First time pussy fisting for slim lesbo blonde

First time pussy fisting for slim lesbo blonde
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Gnarled hands grasped from every direction, their ashen skin exploring soft flesh and leaving long scratches with their jagged nails causing blood to trickle over the buxom form of the abandoned blonde. Screams welled inside her as the looming terrors fondled and clawed at her, yet as tears poured from her eyes no sounds could escape Sunflower's lips no matter how desperately she needed them to.

Twisted gray bodies with limbs stretched thin like bone swarmed around the nude form of their prey, shrill and guttural shrieks filling the forest through ragged humanoid teeth that dripped hot saliva onto tender skin.

Sunflower's large breasts were cupped and squeezed aggressively by countless hands, her legs spread wide around the large figure's hips between them as it pumped its deformed cock into her bleeding and swollen womanhood. The creatures' long tongues extended and slid across every inch of her body, licking away sweat and blood just as soon as it could appear; the tongues curled around her breasts and nipples, teasing and tasting hungrily. As powerful hips continued to pump against the horrified woman's voluptuous body a thick stream of semen erupted deep inside her, gushing outward and pouring to the grass before the agonizing girth could withdraw from her.

Just as soon as the first pulled away another took its place, driving its throbbing meat into the used pussy with pent up aggression, another sneaking in and taking a contorted position beneath Sunflower. Clawed hands gripped firmly against the abused woman and jerked them downward, its length burying itself deep into the round ass of the blonde and furiously charging into the tight entrance again and again.

Tears flowed heavily from beneath Sunflower's mask, her silenced cries feeling as though they were choking her, the agony and humiliation of her rape overtaking her mind like an inescapable nightmare. It would have been impossible to keep track of how many of these horrid creatures had seeded Sunflower in the hours of abuse she had endured against her body.

The buxom blonde was now forced to straddle one of the beasts as another bore down on top of her, her hips being forced against two separate cocks inside two separate entrances; a cool rush of air chilled her sweat covered face as the lower half of her mask was suddenly torn away, and another throbbing shaft was thrust down her throat.

The taste filling Sunflower's mouth was musky and raw, a sickening flavor that nauseated her and heightened the torment of everything else she endured all the more; there was truly no escape from this, and all she wanted to do was crawl into a pit and die. Thrusts continued into each of her orifices so long that her body had become numb and her mind had begun to fade from consciousness, the young woman was little more than a toy for these creatures and with each passing moment so too did any shreds of hope she may have maintained.

Body thickly coated in the blended pink of cum and blood, surging with agony in the places that had not lost feeling entirely, Sunflower finally found herself discarded against the grass of the forest. All but a single monstrous form retreated into the darkness of the trees abound, its gnarled fingers steadily dancing across the raped girl's breasts down to her stomach where the palm pressed delicately and lingered. A sinister feeling crept from the creature's touch and plagued her every nerve, sending cold shivers throughout her body and haunting her mind.

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Of all the things that had happened to Sunflower, the sudden wave of darkness she now felt exceeded all before it. In her last moments of consciousness the buxom blonde could feel her body being lifted once again, and as the void fully consumed her the last of the creatures departed the clearing with its mate held secure.

Nefertiti overlooked the cliff side upon which he now stood, the deep chasm below a seemingly endless expanse of nothingness that he half wished to cast himself into; it would be an insult to Akhenaten's sacrifice were he to do so, a defilement of their love that he could never bring himself to commit.

The longer the sorrowed lover thought of the idea of suicide the worse the souring in his core began to churn, a vile familiarity that he wished to be rid of in a place with so many things to turn the stomach. There were no stars nor a moon in what the lost man could only describe as a sky, but instead a vast expanse of darkness peppered with faintly glimmering dust that snowed endlessly into the chasm below.

Hours must have passed since Nefertiti had escaped the forest he had grown to hate so dearly, and what should have been a reinvigorating or at the least soothing feeling of looking upon such a massive clearing beneath open skies was instead an even greater sense of isolation; Akhen was no longer with him, and such a sight which he had so longed to share with his lover was now only a hollow reminder of what he had lost.

Shimmering tears began to form in Nefertiti's eyes, their warm trails straying the contour of his beautiful skin the more he dwelled upon the past and found himself incapable of seeing forward. What was there to live for in such a place if not the one he loves? As the gorgeous eyes of the forlorn young man vacantly stared across the great nothing before him, dust building upon his contrasting black hair like snow, a most gentle of voices broke the silence; an inviting voice, almost innocent in its tone reached out from the darkness behind Nefertiti, "Does something trouble you.?" He was swift to turn, his eyes wide as they fell upon the unexpected source of the voice, as no matter how gentle a voice may be this place had taught Nefertiti little beyond treachery.

