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Sexy girl w tight bod teasing
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The first half of this story happens when Mary, the orphan is under the age of 18. She was left at the orphanage with her brother when she was 12. Many women who lost their husbands in the war had to leave their children at orphanages. She has grown up here and her brother was taken away shortly after they arrived due to incestual activity and sent to a farming orphanage.

It has now been six years and the time is 1948. It was well into the summer, hot and sultry outside, and my sessions with Father Paul had begun to have some real effects on my self esteem. His attention to me and my issues had brought me along quite well. Often, while I would tell Father about my sins during a session he would sit next to me and hold my hand for support. Our thighs touching as we sat close.

I could always smell his scent. It sent my heart racing. After one very emotional session where I just broke down sobbing from deep within me, Father Paul had reached over and put his arm around me drawing me into him.


Comforting me. He just held me and rocked me, one hand stroking the back of my hair. His head bent and resting on mine. I could feel his breath on my face. I opened my eyes,my sobbing over and my head still bowed I noticed that I could see a faint outline of his member. I don't know what came over me but all the sudden I looked up and was face to face with Father Paul. His hand on the back of my head stopped stroking and started gently pushing me towards him until our lips met. He tasted even better than I had ever imagined.

I had never tasted such a sweet and sultry kiss. It sent explosive electric shocks through my entire body. My breath sucked right out of me and i was left spinning like a top. Then, as if a light burnt out we both seemed to realize what we did. I managed to look down as we separated and notice a very prominent outline of his member. But also at the same time, ahuge amount of guilt flooded over me. I hastily spewed out an apology and ran for the door. I couldn't get it open fast enough.

Again I was exposed. Laid bare in front of Father Paul. The bad seed in me was trying to get to him. I avoided him for as long as I could. It wasn't long enough. I had not gone to the offices after class the next day as per my usual. I was in the nursery helping with the babies. Father Paul walked in and I just wanted to crawl in the corner and curl up in a ball.

He walked over to me and I could see a confused yet concerned look on his face. He said he needed me. I was looking him in the eye when he said that and although everyone else in the room assumed that he needed me at his office for work, I could clearly see the need he had for me.

And it wasn't what everyone else was thinking. One of the Sisters came over and took the infant from me that I had been tending. Father Paul put his hand on my arm and gently led me out of the room. He slipped his hand to my back and kept it there as we left the orphanage and headed to his quarters. I was too ashamed to start any conversations with him.

I was sure that I was going to be reprimanded and given penance when we got to his office. I was prepared for His wrath. After all, I had been living with God's wrath long enough. I supposed I would live through Father Paul's.

Only it would cut me worse than anything God had ever laid on me. To have Father's eyes see me as the truly flawed being I was just aboutkilled me inside.

I had my head down waiting while he closed the door behind us. He stepped in front of me and surprisingly wrapped his arms around me and pressed my head to his chest. Again I breathed in his familiar scent. His body was trembling and for a moment I thought he might be crying I looked up at his face in alarm to see what I read there and when I did his lips met mine, I was swept off my feet.

This was the first passionate kiss I had ever had with someone I wanted to kiss. But NO damn it! It was all wrong! Wasn't it? He was a priest. A well loved and devoted priest. But I just couldn't pull away. My knees were actually weak. When the kiss ended and I opened my eyes, I stammered to apologize. "I'm so sorry Father, I don't." He cut me of by putting his fingers over my lips shushing me. " I need you. I have always needed you." " But Father, I don't understand." 'I've watched you for a long time, wanting you.

waiting for you. its time, you're ready and I need you" He tried to pull me into him closer but I put my hands on his chest and pushed back. I was confused. What was he saying. I couldn't quite wrap my head around what was happening. I needed to think. I told him I needed to think. And he released me so I could go. He didn't force me. He didn't try to stop me. As I looked back at him before walking out the door, the look on his face was one of a man possessed.

2 Peter 2:4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment. Instead of going back to the orphanage, I went to the church.

I knew with the time of day it was that I would have some time by myself. Time to think. I don't know why I didn't notice him there. But the warmth of his hand running up my backmade me shiver. He sat next to me in the pew. We werealone here. I reached over and put my hand on his thigh. I knew what I was to do now. I put my head up turning to look at him, my hand rising higher on his leg.

His arm around me pulling me closer to him, I grabbed his shoulders bringing one leg up and over his body so I was now facing him.

