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Hottie brunette kristina rose love kamasutra sex positions
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Naruto:Kyuubi Secrets Ch.6: That Night and the One After ******************************************** So, I haven't even waited to start this chapter, and I haven't even checked the last story for comments. So, I'm kinda lost with what to say, and I'm just gonna start writing now.

******************************************** Right as Naruto landed on his living room floor, he heard a buzzing in his ear. Suddenly, the all too familiar scroll flashed in an eruption of flooding light, and as it died down, in it's midst stood a very pissed-off looking fox-girl. "What the hell, Naruto!" She exclaimed, her face red in anger.

"I'm sorry, Nya, I just got carried away," Naruto explained, trying to save his ass. "You got carried away?!? First you made out with her like there was no tomorrow, and that was bad enough! But then you asked her out on a date!


I thought that I was your girlfriend," Nya yelled, almost on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry, Nya! You know that you are my girlfriend, but I need someone that is an actual person, and not a Kyuubi form that dies when I die," Naruto said, trying to calm her down. "Damn, Naruto, why can't you only be mine," Nya said as she sobbed uncontrollably almost falling.

Naruto quickly caught then hugged her, silently speaking to Nya."Nya, I think that you know the answer to that question. I will be yours, but I have to have someone real, and I believe that Anko is that person." "I'm sorry Naruto," Nya said as she crushed her lips against Naruto's. Naruto and Nya's tongues and fought each other's for access into the other's mouth. Nya's hands drifted over Naruto's chest and leading over to his back.

Naruto's hands traced over Nya's sexy curves, groping uncontrollably at her breasts, and finally rested on Nya's firm, tight ass. Naruto's hardening shaft quickly pressed into Nya's flat stomach as she pulled out of Naruto's mouth, and stared into Naruto's deep blue orbs. "I want your body badly, Nya," Naruto huskily grunted as he softly threw her down onto the bed, and began ravaged her body with his mouth. Naruto kissed down her neck, and slowly, but effectively, licked and nibbled on Nya's body.

When Naruto's affectionate mouth reached Nya's collar bone, he lightly nibbled on the sensitive structure, and Nya screamed in ecstasy. Naruto grinned, looking up at Nya's head; thrown back, eyes closed, letting out silent moans through an open mouth. As he continued down her body, Naruto's wandering mouth quickly Found the top of Nya's elegant kimono. Softly clutching it in his mouth, he swiftly pulled down, releasing Nya's beautiful, pert tits.

Naruto skilled tongue quickly darted on the soft creamy skin, smartly avoiding her breasts. Nya groaned in annoyance as she placed her hands on Naruto's head, and slowly moving it to her hard nipples.

Naruto slowly began licking over Nya's erect nipples, extracting lustful moans.

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He smiled as he softly bit down on her nipple, pulling it with his teeth. Nya screamed in pleasure, as she began scratching Naruto's back with her nails.

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As Naruto drew the stretched nipple into his mouth, his hand slowly drifted down Nya's toned body, until it reached her panty-clad pussy, which was soaking wet.

He quickly pulled the crotch of her panties down, then slowly started massaging her slit as Nya moaned in pleasure. Naruto slowly withdrew the wet nipple and put the other in mouth, repeating the treatment on the other sensitive nub.

His thumb quickly found Nya's stiffened clit and began rubbing, as Naruto fingers quickened their pace on her slit. As Nya moaned in ecstasy, Naruto finished her off as he pumped his pointer finger and middle finger into her sopping wet pussy.

With a shudder, Nya opened her mouth in a silent scream, and her back arched, and after a moment of total stiffness, Nya dropped and passed out from total exhaustion. That's when Naruto heard the familiar sound of a crying girl. He spun his head quickly in the direction of his window, and when he saw a flash of movement, he bolted off the bed, and out the door. Naruto agilely sprinted through the crowd, searching for the crying woman.

Then he locked onto the kunoichi, and a very familiar one at that. Naruto then started to run at a slant, and quickly lunged, enveloping the woman in his arms, and escaping the crowd. Naruto cradled the weeping girl in his arms as he looked down and softly asked,"Who are you?" The girl looked up, her short, black hair covering her face.

Naruto could see the running mascara, creating dull black lines streaming down her cheeks, obviously from crying. Naruto softly brushed the hair away from her face, and was shocked with the girl.

"Shizune nee-chan?! Why are you crying?!" She snuffled as she looked up at Naruto and shakily answered,"I'm just really sad! I mean, I wait for three years, to finally go to confess my feelings for you and, and." "Nee-Chan.its not what you think." Naruto tried to explain to the weeping woman.

"Bullshit, Naruto!! What do you mean it's not what I think?" Shizune sobbed, pushing away from the sturdy male."I saw you pleasuring a woman! I just hoped and prayed that you would still not have someone to love, and I could be there for you!!" "Shizune, please stop crying," Naruto silently pleaded, almost crying himself."I can still love, and I can still love you." Shizune burst out of Naruto's arms, stood, and without even facing him said,"No, Naruto.

Don't do that. If you are with another woman, don't risk it. But remember, if you are in need of someone else ever again, I will always be there." With that said, Shizune slowly sprint off, leaving Naruto on the side of the road. He held his head, trying to comprehend what had happened. So, now he knew that both Anko and Shizune seemed to like him ALOT. But then there was Nya, and she seemed to not want him to date. Damn, Naruto thought, I am screwed. Naruto quickly returned home to find Nya gone, in the scroll he had made.

