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This Forced Gay Sex, Slave, and all totally Made up, please enjoy it, I have re read this and tried to put the correct grammer in, so this is now in the correct place.You will need to read it all again,I hope to continue the further chapters after Chapter 3.Please enjoy it, I must say I get a hard on,just going through it again.

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if you wish to make a sugestion or constructive comment,feel free email me.M Some years ago while hitch hiking around Europe, I got a lift with two Belguim men, they opened the car door,asked where I wanted to go, Ghent I said, ok they said get in and the front passenger got out and I slid into the front seat next to the driver. The man who got out then proceeded to get back in ,it was a tight squeeze on the bench seat. Off we went down the roadwe got talking about many things,they spoke excellent English, and the subject soon got around to sex,well at 18 years old,very inexperienced in that field,I was getting quite exited,and my cock was getting hard and grew in my pants.


What I had not realised was that these two men were Gay, well they prefered straight men, and after traveling about 10 miles,the man to my left who was about 27 years old, put his hand on my thigh and started to rub the inside of my leg. Excuse me I said,I am not that way inclined, he took no notice of my protests, and continued to put his hand onto my flies and drew the zip open. Your thinking why did,nt I move my arms ,well they sorted that problem very quickly, by having me sat in the center position, as soon as I moved forward they moved each arm behind their backs, and I was stuck.So there was nothing I could do to prevent them from touching me.

The driver of the car, took a right hand turn and followed a dirt track, he drove for about a further 3 miles and stopped, in the meantime his buddy had taken my cock out my pants and started to rub the end very gently, giving me an even greater hard-on, he then bent his head and started to suck my cock, which was begining to ooze pre-cum.By the time the car stopped he had very carefully removed my jeans to ankle level, and had brought my under pants down below my knee,sso I was sat there with one very hard cock ,partially naked ,with two very horny menwho announced that their intention was to fuck me .

When the driver stepped out of the car both my hands were releasedand I got out trying to run,but of course I tripped over my own trousers and landed in a heap on the floor.The taller one of the men lowered his body on top of me ,pinning me to the ground, his pal had taken his own trousers and underclothes off ,and put his hardening dick on my lips, I was,nt really not in a position to argue and the pressure of the other mans weight of my body,was getting very heavy,and I opened my mouth to try and capture extra air,I caught his cock, in it came, and the man held my head quite tightly,and proceeded to fuck my mouth.

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He took my right hand and told to fondle his balls, I did as I was told, the other man got off my body, he removed all of his clothescame and laid down beside and started stroking my cock again, Then he realised that I had two hands, he released my cock and moved into a position were he could access my other hand and told rub/stroke it.I did just that and started to rub his cock very fast, he did,nt need much encouragement ,I quickly brought him off and his sperm came out and covered my face, and dripped off my chin, and onto my chest, His friend saw what happened ,he quickly came himself, and held my head even tighter, and exploded inside my mouth, most of which I was forced to swallow, the rest just slipped out of my mouth onto my chest with the other spunk.I took my own hand and placed on my cock and wanked myself silly, I needed to cum, they just watched me, while wanking there own cocks back to an erection, I came in floods of sperm, It flew out of me ,up my chestand just dripped out of the end of my cock.,The taller of the men, bent down beside took my now flacid cock,and started to suck it,cleaning off my sperm and giving me a slow wank, his own cock became hard again,and they ordered me to lie on my belly, I turned over, and got on the my knees, & the shorter one got down and started to finger my arse, he was putting his finger in with longer strokes and encouraged my arse to become wider.

. Well his now very hard cock found its own way (Just like a homing pigeon) up my bottom and into my anal passage, and with his right hand ,he manouvered me into a position where he could stroke my now hardening cock, he started to whisper in my ear, that he would like me to cum the same time as him, and he really started ram his cock into me,I had never had this type of sex before, and I can honestly I was,nt aiming to repeat it. . He suddenly pulled his cock out of me ,quickly to be replaced by his friends cock,that was even bigger, and I was lifted off the ground to a 45 degree angle, still being fucked,and now finding a hard cock entering my mouth as well, I started to wank my own cock it was ready for a nice pussy, (Girl), that was not going to happen.

My arse shagger was begining to wind up like a coiled spring and with a swift grab of my hips,unleashed torrents of hot spunk inside me, he kept comming,it seemed endless ,but at last his cock plopped out ,and his friend came in my mouth,with gusto,spunk everywhere, I did,nt like the taste and I cannot abide the smell, but that was not stopping them .

