Redhead MILF Janet Mason Gets Big Tasty Black Treat

Redhead MILF Janet Mason Gets Big Tasty Black Treat
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TALE OF TWO ISLANDS— PART 2 ( reading Part 1 is a Must!) A TALE OF TWO ISLANDS Bobby built a very large bon fire for that evenings gathering not knowing if anyone would be in the mood for talking.

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His sisters Kay and Ariel, along with their friend Angelina (angel for short) were in the 36 foot Sea Ray cruiser tied up at the deep water dock of West Dollar Island. It was getting on toward evening and the sun was starting to set but the wind and water were very warm. Sweaters and coats were not necessary to feel comfortable under a light breeze from the Lake George.

Sensing someone behind me, I turned to find Angel staring at me with a funny look on her face. As she stood in the last sun light reflecting off the water she was absolutely beautiful. Sandy blond hair that was in total disarray, freckled face with sun spots that were made bigger by being constantly outdoors. Her body was slim and toned at the same time.

She was a 17 year old 5 foot 3 inches of tom boy with a touch of wild cat. I noticed her bikini bottom was on inside out (as if it mattered). Her boobs were very small. I found out last night that although she was no more than a B cup her nipples stuck straight out. Now there were barely covered with two pieces of cloth 3x3 inches wide sting tied in back.

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She certainly did not wear it for support. She walked past me and went down to the beach and sat down in the fine sand. She removed her top and threw it in my direction with a giggle.

Now every beach person knows that certain insects live in the sand on any beach. That is why most people bring a blanket to lie on. Angel had not and after a few minutes she jumped up screaming that something had invaded her and was biting her like crazy.

Sand fleas. I grabbed her under one arm and ran her to the water.

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In one move her bottoms were off her body and she stood in the water up to her waste nude. She tried to clean herself of all things crawling. Watching her fingers disappear in her little pussy was a complete turn on. Next thing I knew my cock was at full alert and Angel was staring at it. I took the trunks off and they fell into the lake. Angel then proceeded to give me one of the best blow jobs I had ever experienced, great but shortly I was ready to cum.

She eagerly swallowed all I could give her. My cum leaked out of her mouth and dribbled on her nipple. Her fingers were still in her pussy working like crazy. her legs and feet were moving in concert with her fingers.

She came as she drained my cock of my last fluid. She was unaware that my sperm was hanging off her left breast I decided to leave it there for now. My mouth locked over angel's we enjoyed a long deep kiss.


We found her suit bottom but she was in no hurray to put it back on. As I lay back on the blanket sun hitting my semi hard cock, angel walked over and planted her pussy over my cock. She then began to stuff as much of the cock into that little hole between her legs.

She was doing a cowboy position on me but my cock was not ready for her grinding. my cock was about half way into her cunt in a semi erect condition. in a few minutes, my cock felt as if I had bottomed out after about 4 inches of my now hard cock wedged into that hole. This position was really not comfortable at all. She just could not bring her ass checks in contact with my stomach. One powerful motion and Angel was now on her stomach with my cock still held in her pussy.

Grabbing her tits from behind, I pulled her back on her knees and buried the full length of my cock into her pussy. It was very painful for Angel and she screamed for a few seconds as her pussy was stretched to accommodate my cock. I had both hands under herone on her tits and the other on her stomach. I could feel my cockwhen I thrust into her pussy, bump my hand on her stomach.

I wondered if I was doing any damage to her internal parts as I slammed my cock home fast and hard. Part of the joy with Angel, beside my cock being inside her pussy, was that you could say that I was raping her with a hard fucking. She was inexperienced and she had not had cocks of my size in her before. Instead of going easyi was being brutal; like I was fucking a stranger. No love was communicated by me at all, and I was not being gentle or considerate in what had to be her first good fuck by an adult with adult size equipment.

I noticed blood on my stomach, not a lot but smeared from her cunt over me. I thought it was time to get out so I came with a quick grinding of my ass into her pussy farther. that motion set me off and I dumped what I had left into her pussy without caring about Angel,who was crying softly as she was pinned to the blanket. I pulled out and ran down to the water to wash off. I stayed there because I did not want to confront Angel.

