Messed up mom son daughter relationship

Messed up mom son daughter relationship
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"AH!" Lynn yelled. She quickly sat up in her bed, clutching her sheets tightly in her hands. She turned around in her bed to put her feet on the carpet. Standing, she walked to the bathroom. "What the fuck is wrong with me." She said to herself, as she splashed cold water on her face, "Why the fuck do I keep thinking these things?" Lynn looked in the mirror, she had bags under eyes, and her hair was wild from her twisting and turning in her bed.

She walked back to her bedroom, turning on the lamp on her bedside table, she looked at a picture of all of her friends. Taking the framed photo she squared in on Haley. She and Haley had been best friends since first grade. She remembered how they had met, the memory was forever burned into her mind. Lynn had always been short, but in first grade, she was defiantly the shortest girl in the entire elementary school.

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However, Lynn was also chubby as a first grader, which also caused her much teasing and bullying. She remembered how the other kids would bully her and tease her, calling her, "Chubs" or "fatty" or "Little Porker" and how they would shun her from their circles of friends.

Haley was the first one to talk to Lynn, she invited her to sit with her for lunch and from there on out, the two were best friends. If not for Haley, Lynn would have never had broken out of her shell, and if not for Haley, Lynn won't have joined volleyball and lost her baby fat.

"If not for Haley", Lynn thought to herself, "I wouldn't have anyone.but then wh-why." Lynn groaned in confusion, and fell back on her bed, "It's not worth it.", she thought to herself. Will arrived home feeling full of remorse and guilt. He remembered the look in Pierce's eyes and he couldn't help but feel responsible for his pain. As he walked up to the front door, be inserted the key, turned the lock, and entered his house.

As he walked into the kitchen, Brook sat on the kitchen table, busy writing down equations for her algebra homework. "Hey, Will. You okay?" She asked, sensing his obvious gloomy feeling. "I-uh.I just had a long day." Will responded.

"You sure?" Brook said, glaring up from her homework, "Tell me, Will. I know when something's going on" "trust me, Brook, it's nothing" "Okay, Will whatever you say. By the way, your mom said she's going to dinner with some guy, I can't remember his name-" "She's on a date?" "Yeah, she got all dressed up and-" "Did you see what he looked like?" Will asked nervously.

"Uh, no.but by what your mom said he sounded nice-" "I bet! Did she say were she was-" "Will!

Relax! Your mom's going to be alrigh-" "How do you know!" Will yelled at Brook, slamming his hands on the table. "Look, Will", Brook said, standing form the table, "I am telling you to clam down! Now relax! He's a fucking teacher at our school, if he tried to do anything we would no exactly were he was!

Now calm down, Will!" Will looked at Brook, he looked into her eyes. Sighing he sat down at the table and buried his face in his hands and ran his hands through his dark-brown hair. He looked up at Brook, who had now sat back down at the table and looked at him with kind and nurturing eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, Brook. It-its mom.she just never-" "I understand, Will. I know your mom is your only parent, and you feel protective of her.

But she's an adult, she can take care of herself" Brook walked back to her place at the table, and continued with her homework, "You know, with Maria out of the house, tonight could be our sex night?" "Yes, ma'am!" Will said, his spirits now rose with the thought of sex. This became evident as he began to tent in his basketball shorts. "Getting excited there aren't you, Will" Brook said, spotting will's dick beginning to become erect.

"Uh.I-uhhh" "Relax, Will. Jeez, you know after I've seen you jack off multiple times, and the fact we had sex? You need to be less modest in front of me" "I know, Brook. But guys aren't as comfortable with being seen like that, and-" "Whatever, Will. You know, we're practically married, Will." Brook said as she stood and walked over to Will. She enjoyed having sex just as much as he did, and regretted the fact that with Will's mother's presence in the house, sex was rather difficult to have.

In fact, since moving to San Diego, Will and Brook had only done it about four times. She reached into Will's shorts, grabbing his cock and pulling it out of his shorts and sliders. She began to stroke it softly and steadily, as she and Will began to kiss passionately.

Moving over to the couch, they both shed their clothing quickly and prepared for a romantic evening. Will lay on his back as Brook stood over him. She took a box of condoms from underneath the couch and took one out of the box and wrapper. She gently pulled it over Will's cock and slowly, in a missionary's position, lowered herself onto his cock. "Oh.Brook." Will moaned, his teenaged hormones kicked into gear as he let her bob up and down on his young teenaged dick.

He missed this feeling, he missed being able to see Brook in this way. Brook moaned to, obviously enjoying the feeling of Will's fourteen-year-old, 6" dic, steadily going in and out of her twat.

"Ahhhh.Will." She moaned. "Brook.ahhh.ohhh." Will felt himself began to tense up.

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"Are you close, Will?" Brook asked, reaching down to rub his nipples and chest. "Ye-yeah.ahhh" Will felt the great feeling began to come, but he held off, attempting to give Brook as much pleasure as possible before the big moment arrived. "Will!" "Wha-What!?!" Will yelled in surprise as Brook quickly jumped off of him and covered herself with a near by blanket. "What the hell, Will!" Maria shouted as she and her date walked into the living room to see the two teens in the throws of love making, both had shocked looks on their face.

"Mom! Mr.


Forest!" "Uhhhh.hi, Will." The confused history teacher responded, covering his eyes with his hands. Brook sat next to Will and allowed him to cover his erect cock with the blanket. He blushed uncontrollably, trying his hardest not to make eye contact with his mom or his mother's new boyfriend, he began to nervously grit his teeth.