His hands naturally went to support my ass. Which was straddling his now hard member. I bent and kissed him deeply. He stood lifting me up. Carrying me. I put my arms around his neck and laid my head next to his. Kissing and running my tongue around His ear.

Whispering "I need you, I need you in me. I need you in me now. Please Father I need you to fuck me." He carried me up the aisle and past the alter to the sacristy. Once there he pushed me against the wall. Lifting me so that he could pull my underwear aside, drop his pants,and lower my wet hot cunt down on his now exposed rock hard cock.

Of all the sins I had committed, I had never before been penetrated vaginally. It felt so full. It felt so comfortable to have his flesh fill me. I was so ready. Dripping juices down my thighs even before he entered me. He slid into me andmy entire body quivered with ecstasy. He started pumping in and out of me. Pushing upwards to meet my thrusts. I was hungry for his cock in my cunt.

I hadn't known what I was missing. "Fuck me Father! Oh Yes! Please! " My voice deep and throaty with passion." Oh you feel so good! Don't stop. Please don't stop." Heripped open my dress, pulled my breast free while still impaling me on his shaft.

Things got more and more intense. I was getting very light headed and I could feel an odd stirring in my loins creeping up through my body.

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Father Paul was growing larger inside me. I could tell by his breathing and the way he was thrusting deeper that he was getting close to orgasm. I didn't know it, but I was as well. With one hard long thrust he let go a huge load of cum deep in my spasming cunt.

His orgasm had triggered my orgasm. The rush of sensation that shook my entire body overtook me. I was breathless. I grabbed Father so hard,I was digging my nails into his back. My legs pulling him deep into me.Riding the wave of my first orgasm. I wanted every last drop of his cum inside me. Father rested his head against my neck, our breathing slowly returning to normal.

I slowly ran my hands up and down his back. Most of my weight was braced against the wall. After a few moments of silence, Father Paul started nuzzling at my neck. I could feel his lips against my throat. Kissing and running the tip of his tongue up my neck to my ear. His penis had not gone completely flacid and had stayed inside me. I could feel it stirring. Hardening. His hips starting to rock slightly. In no time he was filling me entirely again. I was rotating my hips in a circle greeting his thrusts with my wet cunt pulling him deeper into me with my legs.

He lifted me off the wall and we moved to the wing back chair in the corner and I straddled him. Never loosing him from inside me. I held onto his shoulders while I rode his hardness.

He felt even bigger this time. Maybe my flesh was just more sensitive after have had an orgasm moments before. As I rode his cock my lips spread wide open and my hard protruding clit was rubbing on him just above the shaft of his cock. Stimulating me from the out side while the head of his penis was stimulating my g-spot on the inside. It wasn't long and I began to cum again.

I rained copious amounts of cum all over his cock and balls which set off another orgasm in Father Paul. He rocked his hips up slamming into my hot spasming cunt letting go another load of cum. We both shuddered and collapsed into the chair his arms enveloping me, my head on his chest and my sex dripping our cum all over his lap. " I don't want to let you go " "I don't want you to let me go " Deep breath " I will be missed by the sisters, you know that Father?' " Yes my child, I do" " I don't want to be apart from you for very long" " Don't worry child we wont be" He buttoned up the front of my dress.

I noticed that one of the buttons had a tear behind it that would need mending. I got off his lap and straightened up my dress and retrieved my underwear while Father tucked and zipped his pants, His hair no worse the wear.

Doing chores seemed so tedious now. I couldn't wait for the time I could sneak away and see Father Paul privately. All day I kept wondering what that beautiful cock with the huge head would feel like in my ass.

Better yet what his cum would taste like. All day long I kept thinking of the most wonderful things to do with and to Father Paul. It made me want to touch my self. Since our experience in the Sacristysomething was different in me.

It was as if something had been unlocked. I wanted to do anything and everything I could with and for Father Paul. I had a constant itch that needed to be scratched.

And I didn't feel guilty about wanting it scratched. I was still working in the office. September and new semesters of classes were going to begin soon. There was a lot of prep work to be done. Lesson plans and worksheets to be mimeographedcollated and stapled.

The business offices were crammed full of boxes. Erasers, chalk and other supplies to be checked in and then delivered to the rooms at the school building. So I had a couple of assistants to help me. The girls from the shower were long gone. But their memory had always lingered as did the licking I got in the bathroom. Being with Mother Superior was never intimate, it was about raw dirty degrading sex. I was used and despised by her.