When they had finished with me,I heard them say that I could I would make a good sex slave, and they would enhance their collection, Im not a bloody ornament, I said, shut the fuck up, the tall one said,you will do as you are told, get yourself dressed,and get in the car, back seat.

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Well I had to do as I was told,as I had no means of getting away from them especially in the middle of nowhere,I felt that if I went along with their order I could find a way out at a later date.

We drove for about an hour and a half,through towns and the countryside, until we came to a rather grand affair on the left hand side of the road, they turned into and drove up a long drive, it ended at a large Mock Tudor house, with leaded windows, a large front door, with a great big over sized brass door knocker.The tall man got out of the car to be greeted by a youth of about 15 years old,hello Sir he said, the youth had some type of ragged uniform on, then I realised it was a large cloth flap which covered his genetalia, and as he came down the short step the man lifted the flap and openly fondled the youths cock, he said I hope you have,nt been wasting any of your spunk have you ,and with that statement squeezed his cockNo Sir,I have,nt touched it, the man then turned his attention to the youths arsebend over slut he said,he bent over and the man felt inside his arse cheeks, and then smacked bottom hard,the youth winced, and said nothing, he straightened himself up and went back inside the house.

They called to me to get out of the car, he said there is one rule which you will obey,you will do exactly as we tell you,and you don,t masturbate, your spunk is for our pleasure only, do you understand, I nodded Yes.Now go into the house and speak to (A2) you are going to be known as (A9), and you will refer to us as SIR1 & SIR2, off you go (A2) will tell you exactly what is expected of you.

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Do please write a reveiw of this my first Complete Gay Story, is it good,bad or indifferent,and should I write chapter 2, Chapter 2. I was taken upstairs to what was going to be my living quarters, (A2) started to remove my clothing, and told to go and shower,as the Masters expected everyone to be clean & smell fresh.Well I must admit I did smell of stale spunk ,sweat etc, so it was a pleasure to get under a warm shower.

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Having dryed myself off I was given a uniform of sorts, It was a one piece,with very easy access to both my cock and arse.(A2) said I must always make my self available to the Masters ,as they both had a insatiable appetite for sexand I would soon find out that they would want to fuck me,or watch being fucked at least 2-3 times a day.It was about 7pm I after having a reasonable meal (At least they looked after your welfare)was told by (A7) to make my way downstairs and present myself to my Masters in the drawing room, (A7) was a man in his early 20s, very tall,muscular body and I assume a big dick to match,although I did,nt see it.

I made my way downstairs to the Masters in the drawing room, and found them sitting down on a chesterfield settee, SIR1 told to come over to him, he told me to kneel down and suck his cock,I did,nt really have much choice,I proceeded,to take hold of his zip,pull it down,remove his now growing cock,and wrap my lips around the bell end,oh thats good he said,and took hold of my head and started to force his cock further down my throat.I really went to town on his cock, licked the shaft up & down, rubbing my fingers in such a way he nearly came,but I wouldn,t let him.Took his big balls in my mouth sucked them with some force,and then released, SIR1 was beside himself, he quite clearly thought I was the best thing since sliced bread, I even tugged on his pubic hair ,he liked a little S&M, He was telling or should say shouting at the top of his voice that he was going to ejaculate, SIR2, reminded him that my arse was tight ,and would he like fuck my arse and cum inside me,with that suggestion,he quickly removed his cock from my mouth, and shoved it straight up my arse,it hurt because his cock was bulging with blood filled veins, and he only rode me for a couple of mins,and suddenly all hell was let loose, he came so much spunk I just could not accomodate it ,and it eased out of bottom and made a mess on the floor, (A6) was called and told to lick my arse and my cock and then the floor,in that order,hurry man we have guests comming in half an hour, (9)he told me go upstairs immediatly ,I want you washed and ready by the time our guests arrive.

3 1/2 hour later I was summond down stairs once again, but told to remove any clothes I had on before comming down,this I did,,there three extra men in the room, One was a fat manthier was a youth of about 17 with him, I noticed that the fat man was fondling this boys cockpulling it and slapping it, the other man was a tall thin man aged I would guess about 40 yrs,, Sir 1 & 2, called me over,introduced me as thier new toy,and said I have a very accomodating bottom and he recomended trying me out ,while the night was still young.

