Lucky guy pleased by hot black girl

Lucky guy pleased by hot black girl
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One night Tyler was laying on his bed wondering why he hasn't found a mate yet. As a child, he was considered a worthless elf.

It was because he didn't have an interest in sorcery or combat. Tyler is a pretty peaceful Elf and he doesn't like confrontation. He is about 6 2 and just a little muscular wearing blue pajamas and a white T-shirt.

Because of his peaceful nature, his parents told him when he was younger to avoid other races at all cost.

Mostly the Orcs. They told him to avoid danger at all cost but knew he needs to learn how to fight. On his 14th birthday, his father demanded he takes combat in Magic courses. With a bunch of other elves. The training was for his own good.

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His father doesn't want to see him being ripped apart because he doesn't know how to handle himself. He is an elf and combat is necessary. Through The Years they were much lenient on him but that all changed when he turned 14. Being a little kid Tyler never understood. Why his parents were so fearful of other races of creatures like them. They were most fearful of Orcs.

He never understood why cuz of his age. Now that he's older he now understands why his parents were so fearful. sadly they never explained to him the reason as to why they were so paranoid about Orcs. The reason they were so paranoid about Orcs is that of the history. The Orcs were known for lusting after elves. They raped and impregnated elves and also used them as sex slaves.

With this dark information, how could they tell their child that? So, of course, they couldn't tell him the real reason as to why he should avoid Orcs. Not saying any of that will happen but ya never know. Best thing to do is not be spotted by them.

We wouldn't wanna trigger lust in their minds. I don't know what it is. Orcs are just naturally attracted to elves. The biggest issue is they love dominating female elves and as for the males they have to work for them. The Orcs appetency for elves grows over the years. The burning desire to mate with them. To conceive and bring forth a new breed. Half-elf half Orc would be a strong combination.

Some of the elven people hated Orcs for what they did to their people. A lot of the male elves wanted to kill off all Orcs but secretly wanted to get intimate with their women.

Elves were not the only race who was lusted after. So was the Orcs. Female Orcs were known for being big up front which turned the male elves on. So they hated male Orcs for raping their women but they do have sexual feelings for their orc women. Knowing it wrong. They could never tell their elf Queen's that they're sexually attracted to women of a different race.

Especially Orcs women. Orc women are hot and they are massive up top. Something female elves lack. If the female elves ever found out it would say stuff like.

"how could you betray our people? They are ugly smelly and green. How could you be attracted to them?" it would be a long discussion that the male elves wouldn't want to get into. It's true some of them were smelly but the majority of them are hot as fuck.

The elf women would also say "you're breeding out our race. You're eradicating the elf race." of course they are not. If anything they are creating a hybrid race.

"leave those disgusting bitches alone all they are doing is using Y'all for sex." leaving them babes alone would be something they cannot do. Even if that is true. Aren't we doing the same thing? I guess elves were always used as sex toys by the Orcs so we make sense they would be paranoid around them bitches.

Orcs were much stronger than elves in every way. That doesn't mean that they are the Superior race. Elves are like snakes and can Slither away so quickly.

It would be easy to lose track of them just like that. And many of them have escaped Orcs easily before. Strength isn't everything and elves were always better at agility.

Truth be told Orcs has never fucked with dark elves yet. Dark elves were much stronger and faster than their counterpart. Not to mention they are malevolent and wouldn't hesitate to kill. Anywho, Tyler was sitting down when he heard a knock coming from downstairs.

He quickly got up headed downstairs to the front door. When he got up to the front door he opens it as his eyes lit up when he saw his sexy best friend. An elf with long brown hair, medium size tits little bit of armor around her breasts area and a skirt. Wearing brown socks revealing just a little bit of her pinkish skin. "Athena what are you doing here?!" he asked being shocked because she was out there at the middle of the night.

Elves were not known for being out late so it's definitely shockingly. before he could say anything else she put her finger against his lips. "I'm skipping my training today and my parents have no idea I'm out. Also keep your voice down since I don't want to get in trouble." Elven people have a very sensitive hearing. So they could pretty much hear everything from a mile away. Athena still lives under her parent's roof so she has to follow their rules or she will be put out.

Her parents were very demanding and they wanted her to practice every day. To work on her skills as an Archer. She stares at Tyler with her beautiful blue eyes and brown hair moving around with the wind. Her ears were just as pointy as his. Under her metal place where her brown and yellow skirt. She was wearing a traditional elf Archer clothes.

