Extreme fat babe milf gets fucked in flexi positions

Extreme fat babe milf gets fucked in flexi positions
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"Shit" she thought to herself as she approached the door to her hotel room "I can't find my key".

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After a night out dancing she just wanted to get in bed. She had worn a little tiny skirt out that night that originally made her feel self conscious. On top she was wearing a loose tank top with no bra underneath. Her worries had vanished as the night went on. All night guys and girls had been dancing with her, grabbing her ass and grinding on her. Dancing with some of these girls that she'd never met before had really turned her on. She'd been soaking wet all night, almost tempted to run to the bathroom spread her legs and make herself cum but shed decided to wait to get back to her hotel room.

Her room mate was going off with another guy so she knew shed be alone in her room, able to take out her dildo and make herself cum over and over again. At one point in the night she was waiting for a drink when she heard someone whisper in her ear "I want to see how you move without those clothes on baby". Initially she was disgusted but when she turned around she was taken aback by how handsome the gentleman was. She got her drink and somewhat reluctantly followed him to the dance floor.

As they got closer and closer to one another he spun her around and began grinding into her big, round ass. She could feel the bulge of his cock rubbing against her and she wanted to explode.

It felt as if her pussy was so wet it was running down her leg.


Discreetly she reached under her little tiny skirt and found her panties completely soaked through. Her pussy was aching for attention and so she excused herself and began making her way home.

Being in a strange place she was nervous travelling on her own but the hotel was almost next door and she was moving so quickly she hardly had time to worry about anything.

All she could think about was her soaking wet cunt and how badly it needed to be taken care of. Now here she was making her way back down the stairs to get a new key when all she wanted to do was get into her room, strip and make herself cum.

When she got to the front desk there was nobody there. She waited but nobody came. Growing a little impatient she called out "Hellooooo". She still didn't see anybody but it sounded like someone was coming out of the back. Around the corner came a large young man. He was tall with broad shoulders and tanned skin. "How can I help you" he said in a polite tone. "I need a key for my room" she replied " I guess I lost mine at the club". "Not the first time thats happened" he said back as he looked her up and down with a gleam in his eye.

"What room are you in?". "246" she said. "Ok, you go on up there and wait and I'll message John and he will be by to let you in and give you a new key in less than 5 minutes". "Thanks". As she walked off her thoughts returned to the night at the club and all the hands that had been all over her.

Throughout the night she'd had men grab her ass and her tits and more than one boy and girl had made an attempt at touching her cunt. she'd turned them away from that although not for lack of wanting, it was to maintain self control.

If anybody or anything had touched her clit on this night she'd have started to fuck them right there on the spot. When she stepped off the elevator there was already somebody standing in front of her door. "Are you John?". "Yes ma'am" he replied "and who might you be". "I'm Ally, thanks for letting me in". "Happy to serve, heres your new key". With that he opened the door and she stepped inside. He passed her the key, said good night and shut the door. As soon as she heard the door shut she slipped out of her skirt and panties and threw her shirt off.

She lied down on her bed and her fingers went straight to her cunt. It was still soaking wet and the first time she touched her clit she came almost immediately. Less than 30 seconds later she'd cum for the first time that night.

She continued to lie there naked, but still was unsatisfied. It wasn't the same without a cock.

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She opened up her suitcase and found a long, thick black dildo that she'd packed for her trip. She put it in her mouth to make it wet and wished she had a large, long cock fucking her throat instead of this dildo. The thought was too much too handle and she immediately began fucking herself with this fake black cock.


The lights were off and she was losing herself in the feeling of her pussy being spread apart. It was one of those nights she wished she could be filled up from every possible angle.

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She heard a noise outside her door and stopped for a second, but when nothing else occurred she went back to fucking herself. The idea that someone might be listening to her turned her on and so she began to get a little bit louder as this huge fake cock filled her cunt up over and over.

She was so lost in the moment she didn't realize what was happening until it was already done. When she turned her head to the left she saw someone in her room. A shock of terror rushed through her from head to toe.

"Hello??" she asked timidly. "Hello" was the reply from a deep voice. As the figure spoke the same young man who had just let her into her room walked out of the shadows, he was wearing nothing but his underwear now and she could see a large bulge pushing against the fabric.

"What do you want?" she said as she tried to cover herself as best she could. She was scared but couldn't take her eyes off the huge bulge sticking out towards her. "what the fuck do you think I want baby?

Ive been listening to you fuck yourself since I let you in. This is at least the seconds time so don't act like you don't want some fucking cock tonight" He moved in closer to her "Do you like cock?" She didn't answer, she wanted to be fucked so badly but this man was a total stranger.

He took another step in so that he was looming over her, his cock was now nearly in her face. "I said, do you like cock?" Before she could reply he grabbed her by the face and kissed her long and deep. She sunk into him and instinctively she dropped the pillow she had been trying to cover herself with.

As his hands made their way to her tits she felt goosebumps all over her skin, her nipples perked up as his large hands cupped her tits. Her hands moved towards his cock and before she knew what was happening she was stroking a huge cock in her right hand. As she felt the cock stiffen she got up on her knees and shoved the long, fat cock into her mouth. She shoved down her throat as far as it would go but what she really wanted was to be fucked. As if sensing this feeling he threw her down on her back and spread her legs apart.