A figure stood between the two nearest trees to Nefertiti, one of an average height wrapped in strange materials up to their exposed neck upon which rested an identity concealed by a mask; in this place he had seen masks other than those worn by Madre and her followers, but none quite like this.

By the sound of the voice the masked individual was a man more than a few his senior, his mask a darker gray than that which Nefertiti himself once wore, and it held an almost stone-like texture across its surface. What little of the mysterious man's face could be seen was revealed by slits in a broken Y-formation, a single long slit down the lower center while the other four slanted from the top in pairs; this pattern was disturbed by a crude break leading off from the lower left slit to expose a hazel eye and olive skin.

Nefertiti said nothing, his caution painted across his face which stared intently upon the stranger; "Please, you can relax yourself around me." The voice remained calm and warm, but to Nefertiti this did little more than stir a suspicion that the masked man all too easily detected, "My boy. I am much like you." Aged hands bearing years of use yet no wrinkles gestured towards their owner's mask as well as the remnants of Nefertiti's plated confines, "What a fearful life you must have led to cause you such mistrust." The young Egyptian never once looked away, his stance tense and readied to flee at any moment, ".Who are you?" "So you do speak!" The older man motioned as if he would advance, causing the other to take a step back; "My, the turmoil which you must have faced to be so skeptical.

I cannot say I blame you in a place such as this. However my boy, though I do not wish to press you it is because you are in such a place that I feel the need to warn you that fleeing into the unknown darkness may not be in your best interest." ".You're avoiding my question." Nefertiti's eyes remained locked upon the stranger, his concealed glare intensely focusing his suspicions, "Who.

are you?" "Ah. I apologize, I was so concerned you would run off to your demise that I completely overlooked it. Though, I must ask that you step away from th." He was cut off, Nefertiti's voice now a demanding shout; "Why the hell won't you give me your name!?" There was a silence that fell upon the older man, his posture straightening and the jovial tone dissipating ever slightly, "A mask bearer has no name; surely you know this?

For the sake of convenienza, you may call me 'Cinque'. I serve as ambasciatore to a group of mask bearers such as yourself; especially those who no longer fit amongst their fellow arrivals. By the sight of you being on your own." A prolonged silence lingered in the air, Nefertiti's stance calming ever so slightly, ".Sorry.

Last time I was part of a group it didn't end so well." "But of course! Had it not I doubt you would have ventured from the confines of the Nether's center; least of all alone." The younger of the two men's eyebrows perked up as he heard the word, his feet taking a single step closer; "Nether.?" An eldered voice snickered hushedly, "Why.

the place in which we find ourselves now. Just how much do you know of your circumstances, my boy?" Nefertiti shuffled his feet with a sudden insecurity, "What's it matter to you?" "We all need friends, young one. The Nether is a wicked place, worse still to those on their own. Please, my bo." "My name's Nefertiti." The masked one paused, an unseen smile forming upon his lips, "Nefertiti. Please, if nothing else at least allow me the privilege of introducing you to my compagni so that you can make a more informed decision?" The Egyptian beauty turned to face the chasm behind him, his eyes staring vacantly as he pondered the request; this could easily be a trap, but being out here was no better, "I should warn you that some people are looking for me.

and not in a flattering way." "How dreadful. If it is protection you need, I assure you that my compagni is more than capa." Nefertiti interrupted, "And I want to know more about this place.

Anything you know, I know." Cinque chuckled in his familiar jovial tone, "Bravo! These condizioni I can more than accomodate. Shall we?" With a friendly gesture Cinque welcomed Nefertiti to join him, and the two of them began their venture into the forest's depths once more." The taste of her nectar mixing with blood was sweet upon the ebony haired girl's lips, her tongue eagerly lapping between the folds as her dark finger drove inward again and again. Such soft skin defied its history of abuse as the chamber girl's hand slid along parted thighs and scratched lustfully with her nails, her eyes gazing upon the nude frame of her prey's lewd body.

Reaching up the dark skinned girl took hold of a large and supple breast, squeezing it firmly and teasing the soft bud of a pink nipple that opposed the darkness of her own while continuously feasting upon the delicious inner canal; her nails scraped just hard enough along the shimmer of her stomach to faintly carve a trickle of additional red.

Taking a final deep suck of the slave girl's labia, the chamber girl began to slide her tongue up her prey's stomach to lap up the sanguine coat clear to her gorgeous breasts and began to kiss along their curves.

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First taking one nipple into her mouth before kissing her way to the next, taking a long while to hungrily suck upon each, the feasting girl's ebony hair draped across the pale skin and stained its tips the same crimson hue of her lips. With every drop of blood, sweat, and nectar the dominant slave tasted the better she felt, her muscles and bones feeling stronger and more healthy, her entire body filled with an almost pleasurable invigoration that drove her aggression and passion further.

