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(Escapades of a horny man pt.


5) My friend Rob and I have been on the road for last month or so. We wanted to move out of Philly to a new locale. We have been to Denver and Las Vegas so far and now we were on our way to San Diego.

I was made on offer by one of my father's friends to start a court-reporting firm. My father was John's mentor and he had developed a rather large business.

John and his partners wanted to expand it by opening a court-reporting firm. That is where I come in. I had at one time my own firm back in Philly and they wanted me to open one for them giving me a percentage of not only the court-reporting firm but his company as well.


Once we landed in San Diego we were excited, there where palm trees everywhere and the weather wasn't freezing like in Denver and there wasn't any searing heat either like in Vegas. When we made it to the hotel the manager told us that the hotel was unable to honor our reservation because of a convention in town. Not knowing where to turn we called several other Hotel's in the area and they were full as well because of the media convention being in town.

It seemed like every news agency in America was in town, there was no rooms to be had. I was left with the only option and that was to call John my father's friend. I called him at his office and he very graciously came and picked us up from the Hotel and took us to his home. John was very excited that we agreed to stay with him. When we arrived at his home John introduced us to his wife, Cindy, and several servants.

After a half hour or so John asked me to come with him to the office meet with his partners. There was no way I could say no so I went back with him and left Rob behind at John's house with his wife Cindy. After a couple of hours of meeting everyone in his office and his partners, we agreed that we would meet later in the following week when I would be better prepared to answer their questions about startup costs for the new business.

John put me in a cab back to his place and told me that he would meet me there and then we would all go out for dinner. Once I got back to the house the front door was locked I rang the bell several times but no one answered.

I was surprised because there was a housekeeper and a cook that they kept on staff. Now, John and his wife Cindy had a nice large home just over 12,000 square feet and was sitting on the side of a hill, which is pretty common for this area. As I made my way around the side of the house I was looking in the windows to see if anyone was home. I was walking around the house calling for Cindy and Rob and wasn't getting any response.

Then I heard all kinds of screaming and coming from the backyard. It sounded like someone was in pain. So, I started running towards the back gate to see what the problem was. When I opened the gate and made my way around to the pool area I saw Cindy lying on her back on a chaise lounge with her legs spread eagle with my buddy Rob pounding her pussy.

Before I could react and say something Rob pulled out of her pussy and shot a load of cum all over her face and tits. I was standing there with my mouth open in awe at what I had just seen and not knowing what to say or do. I couldn't move and I just blurted "Oh my God!!!!

What the fu&hellip. fuck are you two doing? Jesus Chri…Christ." I just wanted to get out of their sight so I turned and went into the house. I just kept on walking, not knowing where I was going.

All I know was I didn't want to be near these guys especially around Rob because I was really pissed at him. I made it to the front door opened it and went out onto the front porch and sat down on one of the chairs. All kinds of scenarios started racing through my mind. I thought to myself, "Here I was not even in town for six hours and any chance that I had to start a business with John just went out the fucking window with the huge chunks of Rob's love juice landing all over what would have been my new bosses wife's face and tits.

I mean of all people to fuck he has to stick his cock into my future bosses wife and fuck her brains out." After ten minutes or so sitting out there by myself sulking like a teenager Cindy came to the front door and told me she wanted to talk to me.

I thought to myself there really wasn't anything to talk about but of course there was going to be some sort of excuse as to what happened.

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I went inside waiting to hear the bullshit story that it took her ten minutes to come up with. She said, "Look, Gary, John and I are swingers and sex with other people is just sex and nothing else. What Rob and me just did, trust me there is nothing to it except I fucked a younger hot guy.

Hey this isn't that big of a deal, if you want, you can fuck me too, it's alright; besides you met Andrea right, she was at the office right?" I said, "Yeah, she was there." "Well she is more than John's assistant she assists him in the bedroom as well. She's John's mistress and he brings her home here and sometimes we have threesomes. Now, this might be a little too much for you to take in not knowing us as well as you do but that is the life we live.

I like her and so does he I like fucking women as much as men. The offer still stands, if you want to have me you can. Trust me John won't get upset." She slid open her robe exposing her pussy and tits to me. Even I knew that this was wrong, she had a nice body and was very attractive.

I said, "No, besides you just had sex with Rob, no thanks." I then asked the both of them not to mention anything to John. We went out to dinner that night and everything was just fine Rob and Cindy acted like nothing happened and John wasn't any wiser to Rob blowing a load all over his wife's face, not more than a couple of hours before.

After dinner that night and John not knowing what happened kept things somewhat normal while we stayed during the next day or so. We stayed for the entire weekend and then on Monday morning the hotel we had the reservation with called us and offered us a week free because they didn't honor our reservation they even gave us a suite.

