Big tit shemale gets pounded hard

Big tit shemale gets pounded hard
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My first Milf It was a brisk summer day when I had gone over to my best friend Brandon's to relax after a day of hard work. When I knocked on the door his mother answered and when she said Hi Seth I almost couldn't respond because she was wearing a bikini, and that took me by surprise.

I had seen his mother in a bathing suit hundreds of times at the beach or in their hot tub but for some reason this time she was just astounding. I went inside trying to hide the hard-on I was getting and I tried to think of Brandon and how he was my best friend. I got up to his room and we talked for awhile about work and girls and stuff, and then for a while we played video games until he got a ring on his cell.

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He answered and I didn't get much except he was going to be needed at the restaurant he worked at. He closed his phone and told me he was needed at work and that he would be back in an hour or two. I was getting ready to head on home but he told me to just go ahead and play a game while he was away. Hesitantly I agreed and popped in a racing game and started to play, and after about ten minutes I got hungry and went downstairs to raid his fridge.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and went into the kitchen and sure enough his mother was there, only now she was in sweats and a skin tight shirt that hugged her slender body and wrapped around her massive tits.


She had told me before that when she was a teen she got drunk one night and got a boob job to go from a C bra to a double D. Looking at them when I could I tried to tell the difference but the job was so well done only the surgeon could tell. Anyway I said a casual hello and she said hey Seth what do you need?

I just told her that I just came down to get some food.

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She told me she was cooking and asked if Brandon and I could wait 45 about an hour or so for it to finish. I told her sure and as I was going back to the room I remembered that Brandon wasn't here so I ran back to tell her, and I swear when she heard he wasn't home she tried to hid an almost wolfish grin.

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I went up and started playing again, and 5 minutes later I heard somebody climb the stairs. My first thought was wow Brandon's good, but when the door opened it was his mom.

She closed the door and I heard it lock, and she asked if we could talk about something. I started to get nervous when she sat down really sexy like next to me. Sure thing I gulped, and so she smiled and said you don't think I notice when you stare at me do you? I didn't know how to respond so I sat there quietly. She continued by saying it was all wrong that I was his best friend and she was the mom, the same story I feared I would always fear.

She smelled so good and I became mesmerized and so I decided to wing it. I pushed myself towards her and put my lips to hers and we kissed.

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For a moment she pursued but then she pulled away and said this was wrong. I shushed her and pushed her down horizontal on the bed and lay over her kissing her. She was really getting into it so I slowly slid my hands to her breasts and firmly squeezed. She was very stiff and I guess that's fake boob proof. I pulled off her shirt and pulled her bra down to reveal her massive stiff tits with proud stiff nipples. She stuck her hand down her pants and started fingering her pussy while I sucked her tits and rolled her nipples between my teeth.

I looked down and saw the crotch of her sweats all wet, and so I decided to work my way down. She let me pull down her sweats and remove her thong, and then she spread her legs and while I fingered her pussy and sucked it she held my head in place and quietly moaned.


After I serviced her for about ten minutes she pushed me off and lay down on top of me and we started off kissing, then she slowly removed my shirt while plunging her hands into her pussy. Then she removed my pants and started off by slowly stroking my cock. My balls jumped every time her hand slid to the bottom of my shaft. I closed my eyes just giddy at my luck when I felt her mouth come over my cock and I looked up to her sucking my dick and stroking it with one hand and she was violently masturbating with the other.

After my cock got real hard she stopped sucking and looked at me, and devilishly smiled and said you naughty boy you must be punished. I just got happier and happier as she slid down onto my cock with her ripe tight pussy and started fucking me so fast I had to scream stop before I blew my load into her too early. She pulled out and started sucking me again, then after a few minutes of that she put her tits around my dick and rocked them back and forth.

I just couldn't hold my load in anymore so I blew it all over her face and upper cleavage. She slowly lapped up my juices then reached down to stroke my softened cock. She returned my manhood back to its former state then lay down on Brandon's bed ready for me to fuck her senseless.

She held her legs up and I started fucking her slowly.

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She moaned and groaned loudly so I got faster till she was screaming. I looked down and I had seen that she had been using the controller I used for the game to fuck herself in her ass. We kept going and I was getting good when I heard her squirting. I was reaching my climax so I asked in or out.

She screamed out; blow your load all over my hard tits. I kept going till I was ready to blow my load and I pulled out just in time to release all over her tits. She quickly licked her tits clean then started vigorously sucking my cock and I guess I had a little cum left cause her mouth was full when I pulled it out. We got dressed and I lay on the bed and she lay on top of me and I slowly fingered her. She kissed me and went downstairs, and asked if I wanted to come over tomorrow.

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I continued my race till Brandon got home and he apologized for having to go and asked what I did while he was gone. Oh nothing I replied just sat here bored. He was none the wiser.