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Free downloadable male fisting gay sex clips and young boys xxx
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This is my 2nd story, a continuation of the first. Hope you like it and comment. Mom took us to Mexico when I was about 5. We went to my grandparents house to visit a few days. My grandparents had a big ranch with cattle. It was the first time I saw real cows, and also the first time I saw horses. I was running around playing by myself when I noticed one of the horses had something hanging between it's legs, and it would move.

It really caught my attention, and I got closer to look at it better. The horse jumped up and mounted another one, inserting it's long horse cock into the other one, moving back and forth a bit, and then he just stopped and got off, letting his cock slide out. After thinking of what I had just seen, I figured out that it was the equivalent to a man.

John had done the same thing to mom. I wondered if there was a big penis like the horse's that he was putting inside my mom, or if it was something like my brother's. I became a little scared thinking that someday some boy or man, might want to do that to me.

John treated me and my brother Mike like we were his own kids. Mom would go strip on weekend night, and John would take care of us. He also had a son, Josh, with another woman, that was the same age as my brother.

He would bring him over to our house and they would play together. Mike began spending a lot of time in Josh's house during the week, leaving mom and me with John. John would buy me lots of things, and liked taking me and mom shopping.

He usually had mom sit in his lap, and he would play with her ass or boobs. When she wasn't in his lap, he had me sit in his lap. He wouldn't grope me, but he did like to place his hands on my waist, my hips, my thighs, and my ass.

When I was 5, it seemed completely normal, but as I grew older, he continued sitting me in his lap, and doing the same thing, sometimes groping a bit. By the time I was 10, it would make me a bit uncomfortable. He liked walking up behind mom and grabbing her by her hips or boobs.


He began doing this to me also, but only holding on to my hips. I could feel his crotch on my butt, and he would not allow me to pull away. I had always kissed him on the lips in the morning and when I left for school since I was little, but it was weird as I got older.

It was something I didn't want to do anymore, and he would make me do it. The worse part was, when I misbehaved bad enough, he would make me bend over on his lap, pull my clothes down to show my ass, and let him spank me. This were all things he would do to both me and mom, even the spankings. To all this, mom saw it as normal, since I was his little girl. By the time I was 11, I began maturing a bit, and I knew about things like sex by then.

Mostly because of school and friends. I saw John as a pervert, he was always touching mom and me, and I could hear him fucking her every night. My boobs had just begun to develop, and I would catch him staring at them or my ass all the time. He would come up behind me and hold my waist, as he would grind his erection in my ass. I was so ashamed of his behavior, and couldn't believe mom let him do all this. By the time I was 12, I was a 32C bra size, and John said I looked just like my mom.

I hated having tits, kids would make fun of me calling me a cow or saying I had balloons and those kind of things. I tried hiding them under layers of clothes, but I was too skinny and my boobs too big to go unnoticed. Boys were always picking on me, and that would sometimes get me in trouble. I can't remember what I did in school, and he decided to punish me by spanking me.

He ordered me to go to his lap and bend over, which I refused. He grabbed me by the hair and threw me on his lap. He pulled down my shorts and underwear, then began spanking me really hard. I was screaming and crying, and he made me beg him ,"please stop daddy, I promise I will do whatever you say.", over and over.

He finally stopped, and I was bent over on his lap, with my ass sore, and him rubbing and groping my ass to make it feel better. I was so ashamed of myself, and I knew mom was still on his side, she didn't even think it was excessive.

I was 13 when I began to feel aroused all the time. I began to like the attention I got in school, from boys, from teachers, even the principal. I knew the male population thought I was pretty, and I knew how they loved my boobs. I would often see boys stare as I passed them, and talk about me when they thought I couldn't hear them.

Some teachers really liked standing in front of me, looking down trying to explain things I had trouble with. Getting all this attention made me feel hot, and I liked it.

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I began showing off my body a bit more. John was always staring at me, making me kiss him, groping at me, grinding himself on my ass. I didn't like him at all, but I began to like the attention. Since mom didn't care that he did all this, I began letting him. I quickly figured I could use him wanting me to get whatever I wanted. John always made mom dress like a slut. She was a small, skinny, mexican girl with big boobs.

John had her wear really small mini skirts and tank tops that showed most of her tits. Mom always got a lot of attention from men, which I had just begun to get. Most people said we looked liked sisters and we looked the same, so I wanted to look the same. On one shopping trip, I wanted to buy a some really small shorts for gym class and a small tank top that showed a lot of cleavage.

Mom walked into the dressing room and said I couldn't dress like that. I walked out of the dressing room wearing it, and asked John,"Can I get this, please daddy." I saw his eyes brighten up, and he told me he would buy me anything I wanted, and told mom to ease up. I began buying more shorts, mini skirts, tank tops, all the kind of clothes that mom would wear. Mom didn't want me to, but John backed me up and let me buy what I wanted. I tried on many different combinations of the most revealing clothes I could find, and I would come out and model for mom and John.

John agreed to buy me everything. I began wearing my new slutty outfits, and began getting much more attention from everyone.