As he bent down to enter her dripping wet cunt she heard something else over by the door. "whats that? " she asked, stopping him for just a minute. "Oh thats just my friend Adam" he replied "You know him, you met him at the front desk" "Why is he here" she asked, her legs now thrown to the side one over top of the other. "Im here because from what John tells me we have a horny slut staying with us tonight who can't seem to satisfy herself" He walked towards her and began to remove his clothes.

"Now spread your legs and let me see his cock slide into that wet little pussy". She hesitated, she was scared but she knew she had little to no choice. She was alone with two hard cocks, two men twice her size. Reluctantly she spread her legs again and decided to embrace the situation. As she spread her legs apart she grabbed the cock in front of her and guided it towards her pussy.

If anything the entire scenario had made her cunt even more wet than it had been before. She moaned loudly as this thick cock stretched her pussy apart and filled her up. Just as John settled into a rhythm his friend climbed onto the bed beside her and began to suck on her tits.

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She stuck out her little, tiny hands searching for his cock and when she finally found it immediately pulled it towards her open mouth. She held the semi hard cock in her hand as she wrapped her lips around just the head of his dick. Before she knew what was happening they had repositioned her. She was now on her back with her legs in the air, sideways on her bed so that her head drooped slightly off to the opposite side.

Both her mouth and her cunt were stuffed full with these two big cocks. As one cock pounded deep into her pussy another one stretched her mouth wide open.

She could feel two sets of hands all over her tiny little body- choking her, grabbing her tits and her ass. Suddenly both cocks were removed from her and she was lifted into a new position.

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Ally found herself on her hands and knees desperately craving the feeling of being penetrated by two cocks at the same time. She felt Adams hands on her ass and then a hard cock rubbing the entrance to her soaking cunt. Reaching back with a hand she guided the thick cock inside of her and gasped at the feeling.

They had traded spots and the cock she had just been sucking was the thickest she had ever felt inside of her. Almost immediately she wanted to cum. John sat in front of her, his own cock standing straight up just inches from her mouth. She looked him in the eye "Is this what you wanted?

To see a little blonde girl get fucked by a big fucking cock." He reached out and grabbed her face and began kissing her. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and held it there, feeling the blood throb through his huge fucking cock. As she began stroking his cock the young man behind her started pounding his cock deeper and deeper inside of her. She released from the kiss and began to scream.

She couldn't help it anymore, she'd never been fucked like this before. Two strange men were forcing their big hard cocks inside of her. The thought of being such a dirty little slut turned her on to another level all over again and she wrapped her lips around the cock in front of her. Tasting her own cunt on this mans cock sent her over the edge and her entire body began to spasm. She shook all over as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her entire life.

As she was moaning in pleasure she heard Adam grunt behind her and then felt a humongous load of cum spray all over her ass. The feeling made her smile and for a second she thought she was done but then Adam picked her up and flipped her around so that she was facing John. John stroked his hard cock while he pulled Ally towards him, placing her cunt in his mouth. Her knees buckled from the feeling on her clit and as she stepped slightly backwards John grabbed her hips and eased her down on to his waiting cock.


As she felt the cock enter her pussy she again lost herself in the pleasure, her head tilting downwards and hair falling into her face. John's cock seemed to keep going and going deeper and deeper inside of her. It was deeper than she'd ever experienced and the feeling made her moan loudly with pleasure. As she found a rhythm on this gigantic cock she felt Adam's hands on her head. He brushed her hair away and shoved his huge thick cock back into her mouth.

He was rock hard again and as Ally bounced up and down on one gigantic cock she sucked and stroked another. She could taste the cum on Adams cock and feel her pussy dripping down John's long shaft onto his huge balls. As Adam grabbed her face and began to fuck her throat Ally bounced harder and harder on the cock that was splitting her cunt open. She moaned and screamed and shook all over again as she came for the third time that night. As she slid off John's cock she felt it explode and his cum sprayed all over her tits and her stomach.

She was lying on her back still shaking when Adam walked around to stand between her legs. His thick cock standing hard and erect, veins throbbing. Ally didn't know how much more she could take but felt like far too much of a horny little slut to leave this handsome man unsatisfied. She looked at Adam and beckoned him closer with her fingers.

He obeyed and came over to her, sliding his cock inside her once more. As he grabbed her hips he lifted her slightly off the bed so that her back was arched. His thick cock thrust inside her and hit her insides in a way she had never experienced. If she wasn't so exhausted she might have cum all over again. As Adam pumped away at her pussy she reached her hand back to find Johns cock. It was soft now but was soaked with both his and her cum. She stroked it and then stuck her fingers in her mouth so she could taste them both.

As she stuck her finger into her mouth she made eye contact with Adam and as she gave him a slight squeeze with her cunt she felt his monstrous cock explode inside of her. she could feel his hot cum fill her up to bursting so that it immediately was forced out of her cunt, onto his cock and down both their legs. She felt Adam shudder as he took his cock out of her pussy. Exhausted she moved over to the empty bed and held her hand down to her soaking cunt. It was on fire with pain and pleasure.

Adam walked over to her, kissed her lips and gently placed one hand over the hand she had placed on her pussy. "I'll see you again".