Gay teacher sex with boy photo Hot Boy Troy Gets Picked Up

Gay teacher sex with boy photo Hot Boy Troy Gets Picked Up
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The real chapter 26. Miss Hilda Ashton sat at her desk reviewing the newcomer's reports, the most recent being that of Emily Ashby.

She remembered Emily from the special lesson that she gave her during her interview, a warning if nothing else, but nevertheless an opportunity to enjoy her lovely charms. From Emily's report, Miss Ashton was able to see that she had settled in well and was becoming an able and studious pupil, but secretly she hoped that the child would rebel. Several soundproofed rooms had been built in the basement to correct rebel pupils.

As Miss Ashton worked, Sir Brian Melbourne one of the Academy's more regular patrons sat on the sofa reading the Financial Times. He was modestly rich but without the social connections that would make his clandestine visits difficult.

"Would you like some more coffee Sir Brian," Miss Ashton enquired. Looking up from his paper he smiled, "No thank you, I have everything I need until the lesson begins," he told her. Glancing up at the clock she nodded, "Please go and make yourself comfortable in the viewing room," she said retuning his smile. "Would you like some assistance?" she asked politely. "Yes, that would be most welcome," he replied. Ringing the bell on her desk as he left the office Miss Ashton then returned to her paperwork, until a soft knock interrupted her train of thought.

A young girl poked her head around the door, a smile on her face and Miss Ashton told her to enter. Rebecca Allcot, just sixteen was one of Miss Ashton's favourite pupils. "Is there anything I can do for you Miss?" she asked hopefully with a teasing grin on her face.

"You are a terror, and I feel sorry for the world at large when we have to release you," Miss Ashton said. "But Miss, I don't plan to leave yet," the girl told her, kneeling at her mistress's feet and waiting, a look of timid eagerness starting to show in her pretty features.

"Then you will need to become more dominant," Miss Ashton, told her, giving in to the sheepish eyes and lifting her long dress. "I will," Rebecca promised, her breath quickening as her mistress uncovered her slender thighs. She allowed her eyes to travel along her mistress's slender thighs, to where her crotch was naked. "Now, be quick girl! Sir Brian is awaiting assistance," Miss Ashton murmured, spreading her thighs and realising she was wet and hungry for the girl to service her.

Rebecca groaned deep in her throat and kissed the smooth warm skin of her mistress's inner thighs. Her nose flared with the familiar scent of arousal whilst her mistress leant back and relaxed, a sigh coming from her as she licked, marvelling at how smooth and tasty it was. Miss Ashton spread her thighs further apart, pushing her bottom to the very edge of the seat and feeling the cool air unfurl across her vulva.

Then Rebecca's mouth was there, pressing down delightfully upon her, probing and sucking. Rebecca stopped for a moment, to inhale the fragrance.

She loved the aroma, as it had so much more body and maturity than the girls she often shared her bed with, and the cunt itself, she could gaze at forever if she was allowed. Hairless like her pupils, yet distinctly adult with dark pink inner labia protruding the outer, ready to unfurl as they were now, like a rare orchid poised to tempt the pollinating birds into its mouth. Looking up at her mistress's face, she extended her tongue and ran it upwards from her anus, up to the thick hood and beyond it where she could lick her smooth pubis as she panted for breath.

Rebecca stroked her again with her tongue, each slide pushing deeper into her mistress's cunt, urging it further and further apart until it gaped with pleasure, a thick, lovely juice trickling slowly from the pulsing mouth. She stabbed her tongue in and drew the juice from her, savouring it and grinning while her mistress sobbed and reached down to further open herself.

Pressing her mouth and fluttered her tongue, stabbing and fluttering, sucking and licking, keeping her hands away while she turned her head slightly to allow her nose to rub on her mistress's clitoris. Pleasure forced Miss Ashton to lift her crotch and hold it suspended in the air while Rebecca continued to lick her. Head flung back for a long gasp, she pulled at her labia, quivering as the pain joined the pleasure in exciting her.