She got up after a minute and slowly went toward the boat still totally naked. It was brutalgiving her a violent fucking when she wanted tender love making. I'm sure she has her pussy stretched to accommodate her fill of man cocks now. My thoughts went to the other two girls in the boat. They have been extremely quiet.

Darkness had fallen and there was a light on in the boat with the generator running. looking down through the top hatch in the bow of the boat Ariel was lying on the bed spread with nothing on her body except for a string thong bathing suit bottom.

Her tits were bright red either from sun or a good workout, nipples were hard and there was a shiny liquid on her stomach that could have been suntan oil or pussy juice. in any event she was sleeping.

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Kay was not up front and she was probably in the galley or dining area because the lights were on in that area now. Angel had just stepped out of the shower and went to the forward bed where Ariel was sleeping.

Kay followed her in and bent down and started sucking on her pussy lips. Angel was still sore for out workout and she warned Kay away from her pussy. While kneeling on the bottom, angel on her back ,legs open, kay sucked Angel's nipples. pinching them hard. Angel was in no mood for more pain and she pushed Kay's face away a second time.

Kay moved over to Ariel and sucked her pussy as she slept. Ariel would cum ever so often from kays mouth. She never woke from her sleep and kay moved to ariel's ass hole for more sucking.

It appeared that they had a little secret for quite a long time now. Ariel never showed a lot of interest in my cock even though growing up she had seen it quite often. She would pull on it when she was pissed at me for something but never showed an interest in what it was made for.

So ended the second evening of my vacation with the girls. Mom and dad must to have had something to do as they did not come up to the lake that evening. Time dragged by slowly until the new day dawned with the weather staying about the same with a hot afternoon in forecast. East Dollar island had a visitor about 8 am that next morning. With no dock in place, the boat was a shallow draft aluminum row boat. The passengers jumped into the water to bring the boat on the sand. In the boat were two guys and three girls and a very large beer cooler which meant potential trouble.

that afternoon. Kay got up as usual and never spoke to me as she walked past me. she was going over to the area where the new people had spread a large blanket unaware that they were in "her" spot for bathing.

I could see kay disrobe and walk out into the water about tits deep. She began to use the bar of soap to get clean. One of the guys had come over to her rock where she had folded her top and shorts and sat next to them. Kay was splashing and the guy was quiet.

As she turned to come out she saw the boy in her way. Hands went up to her tits and pussy as she retreated in the water just covering her nipples. This girl had a outstanding way of meeting boys too bad she was a lesbian. The boy stood up, he was about 5 foot 8 inches 160 pounds, 21 or so. next thing I saw amazed me. The bathing trunks went to the ground and a yellow stream of pee arched toward Kay.

Since he was about 6 feet higher on the shore the piss hit kay right in the face. She was looking into the sun and did not see it squirt out. Kay of course was horrified when she was drenched in his urine. She dove down under the water and swam away. Now came a problem, there were very few ways in and out if the water because of the high rocks that lined the shore.

Kay either had to stay in the water or walk past the pissing boy on shore. after a few moments of conversation between the boy and Kay, Kay came out of the water, dressed and proceeded back to our boat under the watchful of the boy. He stared at her large breasts and well tanned body. she had a hairless body as a competition swimmer would have in competition.

without saying a word to me she climbed on board the boat. That told me one thing that Kay was very proud of her body and did not mind showing it off to boys or girls. She was indeed almost perfect in bobby's mind, except for her fondness for pussy. His sister would always be first among the best looking girls he knew. Breakfast/lunch was served with the girls doing all the hot dogs and hamburgers on the island grill.

Ariel was not really talkative as she read her book, Angel was very clinging to me as she came off her "fuck of the morning" soreness. I could have had her again at anytime but with the new visitors and new pussy on the island, I thought I would save it for a while testing the waters so to speak with the other party. Kay was still pissed as hell at me and hissed that I better hope she was not pregnant from that fucking I had given her. She did not seem worried, after all I pulled my cock out before I flooded her pussy with my cum.

I asked her about her new boyfriend and how she liked her golden shower. She was pretty shocked that I knew about the incident and told me not to tell either of the girls. I griped her left braless tit and worked her nipple until she moaned. She pushed my hand away and warned me again. I did not really want to fuck her again. once was enough to always have something to hold over her head down the road.