Pulling her naked figure atop that of the young woman she preyed upon the chamber girl's dripping mound loomed over broad hips as her body fell to a straddling posture, and with almost unnatural speed she lunged down at the open throat of her victim and buried her teeth into torn flesh. Piece by piece the dark woman tore meat from the gaping neck and chewed ravenously before swallowing, hot blood rolling down her throat and sending shivers through her body that drove her to grind her crotch against the abdomen of the dead girl.

Unnaturally strong hands gripped and squeezed a large pair of breasts so tightly their nails impaled the skin, the chamber girl's lustful body grinding and rocking towards bliss as her ravenous teeth and lips devoured all they could, and finally she released an almost animalistic guttural moan at the intense orgasm overtaking her.

The ebony haired girl collapsed onto her prize, her breasts pressing heavily against dead flesh with each expansion of her lungs while surges of pleasure continued to course through every inch of her and make her shiver. Silence lingered in the depths of a dark and bloody chamber, all but one of its residents having been dragged away or left as slaughter upon the ivory floor.

Standing in shadows amongst the carnage of torn bodies and bloodied chains which she had created, a dark skinned girl waited patiently for somebody new to play with; there had been so many pathetic whores upon which she had feasted and fucked, each one feeding something far deeper within than just her carnal desires, and her body had begun to change both inside and out.

The chamber girl's naturally dark skin had grown even darker, that around her eyes and at the tips of her fingers appearing almost black.

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The woman who had begun her journey as a slave had become something powerful and savage, her strengthened claw-like nails as well as her reddened eyes accenting this, her sharply toned figure presenting its true might.

The darkened girl thoroughly cleansed her body of the gore in which it was painted, and as the sound of shifting ivory filled the chamber she made her way swiftly towards the opening wall, dropping to her knees submissively in wait. Dust fell away from the chamber's ivory wall to reveal a passage from which two hulking brutes entered, sealing it promptly behind them only to be greeted by a most enticing sight. Upon the floor knelt a dark skinned girl draped in ebony hair, her head tilted downward in yield only to look up with a strangely seductive gaze, "Please.

I need it! You spend too much time away, I need more!" Without waiting for a reaction the chamber girl crawled forward and hungrily lunged for the thick meat hanging between the first of the large men's legs, her hands caressing and stroking its stiffening length as her tongue explored every last inch of it.

Perplexed by such a strange event the two ogre-like men watched as the slave girl worked, the first of them now fully hardened as the tip of his cock began to be sucked upon and his heavy balls were lifted and massaged, his companion moving behind the lustful prey. Excitedly glancing back at the approaching brute the aroused woman pulled away from the engorged manhood before her and in a single lunge jumped upward to cling her body against that of her soon to be lover, her legs wrapping around his hefty waist and her dripping vulva pressing against his tip.

The second of the men watched as the dark one immediately began to push his companion's dick inside her and moan in the most lewd of voices, and as soon as he approached she had already reached back to grab hold of his thickening member; glancing back, the chamber girl licked her lips longingly, "Both of you. at once." A rigid and swollen piece of meat forced its way into the dark skinned girl's tight ass, its throbbing shaft sliding as deep as it could while the other man drove his own into the young woman's pussy; pulsing girth pounded into each of her holes from either direction and made her gasp in intensely genuine pleasure, her eyes rolling back as the savages fucked her like animals.

Hot juices poured along the thrusting cock within the chamber girl's tender womanhood and dripped down to the floor, the second of her lovers drilling his huge dick so deep into her ass she was amazed it could even fit; it was almost enough to distract her from her true intentions.

In a primal display the two hulking men took every opportunity to ravage their dark skinned treasure. Thick, yellow fluid pumped in heated bursts into either of the chamber girl's holes, pouring out from within before she was tossed haphazardly to the ground.

Kneeling down atop the ebony haired slave the first of the men pressed his slick meat against her sternum and, squeezing her perky breasts against either side of the shaft, proceeded to fuck her tits. The second of the brutes took position immediately behind the first and parted his slut's legs, lifting them up around his waist to slide his cock into the cum filled cunt and begin vigorously driving forward.

Each thrust of the first man's penis between the girl's breasts brought his tip against her face, and as though she had been starved she hungrily took the head between her lips and sucked upon it, her tongue twirling around its curvature and flicking the lingering cum from the hole. As one weighted sack dragged across the dark stomach of the ravaged girl the other heavily pounded against her ass with each thrust causing her to moan, and as her orgasm consumed her each of the men once more released a load of their thick seed.


Within the passing hour the dark skinned girl was fucked and filled several times, she herself having lost count by the time her two lovers had begun to grow tired and sluggish; she on the other hand felt reinvigorated with each orgasm, and as the brutes' strength withered her own grew.

