Super hot gay teens having a game party gay sex

Super hot gay teens having a game party gay sex
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"What kind of asshole chases after armed robbers?" Matt was asked, sitting tied to a chair with a hood over his head, "I mean, what were you thinking; 'Oh I know, they'll surrender to me if I confront them'. REALLY, are you that big a man?" Matt felt what he assumed was the sole of a shoe pressing on is sac, "'Cause if you are, I can and will change that, unless, let's see if you got the 'BIG MAN' dick. Sweets," the voice called to someone, "whip it out for him, give him a blow, let's see if he is a big man, and if not," Matt felt more pressure being applied to his balls, "he won't be a man at all." The pressure on Matt's privates disappeared and soon followed by the feeling of his pants being undone, his zipper being pulled down and his underwear being pulled down exposing his manhood.

His dick started to grow and harden as a gloved hand began to stroke its shaft. "Not bad so far" the voice returned as Matt neared full erection, "I'm almost impressed." And as Matt felt the warm breath of the mouth nearing the head of his dick he heard "Wait, use this," accompanied by some unfathomable sound, "DNA and all, besides, it's cherry flavored, your favorite." Mark felt something applied to the tip of his dick before feeling it being 'slid?' down the length of his shaft, 'a rubber?' Matt thought to himself as he felt the hands that put it on smooth the casing housing his pole then, when one hand seemed to disappear, he felt something twirling around the head of his cock before what he imagined were lips close around his shaft.

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With a slow, constant cadence, he felt the lips slide down to engulf his penis before withdrawing until the shaft was clear and, when only the head remain entrapped, the downward motion would begin again. "I know it feels good," the voice whispered in Matt's ear, "I had it myself, but remember, no stamina, no balls." before laughing out loud.

Matt resisted focusing on the pleasurable sensation coursing around and through his erection, and made himself remember how he got in his current predicament.

**** In the evenings, after college classes, Matt worked at his parents 'mom-and-pop' hardware store, stocking shelves mostly, but a vital piece of the operation as it prevented the need for his older parents to hire staff they probably couldn't afford.

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So, his class finished for the day, the dutiful son was restocking shelves when a single masked gunman entered demanding money while waving his gun. Matt looked at his father with fear in his eyes. On three previous occasions, his father, being a Vet., attacked the would-be robbers, twice being shot, and Matt was praying his father would not press his luck a fourth. He didn't.

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He just handed over the money and stepped back allowing the thief a chance to escape. That's when, like an idiot, Matt thought, 'Hey, if my old man can stop a robbery, why can't I?' Matt chased after the crook to retrieve the stolen money, as he exited the door; his father yelled something to him that he didn't quite hear.

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He saw the thief turn a corner and followed. Matt called for the thief, who was by now entering the side door of a van, to stop and, now being close enough to wrap his arms around his prey to try to pull him back. A second set of hands grabbed Matt and Matt felt himself being pulled into the van where he was shoved down and. ***** "Ohhhhhhhh God." Matt gasped out as he felt the mouth sucking everything it could from his cock.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm." He grunted with each throbbing release of sperm, ending his joy with a long, ""Ohhhhhhhh." "Pretty good, eh?" the voice returned, "Did I tell you or what." Matt felt something wrap around the hood he wore, crossing the same level as his eyes, "Don't want this coming off, do we? Nooo, then we'd have to kill you." The voice paused as the hood was lifted to just below where the whatever was tied. "Now, my grandmother always told me a man, a REAL man is the type that always gives as good as he gets." "What do you mean," Matt asked, "by gives?" "Well, you got head, and from what I saw, enjoyable head.

Now you give head." "To who?" Matt asked, not liking the direction this conversation was going. "Does it matter, giving head is giving head, you choose what flavor you want, banana or strawberry?" "Fuck that noise, I ain't no fag. You can go fuck 'ooof'". Matt's defiance was cut off by a heavy punch to the stomach.

As his mouth gaped, expelling all his breath and his body lean forward in response to the punch, he felt something enter deep in his mouth.

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"Seeing how fast your head bowed to take that dick, are you sure you're not a fag, or do you just like strawberry?" Matt felt something held to is head, "Now, either that cock in your mouth goes off, or my gun does." Matt knew his choices were limited so, trying to emulate what had been done to him; he chose the preferable (?) option closing his mouth around the strawberry flavored pillar.

To keep from vomiting, Matt attempted to focus his attention away from what he was doing, but his thoughts kept drawing him back, "It actually tastes like real strawberries, not that phony stuff you find in so many candies and milkshakes." Matt felt the intruder moving in his mouth and soon found his tongue lifting to enjoy the sensation of something rubbing along it.

Combining the taste and the feeling his mouth was enjoying, it didn't take long for Matt to try to perfect his technique.

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'Odd,' he thought, 'I wonder if all the guys who get grossed out even thinking about doing this have ever tried it, or maybe they don't like strawberry.' Matt was considering altering his method when he felt a pair of hands take him by the head and the object of his consideration thrust deep in his mouth reaching into his throat causing him to gag as he felt it throb there.

As the throbbing lessened, Matt felt the strawberry taste slide from his mouth. He gagged and coughed for a little while, but managed to regain his breath in time to accept a banana flavored object into his mouth. What previously would have sickened him now became a point of interest. 'Funny,' he thought, 'why did it take something like this for me to discover how well bananas and strawberries go together?' Matt found himself enjoying both the flavors in his mouth and the feel of the erection stroking his tongue.

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As well as possible, he tried to move his head in rhythm with the banana, increasing the pleasurable sensation in his mouth to the point he (almost) wondered what it would feel like without the condom when, obviously not having the stamina of strawberry guy, banana dick began a throbbing massage of his throat.

"Not bad," the voice returned as banana dick slid from Matt's mouth, "didn't even gag that time.

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Too bad there are no more flavored condoms, only those with extra lube, and trust me, they don't taste that good, but," Matt felt his hands being untied from the chair before his body was pulled up and his pants pulled down, "fortunately for you, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, you don't have taste buds where this is going." "Hey, no." Matt began to protest until he felt the gun to his head. "Don't tense, relax." Matt heard the voice say while he was being bent and held over a table, "It'll make this easier." Matt felt the lubrication of the condom rub around his puckered sphincter and he immediately became tense.

"Fine," the voice chuckled, "have it your way, I prefer them tight anyway." Matt grunted his discomfort as his anus stretched to accept the bulbous head of the invading penis and found little, if any, comfort when the head passed through and his anal muscles tightened around the narrower shaft, which felt endlessly long going in. "Now the fun part." the voice warned as he felt the back and forth grazing along his prostate and rectal muscles.

As his 'lover' (?) quickened his motions, Matt found it easier to relax.


He wouldn't say he was enjoying it, but it wasn't as uncomfortable as he thought it would be. "Look at this," a new voice laughed out as Matt's erect dick was grabbed by a gloved hand, "he likes it, let's see how much." and the gloved hand began to jerk him off. Matt felt his orgasm building fast. The feeling of his prostate being massaged while someone was stroking him off was too much for him to withstand and he felt his sperm explode from his still condom clad cock just before he felt the condom in his ass pulsate.


Matt collapsed to the floor from exhaustion and discomfort as his assailants, teasing him about how much he seemed to enjoy it, patted each other on the back and left.