We spent most of the next week looking at apartments and Rob found work right away. Within a couple of days we knew that we were going to be able settle down in San Diego. Since Rob got his first modeling job in California we went out that night to celebrate. We went to one of the clubs at the beach.

The place was really pumping, good music and a lot of women who were scantily dressed. The club had two floors on the first they had a sunken dance floor with a railing around it so that you could sit and watch those out on the dance floor.

After several drinks and feeling loose we spotted a small pack of females across from us. I was making eye contact with one of them and I got a nice little smile. The rest of the girls of course were making goo-goo eyes at Rob. It took another five minutes or so when I told Rob I was going to make my move and ask the girl I was making eyes at to dance. Rob put his hand on my arm and said, "Don't fucking move let them come here don't be over anxious here, if they come here then we are definitely getting laid." The four girls made their way over to us.

I was a little nervous but what the hell there were four of them and hopefully I would be able to bag one of them. They introduced themselves to us Karen, April, Faith and Jill. We spent several minutes with small talk when the DJ put a song on and April said, "I love this song." She was wearing nothing but thigh highs and an oversized suit jacket. No bra, no panties just that fucking jacket and black thigh highs. Somehow she really pulled it off I guess having a fantastic body.

She got up on the rail over looking the dance floor and said, "Let me dance for you baby." You could tell that she did some sort of dancing before as she moved slowly but it was very sensuous.

April had blonde hair and hazel eyes. She had a nice tight ass that slipped out the bottom of her jacket every time she bent forward. Her tits had to bet 38-c's or maybe a d cup and with no bra they were flopping out each time she bent forward to blow Rob a kiss.

She was shaking her ass and bending over exposing her bare ass more and more to Rob and he had the bird's eye view of her punanny that lucky bastard. When April finished her dance there came a huge round of applause from the crowd. The bouncers came over helped her down and said, "Look you can't dance like this on this rail you could fall off and get hurt, you keep it up and we'll have to kick you guys out." When she got down Rob gave her a kiss and thanked her.

She sat down on his lap claiming him from all the other girls. Everyone took turns buying rounds and after a couple more hours we had a nice buzz. I was really working Faith and she was very receptive to my bullshit attempt at being interesting. Faith was a brunette with brown eyes about 5' 4" maybe 110 lbs and very sexy, curvy legs.

She had this real small ass with a thong that came up out of her jeans. She wasn't wearing a bra and her tits were bouncing all over the place I would have to say 36-c's. She had these great thin lips and I couldn't wait to kiss them and I started imaging the head of my cock slip through them. Faith couldn't wait for me anymore and asked me to dance and of course when I got out there I was doing the white man thing making a complete ass of myself.

After several songs finally they played a slow song. This is what I was waiting for an excuse to hold her and get close to her but Faith still being the aggressor grabbed me and pulled me close. Faith was a little aggressive as her lips as well as her lips finally met mine. We were making out on the dance floor as I was groping her titties and her hand rubbed my nub to full erection. When the song ended I couldn't wait anymore the tension she created made me really wanted her.

I didn't realize how horny she was making me and with a hard on and a handful of her titties I was ready for her pussy. So I took the chance and I said, "So do you want to get out of here?" "Yeah, let's get out of here I think we can take the party over to April's house." We made it back to the crowd and Faith made the suggestion to go back to April's place and everyone agreed and was ready to get out there.

When we got to April's place it was a nice condo. Karen and Lisa stayed for a little while as we played some drinking games but Lisa had to work in the morning so Karen drove her home leaving me with Faith and Rob to handle April. The four of us sat around playing drinking games then came April's suggested playing some strip poker. I think each one of us was willing to play to break the sexual tension was beginning to grow between all of us. It seemed no one really wanted to win a hand I mean we were taking off more than one article of clothing at a time when we would lose.

There were no complaints coming from Rob or myself, as the girls were getting naked for us. When Faith got down to her panties she leaned over and kissed April on the mouth and she got up from the table and looked at us and said, "You guys ready for the night of your life?" In unison "Yeah, let's do it." Faith got on the chair on her knees facing away from us exposing her ass when April pulled her panties down revealing her thin pink pussy lips and a very small balloon knot.

April bent over putting her face at Faith's ass and then April's tongue went right for her pussy. She used the tip of her tongue to open the slit of Faith's thin pussy lips and ran the tip of her tongue all the way up to her asshole.