"Well, Athena you can't be missing training. I mean you have to develop skills in order to be an Archer. You have to do this. This is for you being able to protect yourself in case we are attacked by Orcs or other groups." her expression quickly became cold and then turned to rage and frustration. "you sound just like my mother! Always nagging me about survival! You know what fuck that shit! Hey-hey calm yourself.

Cursing is not ladylike especially for a young elven like yourself. Shut up! Tyler you just think you know everything, don't you? Hey, Athena I never said that." Athena suddenly stops speaking as everything turns to awkward silence. This lasted for about 5 or 10 seconds. She suddenly takes off her backpack unzipping it and takes out a map and gives it to him.

"why don't you make yourself useful and head to this location. Useful Athena? not trying to brag but I could kill you when it comes to archery. Bullshit!" Athena begins laughing as she puts her backpack on. She continues laughing at Tyler thinking he's an idiot.

"Boy, I would embarrass you in front of everyone. Haha you're a magic user, not an Archer." she said still laughing and Tyler got it tied bit annoyed. "sweetie archery is a basic elf thing. I don't know any Elf that can't shoot arrows." to his surprise she smirks and gives off a competitive expression. "care to put your money where your mouth is? Sure why not. If you can beat me in an Archer match. I'll give you the actual map." Tyler got shaken back when he looked at the map noticing that it was fake.

"Why the hell would you give me a fake map!? I was testing you Tyler to see how smart you really were. So far you seem to be an airhead!" she laughs at him being taken back by a fake map. Tyler was about to speak when she cut him off. "Don't get mad at me dummy. Any elf knows to examine the map to see if it's real. Yeah well, every elf is not supposed to have basic skills in archery! What! Are you saying I have basic knowledge of archery!?

It's written all over your face girl." Tyler laughs mocking her. She might have gotten over him with the fake map but now the tables have turned. Tyler and Athena argued about everything. most people would think that they are in love with the amount of arguing that they get into.

"Okay-okay when would you like to have the match? Don't matter to me, sweetie. I plan on winning anyway. Ugh! Tyler you are too cocky! that Cockiness will leave to your end one day! Do you need someone to provide you with a bow arrow? Nah I'm an elf I'll make my own." Athena's face lit up with admiration and shock.

She wasn't able to do anything like that. "Wait you can make your own bow and arrow!? Of course. any elf should know how to make a basic arrow and bow. So you're saying you can't?" He laughs at her again knowing that this would be an easy match for him. "Ugh! Whatever Tyler I'm out.

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See ya tomorrow!" Athena storms off being angry. She was going home to get ready for tomorrow. hours flew by and it was 6 in the morning and Tyler was sitting outside waiting for her. He was waiting for her to come so he could quickly beat her and get the real map. Athena arrived five minutes later wearing her same clothes from yesterday. She looks at Tyler and confidently said "last chance to back out Tyler! No thank you I should be telling you that" she didn't argue with him she just went over as they got ready to shoot their arrows.

A minute later they started shooting. They just starting already he was doing better than her. she was missing quite a bit and he wasn't. his accuracy was much greater than hers and when it was over she pouts at him. "beginner's luck.


Okay now give me the actual map. Fine, you earned it." she gives him the actual map as he reads it just to make sure. It was to a place that was in the forest. when you find a chest you are rewarded with armor and you get an increase in Manta. "so this chest is filled with armor and a magic potion huh? I do need an increase and I don't have anything else to do today. Okay, I guess I'll go after it.

Just know Tyler it's in the area that's close to a local Orc Village. So if you're truly going then just be careful. I don't want you to end up getting killed. Don't worry Athena I got it all covered. Anyway, I'll take my leave now." she stares at him walking off being concerned but knew he'd be okay.

Tyler quickly went home to pack his things. whatever he may need. When he had everything he settled out going into the forest just casually walking. The area was starting to get just a little darker as he walked. He was walking through the Forest not paying attention to his surroundings. Tyler suddenly stopped moving as he started to read the map. "Now let's see where am I?" he reads the map as somebody watches him from the bushes.

It was a woman who's been eyeing him for a bit. Unable to see him she moved closer up but quietly. When his ears were visible she suddenly noticed right away that he was an elf. An elven person out here in the forest. What was he doing here? She wondered to herself. Doesn't he know the forest is close to Orc territory?