"Yes! Now, now, now!" she begged. Rebecca knowingly looked along her mistress's body as she applied her open mouth to the sweet tasting cunt in front of her. Once again she stabbed her tongue inwards, happily letting her tongue press on the bulbous clitoris. "Oh God!" Miss Ashton gasped, her eyes widening as she came. Her hands went to the girl at her knees, holding her head against her as her pelvis rose and fell with the flow of her climax. Gripping and pulling the child's eagerly working mouth, she drew it down to where she needed it, where it continued to create new surges of pleasure until, sated, she pushed her away and sighed.

"Now, go and find some assistance for Sir Brian," she breathed as she idly stroked herself in a moment of indulgence. "Yes Miss," Rebecca grinned. With the flavour of her Miss Ashton's cunt still on her lips she left the office.

Rebecca knew all the girl's at Avondale, and would easily be able to find a suitable little tart to assist the patron. ****** Sir Brian opened a door marked "Viewing Room" and quietly walked down four steep steps into a narrow and dimly lit corridor. Several chairs had been placed facing the long wall, and spy holes at eye level when sitting had been cut out of the brick. On the other side of these spy holes was a large brightly lit room, which was surrounded by wall mirrors.

To the majority of pupils, the grills along the main wall were of little interest as they struggled to cope with their lessons. However, a few did know about them having also assisted the patrons on the other side, but they knew that they would be severely punished if they told anyone.

Suddenly there was a commotion and several girls entered the room followed by Miss Marshall who clapped her hands, and Sir Brian sat forward in his chair in excited anticipation.

"Now Girl's! Undress, warm up and stretch," she shouted, pointing to the long wooden beam that had been placed parallel with and close to the main wall. Fifteen girls, aged from nine to fourteen, scampered to do as they were told, holding onto the long beam with one hand while they bent, squatted, stretched and twisted.

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Suddenly, the door to the viewing room opened and a pretty little girl stood there, short but slender, her brown hair tied back in a familiar manner. Sir Brian hadn't met her before, but he could see a likeness to his daughter, a similarity in her face, colouring and her little body.

"Come here!" he breathed, his attention now drawn between the little girl who obediently approached him, and the naked girl's just a few feet away on the other side of the spy hole. "All right, now really stretch," called the teacher. The little girl was now at his side, her eyes large and round as she too looked at what was happening through the spy hole. "Quickly, Undress! Sir Brian told her sternly. He groaned as the girl undressed, revealing her blossoming breasts, a smooth hairless cunt and a delightfully round little bottom.

"What's your name sweetheart?" he asked gruffly. "Molly, Sir" she replied timidly. "How old are you, Molly?" Sir Brian asked excitedly. "Twelve, Sir" Molly answered nervously. Reaching for her, he roughly dragged her to him and stroked her fair skin and glossy brown hair, imagining she was his own daughter. "Really stretch!" Miss Marshall called. "Here," Sir Brian panted, quickly releasing himself.

The girl took his large cock and stroked it, her mouth hanging open as she mechanically did as she'd been taught. "That's my precious little girl, my princess," he panted. The girl licked her lips and slid her mouth over his cock, her eyes turned up for signs of pleasure as she cautiously licked the strong flavour from his flesh.

Sir Brian groaned again and panted, imagining she was is daughter doing the same task. "That's the way Molly," he murmured. Molly's young and timid lips slid lower and he panted as her tongue slid over the tender flesh of his cock. His attention now sliding between Molly's assistance and the routine taking place through the spy hole as the girl's exposed their bodies, stretching and twisting from one position to another, being educated to think nothing of performing naked. "Over the chair!

Over the chair," he told Molly hurriedly, his hands at his belt, opening it to let his breeches fall around his ankles. There was no one there to see how stupid he looked, shuffling towards the naked child who'd so obligingly laid herself over the chair with her feet and hands bracing her body for her taking.

The girls in the next room obeyed, their little cunts drawn apart by the stretching of their thighs. His attention wandered from the puffy pink cunt of a nine year old to the more curved but less pronounced labia of a girl of thirteen, then down to Molly's own delicious little cunt. He slowly eased her apart then sank into her hotness, stopping an inch in to feel her slowly stretch while she panted.

