withdrew and shoved the gag back in her mouth.

He took each nipple in between his finger and thumb and delighted as he caressed it and grabbed it watching her squirm under his touch, he could see her juices start to dribble out onto the seat and he could also see that the dildo was driven deep inside her.

He opened her lips noting that her clit was engorged and waiting for his touch but that could wait, he knew that she clit fucked herself and that she would probably orgasm as soon as he touched it and he wanted her to wait on that for a little while longer, he wanted to cause her pain before she got pleasure and then he was going to have pleasure delivering that pain and then when he came, the build up would make his orgasm worth waiting for too.

he took pegs and grabbing skin either side of the nipple he attached them to her tit, not to the nipple yet, that would come later, he worked first on the left and then on the right tit all the time feeling them noting how the skin was starting to turn cold with the lack of blood flow to them. he then took another peg and with force grabbed at her clit and attached it to the soft skin and pulled on it a little making sure it was secure in position "now stand up and dont let that dildo fall out" he ordered and with his help, she put down her legs, a slight cramp but he helped her off the chair, still with her hands behind her back, her tits held high with the rope bra and her labia lips folding around the dildo still inside her.

he reached between her legs driving it deeper into her. "Good slut, now you present a better picture to me" he said. he noted the damp patch on the chair where she had been sat and enjoyed what he was doing to her but knowing that she was also turned on by her depravity, a total stranger doing things to her body and she allowing him too without objection.

"lay face down on the desk" and he helped her to the desk and she lay down, he noting that one of the pegs pinged off her left tit and she winced with the pain, he would enjoy removing them later, much later. He picked up the ruler and showed it to her while she was lying face down, "Now I am going to give you what you asked for, do not forget that, you wanted this, not I, you" he said. he raised the ruler and aimed it at her left buttock and with a swift stroke, he caught her left buttock, she jumped at the initial pain but lay there unmoved.

Again he raised his hand, this time the right cheek caught the force of the blow, she raised herself on tiptoe, absorbing the feeling of the pain, two more swift strikes on her left buttock and he started to see her squirm and he was enjoying the power over her knowing that she would shout her safe word as soon as she had enough.

Again he struck but as the blow connected he took his hand and started to rub the area that was now started to turn a delightful shade of pink, he checked that the dildo was still inside her but also noting with satisfaction that her cunt was getting really creamy.

Several more blows and she really started to dance, "If you cant keep still then i will have to find some other activity to make you do and then you will learn to keep still", he finished with one more strike on each cheek, his cock was throbbing and he so wanted to fuck her but he also wanted to wait until he had broken her in case she did not visit him again. Now for something that would really fill her up, he took from his hidden box, a finger of ginger, he had prepared it earlier and put it in a sealed bag to allow it to keep its freshness, she had told him about its burning sensation and how it made her even more horny, then she was going to be screaming for an orgasm by the time he had finished with her.

He spread apart her cheeks and inserted it deep into her ass hole and then taking a piece of rope he tied her ankles together which meant that no matter how hard she now tried, she would not be able to dislodge the dildo and ginger from her holes. he pulled her up from the desk and by pulling her by a nipple, he shuffled her to a comer of the room.

"Now he said, "I remember you talking about working out naked, then you are going to work out naked for me but also while you are bound, I want you to jump around this room, all around the perimeter until you get back to this point, if your cunt and ass plug fall out, you will be punished, you will do it again and again until we have a complete circuit and I am satisfied" He looked into her eyes and saw the look in her eyes and it pleased him that she looked worried, she should be, he was testing his resolve to do this to her, he hoped that he had not gone too far because, he wanted to do so much more.


"You may start now" he said and he went and sat on his desk as he watched as she bounced around the room, her tits bouncing even in their restraints, her keeping her legs together to keep in the plugs but knowing that the ginger was burning her ass hole and she would so want to unclench to relieve its burning but dreading that it would fall out if she did. He could also see the clit peg bouncing and knew that by now when that peg was removed the blood rushing back into its tip would make her orgasm.