Pushing the first of two ogre-like men onto his back, his chest heaving with a hefty pant of exhaustion, the chamber girl straddled his ever hardened shaft and began to grind her slit against it. Her red eyes filled with intense passion, the ebony haired girl gazed upon the second of her lovers and gestured for him to come closer; as if by hypnosis her allure pulled him in, and as the same hand wrapped itself around the base of his shaft she took the head into her mouth.

Sweat and cum bathed the three of them in their heated passion, the first of the slavers now deep inside the slave once again as his mind went blank from exhausting bliss, the other much the same with his member ravenously being devoured. Neither of the dark girl's former masters remained even the least bit on guard, and it was precisely this sign that prompted the most sinister of temptations.

The sickening sound of cleaved flesh filled the chamber as blood poured in excess from the sadistic girl's lips, her teeth hungrily chewing the severed meat within as its previous owner began to panic; before the man she was fucking could even react it was already too late, and in a swift thrust of her arm the chamber girl's sharp nails burrowed deep within the man's throat.


Once more dressed in familiar crimson hues the carnage stained woman lunged at the man not drowning in his own blood and slammed him against the floor with a loud thud, the back of his skull striking the hard floor with a sharp crack.

Razor sharp and unnaturally precise, a row of clawed fingertips slid up the center of her prey's throat and promptly opened it, and as the sanguine nectar poured profusely from the dying brute the chamber girl could not help but once again delighting herself with the delicious taste of mayhem.

Two masked men lay in ruin on the blood stained ivory floor of a dark chamber deep within an unknown place, their murderer a sin crazed woman with eyes as red as the gore she shed. Dragging her jagged fingertips across the wall before her, thin lines of crimson streaking across in an array, the chamber girl watched as the familiar passage began to crumble open into ivory dust.

Licking her lips clean of blood and other sweet nectars the ebony haired woman escaped her once abusive prison and allowed the passage to close behind her, heading into the mysterious hall beyond. "Nefertiti, my boy.

just how did you come upon such a name? I assume like all other mask bearers your past is. fratturato? Surely you do not rem." Nefertiti scoffed, "I picked it. Better than letting someone else do it for you." Cinque smiled warmly, his jovial tone both jarring and strangely comforting for his younger companion, "Perhaps it depends on who is choosing?

My compagni and I have chosen our titles as a group, something of a. famiglia activity to help us bond, no?" The Egyptian fell silent, his beautiful eyes intensely focused as if in some sort of turmoil; Cinque frowned ever so slightly, "You know.

if ever you need to open up my ear is ever open, my boy; this new amicizia between us is meant to be comfortable." The younger man's feminine visage averted as his pace slowed, ".They wear masks sort of like yours, and they serve a woman named Madre. I'd avoid them if you can help it." "Oh?

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Can you describe these masks? Something old Cinque and his compagni may identify them by so as to know whom we should avoid?" A grimace befell Nefertiti's expression as he recalled those wretched days, his voice carrying a gentle stutter, "Lighter than yours, and the pattern's different.

two slits, across the top and bottom." Cinque pondered a moment at his new friend's reply, "Two, you say.? And such a simple modello to recall at that.

I thank you for the warning, and I shall be certain to inform my compagni. Now, you have educated me. It only seems fair I should partake il mio turno, no? Tell me, Nefertiti. What is it you would like to know first?" ".What is the Nether, exactly?" Cinque laughed softly, "Ha! I should have known this would be your question. it is to my regret however that my knowledge is of a limited sort.

I will share with you what of it I know, but I feel much we will have to uncover together." Cinque frowned as he saw his new friend's disappointment, "Fret not, my boy.


For limited conoscenza is knowledge all the same. The Nether is, as my compagni and I have come to believe, the place to which all souls descend once they depart the mortal world. You die there. you arrive here, no?" "Wait, souls.?" Nefertiti halted, his face frozen with bewilderment, "When.

my group first got here, some terrifying. thing told us we'd lost our souls." Cinque's mask tilted towards the ground, his concealed face troubled, "Yes. we have come to call them Fiend Lords, cruel things that command almost everything within the Nether.

Each group of mask bearers finds themselves before one; they speak only inganno, lies. It is these very things my compagni and I have come together to reject. All they speak is deceit, but that does not mean their words cannot have use to us, no?" The younger of the two men returned to his original pace as the pair traveled through the forest, his tone hastened, "How do you know all this?" Cinque snickered, "My compagni and I are from all different groups.

each of us experiencing different journeys, each told different lies by a different Fiend Lord. Our past may be vago, but I believe yourself more than aware that everything since our arrival remains quite vivid. We share the lies they have told us, separating the constants from the contradictions.

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Though we are unaware of their intentions, we have discovered each of them misguides us into false beliefs; it is a shame how many fall ignorante to such deceptions. Yet one thing is for certain, my boy." Cinque glanced towards his feet a moment before looking back to Nefertiti; "Never do as they ask."