I wanted to kiss a girls soft plump lips, I wanted to gently touch her flowering sex. To savor the taste of her. One of the assistants was a young girl who was such a diligent worker. She was shy and fastidious. Always neat and tidy and didn't talk much. Just a year younger then me, but looked much younger then that. With all the boxes in the office it was hard to get around and with two or three of us in the room at a time we were always bumping into each other or having to slide through a narrow isle of boxesthen crush up against each other to pass through.

It was one such incident after the most recent delivery of supplies where her and I were face to face literally smashed together when I made light of the fact that every part of our bodies was touching.

From just below our thighs up to our firmly pressed together breasts. I could feel her hard nipples through the cloth of her shirt. I deliberately stopped, blocking her progress keeping our bodies touching. I didn't intend to but her skirt got caught on the box behind her and when she tried to pass by me she started pulling the stack of boxes over. "Wait, don't move, they are going to spill, Let me see if I can get you unhooked" Bending over slightly I reached for her skirt and even though I could see right away how to release her I stalled.

I slid my hand up her leg starting at the back of the knee then up her thigh letting my fingers trail between her legs. My fingers just brushing at the crease where butt crack and both cheeks meet. I lifted her skirt exposing her underwear and cupping her buttock with my hand. I released the snag her skirt was stuck on.

Standing up I lifted my hand up her ass and to the top of her underwear and slipped my hand inside. Her flesh was warm and soft beneath my hand. I pressed into her slightly grinding my pelvis against her, bringing her forward into me with my hand on her ass.

I let my fingers slid to her tight little opening back there Just barely touching the entrance. Our bodies still so very tightly pressed together. Her breathing was was getting deeper and her eyes were slightly closed. I pressed my lips against hers. It felt wonderful to kiss such soft lips and I parted them with my tongue. i felt her tongue probe back so I gently sucked it into my mouth. I let go of her behind and started to unbutton her shirt. I wanted to see her rose bud nipples.

To roll them around on my tongue. At the same time I used my knee to spread her legs. Making sure my thigh was between them rubbing on her mons. She started to rock on my leg squirming against me, her wetness soaked through her underwear and making my thigh wet. I made an audible moan as I released each of her champagne glass sized breasts.

They felt so wonderful, I needed to suckle them. My wet trembling lips just brushing the tip of her nipple at first. Make her breath catch in her chest. I pulled harder with my mouth and really sucked on her hard nip.

Her grinding became more furious on my thigh. I new I needed to taste her cunt. I could smell her scent rising from between her legs. It was making me more and more aroused. Some of the boxes next to us were just the right height for her to sit on. I quickly grabbed her underwear and pulled them down and off. Exposing her sweet soaking wet sex. " Here hop up here on these boxes" They were just right so I could just wrap my arms under her ass and bury my face in her sweet wet cunt.

She shamelessly spread her legs as wide as she chould. She didnt have as much bush as Mother Superiors and I liked that there was less hair.

I could see her labia and clit much clearer and when I licked the out side of her cunt her clit was protruding enough that i grazed it with every long lap i made.

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She jumped a little with each pass I made over it. Her wetness was litterally flowing out of her. I cupped my tongue and ran it along her opening being rewareded with at least several spoons full of her juices.

She was moaning quite loudly by this time but I didnt care. I was enjoying a womans body and it was making me so very arroused. I would occasionally look up and see her head throan backher breasts were heaving and I knew she was going to cum soon. So I started zeroing in on her clitty, making circles around it with my tongue and occasionally sucking it into my mouth and simultaneously flicking my tongue over it. She was streatching her legs further and further apart and reached down and put her hand on the back of my head thrusting her hips forward bucking on my face.

A major gush of fluid sprayed all over my face and she shuddered with her climax grinding against me. At some point Father Paul had entered the room. He must have stood quietly watching us. As soon as the girl came I felt someone behind me lifting my skirt. I was so arroused I dont think I would ahve cared who it was at that moment. I looked around and was not all that surprised to see Father. He was unfastening his pants and pulling out his very erect cock.

He pulled down my underwear just to my thights and with a hand on each cheek he pulled me open and slid his cock right into my very engorged and quivering snatch. He took me hard. In no time I was being rocked back and forth with my head still between the girls legs., my elboes on the box she was perched on. While Father was taking me from behind he had a perfect view of the young girls soaked spent and wide open pussy . As before during love making His cock swelled to a great size, signaling his oncoming orgasm.

