Solo amateur Carmen ftvgirls natural horny fingering

Solo amateur Carmen ftvgirls natural horny fingering
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There was a family reunion going on, which translates into adults getting together getting drunk and playing poker. Well at least the men would, while the women chat about stuff I don't even want to know.


I knew I was going to be bored out of my mind. It was going to be at my aunt's house, which is a two story, 5 bedroom home, and 3 bathrooms. The house was huge, more than big enough for a family party. There was no one my age there, I am 16 while my little cousins are all 12 and under and the adults are 35 and over. So I decided to not go to sleep the night before and spend my time eating and sleeping, until I found out we were spending the weekend there.

There was no chance of complaining to my dad or mom since, it was either the reunion or stay at home with no electricity. My dad is an electrician so he turned off the electricity for the weekend and changed the locks on the doors. Pretty much he turned the house into jail cell.

He instructed the neighbor to deliver food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I knew it was all punishment for coming home drunk. When we arrived I recognized the various aunts and uncles I knew, and some I didn't. Oh yeah did I mention I have a really big family. I could hear little kids yelling and screaming, adults talking and laughing, and my stomach growling.

I went inside greeted everyone in sight, and ate as fast as I could. I was shown to the room I was staying in, surprisingly I had the room to myself. But when I looked outside I realized why. There was enough beer, wine, liquor and champagne to get an army drunk. I guess they all knew they were going to get drunk so it didn't matter where they slept. I quickly went up to the room I was staying in, threw my bag onto the floor and fell asleep on the bed.

I didn't know how long I was out, I opened my eyes slowly and realized it was dark outside, and yet I still heard little kids yelling and screaming, adults talking and laughing, and my stomach growling. I was far to lazy to go downstairs and get something to eat. I was lucky I planned for moments exactly like this.

I reached in my bag and took out my ipad. I downloaded a bunch of porn videos and uploaded it to my ipad so I can watch it.

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I stripped naked and picked out a video I was in a mood for. I feel that I am fit for my age, I am very athletic and have been lifting weights for a year and a half now. I stand 6 feet 1. But just as I played a video the door suddenly opened, a little girl walks in and closes the door.

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I quickly tucked the video under the blanket. "Hey! I'm trying to sleep in here!" I shout quickly as I think to myself that I am lucky I had a blanket over me. "Shhhhh!" I realized that it was my little cousin Annie, she was 12, she had light skin, long black hair, and brown eyes.

She had small boobs, flat stomach, a small ass, not very developed but it was obvious she would become very beautiful. "You've been sleeping all day, the least you can do is help hide me. Besides I didn't know you sleep with your headphones in your ears!" "I fell asleep with them on" I quickly retorted.

"there are 5 bedrooms in this house, 3 on this floor, and of all rooms you choose mine!" "Well actually you're in my room, so if I didn't mind you sleeping in here, I think you wouldn't mind me staying in here to hide." "Touche" "Well then, scoot over and hide me" Annie said as she dived under the blanket.

"Wait, no!" She had her back to me and scooted over as close as she could. I prayed that she didn't see the porno I was going to watch. From what I could hear, the guy was doing the girl doggy style. I tried to cover up the screen with my hand but I feel two hands grab mine and move it.

Suddenly the door opens and two kids walks in and looks around the room. I quickly pretend to be asleep. But it becomes hard to do so, when Annie grabs my dick in fright of getting caught. The two kids search around the room for a few minutes, its a pretty big room. Annie starts to move her hand up and down my dick. The feeling of her warm hand, and the thoughts of getting caught makes my dick get rock hard. I couldn't help but reach my hand under her shirt and squeeze her tiny nipples.

The two kids leave the room when they figure that she isn't there. But Annie doesn't stop moving her hand up and down, while I keep fondling her small breasts. The room is quiet, minus the frequent soft moans from Annie. The porno switches from doggy style to the guy sticking his dick in the girls mouth and fucking her face.

Which causes Annie to replace her warm hand with her warm and wet mouth. I was in heaven, I pulled the blankets off and watched her bob her head up and down. I felt her tongue, explore my dick and it felt damn good. "Ohhhhh Annie! Suck it harder Annie!" I moan. I could feel myself reaching my climax. By now my ear buds are off and the ipad is left somewhere unnoticed. "I'm cumming!" I whisper as low as I can. She reaches her arms around my back and shoves my dick further in her mouth as I start to cum in her mouth.