She was half way round, he shouted "Stop". She quickly came to a halt looking at him hoping that he had took pity on her plight but no, he came over with two more pegs in his hand.


"I forgot to clamp those wonderful nipples" and he grabbed her left nipple and extending it, attached a clothes peg, it bit into her and she clamped her mouth firmly onto her gag. he repeated the process with her right nipple. "I think that the circuit will start from here now as i forgot about your nipple clamps" he said, she had already gone half way round but started on what he was terming her first circuit.

he sat again at the desk ad watched as she completed the circuit, the little bunny hops really making her tits bounce. She stopped after the first circuit and was breathing hard, "Again" he said, "But this time I will give you a little incentive" and he picked up the crop and following her around the room, he swished her ass cheeks and her tits with the crop making her jump higher and going faster, this time she did not stop, as he swung the crop just as she reached the end so she still continued getting more and more out of breath, when would he let her rest.

he put the crop to her mouth "You may stop now" and she stood breathing heavy. "Come and stand in front of the desk" he told her and she did as he had commanded.

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he removed the gag, "I am going to give you a choice now, you may answer which you want, I will remove the pegs, I will take out the dildo and the ginger out and I am going to fuck you and then when i have spanked your ass, your tits and your cunt with the crop, you may leave, or I can have you do another five circuits and then I will untie youfuck you and then you may leave, the crop or five more circuits, your choice" She was so turned on right now, she knew that she would cum as soon as he removed the pegs and having a crop across her tits cunt and ass would give her another three orgasms on top of the three that she had already had, she was so greedy, five more circuits and a quick fuck was no contest, so she answered quietly "The crop please Sir".

He leant closer to her "What did you say?" She repeated "The crop please Sir" "You really are a pain slut aren't you?" he said vehemently as he grabbed her left nipple peg and pulled it off her nipple, the pain rushed to that point and she squirmedhe grabbed the right nipple peg and twisting it so it twisted her nipple, he pulled it from her skin, she yelped. he took off the rest of the pegs from her tits and then delved his hand between her legs, he gripped the peg on her clit and pulled it off the bud, he watched as she visibly had an orgasm in front of him.

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He untied her hands, ankles and her tits and watched as she squirmed as the blood returned to her extremities, he then said, "Climb on the desk, on you back and hold your legs up by your knees" She climbed on the desk and lay down and she lifted her legs, he delved into her ass hole and pulled out the ginger throwing it straight into the bin and then reached into her cunt and slowly withdrew the dildo watching as her entrance gave up its wide intruder and seeing her gaping cunt hole glistening with her juices.

He couldn't resist opening her lips and grabbing her clit with his lips, he rolled it around his tongue and bit on it, nipping it between his teeth forcing her again to squirm at the sensitivity after its pegging. he pulled her off the desk and bending her over it, he released his cock yet again from his trousers, he forced his cock deep into her cunt, forcing it deep into her wide open hole after the massive dildo, he could feel his orgasm rising as he was banging her against his desk knowing that tomorrow morning, he would be sat at it, doing his work, his rhythm was quicker and quicker, his orgasm rising until he could hold back no longer, he spewed his cum deep into her.

he was grunting, forcing her to take him deeper and deeper like a dog on heat. As he finished depositing his cum inside her he with drew and turning her over, he forced her to her knees and said "Open your mouth slut, suck me clean of my cum and your juices". She opened her mouth and started to lick the shaft clean, tasting him and her juices combined with her tongue. Soon he was clean and he reluctantly put his cock back in his trousers.

he went and sat down and watched as she still lay on the floor with his juices dripping from her cunt. "Open your legs slut, dig your fingers in your cunt and take my cum and wipe it over your tits and body, I want you to drive home smelling of me". he said. he watched as she dug two fingers into her cunt and he could see his creamy cum on her fingers and she started wiping her fingers on her tits, stomach and pubic mound, seeing it smear all over skin.