She would never be better than she was at that moment. I looked to the left of the fire and there was Angel sitting on a rock with shorts on, without underwear, legs spread apart wide. I could now see the gaping hole that was a tight little clam not too many hours ago before my introducing her to hard sex. Her top was tied just under her small breasts and the nipples are nice. I looked at her and my cock grew again.


Well Angel its time to get fucked again. As I watched her for a moment she was beautiful and my cock was determined it was going to fuck her. no blowjob but a hard fuck as before. I looked at her pussy under her shorts and it looked sort of reddish still from this morning, but she would have no choice in the matter, i was going to violently rape her worse then last time. Just trying to determine what hole to use.

I think that given this is probably her sexual awakening vacationI would try out her little puckering ass hole. that was definately virgin ground.

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I told her to come over and sit on my lap. She did so without any question. I then told her what i was going to do to her. my fingers were lightly stoking her pussy lips as they were still red and hot from morning. I told her to go inside and I would join her in the rear berth behind the galley. not as much room as the bow bed but more privacy. I got here a few minutes before she did. I had to pee and get my lube tube prepared next to the bed.

She came in dressed in a long beach gown with nothing on underneath it. see through material. She stood infront of me watching my cock grow and knowing it was going to hurt her. Off came the robe and she dropped to her knees to pay homage to my semi erect cock.

I think she was trying to make me cum this way to prevent me from fucking her little asshole. It did not work. when she had sucked me 100 percent hard againI rolled a cock ring down my penis so it was above my balls. this was to keep the blood in the cock during actual penetration, my cock would not get soft.

When dealing with a virgin ass hole it is necessary to have a very hard cock or full penetration can not be acheived. I rolled her on her stomach and tongued her ass hole.

It would not give a inch. Taking the lube on my finger and worked my way into the anus. two fingers then three fingers in the hole. It loosened up a little. now there was a small opening in her anus. I lubed my cock up with almost all the lube left and proceeded to insert the head. by this time, Angel had orgasmed twice from me playing with her ass hole.

my hand would naturally brush her pussy as I worked and she came shaking during the last orgasm. The first inch of my cock was in the door way of her ass.

It was clear that Angel did not want to go further. At this point I could have actually had a relationship with her that was slave/master. She did anything I said and would refuse me nothing. The cock went in farther, when the head of the cock was almost inshe let out a large breath from the pain.

If I had some cocaine, a little of that powder rubbed into the anus would have allowed the hole to open better and the pain to be less. But there were no drugs. My cock finally made the head inside and about one inch of the shaft when she pleaded for relief. She begged for me to pull out the pain was so great.She said she would be my slave forever if only I would pull out and stop the pain. Nothing makes a person a better slave than the threat of pain. I pulled out slightly and thenmaybe because of the tightness, add the full erection with the cock ring, but the cum started pouring out my cock head.

I pulled out with a pop sound and the cum came flowing out her anus from that not quite as tight as before muscell. She collapsed on the bed and thanked metelling me she would do anything I told her and would be my slave for life. My cock was still spitting out cum as she moved on her back and caught the cum on her pussy. The pussy looked so sore but it was covered in lube and her fluids as well as a rope of my cum.

Now as master, I ordered angel to clean my cock off and remove the cock ring. She might as well be doing the work of a slave because she has committed to me. she got a towel and washed off my still erect cock.

I grabbed a rope and tied a noose around her neck like roping a cow. I instructed my slave to crawl up on deck and pee on the rear deck as if she were a female dog. She did this on all fours. Back to the bed, I leg and wrist tied her into a spread eagle position tits up. I could now inspect her pussy in detail and raise her ass slightly to see her ass hole.

There was a 6 inch piece of 3/4 inch fuel hose on the desk that had never been used. I lubed it with boat grease and shoved it into her anus a full 5 inches. I used duck tape to tape over the hose end and hold it in her ass as I flipped her over on her back. The pain from the butt plug was minimal and she actually ground her ass to get the plug in deeper. then she had a orgasm that spurted pussy juice all over the sheets.

She was punished by being told to sleep in the wet sheet area. It was cold and nasty considering she was totally naked. Darkness had fallen and she fell asleep naked with her hands and feet tied to the bed posts.

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training would continue in the morning. Part 3 will include the new people on East Dollar Island.