Stream after stream, hot cum flows into her mouth. To my pleasure I feel her tongue licking up the cum as she swallows the cum and licks my dick dry. She takes my wilted dick out of her mouth looks at me and smiles. "Was I good?" I was in a state of ecstasy, watching my 12 year old cousin suck my dick, swallow my cum, then smile about it was more than enough to turn me on. "You were great, I never had someone suck my dick like that." "I bet you say that to all the girls" I laugh at her comment, as I sat up and start to kiss her neck.

I wanted more of her young body, I had sex with plenty of girls. But Annie was different, it was the feeling of it being forbidden that really turned me on. We took off her shirt, I as I leaned into her and let her lay on the bed. I was caressing her with my tongue, moving from her neck, down to her shoulders, then to her preteen breasts.

I circled my tongue around her nipples. I heard her moans growing louder and louder. It was lucky that downstairs it was so loud we would never be heard while the kids were obviously asleep since we no longer heard them. I continued to lick her breasts, moving from one to the other. I used my hands to take off her pants and panties. As I started to go lower to her stomach, getting closer to her pussy. I used my fingers to touch her pussy, and slowly pleasing her. When I finally got to her pussy, I didn't actually lick it yet I licked the surrounding area, I licked her thighs and lower stomach.

"OH CHRIS!!" Annie shouted "I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE! YOU'RE SO GOOD!" I looked up and smiled, she could hardly take my teasing. I tasted her pussy, and quickly went in for more. I kept my lips on her pussy, while my tounge caressed her pussy. I slid my tongue deeper in her pussy but before I could explore more I felt her shake violently and realized immediately she had her first orgasm.


I licked up her pussy juices as her legs wrapped around my head and held me close. I climbed up to her and kissed her softly. She accepted the kiss, and out tongues danced excitedly. We couldn't get enough of each other.

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Her hands wrapped around my neck, while my left hand held her waist, and my right hand ran up and down her right thigh. When I finally broke the kiss, I whispered in her ear. "I'm going to put it in" "I've never felt better, put it in me. Please!" Annie breathed I guided my dick into her pussy with my right hand. I pushed it in slowly until I felt her hymen blocking my path.

"This might hurt a little, but afterwards I promise it will feel great." I held her close to me, as I forced my way passed her hymen. She screamed loudly in pain. I stayed still so she could adjust. I kissed her softly, waiting for her to relax.

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"You lied to me" Annie breathed. "That was more than a little." "Sorry, but now we can get to the fun part" I set my hands on her hips and move in and out of her slowly, her tight pussy engulfing my dick not willing to release. I could hear her moans of pain quickly turning into moans of pleasure. I move my hands to her sides and start to move in and out faster. If I was in ecstasy before when she was sucking my dick, I had no idea what I was in now.

She reaches her hands up to grab hold of my shoulders as I wrap my arms around her waist and start to force my dick deeper into her pussy. We move to a sitting position, with her bouncing up and down and moaning in pleasure. "FUCK ME CHRIS, FUCK ME!!!!" moaned Annie My hands were on her hips, hers on my shoulders. Her hips seemed to move on their own, with each time she went down I would try to move my dick in deeper.

I felt her cum on my dick at least twice maybe three times. It wasn't going to be long before I had my orgasm. I loved the feeling of her pussy squeezing the life out of my dick. I could feel that the end was near, by now I was drilling her pussy with such force and for so long she was beginning to black out.

Her head leaned back, and I fell down on top of her unable to keep myself up. I didn't have time to warn her, I exploded into her ripe pussy. Her eyes snapped wide open, at the feeling of my cum shooting up her pussy which caused her to have the strongest orgasm yet. We were both breathing heavily, panting as if we just finished running a marathon.

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I looked into her eyes and kissed her lips softly. "That was great" I whispered. "I've been wanting to do that ever since I saw you have sex with your girlfriend" I stared into her eyes shocked, but before I could reply, the door creaked open and light slowly began to shine the room.

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Both our heads snapped to the door as both our hearts began to beat rapidly.