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Faith not wanting to be outdone started sticking fingers inside April's pussy. She would pump them in slow and hard then pull them out and bring them up to her mouth and suck on them. They were playing with each other and looking at the two of us as we sat there with our mouths open as they worked on each other's pussies.

Then April shot us a look and said, "Okay boys what are you waiting for? Don't you want some pussy?" We jumped up out of our seat s and got all the rest of our clothes off as fast as we could. April slid the other chair over and got on her knees just like Faith and told Rob to get down and eat her pussy. Both Rob and I did the same thing except I got to taste Faith's already wet pussy because of April eating it.

We both went down on the girls for a couple of minutes when I came up for air and said, "Faith, I can't handle this anymore I want you to suck my cock." Faith spun around on the chair and I stood up. Now, with my cock staring Faith right in her face she smiled at me wrapped her hand around my cock and opened her mouth then I slid it in all the way down her throat. She gagged a little and let it slide out from her throat then was jerking me while she sucked the top of my cock. Then I grabbed the back of her head wanting to feel her tight throat expand around by cock again.

I began pumping my cock into her mouth slowly pushing it down her throat, as my balls would come to rest on her chin. She was a real trooper because her eyes were watering up and small tears were traveling down her cheeks.


Rob was a little displeased the he hadn't been taken care of and got up and spun April around and put his cock between her titties and started pumping his cock between her nice firm tits and her mouth was making popping sounds when the head of his cock popped out and slid down to the base of her tits.

After a couple of minutes of the girls going down on our cocks Rob looked over at Faith and watched as my cock was disappearing down her throat and April was only sucking on his head he wanted to go balls deep like me.

He tried and April gagged a little and said, "Baby easy I can't take it that deep." Rob said, "You're doing a nice job Faith, Do you want to suck my cock?" "Yeah, baby bring it on over." Then I looked over to April and said, "That titty fucking thing you were doing to Rob looked really nice can I slide my rod between your melons baby?" April was looking a little hurt that Rob wanted Faith to swallow his cock but then a big smiled returned after I asked her to take care of me and she said, "Come on over here your going to get more than my mouth tonight." She gave me this little smirk as I place my cock between her tits and she started making that popping sound with my cock.

She was sucking the head of my cock so hard that when it slid out it sounded like when you put your finger in the side of your mouth and pull out real fast. April after a couple of minutes let her tits go from around my cock and I took advantage of the situation by grabbing her blonde hair and was forcing her head down on my cock. She gagged on my cock a couple of times but I wasn't going to let her just quit; I wanted to keep deep throating her.

April's throat began to relax the more I slowly penetrated it and she gagged less each time my cock would go all the way in. It was awesome as the girls where both going down on both of us, balls deep.

I looked over to Rob and we gave ourselves the high five. I pulled out of April as she slid down to the floor on her knees I grabbed my cock with my hand and was slapping my cock on her tongue. April was using her one hand playing with her pussy and the other was caressing my balls. April opened her mouth again smiled as she was looking up at me and let my cock once again slide down her throat and her tongue came out and was licking my balls and then she tried to smile, it was totally precious the way she was looking at me.

Faith came off of Rob's cock and she said, "Gary come her I want you to fuck me first." She got on her knees on the chair again and with my soaking wet cock and no condom slipped my cock inside her wet thin pink pussy lips. Now, her pussy looked really small but my cock slipped in nice and smooth and she squeezed her pussy around it making my cock feel like her pussy was made just for my cock.

As I was fucking Faith, Rob got April up on the chair on her knees like Faith and instead of fucking her at first he went back to eating her pussy. I leaned forward and gave a kiss to Faith and said, "Your pussy feels so great baby keep squeezing it feels awesome the way you're making me pump your pussy baby." April gave me a smile and leaned over to me and we were French kissing each other as I continued to hit Faith's pussy from behind. Rob after another minute or so finally stuck his cock into April's pussy.

When his cock finally went balls deep her tongue was in my mouth and then there came this swoosh of air from her mouth into mine as she was getting the full experience with Rob.

We switched with each girl every couple of minutes or so. It was awesome every time my cock would slip out of the girl's pussy their juice was glistening in the light. April's pussy was well used as my cock was barely hitting the sides of her pussy.

Then April looked up at me kissed me and said, "I want to ride you honey." I grabbed her and pulled her off the seat and I spun around and sat down on the seat and as she was facing away from me I pulled her down onto my cock. She finally got her feet to the ground and her pussy traveled from the base all way back up to the very tip of my cock. She was slamming her ass as hard as she could and as fast as she could up and down on my cock making a nice slapping sound with her ass.