"No, no Juliet," Miss Marshall told her. Sir Brian watched as Miss Marshall helped Juliet to stretch, her long fingers knowingly touching, stroking and caressing her intimately. "You are not trying, child!" he heard Miss Marshall tell her. His hands now slid over Molly's bottom, parting the cheeks before he looked down to admire how sweet and virginal her rosette looked.

His cock was now half buried in her cunt where she slowly accommodating him. "Good girl. You love your daddy's cock, don't you?" he panted.

He pushed inwards, bringing a gasp from the girl, then eased a little out just to push that much harder back in again. She gasped again, her little hands shuffling on the floor to keep her steady as the man's cock spread her much further than any of the boys previously had.

"Daddy," she whimpered, using the term she'd been told to always use when with men. "Right! Its the punishment room then," Sir Brian heard Miss Marshall tell a tearful Juliet. Sir Brian groaned as Molly's little cunt tightened about him, trying to expel him, trying to squeeze him out.

He shoved more harshly into her tight little cunt and drove back and forth quickening his pace until his climax erupted tensing all his muscles. ****** Miss Ashton made her way down the grand staircase towards the back of the building.

Pupils curtsied politely as she passed, heads bowed as they had been taught. Descended more stairs into the basement she reached the open door of the punishment room and entered, smiling at her two associates, Miss Marshall and Rebecca Allcot. Naked and waiting her fate was pretty thirteen year old Juliet, who's large brown eyes looked nervously from one adult to the other whilst the tip of a little tongue darted across slender lips.

"No improvement then, I take it?" Miss Ashton asked.


"None at all," Miss Marshall agreed. "It's quite obviously in her mind, as there's no physical reason why she shouldn't be able to stretch and limber up like all her fellow pupils," Miss Marshall argued. "Has she been punished?" Miss Ashton asked, going to the child and stroking her hair. "Yes Miss, a dozen with the martinet." Rebecca told her. "Did it hurt?" Miss Ashton asked the child. Juliet nodded, and at a nod from Miss Marshall, turned and bent over, her hands sliding round to part her bottom so they could admire the deft way in which the little whip had repeatedly landed on her anus, making it violently red and exceedingly sore.

"And now your front! Juliet," Miss Ashton instructed. Without any hesitation, Juliet turned shuffling her feet apart and pushed herself lower so her tender cunt would be on show.

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"And she still doesn't co-operate," Miss Ashton marvelled, admiring her slender vulva that had been whipped until it had turned as richly pink as her interior flesh. Some strokes of the martinet had grazed her inner thighs, scorching the skin. "Well, I agree, she does need to be forcibly stretched," Miss Ashton said. Miss Marshall and Rebecca ignored Juliet's crying as they drew out the restraining chair from the corner and removed the arms.

"Come on Juliet. Be brave," Miss Ashton urged. Miss Ashton breathed in, calming herself as pretty little Juliet sat down apprehensively in the chair. Straps were put around her body to hold her in place, and then her wrists were tied down so she couldn't interfere. In Miss Ashton's mind there was nothing more exciting than to watch a child make their own way to be punished, except perhaps to see them come to her afterwards and thank her, rubbing their tender, bruised, and often cut skin and kneel in front of her begging her forgiveness.

If Juliet looked wild eyed before, she looked terrified now as they took hold of her legs and placed them in rigid leather tubes to stop her from bending them, then placed her ankles in harnesses that were attached by ropes to pulleys over and behind her head. When the rope was pulled, her legs would be pulled up and apart by her ankles and, with her legs unable to bend, she would be stretched forcibly apart.

"Continue," Miss Ashton instructed. Miss Marshall and Rebecca drew on the ropes, watching the girl's legs rise outwards to ensure their pull was in unison. Juliet, wide eyed and frightened, gasped as she felt her straightened legs being drawn up and outward. Wide-eyed and open mouthed, she stared at the harnesses pulling at her ankles and then at the adults causing it. "Please don't, you're hurting me," Juliet said, beginning to cry, as her legs were being drawn a little bit further to her sides.