And when the first pulse of his orgasm hit my cunt it sent me off in the hardest orgasm I had thus far. He pumped his cum into me while my cunt spasmed and convulsed around his cock in an almost vice like grip. My legs were weak and I leaned into the girl as wave over wave of my orgasm washed over me. Father pulled out of me and I felt our mix of fluids run out of me. I slowly reached my hand down between my legs and retrieved some of our mix and brought it to my lips.


Savoring the taste. As he adjusted his pants He told us we had better get up and get busy before someone wondered what we were up to.

He stroked my hair with his hand and leaned in a gave me a kiss on the lips before he left. The girl went back to her shy fastidious self as she adjusted her clothes. After pulling up my underwear I leaned over and gave her a big hug. And a kiss on the mouth letting her taste the sex in my mouth. There were supplies to get to the rooms. Another year of school was starting, and I still wondered about my brother Buddy every day.

My libido was raging. All I could think about was sex. Having an orgasm. Every time Father pumped his seed in me it sent me into a powerful orgasm. It was soo wrong to be having sex with a priest. It made me feel nasty but oh so powerful.

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To be able to bring a priest to the point of lust that he would forsake his vows was a very powerful thing indeed. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 - For this is the will of God, [even] your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication: Father Paul continued all his duties.

I dont think that anyone else could see a difference in him. I had always been so attentive and paid such great attention to the features of his face I could see every change in him. He was distracted,there was less conviction in his voice and expression during his sermons and rituals that he preformed for the church. How ever I did see great affection and desire in his face when it pertained to me.

But also something burning in the depths of his eyes. Something was different. Late one night while I was lying there with thoughts of Father Paul racing through my head. I knew I had to have him.

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I needed to feel the large head of his cock entering my tight back hole. It would be big enough to stretch me wide open back there. Earlier during Sunday mass I had actually squirmed in the pew thinking of it, watching him during the services.

He was still the man from my imagination. Still captivated me. I decided to sneak out of the orphanage and go be with Father Paul It was a clear night with lots of stars and even tho it was just a half moon it lit the way well.

I made it to the Monastery and since I knew the building so well I was able to sneak in on known. I made my way into Fathers quarters. I went to his bed and he wasn't there. I knew he occasionally went to the church at night to pray or get inspiration for a sermon.

So I made my way over there. Exodus 20:24 An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy sheep, and thine oxen: in all places where I record my name I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee. The church was one of the most beautiful ones in the area. The woodwork was all read oak and the many stained glass windows let in multi colored rays of light that washed over the ornate architecture and fixtures.

Some churches are bright and airy this one was mellow and some what shadowy. Even on the brightest of days. Father Paul was in the Apse standing at the altar changing the altar cloth and other vestments from green to white for the following days services.

I stood watching him from a distance. I could watch him for hours and not tire of it. His hair was almost silver now and even with the dim lighting it shown with points of light. He most often wore jeans that were form fitting enough that could make out his fit body beneath. The muscles of his back and shoulders visible through the fabric of his shirt.

I slowly walked up the isle and took the steps up to the alter. "Hello" His voice a bit more throaty sounding than usual. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him putting my face on his back.

He placed his hands over mine. For a few moments we just stood there. Feeling each others breathing and warmth. I slid my hand down his stomach to the top of his jeans and undid the top button. Continuing to slid my hand under the waist of his pants down to the curly dark hair that surrounded his beautiful hardening penis.

I grasped his hardness and moaned. I wanted to taste him. I needed to taste him. So I stepped around and in front of him tugging at his zipper and then lowering his pants and I dropped to my knees in front of him.

My back side touching the sacred altar. I stuck out my tongue and lapped at the head of his penis tasting the salty fluid. I closed my eyes an savored it. Then I put my lips on his head again and sucked his cock down into my throat. His curly hair touching my nose. I could feel the tip slip deep into me. I almost gagged but took a breath and sucked harder.

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Tightening up my lips so I could start stroking him. He groaned as he watched it disappear into my mouth and put his hand on the top of my head. The other hand he put around the base of the shaft of his penis and cupped his balls while at the same time thrusting his hips, I was furiously fucking my hole with three fingers while he was fucking my mouth.

I was taking each stroke down my throat gasping for air between each thrust. I was ready for him to cum. But he stopped.

He pulled out of me. " I dont want to cum yet.child. Stand." He leaned over and kissed me deeply, passionately, making my head spin.