Elves are also known for their intelligence. So him being out here is a death sentence. Surely he didn't come here to die. All of her doors were unanswered. She was thinking about right or not to go up to him and ask. She was thinking about how to go about it. After all, she is massive compared to him. she continues thinking as the little elf starts walking. right up ahead was a tree with a big ass hole in it and in the inside was a chest.

"Ah, this must be the place. Now I'll claim my prize and get the hell out of here." he didn't want to stick around for too long cuz Orcs are roaming around. the last thing is for one of them to see him. Cuz if that happens he will have to fight or die. He runs up to the chest opening it up. The chest was glowing as he opened it up. Tyler looked inside to see armor a potion and a couple of other things.

Female Orc behind him got out of the bushes as she slowly approached him. He was too busy looking at the chest not paying attention to his surroundings. The Orc was quiet as fuck and she was behind him and he didn't even notice. She said quietly not trying to scare him. "Hey what are you doing here little Elf?" he turns around about to walk when he accidentally bumped into her causing him to fall back.

"Oh my be careful little Elf." Right before him. was a sexy muscular Orc who was swole all over with a huge bust. she stares at him for a minute and when she noticed how sexy he was she was almost blushing. "oh my I guess the old saying is true. You elves really are hot!" at that moment Tyler stares at her huge tits amazed at how huge they are.

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They were so impressive and it was enough to almost give him a boner. With the huge amount of testosterone in her body. She would demolish him in the bedroom. thinking about it is making Tyler kind of excited with lustful thoughts.

he has to calm down before he gets a boner. "What's wrong little elf? Oh, nothing. I just came here looking for Treasure and I hope it's not yours.

Because if it is. I won't touch it. No, it's not mines don't worry. and if it does end up missing and most likely it will. I will come up with something. But now that you're here I can't just let you go." Shit! Deep down I knew coming here would be a bad idea! I have a couple of options.

I could knock her big ass out and run for it. Or I could try to reason with her. I don't think I would have run I'm getting too mesmerized by her huge tits. I wanna suck and fuck them. I can't let her know that. Maybe I discover something that wasn't supposed to be discovered? Which is why she's not letting me go. Suddenly I saw a smug appeared on her face. "Hehe, you like my tits don't you little elf? W-what! I don't know what you're talking about!

Hmm you say that but you've been staring at them for the longest." she was smirking as her words became a little seductive. "Can't blame you. These tits of mine are amazing. Very impressive. These are what we call Godly tits!" he listens to her speak about her breasts as he tries to figure a way out of there. The woman has metal plates on her tits and under her snatch along with her arms.

She is an orc and they are known for combat. "I see you're thinking about escaping young man. Well, you're not leaving me. You see we Orcs know what we want. You see I've been searching for a mate.

For quite a while now. Now I think I found one. I've dreamed of my mate being an elven male." Tyler could feel a strong desire in her heart. She knows what she wants. "you are an Elf lover? Hehe absolutely! I think elves are the sexiest creatures. And don't get me started on you guy's ears. So adorable!" this woman was getting so excited over Elven people. I guess we really are desired by Orcs. She smirks as she stares at him. "Tell me. Do you have a mate?" the question was so random and I was shocked that she asked me something like that.

Different races of creatures never ask each other anything like that. "No, I don't have a mate. not yet but I will soon I just haven't found the right one. What type of women are you interested in? Do they have to be a certain type or let's say race?" I stared at the woman for a bit but I knew she wanted me and secretly I wanted her as well.

"As long as the woman is nice to me and she treats me right then I don't care. I am not the type of person where traditionally we have to stay with our own race. Or we are only allowed to date people of our race. Oh really?" the woman got a little more excited staring back at Tyler. her desires for Tyler was overtaking her to the point she forgot to introduce herself. When she ascertained that she forgot to tell him her name. She smiles and walks a little closer to him. "Forgive me my sexy Elf.

I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Kafina and yours? Oh, I'm Tyler. Nice to meet ya. Same to you my darling." Kafina is a beautiful name. And it's one of these names that was given to special types of women. The Kafina means Goddess of lust happiness loyalty and comforting. Boy if you find a woman with that name you're lucky.

Cuz she would treat you like a king and make sure you are happy and contented. Kaffina stares at Tyler slowly becoming more seductive. Another smug appears on her face. The thought of mating with an elf was going through her mind. "You know Tyler we female Orcs love having sex with elven men." her words became very seductive as she looks at him getting turned on. The Orcs were so attracted to elves. it's like the elves put a hypnotic sexual trance on them.