"WILL TYLER REED! WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU THINKING!!" Maria shouted at her now clothed son, as the two stood in the backyard. "I'm sorry, mom. We won't do it again-" "Look, Will. I'm just in disbelief that you just decided to go down on the couch! Think next time will you! When I have a date, and I don't give a specific time, then don't just do it out in the open! God.what do I tell Kevin!" "I'm sorry, mom" "it's fine.I'm just.its and Brook are so young, and- was this the first time?" "Mom!" "What!

I mean, it seemed like she knew what was going on, and-" "Mom!" "Fine, fine, listen, I don't care when you do it, just use a condom, do it when I'm not home, and do it upstairs, I mean I don't want to see that. Okay?" "Thanks, mom." Will said.

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Maria kissed his forehead and returned to the house. Thursday started a little bit better for Will. Ms.

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Lewis was sick that day, and Rachel kept away from Brook simply glaring madly at her from the corner. However first hour history was slightly awkward, as Mr. Forest gave him a strange look as he entered his classroom. "'s it goin'.Will? Haven't seen you in awhile?" "Yeah, hi, Mr. you mind if we dont-" "Yeah we don't have to talk about it." "Guys, guess what!" Brook said to Haley and Lynn as the three sat down for lunch in the cafeteria.

"What is it, Brook?" Haley said, motioning for Brook to sit next to her. "So yesterday, me and Will were having sex-" "What?" Lynn said, surprised at the calmness in Brook's voice.


"Yeah, I mean, it's not like its the first time, but yeah, anyway. So me and Will were having sex, and right before the 'big moment' happened, Will's mom comes in with her boyfriend, Mr. Forest, and she yells and-" "Ohmigod!" Haley said, covering her mouth his her hand, "You guys have had sex!" "Yeah, we're a couple, its not like it's a bad thing for us." "So you two lost your virginities to each-other?" Haley went on, her surprise and curiosity towards sex obviously showing her sheltered mindset.

"Well I did, but-" "Wait? Will lost his virginity before you did? But you guys met only two weeks after school let out?" "I know, it was this girl named Anna." Brook suddenly was overcome with sadness as her mind returned to the painful memory of Maggie telling her about Will's sexual exploits. Sensing Brook's uneasiness, Lynn spoke up, "Damn! Will is a player! And by the way, Brook. Welcome to the no v-card club!" Lynn said, giving Brook a high-five, this seemed to cheer her up slightly.

Lynn laughed at the situation, but as she did she thought about her first time. His name was Jake, he was the most gorgeous boy she had ever seen, but she remembered the sex.

She felt little to nothing from it, if anything, it was unenjoyable, and Jake, was great at sex, he was an 'expert', if anything else. "Why didn't I like it?" she thought to herself. Lynn must have been starring of into space, as Haley snapped her fingers in-front of her face.

"You in there, Lynn? You okay?" "Yea-yeah, Haley, I'm fine."Lynn said. "Haley." She thought to herself, "Haley made me feel something.she made me feel." "Lynn!

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You okay, girl?" Brook asked, snapping her fingers in front of her face. "Sorry, guys, I just kinda lost myself, I'm fine, I'm fine." "Hello, Ms. Lewis? This is Rachel" "Oh.hello Rachel." "So how was your session with Pierce the other day?" "It was-uh-wonderful, Rachel. Do you want to talk about-" "Yes, listen. I know you were sick today, but tomorrow, when you have your session with Will, I need to be there, and I need you to follow my every direction, word for word." "Ye-yes, Rachel.

I understand." "Good, and also tomorrow, at four, meet me at 5th and E, I have someone who can help us with my-I mean our, planning." "Listen, Rachel. I know you hate that Brook girl but you-" "I will do as I want! Don't forget, Ms. Lewis, not only can I give you those two boys, I can do other things to you, a lot of other things." "Rachel, I-" But before she could respond, Rachel had hung up the phone.

Brook did not take a sport after school, and was able to go home at three every day. The school was about two blocks from Maria's house, so the walk wasn't to bad. Brook walked into the house and sat on the couch, tired from the day she turned on the TV and reclined on the couch. As Brook relaxed at home, Maria was still at the school. Picking up the phone, she dialed Maggie's number.

"Hello, this is Ms. Soto, how may I help you?" "Maggie, hi, it's Maria" "Oh! Hey aunt Maria, how are things going in San Diego?

Are Will and Brook doing good?" "Well, yes, they are. Look-Maggie, I have a question." "Shoot." "So yesterday, I went on a date with Kevin-" "Oh thats great! Your finally back on the market!" "Yeah, well he dropped me off at my house, and I invited him in to see the place.

Well we open the door, and I hear Will making this weird moaning noise and Brook doing the same, and so we walked around the corner and look in the living room and they're on the couch-well-having-uh-sex." Maggie laughed a little bit as she heard her aunt's uneasiness with the subject, "Look, Maria, as you know, it's completely natural for kids to do things like that.

I mean, Will and Brook have been dating for a while, and they been through a lot. Besides, I recall walking in on Will showing it off in front of those girls-" "What?" "Oh."Maggie paused, "Dammit! I am such an idiot!" She thought to herself." "He showed them his-" "They asked, Maria, so just chill, it's all fine, it's in the past and-" "Look, Maggie, I know their growing up, but I fee like I should talk to Brook.

I mean I already talked to Will, and that wasn't that bad, but Brook. She grew up in a community were sex was still taboo. I feel like I should tell her about it, you know?" "Your heart is in the right place, Maria. Listen, I'm heading up to LA on Sunday, I'll stop by and talk to her then. Okay?" "Thanks, Maggie." "No problem, see you then auntie!" Maggie said, hanging up the phone, she giggled to herself, "I can't believe Will is already having sex, my little cousin is growing up way to fast!"