The tall man ,came over told me to stand up, now bend over,I did,and I did not forget itWhack, a cane of some type started to beat the cheeks of my arse, sore,it was red raw by the time he finished, and I was in agony, but that was not going to stop their, I was still in the bent position, when I felt a large cock starting jab its way into my anus, I cryed out in pain, hoping he would give up, that was just like red rag to a bull, He rammed his cock up me as far as he could go, held my shoulders firmly, grabbed the back of my hairand fucked me, without any form of passion or emotion, that hard rod was like a jack hammer, and then it happened he pulled my hair extra tightput his left around to the front of my body,and started to wank me, I did,nt have long to wait, he came in torrents, he was still stroking my cock, but doing that, he lost his balance and fell over taking me with him, landing on top of me, no one was hurt,but when he fell on me ,he managed to poke my mouth with his very hard cock, and so it all began again, but this time both SIRS got involved as well.The tall mans cock was firmly in my mouth,SIR1 clambered around to my rear and proceeded to fuck me once again, and SIR2 told me to lie in such a position, for him to stick his cock in my arse as well.I was nearly split in half.They were all going like hammer and tongs, then I suddenly felt three volcano,s about to release their contents, and off they went one after another, I felt a bit like Cleopatra bathing in spunk instead of asses milk.I was covered in it,they all withdrew their weapons and left me, a big sticky mess on the floor, (A6 & A7), came downstairs and collected meand I was put into a large bath tub, and scrubbed clean.Every hole on my body was very sore.Whilst I was lying in the bath I could hear the Fat Man fucking the youth that they brought with them, and he like me was being totally abused, and 15 mins later, he was brought upstairs and thrown into the bath with me, I got out and left him and (A6&A7)to give him the rough treatment.

I slept well that night ,apart from about 3am, when I felt a hand put over my mouth, and someone stroking my very sore cock, I told them to FUCK off, they left me to sleep.At about 7.30am I was awoken with a sharp tug, get up I was told the Masters require you and (A6) down stairs in their bedrooms, so off I went,didnt have time to refresh myself.

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We both made our way downstairs (A7), said you ,pointing at me go to SIR2 & (A6) go to SIR1.I opened the door, and was told to come and lie on his bed next to him, He could see that my bottom was still red raw from the night before,and said he would not fuck me today (Oh how kind of him I thought), but that will not stop me giving him a blow job.

Now I want you to rim my arse "now" he said, he rolled over onto his belly, and stuck his arse into my face, I hesitatedthis was not my scene, my thinking time finished with a timely whack to the side of my head, Lick me now, or I will hurt you, reluctantly I put my tongue into his puckering anus and started to lick, (Im glad he washed) well I spent about 15mins sliding my tongue up and down, even lowering my head to give some Tea Bagging, he loved it,Hold my cock hard slut, stroke my cock he kept whimpering, suck itlove the end of my cock, make me want your cockup my arse (I had,nt bargained for this) .Well he took hold of my cock and spat on it, put his knees on to the bed and proceeded to feed my hard cock up his arse, now fuck me you pussie, he told me that if I did ,nt increase my stroke and pump harder, he would get SIR1, to take me again, I increased my pace, I rammedand I came my spunk flooded inside him, he came as well, all over the bedclothes.I pulled out of him, and just lay on the bed,knackered, he said rest, I don,t call 15 mins long to rest.

The Master went off to shower & feed, whilst I went back upstairs to clean up.While was washing myself, I could just here a conversation between the Masters, they were discussing my future, I heard them say that they had prospective buyers comming tomorrow, he was going to get a good price for me, well I thought this may be a route of escape.A9 come here ,yes sir I replied,and quickly made my way down stairs, come into the drawing room the voice said, I went in and there was SIR1 sitting on a bench type chair with a suspended bar hanging just beside him.

He called me over, as usual I was without clothing,they felt we were less likely to play with ourselves if were naked.


I want you to lie on this bar faceing away from me, I did,and then he tied my wrists to the bar,and then raised the bar to about 5 feet high.I suddenly felt very vunerable, he took a large cane off the wall and started hitting my bottom, I screamed to him that I was promised NO corporal punishment today, he said I will do as I like,and you will do as you are told.I had no choice.Whack Whack Whack, it stung every time it came down on my cheeks, then the torture startedhe rubbed salt water into my sores, now that did sting, I nearly passed out.When he finished, he swung around to face him, my little cock had shrivledbut he soon changed that, he took my cock in his hand and started to stroke it and quickly brought it back to life, he said SIR2 was now wanting to fuck me ,sore bottom or no sore bottom, he wanted me now.SIR 2 came into the room, I was still hanging off the bar, my erect cock waving in front of mehe came over and grabbed hold of it,and SIR1 left him to it, whilst holding my now very firm cock,he turned me round to taker a closer look at the damaged flesh on my arse, he was still stroking me ,playing with the end, I yet again was getting extremely horny, and sadly, even desiring his cock up my hole, as I had no choice anymore, a cock up my pussie was better than nothing at all, and given the circumstances I now found myself in.

