Chunky Old MILF Szilvia Gets A Pussy Full Of Cum

Chunky Old MILF Szilvia Gets A Pussy Full Of Cum
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My story begins 15 years ago when my wife Debora and I first met.

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I am 50 years old and still in pretty good shape, I'm 6 foot tall 235lbs and dark brown hair that is still thick and full. Debora is 5 foot 6 and weighs in at 160lbs with dirty blonde hair that she always keeps in a short bob. She has nice thick hips and 36DD tits to die for. I could suck on her nipples for hours, their dark brown and as thick as my thumb. She lived in a 2 story house with a roommate that at one time she slept with, but since then they had stayed friends.

Me personally, I had no issues with this. I was friends with her ex before I had met her. Anyway, they were only friends and besides he fancied himself a Casanova and always had several different girlfriends that would come by and stay with him.

The house was set up with the main living area downstairs with the kitchen and dining room. Upstairs was 3 bed rooms, a master and 2 smaller rooms. The master had its own bathroom and then there was a large bathroom in the middle of the hallway next to the master bedroom door.

The set up was pretty good, after I started dating Debora, she asked me to move in to help with bills. This, I thought was a pretty good idea, considering how money was always tight in those days. So, I moved in and this began my unusual yet erotic life change. Debora was a very sexual woman, she was very vocal when she came. This got me worked up when we had sex, which caused me to be more open about our relationship. I mean, I was not shy about sex, but I was a bit uncomfortable about being nude in front of others.


Which changed after a couple of weeks once I moved in. While downstairs was the living area and every one stayed clothed for the most part, actually very seldom. Upstairs was a free zone, which meant clothes were optional. Most of the time Bill's girlfriends always walked around naked upstairs.

Which was not a problem for me, most of them were strippers I would later find out. Debora wasn't shy about it either, when she got home from work the clothes came off as soon as she hit the top of the stairs.

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Most weekends, no one in the house ever had a stitch of clothes on any way. We would even eat down stairs nude. A couple of mornings I would get up to go to work and walk to the bathroom naked to shower and get ready to go.

Several mornings as I walked down the hall, Bill's door would open and he would be standing there naked kissing one of the many girls that stayed with him good bye. One morning, Cassie, a tall slim raven haired beauty walked past me and slapped my ass. Bill grinned at me as he turned to close his door and go back to sleep.

Cassie was nearly 6 feet tall and weighed about 150lbs, her hair was shoulder length, straight and black as night. She had large round breasts that I know had to have cost her a fortune. They were absolutely perfect.

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Large pink nipples surrounded by areolas the size of half dollars. Her stomach was flat and she had some major belly button piercings, some silver and gold rings.

A cute tattoo of some tribal design mixed with flowers circled her bellybutton and ran straight down to her clean shaved pussy. All this I know just from seeing her come out of the guest bathroom a few nights before. She said Bill was in theirs and he wasn't feeling good. I just stood there for a moment admiring her body, as my cock stirred and began to fill with blood. She smiled as she noticed my rapidly growing hard on, then went back to their room.

I went to the bathroom then back to bed and fucked the hell out of my girlfriend. This is where my story really begins to change for me, for the better I think. Friday morning, 7:30am, Debora is getting up and about to head to work. A knock comes to the door, its Bill, he asks if he can get a ride to work he had to drop his car of yesterday to get some brake work done. Debora said no problem just give her a few minutes. She kissed me and left with Bill for the day.

I rolled back over to go back to sleep, I had the day off for a change, I figured I would sleep in a while. I awoke around 9:30am and got up to go take a leak, figuring I was alone in the house. As I walked to the bathroom I noticed Bill's bed room door ajar a few inches.

I stopped by the door and listened, and heard the TV going. Not thinking anything about it, I stepped into the bathroom to take a leak. Afterwards I brushed my teeth and planned to go downstairs and fix me some breakfast. Opening the bathroom door, I noticed Bill's door was open more and now the sound from the TV was louder.

As I paused for a moment, listening, I realized it was a porn that was playing. I stepped up to the door, quietly and looked in.

The bedroom was a large room of about 20 feet long by the same wide, there was a dresser along the opposite wall next to a window that had heavy dark curtains hanging. I noticed clothes strewn all around the room on the floor, he was real messy.

On the dresser was a TV, playing a porn, the scene was of a woman getting fucked doggie style by some guy while she was giving another a blowjob. The bed lay in front of me on the floor, Bill didn't believe in bed frames he said they were too noisy when having sex. The head of the bed was to the right against the wall, to my sudden delight I found Cassie lying on the bed.

Her nice round ass up in the air, she was lying on some pillows under her stomach with her face buried in another pillow.


Both of her hands were wrapped around her as she was rubbing a silver dildo over her ass hole, the loud hum very noticeable. Her moans muffled by the pillow, she turned her head slightly looking up at the TV. I turned my eyes to see the second man that was getting the blowjob on the screen, now both guys were fucking this woman. One in each of her holes, she was in heaven the way she was moaning and crying out. Some movement from Cassie brought my eyes back to her beautiful round ass as she pulled the dildo around and shoved it into her wet pussy.

She began pumping this thing in and out of herself, trying to buck her hips to the motion. Moans began to escape her throat as she fucked her pussy harder. At this point I realized I had been stroking my cock, and all 8 inches were hard and swollen. Cassie reached out and took a tube of lube that was next to her and squeezed some into her hand.