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Miss Ashton, watching the process, grinning at the little girl as she went forward to kneel in front of her, her hands caressing her smooth and delicate skin. "Don't worry, I can reduce the pain," she told the whimpering girl. Caressing her pubis, her eyes darting from her nervous expression to closely examine her little cunt for signs of any pubic hair. It was a rule at Avondale that all pubic hair must be removed. A few blond hairs, almost hidden against Juliet's fair skin, were now starting to darken, their fine points beginning to bridge the seam of her young and precious cunt.

Removing a pair of tweezers from her pocket, Miss Ashton gripped a single hair and pulled it out. Her eyes large and round, Juliet jerked as if she had been stung and stared at her mistress, her breath quickening in anxiety as the tweezers hovered over her cunt in anticipation of finding another. Juliet squealed as she found more, her attention now diverted from the slow pull on her legs by her tormentors.

With her slender young legs pulled to either side, her tender cunt was draw apart, exposing her clitoris hood. Her clitoris was smooth and tender, and below it, the tiny mouth of her urethra tensed as it felt itself being gazed upon. Below it, her cunt mouth gaped, taught to do that by the many fingers and tongues of her newly found friends at Avondale.

With no more hairs to pluck, Miss Ashton returned the tweezers to her pocket and withdrew a feather and tickled her clitoris. The reaction was immediate, the girl's pelvis arched up into her bonds, held there while she gasped and stared down at what was happening.

The widening of her legs seemed forgotten as the tip excited new sensations within her. Juliet's legs were drawn close to parallel now, and the tendons of her thighs stood out starkly, pulling her vulva into a pout, her cunt a moist little hole for all to admire.

The feather's tip was applied to another part of skin bordering her slit, and again Juliet gasped and jerked, then panted in an effort to recover, her eyes wide on her mistress while her legs were drawn completely apart and held there. "You need relaxing," Miss Ashton murmured to Juliet, smiling as she caressed the child's tender skin. Juliet arched once more, straining with the pleasure soaring into her. The ache of her spread legs was forgotten as she tried pushing her little cunt more firmly to the stroking fingers, urging them to give her more pleasure.

Her mistress chuckled knowingly, refusing her the pressure Juliet needed and the girl whimpered in her need. Miss Marshall and Rebecca stood to either side, their faces flushed with pleasure as they watched Miss Ashton tease the little cunt held open by her stretched legs. They both licked their lips as Miss Ashton stroked the surrounding flesh, travelling over each plump little labium, gently scoring it with her fingernails while watching it begin to gape.

Her fingers then slid inwards again, sliding round the now swollen bulb of her little clitoris where it stood proudly from her spread sex, then back to rub her urethra before dipping into her pouting little cunt. With Juliet's cunt looking like raw meat, it was that flushed, Miss Ashton deftly eased a finger into the little cunt and quickly moved it back and forth, chuckling as it brought the girl to a screeching orgasm, hot wetness pouring around her finger.

"There. Let that be a lesson, Juliet," she smiled; watching as the delightful child quickly recovered her senses. ****** It was with much delight that Miss Ashton heard about little Wilma Brown from Sophie Jenkins. When Sophie invited Wilma to her bedroom, she blushed. However, her blushes didn't come as any surprise, as she knew from experience that Wilma could not have understood her Sapphic intentions, unless she was also had lesbian tendencies.

The dormitory where Wilma Brown slept had small cubicles surrounded by an eight-foot high partition, each cubicle only just large enough for a bed, a chair and a cabinet. However, in contrast, Sophie Jenkins and Rebecca Allcot who were Miss Ashton's favourite tarts both shared a room. By trading little tarts with Rebecca, Sophie had been able to arrange some privacy for little Wilma's visit, which she now eagerly awaited.

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She didn't have to wait long, for moments after Rebecca had left, a timid knock on the door signalled Wilma's arrival and she popped her head around the door, stepping in with a smile. Sophie drew the blanket back to reveal her naked body. At sixteen she was slender and tall, her breasts were small but firm, and her smooth pubis proudly rose from between her long slender legs.