As he did so he started to remove my clothing. Our lips parted and I took the hint and started to unbutton his cotton shirt.

He had a nice soft covering of salt and pepper hair covering his chest. I ran my hand through it before continuing. In no time at all we were standing there before the altar completely naked. I couldn't believe we were doing this. Here. It made it all that much more exciting. He kissed me again. and again I became light headed. He lifted me, placing me upon the altar. My legs spreading wide, him standing between them pressing his hardness against my swollen, exposed sex.

He placed kisses all over my shoulders, down my chest and to my breasts. Flicking my nipples with his tongue. Covering each beast with kisses and little trails from his tongue and then down between them. Continuing down past my belly button, His head dipped down between my wide spread legs, his tongue searching fervently through my entire sex.

His moaning and sucking sounds egging me on. Making me raise my hips, grinding against his face. Trying to get his tongue as deep in me as possible. " Oh yes Father. That feels so good" Rubbing my wet cunt all over him.

With one hand on my thigh he held me still, or as still as he couldand he focused on my clit and inserted two fingers in me. Teasing my clit by doing circles around it but not on it, he slipped in another finger. then a fourth finger. "Ohhh, make me cum, please Father" soon I could feel his knuckles rubbing just below my clit.

Fucking my needy hole for all he was worth. I could feel the blood rising to my loins and my clit was throbbing painfully. Needing that release. I was trying very hard to shove my cunt into his face and hand but he had a good hold on my hip holding me down with his powerful hand while impaling me with the other.

Breathless, panting. "I'm so close, please oh please" I could feel my juices flowing out of me. Gushing out of me.

The hard altar under my ass. He must have been able to tell how ready I was to cum as he honed in on my clit and sucked it between his teeth and while sucking flicked at it with his tongue sending me into wave after wave of orgasm. My full cunt spasming on his hand, drenching it with my cum. " Oh fuck . yesss. " Father removed his hand and softly kissed my cunt and then my thighs.

He rose up and his face was covered with my juices and his cock was rock hard between my legs. He leaned into me for a kiss, I could taste myself on him. It was arousing. the scent combined with the taste. I reached over clumsily and grabbed the chalice veil to wipe his face, knocking the burse to the floor.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him to me. My arms around his shoulders. I whispered in his ear " I need you to fuck my ass hole, Father. I need it now. Badly," Father reached down and pulled my hips forward, exposing my tight little hole. My cunt and released so much cum it had pooled under my bottom and onto the altar cloth.

My ass hole was glistening with my own naturlat lube. Father groaned at the beautiful site and he positioned his staff to enter my ass. The head of his cock literally dripping with pre cum. I couldnt wait. I was quivering in anticipation of the wonderful feeling of being pried open and filled with such a large cock. Right here.

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In the Church. On the sacred mensa Domini. I felt so dirty, nasty, but so good. Father pushed into me with one slow long stroke. Once it was all the way in me He closed his eyes, and moaned, pausing, Just enjoying being in my ass.

I started to rotate my hips against his cock. He opened his eyes and leaned into me kissing me with his cock buried in me. He started rocking back and forth, ever so slowly. Full long strokes in and out. Me arching my back and lifting my hips to meet every thrust. The sounds we were making intensified my arousal. " Yes Father thats what I needed, Ahhhh. " I could see Father watching as his cock disappeared over and over into ,my ass.

Slowly he started to increase his thrusts. I felt so good I was lost in my passion.


My breasts heaving with every breath. Holding onto his shoulders, my legs spread up and out as far as I could get them.

Giving Father as much access to my ass as I could. He reached down and stuck his hand back into my exposed and unused opening. WIth every thrust into my ass there was an equal but opposite thrust into my cunt.

His fingers bent upwards in me, hitting my special spot inside me. His thumb Hitting my clit with every forward thrust into me. I was completely full and completely stimulated. I was so close to having a huge orgasm when I felt Fathers cock explode inside of me. I had the best of all worlds.

Fathers huge cock head grew and pulsed with every large deposit of cum deep into my ass. His body tightening with his orgasm. spurting rope after rope of cum into me. My orgasm was so strong I almost lost consciousness. My cum literally spraying all over Fathers Lower abdomen soaking him. I looked into his face.

As our orgasms subsided, and his erection shrunk and fell out of my leaking hole. He took my face in both of his hands and kissed me and then whispered into my ear. " I love youMary. I need you to be mine."