She reached back around and inserted her lubed finger deep into her anus and smeared the extra all around the hole. With her other hand she went back to slipping the dildo in and out of her pussy.

She quickly pulled her finger out of her ass and went to using 2 hands on the dildo, as she pushed her face back into the pillows. Standing there with a major hard on an seeing her ass hole lubed up ready for fucking, I did what was completely natural and the only thing I felt I could do.

I walked right up to the edge of bed, and without making a sound or touching her, positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass hole and slid it in all the way to my nut sack as I grabbed her hips. She let out a scream of pleasure into the pillow as I slowly pulled back out to the head then right back in I went.


I thought she was going to explode as I began to push in and pull out. I started moving faster as she pushed back on my hips as I stopped with my cock buried completely to the hilt in her ass. She turned her head to the side as she looked back at me and said, "It's about fucking time, I didn't think you were interested in fucking me." I began to pump again as I smiled and said, "You got to be kidding right, you are fucking incredible.

I would have to be dead or something to not want to fuck you. But we both have others that we answer to." Between moans she stammered, "Fucking is that, oh god… oh god…I think I'm about to cum…keep fucking my ass!!!" I kept up my pace as the sweat started rolling down my body, I noticed a gleam rising on her back from sweat too.

She began squirming as I fucked harder into her ass hole.

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She kept the pace with the dildo going, in and out, in and out… Picking her head back up as she continued by saying, "Fucking is just that, fucking…oh god… we can fuck anytime you want…oh oh ooooh god that's it… " pushing her face down into the pillow she began screaming her orgasm as he body was rocked with spasms of pleasure and ecstasy.

She continued to shutter and shake as the muscles in her ass clinched down on my cock, milking it over and over. Suddenly she went limp as she stopped cumming and screaming into the pillow. I kept pumping her ass as I began to feel my own orgasm grow. She lifted her head as she said, "I want to suck the cum out of your cock, don't cum in me please…" Gripping her hips as I slammed my dick deep inside her ass, I smiled as I pulled out then I took a step back.

She spun around as she slipped off the bed and squatted down between my legs facing my throbbing cock. Cassie didn't hesitate as she grabbed the swollen 8 inches of my glistening cock and swallowed the whole length in one motion. I nearly lost my load right there as she slipped her tongue out on the underside and made slurping sounds as she moved to the head of it.

Then right back down the entire length, she began to stroke the shaft with her hand as she bobbed her head up and down on its length. Standing there as she sucked my cock, like I have never had it sucked before, I looked down at her huge tits.

Suddenly, I stepped back as my cock came out of her mouth, I reached down grabbed her around the waist and stood her up. I leaned closer and kissed her deeply, as our tongues explored each other's mouths I turned us around and laid back down on the bed.

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"Come here and sit on my face, I want to eat that pussy of yours while you suck me off." I said as I felt more brazen about our sexual adventure. She giggled as she brought her leg over my face and sat right down on my mouth spreading those luscious lips as my tongue darted out and began licking away. Her juices were flowing like a river as I licked hard at the swollen nub of her clit.

She began to grind her hips on my face as I licked for everything I was worth. I took in a deep breath as I felt her lips close around the head of my cock and slid down the shaft. Then her hands began foundling my balls, as she caressed them gently. I could feel her head moving up and down my shaft as her hand followed her mouth on the shaft. I could feel my balls beginning to draw up as that all too familiar feeling began to grow deep inside.

My hips began to move, pushing up as she went down as she sucked harder on my cock. My face was soaked with her juices as she came again and again on my face.

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Suddenly I could not hold it any longer as I cried out, "Fuck, I'm cumming…I'm cumming…" Cassie never stopped as I blew everything I had inside, it felt like I was firing a howitzer cannon out of my dick as each spurt caused me to buck hard against her face. 4, 5, finally 6 spurts shot out of me before I stopped cumming. Her mouth never pulled away as she swallowed ever drop I released.

She slowly pulled her mouth off my cock as she said, "My God, I haven't ever had someone shoot that much cum down my throat, ever. And let me tell you something else, you can eat pussy like no man I have ever fucked before." With that she slowly rolled off and lay beside me for a moment, then quickly moved around and slipped an arm over my chest as she kissed me.

The salty taste of my cum still in her mouth, as she slowly pulled her mouth off mine and smiled. She propped herself up a little as her right tit lay on my chest, its pink nipple swollen and erect as she looked at me and said, "I hope you aren't going to say anything to Debora or Bill will you? Please?" "Only if I can fuck you again sometime?" I said as I started to set up, causing her to rollover on her back.

Seeing her lying there naked, sweaty and just fucked hard, caused me to start getting hard again. "I hope you would fuck me again, that was incredible." she said as she bit her lower lip. "Well," I began, as I moved around and slipped between her legs. She looked down as she saw my rigid cock slip in between the lips of her pussy, and she let another moan escape her lips as I started to rock my hips back and forth to her thrusts.

This little thing we had lasted only 2 more weeks, and we only got to get together 3 more times. On our last get together we nearly got caught by Bill, we had stepped out to the garage and she was down behind some boxes sucking my cock when he walked in and asked me not to say anything to Cassie about him leaving.

He said to tell her he had an emergency at work, but I knew as well as she did that he was going to meet up with another girl to fuck.

The whole time he was talking she was steady sucking and as soon as he walked out I shot my load. Cassie broke up with Bill the next day, I really hated to see her leave but she took an opportunity to move to California and started doing movies…Porn. Go figure.

But as I said this was one of many little things that has happened in my strange and erotic life.