Her nice round ass made my cock look like a piston going 100 mph. Rob not to be outdone picked Faith up like she was a little rag doll and threw her down on the couch. I watched her spread her legs then her pussy lips and Rob buried his cock between her pussy lips and was pounding her so hard that when his cock came sliding out her pussy juice was flying out with it.

I began smacking April's ass with my right hand as my left hand found its way around to her front and found her clit and began rubbing it. There was some screams coming from April and she said, "Yeah baby let me grind my pussy on you honey.

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Yeah, keep it nice and deep deep baby I want to you to feel me cum on you." Then she squirted a huge load of her pussy juice all over my cock. She collapsed on top of me as her pussy juice was dripping down my thighs. She stood up letting my cock slide out from her pussy and she spun around and we were kissing each other as she grabbed my face with her hands and said, "Now that was some good fucking baby." As she was saying this Faith moans were getting louder as well and she said, "Fuck me with that big cock baby slam my cunt I want to cum on yooouuuuuu." She grabbed Rob and pulled him down on top of her and she came all over his cock.

April went down between my legs and with her tongue began to lick her pussy juice from my balls and inner thighs. She looked up at me and said, "Relax baby and let me clean up a little for you." April put her hands behind my knees and pushed my legs up and found more of her pussy juice under my balls.

April said, "Ooh, look at that some made it all the way down to your asshole looks like I'm going to have to clean that too." Then she tossed my salad as well. Faith recovered from cumming on Rob's cock said, "April don't touch his cock I want to suck your sweat cum from his cock I want to taste you." "Okay, but then I want to taste your cum on Rob's cock, its only fair Faith." The girls immediately switched places.

April was on her knees licking Rob's cock like a lollipop for a while then spun him around and spread his ass cheeks and was tongue fucking his asshole.

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Faith not wanting to be outdone crawled over to me and told me, "Don't move I'm going to take over from where April was." Her tongue started on my balls and traveled all the way down to my asshole. She was tongue fucking my asshole as her right hand was pumping my cock keeping it nice and hard. April pushed Rob down on the sofa and kept slipping her tongue inside his asshole. These were some nasty kinky girls that were trying to outdo each other. Faith's mouth after a few minutes of eating my asshole made it's way back up to the tip of my cock.

I grabbed the back of her head and was forcing her down and gag on my cock. Rob was lying back on the sofa as April who I guess really liked to be titty fucked pushed his cock once again between her tits and the same popping noises started again. I really wanted to fuck Faith and as I felt cum starting to bubble up in my balls, I pulled her mouth off of my cock and stood her up.

I wanted to last as long as I could. We gave each other a smile and she smacked my ass and said, "You want some pussy?" "Yeah, but I also would like to stick my cock in your ass and then let you suck me off, what do you think?" Faith said, "Depends on how good you fuck my pussy.

You make me cum before you do and I'll let you fuck my asshole, deal?" I laid down on the couch and Faith climbed on top of my cock. She began to ride me when April's head flopped down next to mine.

She spread her legs for Rob and then Rob put a pillow under her ass and he slipped his cock not into her pussy but into her asshole. Faith was sitting straight up on me now and my hands were slapping her ass and April started to scream as Rob's cock was ripping her asshole apart as his cock went balls deep inside of her asshole.

Faith said, "Play with my tits honey." My hands went to her breasts and then I leaned up and my mouth found her nipple on her right breast. Then just like a baby was sucking on her like I was trying to get a pint of milk out of her.

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Faith leaned forward as I continued to suck on her breast my other hand made it around her ass and my forefinger made it's way into her asshole. Faith screamed a little but smiled she fell down on top of me and then the two girls looked at each other then their open mouths met with their tongues flicking in and out. They were making out as Faith was grinding her pussy on top of my lap and Rob was pounding April's asshole. Rob couldn't hold it anymore as he was gritting his teeth.

He closed his eyes "I want to cum in your mouth baby, I want you to taste me babe." I guess her asshole was a lot better than her pussy as he pulled out and tried to straddle her face he was squeezing his cock as best he could but his cum began to drip out of the tip of his cock. Then Rob stroked his cock and pumped a huge load of cum onto her tongue and down her opened mouth catching every last drop of cum that Rob was willing to give her.

I guess this turned Faith on because with no emotion and not saying anything she slipped down on my cock real hard one last time and Faith came all over my cock. Wow this was great Faith came first which meant I was going to fuck her asshole. This is what I had been waiting forever since April pulled her panties down exposing her asshole and her pussy. Her asshole looked so damn small and tight I just wanted to see if I could actually get my cock inside of her.