Most girls in school thought I was a slut, but the boys loved my outfits. Every now and then a female teacher would send me home to change, but I never had that problem with the male teachers. John began giving me much more attention, specially when mom wasn't around. He began groping me every time he passed by, sometimes giving me small spanks, or hugging me and grabbing my ass, holding my tits to his chest, looking straight down at them.

He also began hugging me from behind and playing with my boobs. I felt so violated by him, and helpless, but I had no one to help me, so I would let him do what he wanted.

Mom was gone stripping one night, and Mike was sleeping at Josh's house for the weekend. I went to take a bath before going to bed.

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As I was gonna lock the door, I realized the door knob had been changed, but didn't think much of it, and locked it. I got the water ready, undressed, and jumped in the bathtub. I suddenly heard the door open, and saw John walking in, removing the key from the door. He began walking straight towards me, as I covered my breasts frozen, and speechless. He knelt down by the bathtub and began touching me all over my body, caressing my shoulders, my breasts, then my knees, then thighs. I said,"Please stop." John,"It's ok, I've been waiting for this a long time, you just be a good girl and do everything I say, and we will have a good time.

Now promise me your gonna do everything I tell you to." He continued touching my body, as I sat there frozen, without saying a word, then I felt his hand slap me in the face. My eyes got watery as I felt the sting in my face. John,"Promise me you are gonna do what I tell you, or I'm gonna have to spank you, now say your gonna do what I want." I sat there crying, when I felt a slap again. John,"Say it." Me,"I'm gonna do whatever you want." John,"Good, if you behave, it doesn't have to hurt.

I'm gonna make you into my little whore, just like your mom." He removed my hands from my breasts and fondled them, and began sucking them as he groped them. I felt one of his hands begin sliding down towards my pussy. John,"Open your legs bitch." I sat there with my legs tight as he slapped me again. John,"I just gave you an order, now obey and say yes daddy." He raised his hand to slap me again, and I cried,"yes daddy." I opened my legs and felt his fat fingers playing around with my clit, as he used the other hand to fondle my tits and sucked on them.


I felt so helpless, I just sat there letting him do it. He continued playing with my clit for what seemed like forever, then I felt him trying to push a finger inside of me. I felt a stinging sensation as he pushed in slowly with his fat finger. John,"That's a nice tight pussy." He got up and undid his pants, and pulled down his boxers.


I tried looking away as he asked,"ever seen one of these." I said," No." He got closer and let it hang in front of my face. John,"Look at it." I turned and looked as he held his dick with his hands.

It was the first time I saw a man's dick. It was a huge black dick, it looked disgusting to me. It reminded me of the horse I saw when I was a little girl, not that it was the same size, just how black, and long, and thick. I was petrified in fear looking at it, I knew he was gonna want to fuck me. He began slapping me softly as he swinged it back and forth across my face. He asked, "do you want to get fucked." Me,"No, please don't." He slapped me,"what do you say at the end." Me,"please don't daddy." John,"I've been wanting to fuck you for a long time, but if you suck my dick real good, I'll let it pass." He held me by the back of my head, with his dick resting on my face and ordered," start sucking in." I sat there sobbing and he said,"start sucking before I fuck you." I didn't know what to do.

He finally said, "fine, I gave you a chance." He climbed in the bathtub with me, opening up my legs. I tried pushing him off, and he slapped me again. "Open your legs bitch." He opened my legs and I lay there not wanting to get slapped again. I felt his dick begin pushing inside my pussy, it stung much worse than his finger.

I felt like I was being split in half as he kept pushing deeper and deeper. I was crying and screaming in agony, and he just kept grunting and looking at metelling me how tight I was. I begged him,"Please stop daddy, it hurts too much." John,"I told you to do what I tell you, or it's gonna hurt.

Me,"please I'll do whatever you want daddy." John,"It's ok, I'm just gonna pop your pussy real quick.

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I've been waiting a long time to fuck you." He continued pushing deeper and deeper, "I'm gonna make you into a good little whore for me." I felt him go deeper, I felt my pussy so open, and he was so deep inside. It was extremely painful, and he kept pushing further and further.

I would scream in pain as he would reach a point where he couldn't go in anymore, but he would just push harder and break past that point. The pain reached my stomach as I finally felt his dick all the way in.

He began sliding it in and out slowly at first, then faster. I felt like I was burning inside my pussy. It was a constant pain as he slid in and out, making me scream in agony. I tried pushing him off, but I was helpless. He was a big, fat, strong, black man, and he I was like a helpless doll to him. He moved his hands around my body freely, from my tits to my ass, at one point fingering my mouth.

He thrusted his hips faster and faster without mercy, I thought I was gonna get split in half. I could feel warmness in my pussy as he went faster and faster, and saw blood in the water. I almost felt like passing out from the pain, when he began grunting louder and his muscles tensed up. I felt his dick bigger then ever inside of me, then he just began to relax.

He pulled his dick out, and I felt like I was left with a huge burning gap in my pussy. He got up and said,"you see, that's what happens when you don't do what I tell you to." He dried up, got dressed, and left.

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I sat there shaking and cried for what seemed like forever. Please comment.