As she saw the young girl's eyes slide down her body, Sophie slid her legs wider apart, welcoming the young eyes on her cunt and licking her lips as she felt the excitement, that Wilma's scrutiny brought her.

More importantly, here was a girl who she knew was definitely not a virgin and certainly no stranger to lesbian sex. "You've made love to other girl's?" Sophie ventured, a hand sliding down to ease a finger to either side of her rising clitoris, drawing the firm flesh back to open herself to the girl's attention. Wilma nodded, he face burning with her blushes.

"Show me," she grinned, her legs bending for her knees to arch out, drawing her open and available to the young girl. Still burning hotly, Wilma hurried forward to lower her mouth to the smooth cunt of the older girl, running her tongue along the vulva's join, the velvet smoothness of the labia a pleasant surprise to her. She licked her with the aim of dampening the cunt she was licking, in this case unnecessary; as Sophie had grown wet enough for impalement the moment Wilma had looked directly on her.

Wilma licked the thick sweet wetness of Sophie's cunt, savouring the sweeter flavour before swallowing and continuing to lick again.

"Oh yes, that's nice," Sophie panted, loving the lapping action. Wilma said nothing, but soon the tip of her tongue was wriggling into her slit, helping to draw her labia apart and unfurl her tender sex. "Yes, yes!" Sophie softly gasped; trying to remember when she'd last had such a knowing tongue. Little fingers joined in, parting and holding her apart, letting the tongue surge in and out of her weeping cunt.

Now and then it stopped to rush upwards, flicking the tip of her clitoris in a way that made Sophie gasp with delight and lift herself from the bed. "Yes, yes. I'm going to come, I'm going to come!" she panted, rising towards the steep precipice of her pleasure. Wilma had heard those sounds many times before, and felt the tension in Sophie's thighs and the swivelling of the ripe fruit that she was licking.

She knowingly extended two of her fingers and, as she raised her mouth to concentrate on her clitoris, drove her fingers deep into her cunt. Sophie keened, her long body bowed upwards as the pleasure surged through her. Her hands rushed to Wilma's head and held her tightly to her, holding her as she jerked on the tongue, holding her until she couldn't stand the sharp pleasure any longer and she had to push the girl away before collapsing, spent, upon her bed.

"That was lovely," Sophie sighed wishing all her orgasms were that torrid. "Shall I go now?" Wilma asked.

Sophie laughed. "Of course not," she chided the child. "Undress," she ordered before turning and shuffling back to make room in the bed for little Wilma.

A little confused, a little embarrassed, Wilma slid from her clothes, blushing prettily as she stood and let Sophie enjoy her young, hardly yet pubescent body.

At eleven, her breasts were just cones tipped with the tenderest of pink nipples, and her little cunt still held some of the thickness of girlhood, any pubic hairs that would have proved the on coming of her adolescence, removed. She blushed hotly as she felt eyes on the tiny little cones of her breasts, self consciously bowing her shoulders before Sophie's eyes slid down to her little cunt. "Come on, open your legs wider," Sophie urged. Her face now aflame, Wilma parted her legs and felt a rush of heat sweep over her as Sophie gasped.

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She'd seen herself often enough in the mirror to know what Sophie was now seeing; the flat labia that hardly served to obscure the long shaft of her clitoris. "How lovely!" Sophie gasped. Wilma shook and licked her lips.

"Do you really think so?" she asked. "Oh yes. Come here!" Sophie urged. Sophie watched Wilma come shyly forward, then lie down, the young girl shy and tense, her nervousness showing on her face. She stroked her and the girl settled, licking her lips and slowly settling as Sophie's fingers continued to softly caress her breasts, then her belly and her loins, purposefully detouring from her smooth pubis while the girl's skin slowly coloured with rising excitement.

Her hands stilled so she could lean over and begin gently kissing the young girl. Her lips brushed a half puckered nipple and she covered it to suck harshly on it, smiling inside as she made Wilma gasp and rise against her lips.