I said, "Okay baby get on your knees." Faith didn't waist a minute she was down on her knees. Grabbing my cock with her hand she pulled my cock out of her pussy and then was on all fours on the couch helped me slip it into her asshole. Faith turned her head back and looked at me then grim missed a little and then smiled. I didn't want to hurt her so as gingerly as I could my cock slid into her asshole.

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After gently pushing my head in, which was difficult because just as I suspected her shit hole was nice and tight. Faith looked at Rob and said, "Can I have some cum too? Can I suck the rest of your cum from your cock? " Rob was like "Sure go ahead." Rob moved over to her face and let his semi hard cock dangle there.

Faith let Rob's cock slide into her mouth and she sucked on it balls deep. As his cock slid out from her mouth there was this long string of cum from the tip of his cock back to her mouth. Rob fell back on one the chairs completely exhausted. April rolled over and with his cum that was in her mouth opened it and spit Robs cum from her mouth into Faith's mouth.

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This turned me on so much watching the two of these girls swapping Robs cum back and forth between their mouths. As they were French kissing each other there were multiple strings of Rob's cum dangling from their chins, mouths and tongues. I couldn't hold it too much longer and said, "Faith I want to cum inside of you is that okay?" Faith smiled and with cum dripping down out the sides of her mouth and her chin down to her nice round breasts and said, "Yes, baby let me feel that warm rush from your cock pump my asshole with your baby making juice.

Shoot it in my asshole." After a couple more pumps my cock began to unload huge amounts of cum deep inside her asshole. I drained as much as I could. There were at least three or four more huge squirts of cum that ended up deep inside her asshole. April looked at me and said, "Don't move honey keep you cock inside her asshole." I was so tired I couldn't move so I didn't care. April slid underneath Faith and her head between Faith's legs and then Faith pulled forward a little and my cum was starting to ooze out of her asshole down her thin pink pussy lips and down onto April's face.

My cum was slowly flowing out of her asshole like lava from a volcano then I moved my cock down to April's open and inviting mouth. She deep throated my cock and cleaned whatever ass juice was on it plus any she sucked whatever sperm was left in the shaft of my semi rigid cock.

Faith had just let Rob's cock slide out from her mouth about thirty seconds earlier and she turned around to show me how much cum Rob blew into April's mouth and then she swallowed every last drop. April said, "Come on baby my mouth is waiting for his cum I want you to shoot it from your asshole honey right into my open mouth." Faith said, "Okay baby relax let me get over top of your face." Faith straddled April's face and lined her asshole up with April's mouth and began to push cum out of her asshole down into her mouth.

Then Faith said, "Use your tongue baby and get everything out honey." The cum I shot into Faith's asshole wasn't a white as it normally was as there was a little darkness probably from her asshole. Then April wanting more of my jizz pushed her tongue up Faith's asshole and dug more cum out.

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April's head made it back down onto the pillow of the couch smiled up at me. She opened her mouth to show everyone how much she sucked out of Faith's asshole.

My baby juice that was like a pool in April's mouth and it started flowing out the sides of April's mouth down her cheeks down onto the couch. Faith spun around and pulled April up and the two of them began French kissing each other again and playing with my cum, then swapping my cum between each other mouths.

Then they looked at each other and both swallowed whatever cum they had that was still in their mouths. All four of us were definitely spent at this point and couldn't move. We just lay there for about ten minutes like we just ran a marathon. We all began laughing at each other and seemed pretty proud of ourselves at we had just done.

This wasn't bad for my first gangbang. April grabbed Rob's hand and took him upstairs to take their showers. We on the other hand went into the shower downstairs. Faith and I cleaned each other up in the shower then went into the spare bedroom. We were both pretty well spent and fell asleep in each other arms nice and clean and naked. Faith woke up several hours later and went down on my cock waking me up then we went at it like animals.

The next afternoon Rob and I were about to leave and Faith gave me her phone number told me that no one made her body shiver the way I did when I fucked her. Rob and I left and when we were in the cab on the way back to the Hotel both decided that we found the place where we want to live and the girls we wanted to fuck.

With the warm weather, sunny all the time, beaches, great clubs and two women with great pussies, mouths and asshole that are willing to let us fuck them at anytime, both separately or at the same time. This definitely seemed like the place to be. The following week I met with my new partners and they went for the idea of the new business. They even let me buy shares into the existing business. The company had a house in Hawaii and in several weeks all the partners were going to take their annual trip there and since I was a partner (a very minority partner) was included in the trip.

We had a few weeks before we were to leave so Rob and I went back to Philly to either sell off some of our stuff or to move it here to the condo which we had found a couple of days later. Stick around for the fuck fest that takes place in Hawaii in the next installment you won't be disappointed. Here ends part 5 [b]