Kaffina turns the opposite way while looking back at Tyler. "So what's it gonna be little Elf? If I were you I wouldn't refuse. Kafina we just got to know one another. Bullshit! We're not people you know.

What do you do when you like someone? You go out find a mate and you start mating. simple as that. You don't have a mate yet so you might as well take me. I'm a prize after all trust me.

In fact, let me prove it to you." She walks over to him and when she was in front of him she grabs him and picks him up pulling him to her. Once he was right next to her face she starts kissing him passionately. The affection she was giving off made him kiss her back as well.

They were kissing each other so passionately and it was so sweet. She was displaying her love for him by just kissing him. After a few seconds, she pulls back and sexually Smiles at him.

"Hehe, you're attracted to me aren't you Tyler? And how do you know that Kafina? Because when we were kissing each other you were really into it. I forced you to kiss me and you did it off your own free will. it was really good but the only reason I kissed back is that of how good you were kissing me.

Hehe, say Kafina I want you to be my mate. And once we are mates you're never leaving me again and you won't fuck any other Orc bitch." mates he is a very strong word among the creature race. Once two individuals become mates they have to stick together no matter what. Make a ton of babies and don't fuck around. He nodded as he said her words back to her.

"Alright! From today forward you're my little elf! And I'm going seal the contract once we get physical at my house. She puts him on her back and takes him to her house that was not too far away. Less than 15 minutes later they arrived at her house. Tyler looks around the inside of her house loving it so far.

Kafina said excitedly. "now that I got you here and all alone. We can get down to business." she quickly turns around and locks her front door. After that, she turns back to him giving off the most sexual expression he has ever seen. The look of desire in her eyes really turns him on. She moved up him and forcefully pushed him on the sofa. She placed her hand into his pants and lightly Strokes him. Afterward, she pulls out his cock and continues.

"My-my such a big elf cock! You are as hard as a bone! We're gonna fuck like there's no tomorrow." her jerking him off feel good even though she has rough muscular hands. She was stroking him so well.

She plays with him for about 5 seconds and then she gives him a blowjob. She sucks swirling her tongue around his huge cock moving her head back and forth. She was getting better and better by the minute eager to please him.

She put her heart and her soul into making him happy. Because Elven men were so desired by orc women. They want nothing but to make them happy. They wanted to be the best shit among elf men. They wanted to be their Orc Queens. she looks at him and she sucks and eventually pulls the dick out of her mouth.

She spits on it and continues stroking while smirking at him. "How does it feel baby? It feels so good! We Orcs are known for making our men happy especially Elven men. Enough of this shit! It's time to show you my true feelings.

I'll fuck you so good you'll never have to thought of cheating on me! You'll be my mate forever!" Kafina's words were very powerful and honest. She meant every word of what she said. She stood up before Tyler and slowly took the plates off of her tits. When she removed the plates her huge tits came bouncing down and Tyler's eyes lit up.

His expression made her giggle slightly. "Hehe-tee if you like my tits so much. Then I'll give you something to make you happy," she said that as she got down placing his cock between her huge melons. she starts moving them back and forth causing Tyler to moan in pleasure. "I know you really like my tits Tyler. Because you're my mate I'm going to do whatever makes you happy. My mate shall not go unsatisfied. And this is only round one and already you're loving it.

Sweetie when we go at it I'm going to put my feelings into my hormones. Hopefully, I don't crash you but it will be worth it in the end." crush him? That was enough to make him slightly worried.

He should be okay he's a strong Elven male. Of course, he knows because of her strength and strong bodies she will demolish him.nothing to worry about. she wouldn't kill him not her first mate. She moves them faster while looking at her mate. "Does my tits feel good baby? Yes so good! Anything for my man." She listens to him moan my moving her huge bust. Five minutes later Tyler yells out as soon cum explodes all over her tits.

Lady Orc stands up and cleans her tits with a dirty towel. "Wow, you love Orc tits don't ya? Yep, I do!" Tyler stands up as well and walks over to her. Once he was close enough he grabs her books and sucks on them both. One by one. The sudden interaction caused her to moan excitedly. "Mmm yeah suck those big tits baby!