He inspected my arse ,licked his middle finger,and proceeded to drive it up my back passage, again no emotion or care shown,just his own lust for my arse.He really went to town, he continued to stroke my cock, and whispering,how he was going yet again fuck my mouth he kept telling me that my cock would find relief very soon,and with that statement called A6 into the room and told him to suck me off,this young boy was told to stroke his own cock at first and then take my cock into his mouth.This he did,and soon the force of SIR2 up my arse was pushing my cock into A6s mouth.While this was going on A6 had orders to wank himself off, SIR2 was really ramming his big hard cock in and out of me, I could feel every strokeand A6 was sucking my weapon and I could feel the build-up of spunk comming to the surface, I was about to explode, and then it all happened I came ,cum was shooting into A6s mouth ,and SIR2 was comming into me.It came in torrents, he must have loosed a gallon of sperm up me (Well thats what it felt like ,well more than a teaspoonful).White stuff was dripping out my arse and A6s mouth, and then A6 came ,his cum flew across the back of the walland we all seemed relievedand I was still hanging on the bar.he untied my wrists, lowered me to the floor,and told to go rest & bathe, and he expected back down in 5 hours.


Chapter 4. The following day, I was told that I was going to be sold, but they could,nt get enough for me,so they sold A7 instead, so thats my escape route gone,, I was somewhat low, after all the effort I had made to the potential buyer last night.I wanked him,sucked him, and he even complimented my Masters on what a lovely arse I had, and he was nice, and showed a little respect for me, which was a bonus.he only offered them £5000, they wanted £10,000,(Of course I get no say in the matter).The Masters announced that they are taking a holiday in Monaco, and A7 & A9 were going to accompany them, they had to clothe us in the correct clothing, to avoid suspicion, apparently they had inherited a villa some years ago, which they had torturing facilities fitted(How wonderfull, I thought, more abuse).

Arrangements were made and we were taken there by a wagon, whereas the Masters flew.

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Of course the usual threats had been made, No playing with yourselves, and definatly no wanking, as they new by the time we got there we would be peaking ,and ready to be fucked .It took us two days, in the back of this old wagon, with no home comforts.At last we arrived, we were led into the tradesmans entrance, and told to report to the Conservatory-Swimming Pool area, A7 was told to go and unpack there suitcases, and I was told to strip, they wanted to inspect me (Rubbish, it was fucking time again).

I proceeded to remove all my clothing,and stand in front of the Masters, bend down SIR1 said,I did he got out of his chair and came behind me, He started to play with my anusplaced his middle finger inside me, and began to rub me, whilst all this was going on ,I noticed that another young boy walking towards me, he like me was naked ,he had a big cock, which was totally erect, (All he needed was the flag at the end of his pole), he came over to me and was told to fuck me,, and with no hesitation he shoved his cock up my still tight arse, and off he went in and out, he was a fairly tall boy for his age, with a very fair complexion, and balls as big as a bulls, they swung as he shagged my pussie, and hit me,The Masters were getting really exited, and SIR1 had pulled his swimming trunks down, and was wanking very fast, he closed in on my mouth, pinched my nose ,I opened my mouth to breath ,and he pushed his hard weapon into my mouth, as normal he grabbed my hair and fucked my face, no holds barred.his brother SIR2,had also removed his clothing and stroking his own cock, and then stopped the boy from fucking metold to go stick his dick up his arse ,and he put his cock up mine,(Daisy Chain).So with cocks in me both back & front, I was getting shagged ,but yet again no-one thought of my needsthat was all to change, then this cock in a frock arrived on the scene, and stuck my cock in his mouth, grabbing my balls and massaging them .Well I was so pent up ,I came first, and the cock in a frock milked my cock of everything that was there to take, he/she drained meshe drank it all down ,ooh I felt better,but of course I was soon to be presented with my own mouthful, and yes on que SIR1 ejaculated into my mouth,holding my head very very tightly, he just pumped and kept on pumping,his spunk just flowed into my holeI could,nt swallow fast be continued

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