She slid to the other and did the same, beginning softly until the child had all but relaxed, then sucking harshly once more, making her gasp and jump while the nipple itself swelled with blood to become ultra sensitive. Sophie worked down Wilma's body, while her lips and tongue savoured the smooth flesh, until; finally, she came to her delicious little cunt. Wilma's perfume already rose from the seemingly half formed gash created by her slight nether lips. Her clitoris, enshrouded by the long hood, stood out, the skin below incredibly pink, moist and tender.

Sophie admired it; comparing it to the many young cunt's she'd seen since coming to Avondale and, although different to most, placed it high on her list of loveliness. Her head dipped and her eyes turned up to look at the young girl's face as her tongue darted out to lick the swollen nub.

Wilma gasped and began to shake, her breath quickening as she waited anxiously for the second touch. It came, producing the same intense sensations shooting like darts into her belly and she cried out and jerked, coming to orgasm painfully.

Sophie watched and grinned. "Please don't tell anyone. You won't will you?" Wilma begged. "Of course not," Sophie told her, kissing her and wondering how best to let Miss Ashton know of this wonderful little tart. "Right, again!" she breathed; pushing Wilma down towards her arching cunt and the little tart complied. ****** Jeremy Brown was a stout man in his late forties and had been very successful in business.

He had married late and Wilma was his only child. His wife had left him and run off to America with a much younger man and he found himself being attracted to Wilma and her little friends so enrolling her at Avondale was the ideal solution to his problem.

So it came as a real surprise when he received a letter from Miss Ashton, inviting him to visit the Academy. It was a worried and flustered man who walked behind Sophie that day as he visited the school.

He was shown to the Headmistresses office where the elegant lady rose and came from behind her desk to offer her hand. She was pleased that Sophie had brought Wilma to her attention and from the intelligence she had been able to gather her father shared her passion for children.

"I'm sorry to drag you away from your work Mr Brown," she told him. "I hope it is nothing serious," he said, licking his lips nervously. "I just need to clarify the reason you enrolled Wilma at Avondale," Miss Ashton told him bluntly, watching his reaction with interest. "I am sorry, I am not sure what you mean," Jeremy said.

"Well, some fathers enrol their daughters to be taught deportment, manners and obedience through our regime of strict discipline," she told him. "However, there are some fathers who send their daughters to Avondale in order to remove them from their temptation," she continued, noting the flicker in his eyes.

"I am still not sure why I'm here," he said, worried that Miss Ashton had discovered his passion for children. "Mr Brown, our school is not all it appears to be," Miss Ashton told him soothingly. "We don't advertise the other side of our curriculum, any more than you would your passion.


However, to those who we learn have similar interests, we open our arms and accept them as patrons." "I don't know what you're talking about," Jeremy told her candidly. "Perhaps a little demonstration would make it clearer," Miss Ashton offered, already prepared for this eventuality.

She rang the bell on her desk, then waited, smiling pleasantly to her guest. Less than a minute passed before there was a knock on the door and four pupils entered, followed by Rebecca Allsop.

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Jeremy watched, enthralled, as the four children, all seemingly at a different age, the youngest a tall and lean nine year old while the eldest seemed to be a willowy blond fourteen year old, two boys and two girls, began to slowly undress. Rebecca clapped her hands to gain their attention and the children now naked turned to face the two seated adults.

Jeremy couldn't help but stare, licking his lips and wishing he'd seen Wilma naked like this before he enrolled her.

Miss Ashton smiled as she looked at the shocked look on Mr Brown's face. "I don't understand," he managed. Miss Ashton nodded to Rebecca, and she called for a boy and girl to step forward.

They did so, and somewhat over eagerly, the girl then crouched down to take the boy's cock in her mouth, her legs remaining apart so as to not obscure the view of her little cunt. Drawing his cock awake, she slid her lips along it, letting the adults see how erect he had become.

Jeremy gasped, his heart hammering. Gulping and blushing, he tried to cover his own erection, which got even harder as he saw Miss Ashton smile knowingly at him. With the young boy now erect, an older girl stepped forward and, as the younger one returned to her place, lifted a leg to rest her calf on the boy's shoulder. Jeremy stared wide-eyed at the two of them as her supple body allowed her to push her cunt down onto his cock. The boy grinned and pushed himself fully into her and the two began to fuck, each panting hotly as the slender cock drove in and out of her slippery cunt that now gleamed with her slick wetness.