The way you're sucking is really turning me on! Hehe, male elves really love sucking Orc tits. Can't blame you. We got the best Hooters out of any race!" Kaffina said her words so proudly and happily. He pulls back to speak his mind. "So you're saying Orc women are naturally hotter? Yes, we are.

Why else would so many elven men wanna get physical with orc women? And it's not just our breasts. We have a thing about us that Y'all just can't resist. Same with us.


True be told elves and Orcs are naturally attracted to one another." at that moment he thought his friend Anthony. Who is this muscular guy with tan skin pointy ears an orc face. It was because he is classified as a hybrid. Meaning half-elf half-orc. Thinking about his friend was proof enough that Orcs And elves are naturally attracted to one another. He quickly snaps out of and it continues sucking.

"Ah fuck! That's it! This Orc is tired of waiting young man!" unable to contain her arousal. She quickly pics of Tyler take him to the bedroom and throwing him on the bed. She looks at him giving off an expression like a lustful demon. She sexually smiles and approaches him.

"Now I'm gonna Orcknize you." Orcknize is an Orc word used to describe a female Orc who wants to get intimate with an elf male and will have wild sex. To the point, they will be exhausted. She smirks and goes up to him. She quickly positions herself and begins slowly pushing his cock into her pussy. Once his cock went inside her. It triggers lust in her eyes as she starts pounding away.

The minute my dick went inside made her hormone skyrocketed. Never seen an orc with such stamina. Her banging felt so good he could die in pleasure. She rubs her pussy while bouncing in order to produce more delectation. She stares lustfully at him and smirks. "now that you're my mate. You belong to me! if I find out you're cheating on me I will castigate you!" what she said made him solicitude about what she could possibly do to him.

Who knows she'd probably fuck him to death if he did. And he didn't want to die so cheating is not an option. Tyler could smell the ardency coming from her. And it was a good kind of ardor. the kind that would turn you on. Kafina keeps on bouncing on him going faster and better without reducing much stamina.

Tyler stares at her being shocked that she wasn't tired yet. "Fuck yeah! Aren't you tired yet baby? Hell no!

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We Orcs don't get depleted that fast! You know what. Just for saying that I will ravage you more." she said that excitedly and bounces much faster on his dick causing him to scream in pleasure.

She was moving with such certifiable speed. Tyler lays back in pleasure taking her powerful banging. Knowing he was laying back because he was enjoying it she giggles. "Hehe with a pussy like mine's you'll never cheat! You're set for life! We Orcs are a prize and we'll fuck the shit out of you. I claim you as my mate. You belong to me now my sexy elf!" 5 minutes later she bursts and witness gets all over his body. "Oh fuck yeah!" Kafina screams excitedly as she squirted. "Come on release for me baby!

Let your Elf semen go!" she bounces more causing him to scream and burst inside of her. "Mmm fill me up, baby." Tyler enjoyed being dominated but now it's his turn. He quickly sits up and pushes her on the bed.

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after that, he spreads her legs and slams his cock into her pussy making her moan in jubilation. Tyler begins slamming away. she was being rough with him so it's time for him to be hardcore as well.

Kaffina sticks out her tongue in euphoria as she stares at him. "My-my you know how to make me happy!" I started getting faster and faster. I see now why a lot of male elves were having sex with female Orcs. Because their pussies are so good! She moans and says some kinky shit. "Ah yes fuck me, Daddy! Pound my tight orc pussy!" Tyler knew he got her really turned on for her to say something like that. She smirks and says more kinky shit. "Isn't my pussy amazing Daddy!?

you're probably thinking you should fuck orc bitches more often. Oh well, you're my mate now Daddy!" what I said really excited her. "hehe yep you're my bitch. My orc Queen! I don't want to fuck anyone else but you! The hell with my elf women. I have an orc Queen now!" she tried to move her body up slightly to bounce against my cock while I was pumping.

"Oh fuck! Fuck me, Daddy! Break me! Dominate my orc cunt!" her enchantment made him pump much faster in arousal. "That's it Daddy work that pussy. Beat it up! Knock my little sister out!" Kafina was referring to her crotch. "Samantha loves your pounding Daddy!" I was about to release any moment.

I could feel a sexual discharge Drawing Near. I kept going faster and better than before. Body part names were common among the Orc Kingdom. Hell, when Tyler was a young boy he'd named his penis. As he got older he grew out of it. gratification discharge made him blow again inside her. He moans softly grinding his teeth because of delectation. the muscular green orc who He was pounding Squeals in pleasure. He feels up her pussy more with his semen and it wasn't enough for him.