He made a small bowl of homemade ramen, and slowly ate, thinking about what to do with all of these beautiful women. When he had finished the ramen, he changed into his orange sleeping clothes, before lying in bed for around an hour, thinking, before slowly drifting into a deep and dreamless sleep. ******************************************** Naruto awoke to the feeling of total shit. He tried to eat, but fucked up relentlessly, his mind preoccupied with other things. He felt horrible after his incident with Shizune, and he wanted her to know that he had feeling for her, but then there was Anko.

She obviously had.intimate affections towards Naruto, and he had already asked her out. "Damn," Naruto grunted as he splashed water all over the front of his shirt, the culprit being his clumsiness."And this shirt was my only clean one." Naruto quickly removed his shirt, revealing his rugged abdomen to the cool air.

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He angrily took his shirt, and roughly threw his shirt in the dryer. Considering the fact that he had no other shirt, Naruto had about half an hour to try and think of a solution.

After fifteen minutes of thinking about his steadily horribly increasing life, he heard a soft knock on his front door. He slowly stood onto legs that felt like jelly, and painfully walked to the door. He opened the door to a blushing Shizune. Naruto quickly lunged forward, trapping Shizune in his embrace before she could even speak.

She quickly recovered from her daze, then wrapped her arms around Naruto's toned chest.

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Her head nuzzled into Naruto's shoulder as he let go, and stared into her wonderful grey eyes. "I am so sorry, Nee-chan.

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I never really understood it, but i always felt weird around you,"Naruto huskily said, breathing on Shizune's quivering neck as he lifted her and closed his door."But now I know that you feel the same way." Shizune began to pant as Naruto started to breath on her neck, then suddenly screamed out,"Naruto, I love you!!!

Oh, God, keep making me feel SOOOO good!!!" Naruto smirked as he began to lick the sensitive spots on her neck, tracing a way over to Shizune's collar bone. Once his destination was reached, he began to slightly nibble the fragile bone, sending Shizune's body shivering and spasming in Naruto's arms. He grinned as he softly laid Shizune's body down, and began to further lick his way down her tight body.

Naruto's traveling mouth quickly found the top of Shizune's elegant red kimono. He then stopped his licking and nibbling altogether and came up to lay beside Shizune, holding her close to his chest.

"Damn," Naruto said after a moment of romantic silence."It looks as though I have one of the sexiest kunoichi in my arms, practically sleeping with me." Shizune sighed and replied,"Even though it has been absolute ecstasy, that's not what I came here for." Naruto laid on his back, arms out, as Shizune snuggled into his chest.


"Really?" He asked,"What did you actually come here for?" "Well," She began, unsure,"Word on the streets is that you have a little fling going on with Anko." Naruto sadly looked over at Shizune then grinned, saying,"Not any more," And drew Shizune in for a erotic kiss.

Shizune moaned into Naruto's mouth as his almost expert hand swiftly groped her light body, squeezing her breasts, and pulling her nipples. Naruto's other hand traced a path down Shizune's back, and after reaching her ass, he squeezed, and ran his hand along the ridge of her succulent cheeks."But don't you want to be with Anko?" Shizune asked after breaking apart the kiss.

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"Screw Anko," Naruto said huskily, as he tried to get Shizune's breasts out of the red kimono's top. She pushed him back, and moaned softly, saying,"I'm sorry Naruto. But I have some work to do for Tsunade-sama. I will be back, though, andtonightI'm coming over." "Damn, nee-chan," Naruto groaned."I was looking forward to your body." Shizune blushed as she rearranged her kimono, and then her hair.

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When she finished, she came down and kissed Naruto one more time before whispering in a cute voice,"I'll see you tonight!" 'Damn,' Naruto thought,'I've got to be the luckiest man alive!' ******************************************** A number of hours later.

Naruto nervously took a deep breath before stepping up onto the worn porch of Anko's house.


He knocked on the door, and a second later, a very sexy Anko opened the door. "Hey, Naruto," Anko giggled as she clumsily fell into his arms.

"Hey, Anko. Are you drunk?" Naruto asked, trying to keep her up. "Only for you, babe," she slurred, pulling Naruto in for a kiss. Naruto kissed her back as Anko hungrily and erratically kissed Naruto. When they pushed back for air, Naruto slowly said,"Well, Anko, about this whole relationship.I'm afraid to say that we can really do that." "What?" Anko said confusedly, her sudden drunkenness disappearing. "Well, I've kinda fallen for Shizune, and she's fallen for me." Naruto nervously replied, and Anko gasped and fell to her knees.

"Anko." Naruto said reaching for her, and her head snapped up, glaring at him. "Get the hell away from me!!" She screamed before running into her home, and slamming the door closed in Naruto's face. Naruto held his head as he warily made his way home, after stopping to get some warm ramen, of course. Right when he arrived home, he was concerned. There was a small group of people that he knew. Kakashi stood holding his head, while Jaraiya had his face covered with his hands. Several known kunoichi stood with teary eyes, and Naruto panicked, running into the small crowd, loudly saying,"Shizune?!

Where are you?!?" In the center of the crowd Naruto saw a weeping Shizune on her knees, resting in front of a limp familiar female body."My god, Shizune.what happened?" Naruto asked in astonishment. "Tsunade-sama, she's.she's been assassinated!!!" ******************************************** Well, my peeps.hope that you liked the chapter, and sorry for the long-as-hell wait!

You probably figured out by now that I won't really be sticking to the story line(besides the whole war against Akatsuki and the undead shinobi). Next chapter.

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1)the Hokage tournament begins! 2)Naruto & Shizune's relationship gets serious! 3)Akatsuki shows signs of war! Until then, UnknownRocker321