Fuck wasn't the word, Jeremy decided, watching the naked children in front of him, who were both so clearly on the edge of puberty. Rebecca clapped her hands and the pair parted, doing so with fluid grace to then turn and bend, kneel and lean forward. They moved in symmetry, the girl turning her back on the boy to turn and bend, her legs and back absolutely straight as she pushed her bottom out. He moved with a lean masculine grace, sliding down to his knees to then, with hands on his thighs, push his upper body forward.

Their movements coincided and he brought his mouth to her pudenda. Jeremy spellbound, watched and gasped as the boy's tongue extended and fluttered between the shapely lips of the girl's vulva. Now the other two came forward, the boy to stand with his arms behind him, offering the bent girl his already stiff cock.

Her pursed lips allowed his cock to slide in, and then her upper body was rocking up and down on the gleaming stork, one moment only the very tip held by her lips, the next the full length of him submerged in her mouth and throat. The youngest girl slid herself between the kneeling boy's legs and spread her own legs, allowing the standing boy to ease his right foot between her legs and begin fondling her with his big toe.

She held the upstanding cock in front of her and to one side as she sucked his balls into her mouth, each one in turn. "Do you need of some relief?" Miss Ashton goaded her guest, her eyes darting down to what looked to be a painful erection in his breeches.

Jeremy gulped, unsure what to say as the depravity continued right in front of him. Miss Ashton nodded and Rebecca smiled as she undressed, thrusting her breasts out with an unnecessary wriggle. Miss Ashton grinned as Jeremy ogled the slender teenager who was so eagerly stripping off before him, spreading her legs and squeezing her ripe young breasts while the four pupils continued the special performance they had been taught, all working together to arrive at their pleasures together.

Smiling she reached for his breeches. Her well-practiced fingers easily undid his belt from under the hang of his overweight belly, and then drew his breeches apart to extract his stout, and quite thick, uncircumcised cock. Rebecca grinned as she straddled the man's broad lap and settled upon his cock. She groaned delightedly as the thick cock pulled her open, stretching her lovingly, more than the boys at the Academy would have ever done.

Purring delightedly, she sank all the way down, then used her muscles to clench him within her, pulling at him deeper. Jeremy gasped and stared at the lovely creature sitting on his lap, his cock embedded in her tight little cunt.

A few feet in front of him girls were holding young cocks at their faces and letting the seed splatter across their bodies. It was all too much and, with a sob of anguish, he felt himself come. ****** Within the hour, Miss Ashton had persuaded Mr Brown to accompany her to one of the viewing rooms in the basement.

In the brightly lit room, the other side of the spy hole the only piece of furniture Jeremy could see was a wooden beam that had been padded with rough material along its surface.

"They won't be able to see us," Miss Ashton assured him just as the door to the other room opened. A stern looking woman ushered Wilma Brown into the room, her little head timidly lowered.

Jeremy gasped, as he saw his daughter and two older girls enter the room before the door was closed and locked.

"What?" Jeremy mumbled confused as to what was going to happen, and yet unable to concentrate as his eyes devoured his daughter. "I am tired of having to repeat myself, Miss Brown. You have received a number of warnings and I can see no improvement," The teacher told her. "I do try. I do!" Wilma said, defending herself in a subdued voice.

"Do not interrupt me!" the teacher said indignantly. Mr Brown licked his lips and shuffled forward eagerly to see what was going to happen. "You are going to be punished, and I hope this teaches you a lesson young lady!" the teacher told her. "Remove your uniform," she spat. "We've had to exaggerate her waywardness in order to provide you with this demonstration of what we offer parents," Miss Ashton murmured, watching the man stare intently as his daughter undressed.

"You arrange this for other parents?" he breathed, studying Wilma's nakedness and wishing he had taken a greater interest in her while she'd been at home.