"Its your fingers tonight inside your cunt slut but next time, i am going to put all my fingers inside there and then make you suck them clean" "Now lie on my desk, on your stomach and prepare yourself for your cropping" he said. he watched as she obeyed loving every moment of her obedience to him, he so fortunate to find someone who was willing to let him do all the things that he had only fantasised about before, he wondered just how far she would let him take her.

he picked up the crop and run it across her shoulders and her back before letting it settle on her already slightly pink left cheek. he raised the crop and with a strong swipe, he brought it down, she bucked, reaching round to put her hand on her glowing ass.

"Remove you hand NOW" he said, she returned her hand to her side and again he struck, she again reached behind her. "OK, i do not want you to reach round again, so we will have you on your hands and knees, then you wont be able to reach round and if that don't work, i will tie you down, don't forget you asked for the crop, you want to please me, so don't do it again" he said. She got on her hands and knees and he swung again, noting that she did not reach round, but also noting how her tits swung as he struck, he tested her again, he swung lightly this time, watching her pendulous tits swing with the swat, he was so enjoying this, six more hit the target of her ass cheeks, they were getting red by now, he did not want to lose his plaything so he said "Enough on those ass cheeks for today but I will expect more next time".

"now flip over for me, hands behind your head " he said and she did as she was told, "I think we will have three on each tit finishing with you offering each nipple for a swipe, that is if you want to please me" he said.

Three times the crop caught each breast, he could see her orgasming as the crop hit its mark. After the third on her right breast, he ordered" Offer me your nipple for the crop slut" She grabbed her own tit in her hand and presented her erect nipple, he lay the crop against it and rubbed its tip with the crop and then quickly brought down the implement onto the sensitive area, she yelped audibly this time.

he then cropped the left tit as before and this time he did not need to tell her to offer her nipple, he watched as she lifted the engorged nipple to offer to him, he loved her offer and he again teased the nipple with the crop before bringing it down sharply, this nipple must have been more sensitive becauseshe really did yelp with the pain.

"Do you wish to continue slut or shall we leave it here at this point and I will let you leave now without having cropped you cunt? It is still your choice slut" he said. She opened her legs, hoping that this gave him his answer as she was unable to speak after the overwhelming orgasm she had just had after her nipple cropping.

"You will thank me as I strike your cunt slut, I am doing this because you want me to slut, because you are a pain slut and you get off on having men inflict pain on you." he said He took four pegs and some tape and pegged her lips and then taped them open giving him unrestricted access to her cunt hole, clit and sensitive areas of her lips, her breathing was heavy and frequent but he knew that she wanted this.

he lay the crop against her clit and then took some tape and placed it across her mouth, "I cannot have you yelling and bringing people running in, not yet, maybe in the future, we will get an audience but not here at my work, I will not allow you to use your safe word now, you have gone too far, this will be my last act of depravation tonight. Now keep them legs open slut".

he picked up the crop and again rubbing the tip over her cunt area, she not knowing when he would strike but he could see her twitching with another approaching orgasm as he used the crop to rub her clit, he dug it into her cunt hole and wiped her juices with the crop onto her clit, and as he could see her orgasm, he started to strike her, he caught her lips, her clit, her hole all the time, she was orgasming, he must have struck at least six times before he lay down the crop and he inserted three fingers into her cunt feeling her orgasm on his fingers and watched her finish her orgasm.

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He went and sat in his chair and watched as she climbed down from her orgasmic height, her breathing getting more and more regular "You may get up now", put on your coat, i don't have time for you to get dressed, take your clothes and i will let you know if you have pleased me and be in contact with you when I can spare more time to continue with you, goodnight slut." She picked up her clothes, put on her coat and left, while he contemplated what a great time that he had and could not wait to meet his pain slut again.