He starts pumping more going for another round as she looks excitedly at him. "mmm fuck yeah Daddy! Fuck me like the naughty green orc bitch that I am." the little elf lays on top of her giggling while pumping her pussy.

He seems to really love it. Kafina could feel a huge sensation Drawing Near. Her orgasm was reaching critical levels. This little Elf got her so turned on and excited. She looks up at him doing a orc scream. "Daddy quickly pull out the floodgates are coming! It's Drawing Near!" Tyler quickly pulled his dick out of her vagina as a huge amount of cum came pouring out like a flood.

The cum got all over him as Kafina blushes out of embarrassment. "Hehe sorry, Daddy. Your orc bitch got too excited. I don't care as long as you climax. You climax what over 3 times? At least I know I dominated you. You worthless orc bitch! You are the perfect Orc slut! I'm going to use you for breeding!" to his surprise she smiles loving the fact that he was being dominant. "Please do daddy! Breed with this slutty Orc!

Not going to be a problem!" Tyler said as he slams back into her pussy pounding away. Tyler was now on a mission to breed with this bitch. It wasn't just intercourse anymore. Now it's all about mating. He keeps slamming away as he was getting closer to her womb.

One he hits her womb he continues hitting that spot waiting to cum. Kafina looks at him feeling him in her womb. "Oh yeah, that's it, Daddy! Breed with me! Make me your pregnant Orc bitch! Let's bring forth a new hybrid!" unable to contain it any longer.

Tyler shoots a huge amount of semen in her womb fertilizing her egg. "Yahoo! That felt great! Yes, it did baby!" she takes a moment to breathe. After he was done he pulls out her pussy. Kafina was giving off a pretty lewd expression.

While staring at Tyler as if she wanted more. Tyler looks at her shock as she seems to want more. "Wait you still haven't had enough? I don't tire out easy Daddy! I'm afraid you're going to have to break me. You're going to have to fuck me like a toy doll. In order to finish me off." hard to believe Kafina still wasn't satisfied. She was laying against a tree with her legs spread out and her pussy being covered in cum. And she still wants more. Tyler thinks the crazy stuff in his head.

"holy moly this bitch has crazy hormones! Push come to shove we'll fuck for hours!" Tyler slowly starts to space out when he heard her voice. "Hey!" he snaps out of it and looks at Kafina And she was giving off lustful expressions.

She points as her pussy indicating for him to put his dick back in. "let's go another round, Daddy,! You'll have to break me to Tire me out" fuck this is too much. Tyler wonders if he should want to weigh or not. But what will she do to him if he runs? She could potentially fuck him to death. "Sweetie I'm tired. Can I please have a break first? No! You elves have more stamina than that. I haven't broken a sweat yet! Now you will satisfy me or else!" the tone of her voice got real serious as she stood up.

Lust was really clouding her mind. suddenly she runs to me, grabbing me by the neck slamming me against the tree. The impact kind of hurt a little bit but I was okay. Her expression was angry and lustful.

"Now listen here, Daddy! You conquered my pussy but you haven't satisfied me yet. You're going to satisfy me until I can't fuck anymore. Better yet." Kafina throws him to the ground and hops on his dick. The sudden bounce caused him to moan in pain and jubilation. Kafina starts bouncing away dominating once again.

"You mine and I must be satisfied!" a few hours later she was still bouncing and after 5 minutes she got off of me. We must have fucked for 5 hours or so. If anybody walked by they would assume I'm dead. Because I had a dead expression on my face. "Oh, that was wonderful Daddy! Hehe now that you're my mate. expect to do this more often. We Orcs are known for our intense hormones." he then picks him up and takes him to the bed. Tyler was mentally fucked after being demolished by this orc babe.

A couple of weeks later he was sitting in the living room with his mate making an arrow and bow. She was 6 months pregnant. "Say Tyler what do you want to name our hybrids? To be honest, not sure yet. That's okay. We'll figure it out." Tyler gets closer to her as he rubs her belly and she smiles. Her belly was so big and she must have been carrying at least two children. "Hehe, are you excited to be a daddy? Hell yeah, I am!

Good because we ore believe in a big family so. So what?" her facial expression got real lustful as she stands up. she grabs him with one of her has taken him upstairs to the bedroom. We all know where this is headed! The end