He could have pretended to need to investigate her health, could have pretended to need to check on her development. As a last resource, he could have used the same demanding tone that the teacher now used to get her to grovel naked at her feet. He could have just demanded that she undress, like she was now, his eyes sliding towards the two other girls as they lowered the padded beam and fastened it into position.

"Up you get," the teacher told Wilma sharply. The assistants helped her, arranging her so she laid along the beam with her bottom perched over the end nearest the spy hole. Her legs were bent up under her, much like those of a jockey riding a horse, but with the result of leaving her bottom widely parted and her little cunt fully exposed to those watching. Finally her arms were drawn forward and then fastened to cords that held her stretched along the beam. "Oh, you'll cry soon enough," the teacher told Wilma as she began to softly weep.

She lifted a solid looking rattan cane and tested it in her hands, bending it right round to show how supple it was, then whistling it through the air, aware that the child's father was now just the other side of wall. The teacher took up her position at the foot of the beam and tapped the young girl's bottom with the cane. Wilma wept loudly, feeling the cold rod slide along her bottom, parallel with her short, half parted anal crease.

She lifted the cane high, bringing it down quickly so the girl would have little time to prepare, then stood aside to let those beyond the spy hole enjoy her exposed charm's as she struggled in her agony. A bright line appeared close to her bottom crease, swelling upwards as Wilma continued to cry.

The teacher lifted the rattan cane again, and brought it down sharply upon Wilma's little bottom smiling as the girl screeched, and then bounced up and down on the beam. Like many pupils before her, Wilma had learnt how best to absorb the terrible pain of the cane was to thrust her young cunt against the rough padding, trying to offset the burning agony in her bottom with the sharp delight it brought her cunt.

The third stroke landed directly between her bottom cheeks, just as she had lifted herself off the beam. Jeremy sobbed excitedly as he saw his daughter squirm with fresh pain, her contortions bringing her little anus into view now, reddened from the last strike of the cane. Screaming, Wilma frantically rubbed herself against the padding, her breath growing short with her efforts.

To those watching, her slender young form looked delightful, more so because of her position; her legs bent outward under her, fully exposing her genitals. "Would you like one of my girls to provide you relief?" Miss Ashton asked Jeremy, watching his reactions intently.

"Unbelievable!" Jeremy gasped. The teacher now put aside the cane to pick up a slender belt, which she doubled over in her fist, pressing it into Wilma's little cunt. Unblinking, his breath held, Jeremy watched the belt rise, then come down in a short sharp arch that scored the tender flesh between her legs.

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Wilma screamed afresh, once more jerking and squirming, madly trying to relieve herself of the pain while held in he bonds. Her cunt brightened with her struggling, burning brightly and yet gleaming with wetness. The belt came down once more, scoring her tender flesh and brightening it still further, making her screech, squirm and frantically push her pelvis into the padding beam below her.

A little girl of twelve came into the viewing room and knelt before Jeremy. She was blond and blue eyed, exactly the way he liked them. As the belt landed yet again between Wilma's legs sending her into fresh paroxysm, the girl released his cock and held it outward for her mouth to cover the tip.

Pleasure and excitement soared in the old man, yet his eyes never drifted from the sight of his daughter, legs spread, grinding her tenderised vulva down onto the padded beam whilst crying loudly. "Have you learnt your lesson yet?" her teacher asked. "Yes Miss!" Wilma sobbed, nodding her head frantically. The teacher put the belt aside and picked up two long feathers. As the girl in his lap began sliding her lips along his cock, licking and sucking on him, the teacher was sliding the feathers over Wilma's tenderised flesh, the tip of one probing her little anus while the other stroked her reddened labia and sawed softly along the edge of her swollen clitoris hood.

Wilma arched as she came, a sweet cry breaking through as she was brought on and satisfied. With the image of his daughter spending on the two artfully positioned feathers, Jeremy arched, his head thrown back as the girl tightened her lips around his cock, and drank his seed.

"You are most welcome to experience these things again, whenever you wish, for a small fee of course," Miss Ashton said, watching intently as he came back down to earth.